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  Mr. Terrific  
Michael Holt (Scenesys ID: 2912)
Name: Michael Holt
Superalias: Mr. Terrific
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Futurist/Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: Ph.D. (plural)
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 36 Actual Age: 36
Date of Birth 10 Sept 1984 Played By Sterling K. Brown
Height: 6'2" Weight: 185 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "All I Do Is Win" by DJ Khaled

Character Info


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Michael Holt is Mr. Terrific, a superhero known for being good at everything. Scientist, Olympic athlete, billionaire business mogul and superspy, he dedicated himself to making the world a better place after the death of his wife and son.


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* 1984: Michael Holt is born to middle class parents in Philadelphia.
* 1989: By the age of five, Michael has proved himself a child prodigy. He has already mastered calculus, understands theoretical physics and has created his own programming language and upgraded his primitive home computer to handle it.
* 1994: Michael graduates from Cal Tech at the age of 10 with BS degrees in mathematics, engineering and applied physics. He lives largely on his own with a minimum of supervision despite his tender age.
* 1997: Michael completes Ph.D. programs in computer engineering, theoretical physics and biology. He applies his knowledge of kinesiology and the human body to begin pursuing athletic pursuits as an alternative to his intellectual endeavors.
* 2000: Michael wins three gold medals at the Olympic games in the decathlon, the pole vault and the 100 meter dash. The endorsement money he recieves becomes the seed money for Holt Technologies.
* 2004: Michael repeats his m edal performances from the 2000 games, adding a fourth in the javelin. He meets and becomes romantically involved with Paula Givens, a fellow Olympian.
* 2006: Michael and Paula marry. Michael creates several extraordinary breakthroughs in technology which transform his start-up company into a billion dollar enterprise in short order. He receives an MBA in his spare time and becomes a formidable businessman in addition to his scientific and athletic achievements.
* 2008: Paula gives birth to a son, Michael Junior.
* 2012: Tragedy strikes as Paula and Michael Junior are killed during the alien invasion of 2012. Despairing and lost, Michael trembles on the edge of suicide, only to be inspired when a stranger tells him the story of Mr. Terrific, a golden age hero with skills and gifts much like Michael's own. Michael dedicates himself to using his skills for humanity's benefit in the wake of tragedy, taking up his predecessor's mantle of Fair Play.
* 2014: Mr. Terrific emerges on the scene, after having spent time developing his T-Sphere and T-Mask technologies. He rapidly proves effective and becomes invited to be a part of the American intelligence community, receiving an advanced security clearance.
* 2017: Mr. Terrific becomes a member of the Justice League. He becomes known for his aloof objectivity, having stepped away from his emotions after the death of his family.
* 2021: Michael continues his heroism, operating in various capacities both overt and covert.

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Michael keeps other people at a distance. Since the loss of his wife and child, he has recognized that, for all the joy they gave him, they opened him up to despair and self-loathing in their loss. He doesn't tend to open himself up to other people and can even seem cold and unfeeling to those who do not know him well.

Michael's hyper-intellect is always on display. He analyzes every situation, solving the equation of the world. He has no off switch and constantly sees the world from a thousand angles at once. Thankfully, he's able to do this even as he pays attention to the outside world, but he is always, somewhere in the back of his mind, examining everything around him, down to the tiniest detail.

Michael believes deeply in the ideal of objectivity. Yes, he avoids emotional attachment to protect himself, but he also does it in order to keep a scientific distance from the world around him. His motto is right on his sleeve in capital letters: FAIR PLAY. He doesn't allow himself to be swayed or biased, inasmuch as he can, and never lets personal connections or leanings get in the way of justice or the truth.

likes solitude and quiet and the company of his own thoughts. That isn't to say he doesn't sometimes enjoy the company of others, often he does, but he wants to have places that are his own, sealed off from intrusion. While he's a public figure and a celebrity, few people truly know him or even many details about him beyond his carefully cultivated biography.

Character Sheet


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Fast Learner:
Michael's mind absorbs information with terrifying rapidity. He can master a foreign language in a single day of study. He can gain new skills with only a minimum of practice, easily replicating the observed actions of others with uncanny precision. He can read 1000 pages in less than a minute and retain everything he's taken in. Put simply, if he doesn't know something that he needs to know, he can learn so quickly that it might seem as if he's known it all along.

