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  Nanami Tanaka  
Nanami Tanaka (Scenesys ID: 1596)
Name: Nanami Takana
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Staten Island, New York
Education: In High School
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 15 Actual Age: 15
Date of Birth 09 Jun 2005 Played By Fujimiya Mona
Height: 5'3" Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Nanami would be an ordinary wealthy high school girl on Staten Island, except for her intense personal hobbies, coupled with curiosity about the trial of her mother's killer, has led her down a risky path of experimentation.


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* 2005: Born on Staten Island to an immigrant industrialist and spouse
* 2008: Mother dies in bad mugging
* 2009: Learned to read
* 2010: Began private tutoring on piano and badminton
* 2011: Began private tutoring in all subjects, keeping generally sheltered
* 2014: Started hobby of building fancy Lego model sets
* 2016: Entered public middle school
* 2017: Expanded from legos to other forms of hobby and craft modeling
* 2018: Takes up vacant room in house for crafting and projects, branches into 'mature' crafting like 3D Printing and electronics
* 2019: Learns room used to be mother's crafts room, reads about trial of killer
* 2020: Builds stunner weapon for self-defense, realizes it's more powerful than that.

IC Journal

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Nanami's father always believed she started reading so early because she was so determined to find out just what he was up to with his work. She does, without even thinking about it, sometimes try to look at, around, and into things just because she wants to know more.

Intense Hobbies:
One side effect of spending many hours alone in a large, quiet house, when Nanami gets into a hobby, she does so completely. Whether it's Legos, or Star Wars, or Lego Star Wars, Badminton (a hobby trained into her by her father), piano (ditto), or crafting, she goes all out and spends many hours on it.

Another side effect of a big, quiet house is that Nanami tends to keep quiet. A naturally small voice doesn't really speak up unless she absolutely has to, and even then it can be reluctant.

Being the only child of a widower industrialist, Nanami has spent most of her life having to do a number of things for herself. Not because her father didn't care, but becuase everything was too much for him to handle alone.

Character Sheet


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Through lots of training for most of her life, Nanami has a high degree of skill in the game of badminton for her age. No strength yet, but she has the eyes, aim, and conditioning necessary for the sport.

Crafting and Electronics:
Arguably Nanami's most important skill is the one she's fostered entirely on her own, over many hours alone at home. Learning how things work, designing her own model, building it, and seeing if it works. Over the years starting simple, and working her way up to new designs based on ideas from the Internet, as her skills matured.

While physical limitations of her hand size would keep her from ever being a top world pianist, Nanami is more than capable of playing most music on a piano, reading it and performing it.


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Being the daughter of a wealthy immigrant industrialist, Nanami has a comfortable lifestyle, and access enough money to engage in a wide variety of activities beyond those most girls her age can just go do on their own.

Stun Gun:
Nanami has built herself a relatively powerful stun gun. Built into a baby blue 3d-printed case, it has a big, squared-off, science-fiction appearance leaving it looking like a toy. However the batteries packed into it power a strong electric arc that works as a powerful taser at a range of 6 feet, capable of physically incapacitating most ordinary human begins, even if only briefly in some cases. However after 2 shots it needs completely recharged at home.


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It's a dangerous world, and no matter what little gadgets Nanami makes for herself, it won't overcome her fundamental physical limits. She's small, and weak. In any situation where physical strength matters, she's going to lose unless she can find a way around it.

Any young teenage girl has limits. Even self sufficient ones with a parent's credit card can only do so much, and withstand so much scrutiny. She will have obstacles.



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I Was Flying Through the Park One Day June 29th, 2020 Unfinished
Many Burgers at Big Belly Burgers. June 16th, 2020 Bart gets work advice from the new kid.


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Nanami Tanaka has 2 finished logs.

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