Mission Statement

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These are the principles Heroes Assembled is based on. The basis for our rules and policies. They tell us whether a change goes against the spirit of the game.

  • Everyone should be treated with respect.
  • Everyone should be treated equally, whether player or staff.
  • Personal lives of players and staff are not the business of the game.
  • Staff are players who volunteer to help the game and the other players.
  • Players should be empowered as much as possible without conflicting with the mission statement.
  • Staff should help players find ways to make their stories work. Try to find a way to say yes.
  • Staff should deal positively and transparently with players and should include them in discussions as much as possible.
  • Except in cases where it violates personal privacy or storylines, staff should explain their decisions.
  • When saying no, we should be able to express which part of this mission a 'yes' would conflict with.
  • Maintain a superhero-centric, Marvel+DC merged theme that feels like a mainstream movie or high point run of main characters
  • Center the theme on the most desired characters while limiting exclusion or impact on other characters.
  • Some characters set theme and tone more than others. The more a given character does, the more they must portray canon core concepts of the character.
  • Gameplay should focus on growth of a character's story, not on maximizing their sheet.
  • Applying for a character should be swift.
  • Problems should be dealt with transparently, and early before they have time to grow worse.
  • Problems pertaining to individual behavior should be handled with the individuals rather than global rules
  • Global rules restricting players should be limited to cases that policing individual behavior will not suffice.
  • When dealing with problems, talk with people, not about. Reinforce positive behavior. Always front end what the talk is going to be about.