Michael Holt possesses one of the world's most powerful intellects. He thinks approximately ten times faster than an ordinary person. He has an eidetic memory and a vast understanding of a huge array of subjects and does so with relatively little effort. He can perform complex calculus in his head in seconds, multitask thoughts on a half dozen subjects at once. His mental capacity allows him to analyze the world around him with incredibly fine detail at a moment's notice. He can synthesize his wide array of information to create new ideas and leaps of logic. He's a gifted inventor capable of making scientific discoveries and technological advances beyond the normal capacity of an average scientist.


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Beyond his martial skills, Michael Holt is a literal Olympian, an athlete who has maximized his physical potential and is capable of outstanding feats of athleticism. He has a six foot vertical leap from a standing position, endurance to run a full marathon with little preparation and at speeds that would tempt world records. He has incredible physical resilience and a high pain tolerance. He's skilled in acrobatic and parkour maneuvers and can operate in unusual terrain and circumstances. He has maximized his diet and exercise routines to keep his body at the absolute peak of human performance in all areas.

Michael possesses an MBA and is an experienced businessman and CEO. He understands financial markets, investing and capital. Despite pressure from outside forces, he has kept his company privately held, unwilling to give control to others and making sure that the board answers to him and not the other way around. He makes most of the major decisions for the company himself and has proven to be highly successful at it, even when dealing with the distraction of his role as Mr. Terrific.

Holt is an advanced computer programmer who invented his own coding language at the age of five, reworking his primitive late 80s home computer until it was capable of running the OS he personally designed. He can craft software on the fly and on short notice, creating apps, viruses and programs for a huge variety of purposes. He's an adept hacker who can roll with almost anyone on the net, short of a few true elites, and even they might get a run for their money from Mr. Terrific.

Holt is a master of encryption and cyphers. He can crack codes often at a glance and loves nothing more than being challenged in this area. He's created elaborate encyrption software that makes his own databases and corporate computers secure on an almost superhuman level, preventing himself from being hacked and attacked. Puzzles, riddles and hidden messages attract him like honey and will rapidly get his attention focused in on anyone who tries to challenge him.

Michael's intellect allows him to make deductive leaps and inferences, similar to those made by the character of Sherlock Holmes. He can, through assembling small details about the world around him, figure out complex truths or backgrounds about those things. He can often tell a person's nationality, recent location or various other significant aspects about them at a simple glance. He can almost always tell when someone is lying to him and his understanding of psychology lets him often read between the lines of what other people say. Like the legendary Holmes, Michael is an adept mystery solver and detective.

For the last six years, Michael has been involved in the national intelligence community, analyzing classified data and working to manage covert actions and strikes. He's a skilled spy and operative in his own right, familiar with the workings of the covert world. He is a master of disguise, capable of changing his appearance with relatively short notice and taking on various accents and false identities. He knows how to manipulate and to infiltrate in order to gain information or advantage.

Martial Arts:
Michael Holt is a formidable martial artists with expertise in a wide variety of fighting styles. He is trained in muay thai kickboxing, tae kwan do, pencak silat, krav maga, judo and kung fu. His intense knowledge of anatomy and human physiology allows him to aim his blows for maximum effectiveness and to create extremely painful nerve pinches and strikes that can paralyze or mobilize opponents without doing serious damage.

Michael has a gift for linguistics and has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of languages, dead and alive. In addition to his native English, he is fluent in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean, Malay, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Swahili, Dutch, Latin, Swedish and several Native American dialects. He can read Sumerian, Egyptian hieroglyph, Babylonian and Lemurian. He is fascinated with Atlantean but has yet to gain more than a few phrases from incidental contact.

Even beyond his various specializations and direct studies, Michael has absorbed a massive amount of information from the world around him. Put simply, he's literally good at everything he tries. He has in-depth knowledge of a wide array of subjects, including art, literature, history, music and the humanities. He can play the piano and the violin. He's an expert at puzzles of various types. He has an expansive knowledge of the law and civics, enough that he could easily run a small government on his own. He's deeply interested in psychology and sociology and keeps close track of trends in polling and public opinion, if only to keep an eye on the world around him.

Michael is a scientific genius with a wide array of degrees and specialties. He's a gifted mathematician and physicist, with an intimate knowledge of the current edges of theoretical knowledge. He is highly educated in biologist and, although he has never practiced, has sufficient understanding of the human body to function as a medical doctor and surgeon if he were ever required to do so. His broad range of scientific knowledge would allow him to converse and work in virtually any field of research. He can easily grasp complex scientific concepts and make inferences and intuitive leaps from them.

