Nazo Sarwani

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Nazo Sarwani (Scenesys ID: 2665)
Name: Nazo Sarwani
Superalias: Habub
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Imports Buyer
Citizenship: Afghanistan
Residence: Happy Harbor
Education: Working toward GED
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mutants, Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 23 Jan 2000 Played By
Height: 168cm Weight: 140kg
Hair Color: Wavy Black Eye Color: Light Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A sand-shaped mutant with a dark past of slavery and freedom fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Driven by guilt for some things she's done, she strives to have an ordinary life in America, now, though is at the mercies of government agencies who treat her as an asset, all while she's trying to pick up her GED.


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* 2001 Born in Kakhar village in Zabul, Afghanistan.
* 2005 Started her study of the Qur'an, showing a good aptitude for memorization and recitation.
* 2007 Sent, at the age of six, to work in the rug hooking factory of an "uncle" she'd never met.
* 2008 Graduated from arduous, but simple tasks in the factory to actual hooking, beginning with tassles.
* 2010 Learned enough of the Qur'an by heart that becoming a Hafiza turned into a personal goal. The Qur'an's word and message was the only thing keeping her from going mad in her slave-like conditions as her "uncle" forced more and more work out of the increasing number of impoverished families' daughters now working for him.
* 2014 Her first menstrual discharge. Her "uncle" started looking for customers for her virtue, ready to pawn her off as a low-ranking wife to wealthy men.
* 2014 Her first mutant outburst. As one of the men her "uncle" finally found was inspecting her for suitability, he touched her where she'd always been told it was a sin to be touched. The ensuing storm of sand and dust destroyed much of the factory and injured many of the people in it (including almost stripping the skin from the man who'd touched her). Her father turned her out as an "ifrit", though her mother stood by her side until she was beaten into quiet.
* 2014 Her "uncle" reveals that he's a high- ranking Taliban leader tasked with funding the group through rug sales.
* 2014 Her "uncle" introduced her as a potential weapon to the war-making side of the Taliban, introducing her as "Allah's Sword Against the Infidel". Seduced by sweet words she joined in the Taliban, despite being a woman, as a weapon of terror against the Pakistani, and American coalstion forces, defending her homeland from infidel invaders and their lapdogs.
* 2016 Her legendary attacks against coalition forces brought her much fame and infamy (depending on which side you were on) with entire strike teams sent out to try and take her down ... only to be slaughtered to a man.
* 2017 Her Taliban handlers order her to take out a village thought to be conspiring with the invaders, ordered to erase it, every man, woman, child, and goat.
* 2017 On seeing the village, Habub, as she was now called by most, saw a village indistinguishable from her home, filled with ordinary people.
* 2017 Turning on her Taliban handlers instead, Habub slaughtered them in place of the villagers (who never knew how close to death they had come) before fleeing into the wilds.
* 2018 Nazo Sawani, code named Habub, turns herself in as a prisoner of war to an American patrol. After making it clear to them that it was voluntary by eradicating their equipment.
* 2018 The CIA took over her imprisonment and, using her propensity for being a quick study, taught her English while pumping her for all the information she had (that she was willing to share) about her erstwhile Taliban allies.
* 2020 Two years of willing participation and "deradicalization" efforts convinced the CIA that she would be a safe immigrant. Under two provisos: 1. She would be closely monitored and ejected on any hint of returning to her old ways. 2. She would occasionally be called upon for support ranging from simple translation services to full-on wetworks with no option to refuse. A one- woman Suicide Squad, in short, kept off the books and away from Amanda Waller, whom one faction of the CIA simply doesn't trust.
* 2020 Taking up a job in an import/export firm (as their Persian and Afghan rug expert buyer), and taking night classes for getting her GED, Nazo Sawani moves into a small, spartan apartment in Happy Harbor.

IC Journal

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Nazo is a Muslim(Sunni) through and through. This will not change. And while she has been "deradicalize", she has not had her faith shaken in the slightest. She is still proud of being a Hafiza.

While Nazo still thinks the US Coalition are invaders in her country, she recognizes that the Taliban are essentially the same, where the invasion was a cultural one (Wahabism) instead of a physical one. She deeply regrets her years killing for the Taliban and always wonders if she couldn't have found another way to protect her country and her home.

For a blooded (nay, BATHED IN BLOOD) killer, Nazo is astonishingly innocent. (It was that innocence that was weaponized against her, in fact, twisting her into the Taliban's biggest weapon.) Her sheltered life as a slave (so innocent is that she doesn't realize that's what she was: that her parents had SOLD her to her "uncle" to work in his factory), her sheltered, separated life as a woman in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan both conspired to keep her unaware of what most take for granted in human relations.

