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Paris Bennet (Scenesys ID: 1242)
Name: Bennet Du Paris (modernized to Paris Bennet)
Superalias: Exodus
Gender: male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Knight
Citizenship: Genoshan (French)
Residence: Genosha
Education: Medieval Education. He learned to read!
Theme: ()
Apparent Age: 850 Actual Age: 850
Date of Birth 01 July 1170 Played By
Height: 6' Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Glowing White
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Of all Magneto Acolytes no one was as feared as Paris Bennet, Exodus. A ruthless Omega Class mutant, he was Magneto's self-appointed champion and one of his most fanatical warriors.


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*1170: Bennet is born. Son of a poor knight serving a minor Parisian nobleman.
*1182: Mutant powers start manifesting, Bennet has visions, things levitate around him. Bennet's father and the local priests perform an exorcism and impose penance on the young mutant. Bennet learns to suppress his abilities through raw willpower, although still uses them subconsciously to become a formidable fighter.
*1188: Warriors are called for the Third Crusade. Having no future in France and swept by the righteous fury of the Christians, Bennet joins the army of France, swears loyalty to a nobleman, and departs for the Holy Land.
*1189: Bennet meets Eobar Garrington, the Black Knight of England, one of the greatest fighters of the age. When his liege lord dies, Bennet swears fealty to Eobar and becomes part of his retinue.
*1190-119x: Under Eobar's mentorship Bennet becomes one of the most skilled warriors among the Crusaders. He is the Black Knight's constant companion in numerous adventures against the Muslim armies, as well as monsters and bandits plaguing the Holy Land.
*119x: Investigating the legendary land of Akkaba, Bennet becomes separated from Eobar's group and is captured by the immortal mutant Apocalypse. Apocalypse recognizes Bennet as one of his own, and subjects him to the Horseman treatment, brainwashing him, but also awakening and altering his vast psychic powers and his body.
Bennet is commanded to kill the Black Knight, but in the confrontation Eobar's skill and the might of the Ebon Blade manage to carry the day. Bennet is injured and abandoned by Apocalypse. Deprived of the presence of other mutants Bennet slips into hibernation coma.
The Crusaders believe that Bennet is dead, but he remains almost invulnerable and the corpse won't decay. Deciding he is possessed by a demon; they entomb him in a sarcophagus.
*12xx: As the Crusaders withdraw from the Holy Land Bennet sarcophagus is taken to a Templar castle in Switzerland. And then it is forgotten for eight centuries.
*2016: Following clues and rumors about a medieval super-human that could be a mutant (although expecting to find just a skeleton and perhaps some genetic data) Magneto and some of his Acolytes enters the crypt where Bennet was buried, awakening him with his presence. Quickly understanding he was in the presence of a king, Bennet listens to Magneto.
*2017-2020: Bennet swears fealty to Magneto and becomes one of his deadliest agents. Now Paris Bennet, he learns modern English and receives training in his powers, as well as a modern education. But deep down he is still a medieval knight, extremely merciless due to Apocalypse brainwashing.
*2020: Genosha is destroyed while Paris is in a mission in Russia. When he returns, he is heart-broken and retires to live as a penitent hermit in the mountains. But when he hears Lorna Dane is willing to take her father's throne and rebuild the country, he decides it is his duty to help her.

IC Journal

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Medieval Knight:
To understand Paris, one need to understand he is a man out of the Dark Ages. They are not called 'dark' for nothing. Paris was born in an age where life was brutal and short, where justice was the idea of something that happened a millennia ago, when the Roman Empire existed. Most people lived in misery, ignorance and filth, slaves of brutal feudal lords and priests.

Paris aspired to become a knight, the highest position a man of his birth could aspire, and eventually succeeded in the savage battlefields of the Holy Land. As a knight he wanted to bring justice to the world, which is what they were supposed to do in the stories. Unfortunately, he quickly found out most knights are just as brutal as the lords they serve.

Then he met Eobar Garrington. And for a time, Paris was a real knight. He learned to life by the knightly virtues, and he still does. His word is his life. He never lies. He lives with temperance, on spartan conditions by modern standards. He drinks in moderation. If he fails, he does penance. To strengthen his spirit, he takes vows, he goes on quests, and fasts regularly.

Courage, generosity, he still has plenty. He is charitable with children and the elderly. As long they are mutants.

Faith? He lost the faith in the Christian god in the Crusades. For a time, he thought Apocalypse was god. Magneto's cause is his god now.

Mercy? Apocalypse erased that part of him. It is slow at returning.

And despite Eobar's teachings, he is a man of his time. He believes most people are suitable only as subjects. Ruled by their betters: nobles and kings. Modern democracy is a ridiculous idea. Men are not created equal. Women are not equal to men (he admits there are a few exceptions, but never as a rule).

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Body:
When Paris was captured by Apocalypses, the ancient mutant subjected him to the Celestial enhancement he uses on his Horsemen. In his case the changes have stuck for good. It likely altered his powers, and definitely altered his body. Exodus has minor super-human strength (can life about a ton) and slightly enhanced reflexes, speed and endurance. He is very tough; very, very tough. Bullets do little to him, and he can survive and remain conscious after being punched full force by people like Rogue. Usually. He is immortal, or at least he ages so slowly than in eight centuries he has changed very little.