Holt has designed a wide array of security systems for his own use and is extremely capable of dismantling those that he comes across, even if his ability to evade technological detection often makes it unnecessary for him personally. He's also a gifted escapologist, able to slip bonds, pick locks and break free of imprisonment with an almost terrifying ease.

Michael is an expert strategist and leader, skilled at coordinating actions and reading the intent of others. He can design plans of action and attack capable of dismantling virtually any defense. He can analyze the actions of an opponent to find their weaknesses and intuit how to best manage ways to take advantage of said openings. While having no military experience, he would be a capable general and is, not by coincidence, a highly skilled game player and chess master.

Michael is a skilled inventor and technologists. His inventions, notably his T-Mask and T-Spheres, push the outer edges of invention and have proprietary tech within them beyond the reach of most engineers. He can craft new tech with short notice and repair the inventions of others with a relative minimum of study, even if the source is a similar supergenius or an advanced alien culture.


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Michael Holt is a well-respected businessman, a former Olympian, a philanthropist who gives millions to charity and a futurist guiding the world towards tomorrow on a global stage. He has great personal influence and can easily interact with powerful people all over the world and get an invitation into most locations and exclusive clubs. He knows people in many fields and can often call upon them for consultation or favors if need be, especially in the realms of politics, science and athletics.

Michael Holt has personal wealth estimated at around 3.4 billion dollars, with properties in Metropolis, Switzerland and the Bahamas. He has a vast array of personal vehicles and several potential 'lairs', as everyplace under his control has encrypted and hidden areas where only he is allowed.

Holt Technologies:
Holt Technologies is a multi-billion dollar business enterprise manufacturing in the fields of the aerospace, civil engineering and biomedical fields. The company has major business headquarters in Metropolis, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Through the company, Holt has access to private planes and helicopters, laboratory facilities, private hospitals and several satellites in orbit dedicated to his personal projects. The company remains privately held by him and is under his strict scrutiny and control. While officers of the company often act independently, they always answer to him and he takes full responsibility for the actions of his company.

Justice League:
Mr. Terrific is a member of the Justice League in good standing, although his level of activity varies from time to time depending on the projects he has on his plate. He has access to their resources, personnel and technology.

Security Clearance:
Michael Holt has one of the highest security clearances granted to civilians outside of the executive branch. He's privy to a wide variety of national secrets and consults on various intelligence projects. He has no official affiliation, title or home organization, although he has shown significant interest in the project known as Task Force X and has been seeking jurisdictional control over the Suicide Squad.

Mr. Terrific's T-Mask is a highly advanced microcomputer system built into a mask and molecularly bonded to the skin of his face. The mask can phase to alter its appearance and essentially becoming invisible, meaning tha the always wears the mask and simply can make it disappear at will. The mask has a wide array of capabilities and is cognitively synched with Michael's brainwaves, allowing him to execute commands with a thought.

Detection Immunity - The most powerful effect designed into the T-Mask, perhaps Holt's most precious technology of all, is that it renders him immune to electronic detection and surveillance. Security cameras, electric eyes, GPS trackers and any other attempt to watch him, keep a trace on his movements or detect him entering a facility will all simply fail. Cameras will blip, trackers short out. Fully technological beings such as androids and synthezoids may have difficulty perceiving him at all and may experience him as a phantom or blip rather than an actual sentient person. He can extend this cloaking at will around him for up to twenty feet, allowing him to provide protection to entire squads for infilatration purposes.

T-Sphere Control - The T-Mask interfaces with his T-Spheres, coordinating their movements and allowing him to individually manipulate and program them with a thought.

Sensory Enhancement: The T-Mask can give Mr. Terrific telescopic and microscopic sight, let him see in thermal and infrared ranges, provides perfect nightvision and shields him from flares and bright light. He can scan to perform analysis of the world around him, compiling data and letting him read body temperatures, run faces through facial recognition databases and look for hidden weapons or doors. The olfactory sensors built into it will detect particulates in the air and analyze them with forensic precision, as well as filtering out contaminants, poisons and toxins. If he were to be poisoned by some other means, the mask can inject antidotes directly into his bloodstream to render him safe. In addition, the mask can enhance his audio to allow him to project his voice over long distances or make himself louder as if he were using a megaphone.

Impact reduction: The T-Mask operates a dermal-level forcefield that reduces kinetic impact against his body, more effective and less bulky than conventional bulletproofing and body armor. Conventional firearms or blades will be blunted against it, rendering them ineffective, and he can take heavy impacts like getting hit by a car or falling from a ten story building and get up relatively unharmed. That said, high level superhuman blows, heavy explosives or high powered weaponry such as energy weapons are more than the field can handle and he can be injured accordingly.

