New Genesis

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New Genesis is one of the itinerant dimensions that calved from the birth of the Demiurge some 45,000 years ago. The residents of New Genesis call themselves the Forever People.

It is a binary planetary system that consists of two worlds-- New Genesis and a sister realm of Apokalips. It is a lush and verdant planetary body with substantial mineral and vegetative resources. There is some social friction between the two primary social castes on that planet; the New Gods dwell among the clouds on flying cities, while the 'bugs' live on the surface and provide much of the labor and provender that the residents of the flying cities require.

New Genesis and Apokalips have a uniquely polar arrangement with one another, creating a position for not one, but two Primarchs. Of New Genesis, the Primarch is the mighty Highfather who is the leader of the 'Forever People'. On Apokalips, the mighty Darkseid wields an inverse force called the Omega Force that is the destructive antithesis of the Power Cosmic.

Much akin to Asgard, New Genesis exists with a relationship to temporal space as well. However, due to immense space-time curvature around New Genesis and Apokalips, shearing forces prevent traditional space travel, including 'node stepping' via the Astral Plane or regular Hyperspace. Transport requires a specialized mode of interdimensional transport called a Boomtube to prevent being shredded by gravimetric shearing forces.