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  Mustang Hawthorne  
Mustang Hawthorne (Scenesys ID: 1116)
Name: Mustang Hawthorne
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Magi
Occupation: Student/Skater/Wizard
Citizenship: American
Residence: Matthers Household, Happy Harbor
Education: Currently High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 Dec 2001 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 155
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Twitter: @OnlyBushFanLeft
Theme Song: "Today" by The Smashing Pumpkins

Character Info


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Mustang is a new student at Happy Harbor, and newly adopted, too. The young man seems like a troublemaker with a chip on his shoulder. Having grown up in the Narrows in Gotham, and having spent a lot of time on the streets, this skater is complicated. Mingle some pretty nice magical skills with the usual teen angst and hormones, and you have Mustang: A hot mess.


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2001: Born in the Narrows, to Jim and Maggie Hawthorne. Parents are criminals, with his dad being a drug dealer, and mom being an addict and a thief. His childhood is about as terrible as you would expect.

2012: His parents are arrested for a myriad of crimes, and Mustang ends up on the street. He settles in with some other urchins, spending his time busking or skateboarding. He struggles to get by.

2014: He breaks into the home of Ellison to try and steal some things, and he is caught. The old man senses his lineage, however, and offers him a place to stay. He shows him magic, and Mustang is hooked.

2014 - 2019: Mustang trains under Ellison in that creepy old house. He learns all kinds of magic, along with boxing and occult studies and such. He's a natural, but still has a long way to go. Eventually, however, Ellison's demeanor shifts to become more malignant for unknown reasons, and he attempts to bind and offer Mustang up as a sacrifice to -something-. Mustang escapes and spends weeks on the street.
2020: He is discovered as a homeless kid, and taken in by the police. His magic is sensed by a counselor in the know, and he is offered a chance to get away from Ellison and possibly start over...with some rules attached. He is put with his new foster family, and enrolled at Happy Harbor.

IC Journal

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Sketchy Kid:
Mustang is complicated. He's a teenager, for one, and he comes with all the usual angst, hormones and other issues a kid his age tends to have. On top of that, he's at the age where he's legally and adult, but still has some maturing to do. He wants to be treated like an adult, but doesn't exactly want the downsides of that.

He comes from a harsh background, with bad parents and an even worse former mentor. Ellison tried to give him the ideas that people were tools, enemies or playthings, but it is something he always struggled with. He can be a bit arrogant about his power sometimes, and whenever he's shown that he IS just a kid when it comes to his power, he can get pretty depressed.

He wrestles with self-esteem issues and loneliness, along with some pretty intense depression and guilt. The right person or people could either drive him into darkness and villainy, or pull him out into the light. For now, at least, under it all he is still a caring person.

Character Sheet


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Abjuration is defensive or binding magic. This is one of the schools of magic he is better at. He can use it to create barriers, whether against physical forces, or magical ones. He can create a barrier over a door or similar, or around a person. With concentration he can manifest a force field around himself, for instance. When keeping a physical field up, it can stop a high-powered firearm, or a mildly super-powered attack. Anything larger then that will blow right through it, or at least weaken it. More magical barriers can do things like keep a specific person or type of creature from entering or seeing something. For instance, he could abjure his bedroom so that a parental figure grows confused upon entering, and wanders out. He can also bind entities summoned via conjuring. He still has a long way to go on this, and is much better at blocking physical attacks then he is magical or supernatural ones at the moment.

Conjuration is the school of magic based around manifesting physical and otherworldly things. He is pretty decent with this school, though he still has a LOT to learn. While he can summon a lesser celestial being, he is far from being able to summon an archangel. He can summon a lesser elemental or spiritual force, and then use Abjuration to bind it to his service or he can simply ask favors of it. Most of these things are mysterious and they are more trouble then they are worth, but it is something he loves, anyways.