Technology Interface - Through the same network that controls the T-Spheres, Mr. Terrific can access nearby computers and electronics equipment, allowing him to hack their networks, seize control or download data as he sees fit. He can connect to the internet and search through a wide variety of databases, including several secure and classified government databases, as well as those held by the Justice League and some of their allies. He's more than capable of overwhelming and overpowering all but the most superhumanly secure cyphers, although there are technologies created by those of similar intellectual gifts that might provide much more difficulty. He would also have difficulty controlling or manipulating an artificial intelligence or sentient computer and, frankly, would likely respect their autonomy enough not to try unless they had malevolent intent.

Mr. Terrific's T-Spheres are independent drones operating under his direct command through the interface of his T-Mask. There are hundreds in existence, but he generally maintains about ten to twenty in his general vicinity at any given time, often in stealth mode so their presence doesn't intrude on his interactions with others. The spheres are stainless steel with a chrome finish and a stylized T-emblem marked with red LED lights. They have a wide variety of capabilities and functions.

Holographic Projection - The spheres can project realistic, three-dimensional holographic illusions capable of fooling even refined intellects. These projects can be obvious, such as projecting an image of Michael to convey a message to someone, or immersive, multiple spheres combining to create illusions that would envelop a room or an area of thirty or forty feet. The images are usually translations of images projected from Michael's mind and can be, thus, extremely elaborate and detailed even on the fly. The holograms are not solid, however, and require conventional sight to be perceived. He can use the spheres to become invisible or even make an entire group of people disappear.

Weaponry - The spheres are equipped with a wide variety of offensive weapons. They can generate cutting lasers capable of slicing three up to three inches of solid steel and can also unleash laser 'blasts' as pulse attacks capable of doing a great deal of damage. They can even weave laser 'nets' that would imprison or damage anything running into it. They can unleash electric stun blasts capable of rendering a human unconscious, release knockout gas or smoke that could obscure the area and release fiberoptic cable lines that could serve as tripwires or bonds to holds someone in place.

Surveillance - Immune to surveillance himself, the T-spheres provide Michael with incredible spy capabilities, each equipped with a high-resolution camera with nightvisiion and telescopic capabilities, capable of projecting images back to the HUD display in his T-Mask so that he can peek through windows, catch different angles of battles or trail people without their knowledge.

Flight - The spheres fly through a gravimetric drive installed in each. By extending that gravimetric field, they can levitate and fly around other objects, most notably Michael himself, enabling him to fly as long as they can carry him. Each sphere can carry up to about two hundred pounds of weight, although he usually uses multiple spheres on himself in case of damage or failure. Top flight speed is approximately eight miles per hour with Michael aloft, up to 150 mph on their own.

Interface - The T-Spheres are bound to the technology in the T-Mask and allow him to extend his electronic interface and computer hacking capabilities to wherever the spheres might be.

The spheres have a range of about five miles while tied to the T-Mask, although he can pre-program them for independent action and they serve as the primary security and surveillance force at Holt Technologies buildings.


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Even Michael can't account for everything. Unexpected occurences, sudden surprises and new fators in the playing field can throw off his calculations and make his plans fall to pieces. He tries to anticipate such intrusions or account for them as much as he can, but even he has to concede he isn't always perfect.

Michael can be something of a control freak. He dislikes having things out of his hands and will do his best to assume control in situations where he feels disenfranchised. He's extremely meticulous and has a degree of attention to detail that can often consume him, making it difficult to finish things or to delegate successfully.

Unsurprisingly, Michael Holt has a very high opinion of himself. Some would call him arrogant and he might even concede the point, albeit arguing it is justified. He sees false humility as petty and pandering. He tends to like being the alpha in the room, even if he knows that particular social science is based on nonsense. He can clash with other strong personalities.

Michael averages three hours of sleep a night, maintaining that's all that his body needs because he rigorously controls his nutrition and exercise intakes. But he has too much on his plate, always, and sometimes even he gets overwhelmed or exhausted. He is not good at relaxing.

Holt has an intense distrust and dislike of magic and the supernatural. He believes superstition impedes progress and that much of what is seen as 'magic' are merely undiscovered scientific aspects of the universe waiting to be discovered, with their proper investigation impeded by hokum and pageantry and piety. He will sometimes not allow himself to even consider supernatural sources or explanations, which can create a blind spot in his reason.



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