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  The Free Lancer  
Millicent Keller (Scenesys ID: 2226)
Name: Millicent Keller
Superalias: The Free Lancer
Gender: Female
Species: Human/fey
Occupation: Executive bodyguard
Citizenship: Swiss/American
Residence: New York
Education: Bachelors from the University of Bern, Professional accreditation.
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 591 Actual Age: 591
Date of Birth 7 Jul 1429 Played By Sylvia Hoeks
Height: 5'8" Weight: 210 lb
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Gold
Theme Song: St. Vincent- Strange Mercy

Character Info


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Executive bodyguard by day, Knight in shining armor by night. The Free Lancer is still best known as a somewhat aloof knight/cape who fought out of Chicago on and off for a few years, but the net's already abuzz with the rumor that she's relocated to NYC.


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1429: Melisende Keller is born just outside of modern day Bern, the daughter of a Mercenary known simply as "Orsch the Helmet breaker". The youngest in a family of six, the family lives a fairly comfortable life.
1436: Aged just seven, Melisende is abducted by the fey and replaced with a lifeless body. Her family will presume she died in her sleep, and suspect nothing. Melisende is immediately spirited across the gap to serve as the squire for an older abductee soldier.
1437:Her formal training begins, and she is taught not only how to help another get their armor on but also how to care for the arms. Her initial martial training also begins during this period, she shows admirable tenacity for her age the start.
1446:After years of training and service, Melisende is selected to replace her former mistress after she falls in battle and cannot be revived. She begins her formal service with the Fey later that same day, serving as one of their "toy soldiers" as the fey wage hobby wars against one another using human abductees.
1447:Melisende is killed the first time in the midst of a suicidal defense of a bridge, her heroism is recognized and she is restored so she may have the honor of further service.
1455:After a string of crushing crushing defeats, her mortal heart is left damaged beyond what even Fey magic can repair. Melisende is granted the privilege of an opportunity to save her own life. Stripped of her armor and equipped only with a wooden spear she is dispatched to the forests beyond the fey keep, in search of beast worthy of giving her it's own heart. She returns victorious, and willingly trades her human heart for that of a fey wolf. In doing so Melisende ceases to be entirely human

1629:The fey have by now "blessed" a few hundred formerly human warriors with otherworldly power, when one of these "toy soldiers" severely injures and nearly kills a true fey in a rabid frenzy the practice is banned. Most are killed, but a small collection of the most entertaining fighters survive to serve the fey as servants and protectors. Melisende is spared, and enters the service of the "Blue Duchess".
1630:Melisende is judged unfit for courtly duties in her current, war ravaged shape. The Duchess retains several artisans to make Melisende anew. She is reshaped into a form the fey find pleasing, and taught proper court etiquette.
1634:Melisende begins a period of intensive training, informed by both her own experiences as well as mortal treatise on swordplay. Her armor is formalized, drawing upon both mortal human artistry as well as fey preferences.
1670:The Duchess is noted to be quite taken with Melisende, treating her more like a daughter than a mere servant. As the court astrologer, the Duchess doesn't have many actual threats to her safety. The two settle into a peaceful coexistence.
1972:After another "Toy soldier" nearly slays a Fey in defense of their charge, the court decides that such creations are too dangerous to keep around at all. Melisende is thusly banished, and granted only her arms and armor before being expelled.

1973:Melisende returns to Earth, and finds herself in modern day Bern. She finds work as a maid, and begins putting her life back together.
1975:Melisende becomes Millicent Keller, and at great expense obtains papers and citizenship. Soon after she begins supplementing her maid work as a fencing instructor, and is able to afford to get security accreditation before the year's out.
1978:After spending a few years as a bank guard, Millicent begins attending college and putting herself through additional accreditation programs to build her resume. She learns how to shoot a gun, drive a car and ride a motorcycle during this period.
1989:With her resume sufficiently padded Millicent moves to America where she begins work as an executive bodyguard. First in LA and later in Chicago, earning a fair chunk of change and an admirable reputation.
1997:A Metahuman terrorist attempts to assassinate her charge, and for the first time in ages Millicent dons the armor and draws her sword. Though the matter is kept quiet, Millicent can't help but crave more action.

2000:The "Free Lancer" begins showing up sporadically around Chicago, wowing the public with flashy swordwork and distinctive armor. She's a rare sight though, and never really links up with the local heroes.2018:Owing to both economic factors as well as a distinct lack of challenging opponents Millicent relocates to NYC. She begins her work as a bodyguard almost immediately, and takes her time getting a feel for the city before venturing out in costume only rarely.