Divination is a school of magic that he has almost no handle on. The concept is just something that throws him. Normally it would be used to scry other people, or see visions of the future, or alter people's luck and similar. He can only do the most minor things, such as using magic to see a specific location he's already left something ritualistic (Hiding something in his room, and then scrying to his room), or mildly giving himself or other people better or worse luck. Nothing major, but it could cause someone to find a $20 in their pocket, or manage to catch the bus in time. Or it could make somebody slip during a chase. He cannot control WHAT happens, simply the direction of the shift.

Evocation is the school of manifesting and controlling elemental and force energy. This is one that he doesn't have down as much as some of the other ones. For instance, he still is unable to manifest an element from nowhere. He cannot create fire, but he can use magic to put a fire out, shape where it burns, make it burn hotter, etc. The same can be said for increasing wind, or pulling lightning down from an already stormy sky.

The school of Illusion's name speaks for itself. This is another school that Mustang struggles with, but he has a better handle on it then he does with Transmutation. He can mainly effect himself, and at most one other person or -roughly- human sized object. He can make it or the person look like anyone else. He can make himself look like a mini-fridge, or like Bob from accounting, or make himself and another person resemble cops, or random small trees or whatever. He can keep this illusions up, as they are relatively minor, for hours at a time. However, the bigger the thing he is effecting, the less time he can keep it up. The illusions effect vision only at his experience, and touching it won't make the illusion vanish, but you would pass through it.

It kind of makes sense that he excels at one of the darker schools of magic, due to the sketchy bastard who trained him. Necromancy channels darker energies...usually. It also, technically, covers channeling healing or restorative energies, at least in the way he was taught. He can summon ghosts to talk with or bind, ala conjuring and abjuration. He can also use these abilities to allow himself to see ghosts without manifesting them. He can excorcise them, too, but he isn't amazing at this aspect. Finally, he can heal people of physical damage, up to the point of restoring fatigue, pulling poison from their body, or closing wounds. He cannot cute cancer or regrow limbs, etc.

Transmutation is the school of magic related to transforming something into something else. This is another school he struggles with, as he has trouble wrapping his head around the esoteric concepts it is built with. He loves alchemy, but the actual magical school is rough for him. He can only do only minor things with this school for now. Some minor effects he can currently do include things like: mending together things that were putting a shattered glass back together without seams, or torn cloth or shattered stone. Big effects of this are much harder. He can do things like hone a weapon like a sword or club until it is much harder or sharper, allowing it to cut stone or dent steel without super strength as another example of honing or changing things.


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He doesn't like normal science, but he loves alchemy. He's pretty skilled with the concepts of alchemy, beyond some of his other studies. With the right equipment he can create all sorts of potions, elixers and unguents. He can also do things like transform one substance into another, like his transmutation, but it is so hard the magic is easier. This skill also represents his herbology and potion knowledge. Almost any spell he can cast can also be represented with something here, and even given to other people to use at a later date.

Ellison, his mentor-turned-enemy, always demanded that he be able to take care of himself with more then just magic. So, he enrolled in a boxing class at his local underfunded gym, and he worked hard at it. He's really good at it now, and could compete at a semi-professional level (In his age bracket, of course.)

Language is tied to magic. Words have power and meaning. It is because of this that he was instructed brutally on language. He speaks English, of course, but also knows a good amount of Latin. He knows a smattering of several other languages, each with less skill then the one before it: French, German, Arabic, Sumerian. He is ALMOST conversational in French, can speak the basics in German, knows some very key magical phrases in Arabic, and is Sumerian is an absolute joke...but still better then someone who has no idea.

The only legit school subject he really likes and excels at. He loves reading. He can usually be found with various classics in his backpack or by his bedside. He can quote Byron or Kerouac or Keats. He doesn't advertise this too much, though.

He learned at the feet of a powerful magi, and he took a lot of the teaching to heart. He might suck at non-ritual math, and he doesn't really get a lot of other school subjects, but he knows the occult. He understands magical rules, and knows about various occult species and organizations. He knows a lot more then a boy his age should, but he still has a lot to learn, too.

He isn't quite as good at parkour as he is at skateboarding, but he's still quite good. He can run, leap, and roll with the best of them. If he ever ended up a vigilante he could do rooftop acrobatics pretty well.

