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Patty Verdon (Scenesys ID: 563)
Name: Patty Verdon
Superalias: Glimmer
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Retired star of stage and screen
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: College
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Happy Harbor
Apparent Age: 72 Actual Age: 72
Date of Birth 01 Apr 1948 Played By Carol Channing
Height: 5'10" Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Smile" by Nat King Cole

Character Info


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A retired legend of stage and screen who made a second career out of helping others, Glimmer is always looking for ways in which she can help improve the world.


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Timeline 1:
1948- Born to Edna and George Verdon, in the heart of a musical family in Vermont.

1964- Ran off to New York City, obtained her first role as a chorus girl in the musical "Double Time." Was discovered shortly afterwards and was tapped for a substantial role in an off-broadway play titled "Torch Song." While the play received middling reviews, she was noticed. Several off-Broadway successes follow.

1970- Officially received her big break in the Broadway musical "The Man In The Moon," playing the leading role of Ada Lee, the lady astronomer. Her distinctive looks, unique voice, dacing skills and comedic timing make her an extremely hot commodity. She appears in television as a guest cameo, but also hosts her own variety specials throughout the seventies. She creates another memorable role in the eccentric millionaire Adele in the musical film "The Truth About Songbirds." She appears in several more movies, mostly comedies, throughout the end of the decade.

1980- Takes time off from Broadway stardom to start a family. Marries her agent Carl Sandler. By the 90s, they have divorced. Her son, Tatum, would grow up to become a journalist. During this time she also completes her education and earns her bachelor in arts.

Timeline 2:
1990- Attempts a return to the stage, but finds that times have changed. Her vaudeville-oriented, larger-than-life level of stardom is seen as belonging to an older generation. Broadway makes a shift to more naturalistic, modernistic acting. She goes back into semi-retirement, taking cameo roles in TV shows but not much else.

April 1990- While walking at the beach at night, she spots a falling star. This celestial object was, in fact, the Wanderstar: an ancient relic from a lost alien civilization, sent wandering into the depths of space after the destruction of its last storage place. The Wanderstar impacts Patty and merges with her, imbuing her with cosmic powers.

1991- After a year of testing her powers, Patty makes her debut as Glimmer, inspired by the Fantastic Four. She does not take on a secret identity, embracing the public life of her superhero. Her career receives a sudden revival from the death and receives multiple TV, movie and stage appearance offers, but she chooses her projects carefully, takes in enough to keep a good retirement, and donates the rest to charitable causes.

1998- Patty uses proceeds from her multiple appearances to fund the Starbright Initiative, an endowment that supports arts in education and arts scholarships for children facing economic hardship. At 50, she becomes a public figure challenging pre-conceptions about age and older women. She uses her superhero image to promote literacy and arts programs, something that will become synonymous with the rest of her career.

Timeline 3:
2005-The Starbright initiative oopens its first shelter home for homeless youth in New Jersey, focusing on LGBTQ+ youth, but also those who exhibit unusual abilities and are turned from their homes for it. It does not have the resources to provide any training or counseling at that level, but it does provide a good number of youths with a stable environment and the resources to attempt to start a life of their own. Two more houses open in Los Angeles and Denver.

2012- Takes part in the fight against the global invasion and performs with distinction. After the invasion she begins to slow down her appearances publicly and turns her attention to teaching. She is invited on multiple master-class tours at colleges and universities for performing arts faculties. At the end of the year she announces she is officially retiring from hero work to turn her attention to what has always been her passion: the arts and education.

2017- Glimmer comes out of retirement to aid in the fight with Doomsday. During the initial fight, she is seen super-charging her powers. The resulting explosion did not harm Doomsday, but left no trace of Glimmer. She is presumed dead alongside the other heroes that perished on that day. The lights on Broadway are dimmed for her. Her son Tatum inherits her estate and announces that the Starbright Initiative will continue.

2018- Glimmer re-appears, seemingly manifesting out of a bright, shining light in the middle of Time Square a month after Loki's attack on NY . She has no memory of where she has been and is puzzled a that she is not fighting Doomsday. Her return is widely publicized, but she firmly states that she will return to retirement. Privately, she is disquieted by what her powers are doing and consults with experts on the field. The results of these inquiries convince her to return to the lecture circuit, but keep any superheroing to the minimum. Though she lets it be known among a small and select group of the powered community that she might consider mentoring younger heroes, should the opportunity arise.

IC Journal

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A Cockeyed Optimist:
Patty is definitely an optimist- and, at times, she may also be a little bit too close to crossing the line into being rather naive. There's a determined drive to want to believe the best in people-- if someone betrays her, the shock is quite genuine, as is her anger- which is seldom shown, but which can be quite intense when provoked.

Move On:
Patty is one of those people who may face tragedies in their lives, but who has an internal resilience that allows her to survive, no matter what may come. She will look at the bright side of just about anything, and find hope for a better tomorrow.

No One Is Alone:
Patty has a large heart and is always one to be solidaric- she can't stand to see a soul in pain or undergoing tribulations without doing something, if it's in her power to do so.

Woman Who Arranges Things:
Patty has a tendency to want to help people- and sometimes this leads her to unintentionally stepping over boundaries in her earnestness to do what she can to help. While she is not indiscreet and will not blurt out, say, your secret crush, you might find that she has done quite a bit of work to ensure that you are invited to quite a few events in which the two of you are present.

Character Sheet


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Nova Blast:
Channeling the cosmic energy within her, Glimmer is capable of producing a broad, continuous blast of cosmic radiation that can cause massive damage to organic and inorganic matter alike. Glimmer needs to be stationary to produce this, and it takes a few seconds to build up. Nowadays Glimmer can use the beam once a day and for no more than ten seconds without incurring the risk of a Supercharge.