IC Journal

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Nevermind the fact that Millicent is low born herself, she spent entirely too long in the presence of courtly politics and proper ancient royals. She goes to great lengths to hang around with only the -right- kind of people, shop at the right kind of places, drink the right kind of wine and never lower herself to the mere riffraff scuttering about miles beneath her lofty ideals. Whilst at the end of the day she admires a warrior's heart and a keen mind above class, such individuals are likely deserving of her praise in spite of their unfortunate social standing. She's similarly dismissive of new money, and has a short fuse when it comes to folks of high social standing behaving beneath their station.

She was trained to be not just a clod in armor, but to be a positive reflection upon an unattainable ideal. She struggles to be as meek and demure in court, as she is fearless on the battlefield. Her conduct then is at times more about appearances than anything, and even if she will never admit it often she's just going through the motions to please an approving court that couldn't care less about her anymore.

Her expectations of her own conduct and performance are decidedly harsh, and at times somewhat unrealistic. She trains exhaustively, and examines her own performance likely more harshly than anyone else. She's prone to spending hours working out wrinkles which may not even be there, because just doing anything simply isn't enough. Millicent feels obligated to do everything exactly the right way, at exactly the right time. Ages ago this was to insure nothing she did reflected badly on her mistress, but these days it's more often than not a simply unnnecessary stumbling block

Character Sheet


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Arms and Armor:
Forged from the skeleton of an otherwordly wolf, Millicent's armor is a work of art even by Fey standards. This set of full plate mail can shrug of anything shy of an anti material round to the hard plate, and even the chainmail beneath should ward off anything below a high powered rifle up close. Yet for all it's strength the entire set weighs but a few pounds, and has been lovingly tailored to Millicent's form. When it is eventually damaged, a few hours left to soak up the moonlight is usually more than sufficient to return it to tip top shape. The helmet in particular does a fairly remarkable job of hindering her vision and hearing only minutely. Usually the armor is worn with a cape, feathered plumes and whatnot but these are wholly conventional affairs and purely decorative.

Forged from the teeth of the same wolf her armor is derived from, her trademark weapons are known simply as the "fangs". Shaped like a pair of giant sewing needles at rest, they can be formed into the shape of any european weapon with but a thought over the course of a few seconds. Allowing her to form an arming sword and shield, a pair of short swords, or even combine the two to form a poleaxe or great sword as the need arises. They are no sharper than any mortal blade, but remarkably durable for their featherweight. Like her armor, these items can be repaired with long exposure to simple moonlight.

Toy Soldier:
The Fey made her to be a weapon of leisure, but a weapon never the less. She has the heart of a fey wolf in her chest, it's blood coursing in her veins. As such she can bench press about a thousand pounds, or sprint up to eighty miles an hour in full armor. When her bones broke they were replaced with the discarded antlers of a sacred stag, allowing her to survive the sort've blunt physical trauma that would turn a mere mortal into a red paste. As her war performances were nightly, she was made to recover from horrific injury all the faster. Generally speaking anything which isn't immediately fatal can be healed with a few hours spent basking in moonlight. That said her skin isn't anymore resistance to being cut or punctured as anyone else, and though durable her skeleton is far from invulnerable. A rifle round to her unprotected head for instance, or having her throat cut is all it would take.


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The one area where Millicent's actually received and put into practice much modern teachings, and it shows. She knows how to read a crowd, how to keep anxious fans away from her client without hurting them, how to pick a hotel room and how to move a client without alerting the papparazi. She's taken combat driving courses of course, and is as adept at using a car as both a weapon and a shield as any good bodyguard. She's not above using a stun gun, or a can of mace as the venue demands. That said she's also no stranger to firearms, and can usually outshoot your usual 5-0 without too much worry. Whilst she's hardly terribly tech savvy, she does know the basics of electronic security and can ferret out illicit recording devices fairly well to boot.

Equipped with a dangerous mixture of supernatural ability, and experience Millicent is a knight like few before her. She's an expert with the full array of classical european arms, and more than capable of demonstrating many of the big european sword schools in exceptional detail. Though her skills with archiac european siege warfare is equally formidable, it's really not something that's terrible useful. She can slice bullets from the air, or deliver precision sword blows with superhuman speed and precision. Whilst it's easy to call her sword play archiac, it takes a rare talent and usually supernatural reflexes to keep up with her.
With her bare hands she's hardly a slouch either, she's a solid striker and a particularly skilled wrestler once things end up on the ground. Her own fighting style is a combination of techniques learned from both classical treatise as well as her own experience. That said her brawling is nowhere near her sword game, and a well trained foe could likely pick her apart if they survive long enough to get a good look at her.

Millicent speaks both German and English fluently, which shouldn't come as a shocker. What is unusual is her talent for Fey, a rare talent these days. She can read and write Fey fluently, and is quite predictably more familiar with courtly High Fey than the more common dialects.