Exodus is an omega-class mutant telekinetic. His main power is the telekinesis, which is second to none. He can crush buildings, lift small mountains, and at the high of his might (surrounded by tens of thousands of mutants) he was able to cast an impenetrable forcefield over a large city.

Almost all the usual telekinetic tricks are in his arsenal. He can form forcefields, throw powerful force blasts, fly at supersonic speed and augment his physical strength enough to trade punches with someone like Colossus.

Although his telekinesis seems to work at the macro scale, he can, with some effort, affect the electromagnetic spectrum and create blasts of electricity and heat. He can certainly create light, and he does constantly. His body glows in the dark.

Exodus is a full spectrum telepath of considerable power. He can read minds, communicate, read memories, alter memories, even personalities, project simple illusions (like making himself 'invisible'), and project his astral form. His telepathic shields are very formidable, although likely somewhat crude compared with more experienced telepaths. His main limitation seems to be he lacks the range of telepaths of similar power. A few hundred yards for his reading/talking skills, and he must touch the targets to alter memories and personalities. Likewise, he seems unable to project his astral form very far from his body, although he can enter the Astral Plane where he is, like most telepaths, a god-like force.

Exodus, "the journeyman bridging the chasm between an ancient past and a distant, inevitable future." So sayeth the Eternal Pharaoh. Ironically, Paris sojourn into the current age was the price of his failure. But Apocalypse knew Paris would be a powerful teleporter, and he is.

He can teleport about a thousand miles with a single jump. And anything under half that is barely an effort. He can also, given a few seconds, open a large gateway in the air and allow two-way transport for large groups. He can keep the gateway open for minutes, although he needs to concentrate.

Vampire and Healer:
Paris needs mutants around to keep his powers. In fact, without any mutant nearby, he will weaken and fall into hibernation (see weaknesses). His powers as described here mean he has been living in the last day or so among something like 10 to 1,000 mutants within a few miles of him. That is the typical modern city.

If there are less, he is weaker. When he faced the Black Knight in the 12th Century he was certainly weaker than he is now. If there are many more mutants, tens of thousands at least, his powers increase. At millions of mutants around him, he becomes pretty much invincible, and he was pretty much invincible while he lived in Genosha.

He can also drain mutants of their life energies to enhance his powers. The typical mutant boosts him a fair deal if he drains the victim to the point of killing him or her. An omega-class mutant will give him enormous power for about a day. If he drains just a bit of power (maybe just to knock out the target for a minute) he gets only a slight boost, unless the mutant is an omega class, in which case his powers can easily double in raw force.

He can also use his own life force (this will exhaust him quickly) or borrowed life force to heal himself or to heal other mutants. There is a story going he can even resurrect the dead. And he can sometimes, but only as long as enough mutants are donating energy and the target has been dead only a few hours at most, and not too badly mangled.

Both the draining and healing is limited to mutants only.


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Paris was a knight of great skill. Besides being an excellent fighter with all kinds of medieval weapons (swords in particular) or his bare hands and he is an accomplished horseman. He is a passable smith, so he could repair his weapons and armor. And he knows how to take good care of a horse. After almost ten years in the medieval Holy Lands Paris was quite able to survive in very arid conditions, finding water, shelter and food in such terrain in the middle of a war.

Paris native language is medieval French. He can also speak and read slowly passable Latin and Classic Arabic. He is fully bilingual in modern English. His telepathics allows him to learn languages quickly, although he has yet to learn the trick to just 'downloading' them.


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Not Much:
As one of Magneto's lieutenants, Paris had access to considerable wealth, but he prefers to live humbly. He is spartan and keeps few belongings, caring little for money. In the ruins of Genosha, he has even less. He has some clothes, including his fancy black and purple combat outfit, with the white cloak. And a sword, although it is only for exercising. If he had the time, he would like to have a horse.


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Angry Zealot:
Paris is not an easy guy to get along. He is a medieval knight. He has a cause, and his cause is his life. He has expectations. Most people fall short of them. (Magneto didn't: he was a true king!). So, he looks always vaguely disappointed and angry. Because usually he is, and getting him into a fight is very easy.

From Another Time:
Paris has been only four years in the modern world. He has been learning, but he remains very ignorant of many things. Pop culture confuses him. He is vaguely aware cars are not magical but work consuming fuel and using heat to move, but computers vex him. A cellphone... yes, he can use it, very basically. He can read and write, but most 10 years old can read and write faster than him (his calligraphy is pretty fancy, though). Political and economic systems, well... no. They all sound stupid and absurdly complicated to him. He is not dumb, but he has a lot to learn.

In his mind, a man is a man. A woman is a woman. Men should not lie, behave with dishonor, disrespect their betters, be rude to women, or abusive to their lesser. Women should marry good men, raise children, support their spouses, and not live on their own or fight in wars. Kings rule, serfs toil and obey. The modern world is a mess!

Mutant Dependent:
Paris needs to feed of the psychic presence of mutants to sustain his powers and live. With few mutants around, his powers are significatively reduced. With no mutants around, he can go on only for about a day before slipping in a coma-like hibernation.



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The Acolytes Return April 18th, 2020 Exodus sparks some rather heated discussion in the Genoshan royal tent.


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