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Mortimer Toynbee (Scenesys ID: 607)
Name: Mortimer Toynbee
Superalias: Toad
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Residence: The Bronx, New York City
Education: High School Dropout
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Brotherhood, Xaviers
Apparent Age: 29 Actual Age: 29
Date of Birth 05 Nov 1991 Played By
Height: 5'7" Weight: 155 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A violent criminal mutant, more likely to work for someone than be a leader himself. He'll happily stab someone in the back with a charming British accent as he does it.


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* 1991: Born in London, England. Given up by his parents to an adoption agency due to mutant deformities already present at birth.
* 2003 Begins falling in with local gangs while still under adoptive care as well as showing a proficiency with mechanics over standard schoolwork.
* 2009 Is removed from the adoption system when he turns 18
* 2011 Becomes a 'person of interest' in the murders of 4 rival gang members, flees to America.
* 2013 Becomes involved with the Brotherhood of Mutants
* 2019 Has a falling out with some members of the Brotherhood, goes back to England. His birth parents mysteriously are found dead a week after his arrival.
* 2020 Returns to America

IC Journal

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The other thing Toad learned growing up was don't stand up to those bigger than you. He's a bootlicking brownnoser when faced with someone significantly more powerful and a willingness to use it. Of course, that's only while in their presence. True loyalty isn't a strong suit of his and he's just as likely to backstab someone taking advantage of him given half a chance.

Self-Esteem Issues:
Being abandoned by his parents, ridiculed and shunned by both other children and staff in the adoption system growing up, constantly passed over, it's little wonder Mortimer developed something of a chip on his shoulder. He overcompensates bragging about how great he is and trying to show-off, while comments about his appearance can bring out a violent temper in a hurry.

Character Sheet


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Leg Strength:
While Toad is stronger overall than a similar human of his size, able to lift up to 1 ton, his legs are significantly more powerful, able to legpress up to 5 tons. In combat he uses this for devastating kicks as well as a tendency to leap at superhuman speeds and distances.

Regenerative Healing:
Part of his amphibious nature, Toad can heal from wounds far faster than most and even regrow a bodypart if need be, though to date this hasn't involved more than a fingertip. This is not an instant process on par with Wolverine though where one can literally watch the healing happen in front of them. But he could regrow an arm or leg over the course of several weeks, and can bounce back from most other injuries in a quarter of the time most humans would need.

Slimy Excretion:
Toad is able to excrete a slimy substance from his hands that lets him stick to walls. By itself it's not able to sustain much more weight than that but he can also spit a more concentrated form in globs which could say bind a person's hand to a wall or cover their mouth and nose with more serious consequences. This slime still isn't extremely powerful, a reasonably fit person could probably break free of it given a minute or so but it's difficult, and were both arms bound in such a way it might be impossible for a normal human to do so until it dries and dissolves a few hours later. Those struck by this disgusting power also report a numbness in the affected areas and Toad has been experimenting with the belief he may yet be able to do more with this ability.

Superhuman Grab-Bag:
Toad posseses the usual array of improved agility, stamina, reflexes, and durability many of those with powers seem to have. Of particular note are his stamina, his enlarged lungs letting him operate at peak power for hours without tiring (or stay underwater up to an hour on a full breath). He also possesses oddly flexible bones which are resistant to breaking and allow him to crouch comfortably, which he seems to often prefer to standing.

His signature feature even more than his legs, Toad's tongue can extend up to 30 feet and is fully prehensile, able to act as another limb. It's also incredibly strong, a whip strike from it could easily break ribs and send someone flying and he can lift up to 200 pounds with relative ease even at a distance. Wrapped around an arm he could easily break a normal limb by applying pressure and with worse results around a neck.


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Experienced Brawler:
Toad lacks formal combat training but makes up for it with having been in scraps and fights since his teens. A willingness to kill and well-versed in his strange mix of powers makes him a dangerous opponent to most.