Glimmer can generate a force field to protect herself and others from damage. It is extremely durable and can expand up to thirty feet without losing integrity, but quickly begins to dissipate if pushed beyond that. The field is effective against physical attacks, but they degrade its structure, though it can regenerate if it is impacted by energy attacks, as the field absorbs them almost completely. She is unable to emit cosmic beams while using the Starshield.

Tractor Beam:
Glimmer's primary and most often-used power, she produces a shimmering beam of light. This tractor beam can be used to 'punch' or push enemies away, manipulate objects, or even propel herself in flight (though at a speed below the supersonic barrier). The tractor beam can easily handle up to 50 tons. It could conceivably handle more, but that could casue her to Supercharge

Zodiacal Light:
Glimmer constantly produces a faint, diffuse white-blue glow that emanates from her very being- a byproduct of her fusion with the Wanderstar. While she can dim this light, it can never truly go away. She can incease its intesnity, however, up to an including a bright glare that can be temporarily blinding if looked at directly without protective eyewear.


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Patty is a veteran of the stage and screen. Although she started off green, her natural talent and her decades of experience have made of Patty a veritable legend. If she needs to play a part- she'll play it, and she'll be extremely convincing.

Expertise with stage make-up, prosthetics, and the ability to truly inhabit a character make Patty quite good at disguising herself. However, due to the fact that she has such a distinctive appearance, there is only so much she can do.

Public Speaking:
Patty is quite adept at public speaking and can speak both extemporaneously and with some preparation. Although at times she can be too anecdotal and stream-of-consciousness, she has the spark that makes for a captivating public speaker.


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Hey Look Me Over:
Patty is a legend of the stage. Although her career has had ups and downs, she is recognizable wherever she goes and decidedly one-of-a-kind. Her celebrity status allows her connections in the artistic and business worlds, as well as the ability to command a public platform.

I Don't Mean Rhinestones:
While a kiss on the hand may be more continental, financial security is a girl's best friend. Patty has a comfortable fortune derived from her years on Broadway, television and movies. While a good amount of her personal fortune is channeled towards the Starbright Initiative, she keeps enough of it to herself that she can live a comfortable life.

People Who Need People:
The Starbright Initiative foundation is Patty's brainchild. Through it, she is capable of championing issues dear to her heart, but it also allows her access to a well-stocked network of volunteers, organizers, media managers and contacts capable of planning, operating and executing campaigns, fundraisers and long-term projects aligned with the goals of the foundation.

The World Will Know:
While many celebrities enjoy certain relationships with newspaper people and other news agencies for a quid-pro-quo on exclusives, Patty has an extra ace up her sleeve in the form of her son Tatum, who is now a respected freelance journalist. Through Tatum, Patty has the opportunity to have a direct outlet, and an ability to reach out to many of his professional colleagues.


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The Wanderstone has been part of Patty for thirty years now. Since the battle with Doomsday, when she pushed herself to a point she had never done so before, Patty has noticed something very strange- there are times in the day when she becomes almost immaterial. These moments are random, and of a very brief duration, but they have made her ask questions and consult in confidence with her science-oriented friends in the superhero world.

The pervasive theory among them is that the Wanderstar is triggering an evolution in Patty, and that she experienced a glimpse of it during her battle with Doomsday. During the year she was gone, they theorize, Patty may have actually become one with some type of cosmic existence- but because her transformation wasn't complete, she was not able to maintain the union, and thus reverted back to her physical shape- her inability to remember the intervening time is most likely due to her physical brain being unable to grasp that kind of existence. The episodes of noncorporeal existence might well be the Wanderstar beginning to prepare Patty for an inevitable one-way trip. The theory goes that the Waytar may have actually been an item of religious or philosophical importance to the enigmatic alien culture, with the chosen bearers of it learning to master its abilities in order to ascend to whatever elevated state of super-existence they believed in. Once Ascension was complete, the bearer would dissolve into the cosmic existence, leaving the Wanderstar behind for a new bearer.

None of this is reassuring for Patty. Every time she supercharges she risks another vanishing episode, which could last anywhere from days to months. And with each one, the transformation is one step closer to completion until, one day, nothing is left but the glittering Wanderstar.

Public Identity:
Patty is a celebrity, and she also does not hide her heroic identity behind a mask or a secret identity. As such, she suffers from all of the vulnerabilities and inconveniences associated with those who do not hide who they are.

In the past, when a situation called for an 'oomph' in power levels, Glimmer could easily unleash the power of the Wanderstar within her and supercharge her powers to perform amazing feats. Now, those days are far behind her- indeed, any time she Supercharges, she risks another episode of Ascension. Glimmer has to keep a very tight lid on how far she is willing to push her powers, because the next time might truly be the last time.



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Glimmer In House August 20th, 2020 Batgirl shows Glimmer around the Bird's Nest and talks about the young heroine's she wants some help training and providing alternative approaches to.
The One And Only Birds Of Prey June 28th, 2020 No description
Let's Make A Scene April 30th, 2020 No description
Opening a Window of Opportunity April 2nd, 2020 There's no such thing as bad press. Terry gets to point Lois at a story, Lois gets a story, and Nick gets publicity. Everyone wins!
I Used to be a Gangster, but I Took an Arrow in the Knee March 25th, 2020 Colette and Terry go to visit another, friendlier gangster. Everything would have been fine if some Russian gangsters hadn't turned up. Kate turns up too, to the gangster's chagrin. Kate gets a new nickname, and a suggestion she visits Titans Tower.


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Patty Verdon has 5 finished logs.

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