Mustang could go pro. Seriously. He is an incredibly gifted skateboarder, and if his life had gone a different direction and he'd had the proper opportunities he could be a sponsored, well-paid athlete. Instead he skates in parking lots and parks.

Mustang grew up in the Narrows, a very bad part of Gotham. His parents were criminals, and he spent a lot of his youth on the streets. He knows how it all works. He can usually identify criminals and their behavior, and he knows various gang signs, colors and their culture. He understands how the mob and other criminal groups work, as well.


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When he was first starting to learn under Ellison, he helped him with a strong conjuring ritual to gain his familiar. Furfur is a powerful demon, known in biblical lore and the Lesser Key of Solomon. He was pulled to this plane and bound into a cat, creating 'Fury', his familiar. Over time the demon mentality began to fade more and more, being replaced with more cat. Also, his personality has been reformed to fit Mustang more. If ever freed, however, he'd return to the might and horror that is Furfur. He can talk like a person, but tends to keep that to private. He has no powers or anything in this form, but he has vast lore and experience he can use to mentor or aid Mustang. He's mainly there to be a companion. Also, Mustang can will himself to see through Fury's eyes within anywhere up to a mile, due to his familiar connection.

Happy Harbor:
Mustang is a student at Happy Harbor, even though he isn't wild about the idea. He is blending in among the normal kids, while secretly being tended to and taught by the more magically inclined. He has access to all of the normal things being a student there would offer, such as access to mentors he normally would not have. Whether he LISTENS to them or not is another thing altogether.

Homo Magi:
Mustang is one of the Homo Magi, with magic in his blood. He is connected to others of the same type, though he is only just starting to understand this. This comes with connections and all of that, even if he is just making them.

Matthers Family:
He is eighteen, but only recently. He was adopted by the Matthers Family last year, as preperation for his eventual assignment to the school. They are a middle-class family in Happy Harbor, and pretty good people. They are aware of his abilities and the truth behind the school, as they were contacted beforehand. His adopted mom, in fact, is an english teacher at Happy Harbor, and one of the few at the school aware of what's going on. He has two sisters, also.


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Mustang has a chip on his shoulder. He had a bad childhood, twisted mentorship, and it's hard to argue that life hasn't dealt him a harsh hand. He's rebellious and can have a short temper. He pushes back when he feels like he's being controlled too much, or if people are bossing him around. Sometimes this manifests when people are trying to help, too.

Ellison is a bad man. He is an old magi of some great power, who was living in a crappy old house in Gotham when Mustang last saw him. He's a skilled dark wizard with a sketchy, mysterious past and quite a few terrible allies among the supernatural and mortal world. Ellison wants Mustang back for whatever dark purpose he has in mind, and he is slowly working on hunting him down.

His magic is fueled by ritual, or connection or foci. He cannot simply ponder a fireball and throw it down mainstreet. He uses rote ritual, learned from dusty old books and his former mentor (Or a new one). Most spells only take a few minutes to cast, while summons and similar might take hours or even days. He has created some foci that helps him cast some spells a bit quicker, though. He has tattoos that are linked to a few different magical effects, letting him do a few things like make a hasty force field. Generally, though, spells take at least a little bit of time. He hasn't gotten down quicker magic, yet. If he ever learns spontaneous casting, this weakness might get replaced with something else.



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Mustang Hawthorne has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Troublemakers May 6th, 2020 Rogue, Mustang and Jubilation Lee meet inside of the Burger Joint!
Cats and Dogs April 8th, 2020 No description
All's Fair April 6th, 2020 Alanna and Mustang meet at an arts & crafts fair and talk books and families.
Oh, oh, it's magic! April 2nd, 2020 When in the Magic Market in the Artsy section of Gotham, Mustang Hawthorne from Happy Harbor meets up with Phoebe Beacon. The two young magic users get the chance to talk, and make plans for meeting up later after eating Gyros.


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Mustang Hawthorne has 4 finished logs.

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