Learned Biochemistry:
Something Toad has only just begun to explore, he doesn't have the same latent ability as he does with engineering. But as he has begun to explore his powers he realizes the secretions he has that disgust so many people may have other properties and he's begun to explore those. As hallucinogenics, paralytics, poisons, even silly rumors he may use them to control normal amphibious creatures.

Natural Engineer:
Toad is good with mechanics and engineering, something that seems to have developed naturally, but not in the same way most super scientists are. He's not much of an inventor but given a chance to study some technology he's reasonably good at being able to copy and sustain it provided he has the resources. He won't be programming AIs or developing nation-destroying superweapons, but automated turrets or a 'simple' exoskeleton armor are already within his wheelhouse, and if he gets his hands on something truly dangerous he could learn to build something to match.


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Brotherhood of Mutants:
Toad has been an on and off member of the Brotherhood for 7 years now with all the connections that would warrant

Criminal Connections:
Even before joining the Brotherhood, Toad was already a well-known thug both back home in London and now New York. He's no Kingpin but he's the kind of down and dirty character a lot of folks would have heard of and has extensive connections.


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Toad is ugly and his natural 'slime' his hands exude doesn't help, even going so far as to carry a slight odor. Aside from being a source of self-esteem issues and a trigger for his temper, this can be a bit of a hindrance when it comes to working with certain people, particularly the higher up in society one goes.

Toad likes it when he is winning a fight or perceives himself to have the upper-hand. The moment it looks like things are turning against him he's more likely to bolt and flee than he is to try and stick it out. Of course if he's working for a more powerful villain that might kill him for failure or has something more at stake that could change, but in general 'live to fight another day' is his mantra.

Toad has sensitive eyes, their large appearance more than just show. While this helps him see better in darkness it can be painful in direct or sudden light, something he tries to offset with tinted goggles.



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Mortimer Toynbee has 14 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Afternoon drinks at Meteor Bar November 29th, 2021 Mystique and Toad share a drink, conversation, their mutual hatred of humans... a job for Toad's slimy tongue to wrap around.
Jihad To Be There October 31st, 2021 Blink, Deadpool, and Toad take out a group of Islamic extremists with the goal of freeing child soldiers. Mission accomplished.
The Problem With China September 26th, 2021 Diplomacy will be offered by the Justice League and SHIELD in an attempt to get China to treat their mutants better. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and new allies will go in to get the children out safely.
Missing In China September 21st, 2021 The Chinese Government will think twice before messing with mutants again. Rogue, Warpath, Blink, Spectra, Wolfsbane, Sabertooth, Toad and Magneto personally saw to the rescue of Mystique and a not to subtle note to never repeat their actions against mutants again.
John's Return-Finale: The Rescue September 1st, 2021 James comes back bigger and his brother can finally rest
Sometimes You Just Need A Little Information August 28th, 2021 Business conducted between Mystique and one Tessa Fox, some poor business man from Texas is about top have his entire life revealed.
Waffles on the Asteroid August 24th, 2021 Waffles for dinner with guests. Mortimer's back on the Asteroid, watch out for that tongue!
Garden Talk August 24th, 2021 A happy Clarice checks on her fennel plants. Cynthia meets Toad, and Hank gets glomped.
Tensions Rising February 15th, 2021 Violence sparks at the Mutant Care Center and a skirmish errupts between Friends of Humanity and mutants. When police get involved, Magneto appears to prevent the hostilities getting further out of hand than they already were.
Retaliation February 9th, 2021 Anti-mutant protestors come to a high school fundraiser in Mutant Town and things get blown out of preportion.
Toadally Legal Business January 18th, 2021 Toad gets Johnny Storm to try out the hot new drug AMPH. Torch just can't say no!
Big Mouths All Around December 18th, 2020 Toad robs a subway and gets his bravado stolen by Joker.
Mr. Toad's Wild RIde December 1st, 2020 Toad drives his own makeshift assault vehicle through upstate New York while Rogue looks to stop him and the two reminisce about old times.
Do You Know What Happens When You Burn a Toad November 23rd, 2020 Toad's tonic transaction terminated thanks to Torch, terribly traumatizes typical tenant.


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Mortimer Toynbee has 14 finished logs.

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