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Magical Disguise:
Millicent's elaborate disguise comes by way of a "Minor ring of illusion", Minor in that it's only got one "look" and not designed to fool a particularly close examination. The image it looks is a remnant from her time in Fey service, and is unfortunately fixed. As such even if she should be sporting a black eye, the disguise simply won't nor will it show any change in potential cosmetics or even any piercings. It does nothing to hide her weight, her abnormal fingerprints or other tells such as the texture of her skin. That said it's a very pretty face, thankfully.

As a bodyguard Millicent's reputation is sterling stuff, and she has plenty of high society types who are rather happy with her services in the past. As a Bodyguard who is willing to protect a client from metahumans, she's in rare company indeed. As such folks "in the industry" are usually willing to share gossip, and theres a very limited willingness to perhaps exchange the odd favor now and then. Otherwise she's got a clean criminal record, and an excellent credit rating.

As the "Free Lancer" she enjoys a positive reputation as well, though far more subdued. She's got no real friends amongst the superhero crowd, but she's never really rubbed anyone the wrong way so far either. Despite her penchant for swordplay, she's never cut down an unarmed foe or anyone who asked for mercy. Likewise she tends to announce herself upon arrival, and invite foes to surrender. So not bloodless, but she hasn't been accused of being a cold blooded murderer yet either.

Well rich is relative, but she's got a few million in the bank for a rainy day by this point. Whilst she does have a taste for the finer things, she's also something of a workaholic who maintains a positive cashflow without much worry. She owns a nice penthouse, a million or so in jewelry she could part with and a pair of AMG Mercedes she trades in every few years.


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Honor Bound:
In Millicent's consistently "just action" isn't due to her iron will, it's because she has a magical compulsion to obey it even if she doesn't want to. She can not speak falsly, even if only by omission. She can not strike an opponent who is unable to defend themselves, or if they have begged for mercy. This unfortunately also means that sneak attacks are also off the menu, or any other dirty tricks which would rob a foe of their ability to defend themselves. She can not willingly allow her charge to be injured, and she can not protect those who have not paid her. Granted flipping her a coin, or promising payment for later is more than sufficient. Lastly she can not raise a hand to the Fey court, unless this conflicts with other rules.

Not Human:
She has the heart of an extra-dimensional being in her chest, and a skeleton derived from the same. Her form was painstakingly sculpted to appear beautiful by otherworldly standards, and she has a tendency to let her Fey accent slip from time to time. She's likewise substantially heavier than a regular woman of her build and height should be. Without her sophisticated disguise, Millicent can't pass for human even at a glance. Even at rest magically atuned individuals can often feel the distinctly fey magical "vibe" she puts off, and even if they don't pick up on what it is her disguise won't fool many serious magic users for a second. Being discovered of course often complicates things, because whilst she's no Fey she -feels-, looks and even sounds like one.

Old School:
When it comes to technology specifically, Millicent has never been fully "up to date". Though her digital security measures are "best practices" in the industry, they're all about five years out of date more often than not. Her office network isn't fantastically well secured, nor her laptop at home, nor her business tablet or even her cellphone. A clever hacker could more than likely even get into her cars, and thats not even a thing she thinks can happen.

Intellectually Millicent can explain how what the Fey did to her was wrong, but she doesn't believe it. She feels blessed to have been chosen(abducted), honored to have been instructed(killed repeatedly for entertainment), blessed to have been empowered(Robbed of her humanity). In her mind the Duchess treated her like a daughter, because the Fey robbed her of her own mothers affection as a tiny child. In reality she was kept as a beloved pet, and then discarded when she became inconvient like a family pet abandoned in the woods. She still finds herself getting irritated when folks speak bad of the fey, even if they're talking ill about what was done to her. She knows she can never go back, but finds the thought of ever opposing the Fey high court particularly uncomfortable.



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Title Date Scene Summary
The Vibranium Black Market January 8th, 2021 While in pursuit of some smuggled vibranium, Black Panther encounters Free Lancer, an unknown who has already come upon the would-be thieves.
Park Patrol January 1st, 2021 Mania patrols, then encounters what is apparently a knight in modern times. It is confusing.
The Talent December 31st, 2020 With She-Hulk getting involved, Mr. Delaney decides to involve a little extra insurance against metahuman threats or organized crime. Millicent finds her hands full just trying to keep the Punk Princess out of trouble!
False Alarm December 28th, 2020 Brunnhilde and Millicent find themselves in a Brooklyn back alley. They speak of Earth's ways in this modern age, warriors' deaths, and how to make a wage in this day and age. Brunnhilde generally annoys herself with her own morals.
The Sentry and the Rainbow December 27th, 2020 No description


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Millicent Keller has 5 finished logs.

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