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Nita Prentiss (Scenesys ID: 1888)
Name: Namorita "Nita" Prentiss
Superalias: Namorita
Gender: Female
Species: Hybrid Human/Atlantean
Occupation: Executive at Oracle Company
Citizenship: American/Atlantean
Residence: NYC
Education: ESU, BSc Environmental Studies
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 28 Actual Age: 28
Date of Birth 14 Mar 1992 Played By R
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 119 lb
Hair Color: Platinum blonde Eye Color: Aquamarine
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Member of the Atlantean royal family, Namorita is the child and illegal clone (unknown to her until recently ) of Namora who is half-human and Atlantean. Born in 1992, her father Talan died tragically in an atomic blast when she was three. Her mother, Namora, is presumed dead at the hands of Llyra of Lemuria. She divides her time between Atlantis and NYC where she works for her cousin's corporation, Oracle.


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*1992: Born to Namora, as an illegal clone created by Vyrra, an Atlantean scientist, and raised in Lemuria.
*1995: Death of her putative father, Talan in an atomic explosion.
*2002: First visit to the surface, introduction to Betty Prentiss whose surname she used when on land.
*2007: Return to NYC to attend high school.
*2010: Entered Empire State Univeristy.
2014: Graduates with BSc in Environmental Sciences
2014: Joins Oracle Corporation as a low level executive

IC Journal

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Namorita possesses an innate attractiveness and charm that inspires people to follow her in her campaigns for environmental causes. The more cynical regard it as superficial but its foundation is in her deep conviction that the ocean must be saved for future generations.

Once set on a course of action, there is little that can stop her from persuing her goals.

Namorita likes a party with friends and prefers a good laugh to an over-serious sense of her importance.

She will risk both life and reputation to preserve the lives of her friends and dependents.

Strong Sense of Justice:
Her studies in the ecology and the environment coincide with a strong sense of responsibility for the well-being of the world. She believes in a sense of personal responsibility for the continuing health of the oceans and land.

Character Sheet


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Aquatic Adaptions:
The gills behind her ears allow her to breath underwater. Being half-human allows her to breath on land unlike a full-blooded Atlantean. Namorita possesses the physiology to maintain body temperature in cold water and withstand high water pressure. She also can see underwater in murky conditions.

Possibly mental telekinesis is behind the power of flight, the small wings at her feet serve as rudders trimming her direction.

Namorita looks younger than her age, like other Atlantans she can expect to live well beyond a hundred.

Preternatural Detection:
Namorita has an empathetic connection to her cousin Namor.

Mutant abilities allow her to process fatigue toxins and fight for inhumanly long periods of time. Being out of water can have an affect on her staying power.

Super Human Strength:
While possessing superhuman strength on land, underwater, she can lift immense weights, upwards to 75 tons when immersed.

Superhuman Durability:
Her body's hybrid properties make her highly resistant to impact. She can withstand bullets, falls from great heights, temperature extremes and blasts.


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Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Namorita trained in Atlantean weapons and underwater combat. On land, she studied jiu-jitsu during her high school and college years.

Trained to lead from an early age in Lemuria and Atlantis as a member of the royal house. Namorcita developed real life skills leading campus environmental groups. At Oracle, she has developed and led two major environmental campaigns with successively larger teams. The latest having fifty-five team members working on reducing Hudson River pollution with the federal, state and local governments.

Public Relations:
Outreach to public entities and private corporations is an essential part of her environmental work. She is an adept communicator, comfortable speaking in public for the causes she champions.

Sh'vk Tah:
Translated into English means Mistress of the Long Blade. A fighting skill taught in Lemuria using a thin bladed sword. It was taught to Atlanteans along with the more traditional weapons such as the trident and spear.


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Atlantean Battle Armor:
Ceremonial shell armor was reserved for ritual combat. It was worn by combatants that had sworn battle to the death with some notable exceptions.


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Being a Hybrid:
For all the strengths being a hybrid has brought her, Namorita doubts where she truly fits into the world at times. Finding out that she is her mother's clone, considered illegal by Atlanteans, adds to this distress.

Though she can survive relatively long periods of time without immersing herself in water, she gradually weakens over time. Sea water is ideal but swimming in fresh water rejuvenates her, as well. Without full body contact with water, she will eventually die.

Letting her passions rule her has made for some bad decision making on Namorita's part. Hot -headed when angry, she can be cutting and regret what she has said on cooler reflection.



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Nita Prentiss has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
=Within the Palace of the Deep November 11th, 2020 The Idol idles evilly. Namor and Namorita reacquaint themselves while Nita gets some needed 'down' time.
=The Power of Chinese Cooking October 24th, 2020 Two adamant objects meet without breaking.
Sooommme WHEEERRE! Over the... water October 21st, 2020 First meeting, sharing backstories, and COOKING FRESH FISH! YUM!
=The Glory of War and Faith October 12th, 2020 The unflinching Alexander divines Namorita's heritage and a pact is made for him to visit Atlantis if he introduces Nita to an uncle.
Three Fish In A Barrel September 23rd, 2020 Arthur, Nita, and Namor all very reluctantly discuss the goings on of these rather destructive Atlantean events.
THIS IS A SCENE BUT WITH WATER! September 20th, 2020 Namorita hassles Arthur after they talk with Namor.
If you like Pina Coladas September 14th, 2020 Arthur makes a few innocent comments and Namorita is all 'wtf?!'


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Nita Prentiss has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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