Character Sheet


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Sand Transmorph:
Despite looking human, her X gene outbreak caused Nazo to somehow fuse with what was closest to her when the gene asserted itself: sand. Lots and lots of sand. Her body is made of silicates which can separate into their constituent grains and move like they are wind-driven in streams and cyclic movements. She is, in short, a one-woman habub (hence her code name). In sand form she can move through any opening that would let sand flow (with a commensurate rate according to the cross- section of course). She can blind and choke, filling nasal passages, throat, and lungs with sand. She can move the sand with such alacrity that she does, in effect, sand-blasting, able to strip flesh off of humans down to the bone in mere moments should she exert herself and concentrate her sandy body on the task. And, as with any sand blasting, she can abrade (and polish) many surfaces, frosting glass, stripping paint and other coatings, and even, very slowly, cutting through hardened materials. (It would take her many DAYS of effort to poke a hole in a modern tank.)

Silicate Body:
Nazo, in natural form, looks like a normal human woman. The first clue this is not the case is that she weighs far more than a woman her size should: 140 kg instead of the expected range of 60- 70. Her body is now made of a strange silicate compound which makes her incredibly resistant to physical damage: her body acts like a sandbag, in effect, making her largely impervious to normal forms of damage like punches or bullets. Kinetic strikes of sufficient energy can blow her apart, making her form lose cohesion ... but then it can pour back together with a thought. She can be slowed down with such overpowering hits, but not stopped or killed.

Static Dust:
When in dust form Nazo generates, just from friction among her particles, a large amount of static electricity. This serves to screw up radios, but also to interfere with telepathic and magical powers going off inside her body or directed into or at it. Strong enough radios can penetrate the dust, though the signal will be degraded badly. Similarly strong enough telepathy, empathy, magic, or other such powers will finally get around the effect. She is not proof to them. She's just harder than she looks at first glance.


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You can't memorize the Qur'an without knowing Arabic. Nazo is a very accented speaker of Arabic but a near-native fluent reader and writer of it.

The same skills that served her in learning Aragic and becoming a Hafiza had her pick up English quickly as well while she was being deradicalized. Her speech is accented and she is woefully underequipped in idiom, but she is nonetheless a competent reader and writer of English.

General Athletics:
Nazo has the general athletic ability expected of a woman her age with experience living in the wilderness and fighting as a guerrilla.

Nazo is one of those rare few who have memorized the Qur'an and can recite any portion of it on demand.

Memorizing is a learned skill, and Nazo has learned it well. For any strictly factual affairs she can very quickly learn to recite (regurgitate) what has been put before her. (Also, her ability to remember phone numbers on first exposure is legendary.)

Nazo is a native Pashto speaker who has, through extensive travels in tribal Afghanistan, picked up more than a few regional dialects as well.

Nazo has hooked Afghan (and other styles similar to Persian) rugs since she was a small girl. There is nothing she doesn't know about the process from materials selection to patterning to hooking to combing. As a side effect of this she is also a top-notch appraiser of such goods, having, in preparation for her current employment, studied up on techniques and styles from not just Afghanistan but Persia, Turkminestan, China's Xinjiang, and other hooked rug centres of production.

Wilderness Survival:
The Taliban forces she worked with lived in mountains disconnected from civilization. Nazo knows how to forage, hunt, skin and clean animals, recognize edible plants and mushrooms, and generally how to survive in the wilderness, especially mountainous, forested terrain.


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Nazo has a small apartment (an "efficiency") in Happy Harbor that others would consider cramped and spartan but that she considers luxurious.

Nazo is employed as a buyer in an import firm with her speciality being hooked woolen rugs from around the world.


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Nazo is a government asset. Part of her agreement taking her out of Afghanistan and to the USA is that she would "occasionally" be called upon to do "small tasks" for the government. Saying 'no' puts her residence status at risk.

Very high levels of heat (like that faced in a kiln, say) will fuse both of Nazo's forms into a solid mass, paralyzing her until she can cool down and fracture herself back into sand.

As a slave in a rug hooking factory since six, and a freedom fighter on top of that since the age of 14, Nazo is profoundly uneducated. If it's not in the Qur'an, and not in Taliban rhetoric, she doesn't know it. She's been given a very small crash course in American culture, but it is nowhere near enough to have her able to function without the occasional misunderstanding and mishap in modern-day USA. (This extends to driving. She does not know how to drive.)

Lacks Initiative:
Not only is America new to her, a life that isn't one of slavery (overt or covert) is very new to her. Nazo tends to look to others, wanting to be told what to do. She *can* do things on her own if there is nobody else present, but the presence of anybody not in opposition to her has her tend to defer to what they say instead of making decisions on her own.

As a former enemy combatant, Nazo exists in the USA on a green card that is predicated upon her not acting contrary to the interests of the USA. She is not, as far as she knows, under 24×7 surveillance, but neither is she not not under 24×7 surveillance. She just knows that the government is keeping tabs on her.

An overwhelming amount of water (like a sudden deluge, a powerful fire suppression system, etc.) will knock Nazo down and out when in sand form, returning her (drenched) to her human form, leaving her unconscious.

Strong, protracted wind can scatter Nazo to the point that her reassembly into a conscious, moving being can take hours, perhaps days.



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Nazo Sarwani has 9 finished logs.

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Preparing for a Class is work too. May 6th, 2021 Nazo is directed to class, and taught a little bit of the area.
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Nazo Sarwani has 9 finished logs.

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