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  Pete Wisdom  
Pete Wisdom (Scenesys ID: 1342)
Name: Peter Paul Wisdom
Superalias: None
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Paranormal Intelligence
Citizenship: British
Residence: Mobile
Education: Masters in Crimonolgy
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 08 Feb 1990 Played By Charlie Carrick
Height: 5'9" Weight: 158 lbs.
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "Exo-Politics" by Muse

Character Info


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Pete Wisdom is a fairly infamous member of the British Intelligence Agency who focuses on paranormal investigation. He recently uncovered a plot by his former agency, Black Air, to raise a demon beneath the streets of London. While he was heralded a hero for his actions, he did find himself without a job. He was eventually named the director of a new department investigating extraordinary claims, MI-13. He is also the sole agent in his department.


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* 1990: Peter Paul Wisdom is born in London to Ava Wisdom. His father, Harold Wisdom, is a Scotland Yard detective.
* 1993: Pete's sister, Romany, was born.
* 2003: Pete's mutant ability to create semi-solid projections of solar energy that vaguely resemble knives first manifests; he keeps this a closely guarded secret from his friends and family.
* 2004: Peter, in an act of rebellion to keep his family at arm's length and protect his secret, starts running around in the punk and hardcore scenes in London. Takes up smoking.
* 2007: Pete's mother is murdered by a serial killer; Pete is devestated, blames himself, and dedicates himself to joining law enforcement like his father.
* 2013: Peter graduates from Cambridge with a masters in criminology. Despite receiving high marks in school, he garners an infamous reputation for having an abrasive personality. Due to word getting around about his being "difficult", he is passed over by most prestigious law enforcement agencies. He is eventually recruited into the paranormal black-ops organization, Black Air.
* 2017: Wisdom quickly proves himself an effective, if often unorthodox, agent. He rises within the ranks of Black Air to be regular attache communication for outside organizations, both in the world of government intelligence and paranormal circles. This serves the dual purpose of giving Black Air an arm to the rest of the world...and a reason to keep Pete at arm's lengths from Black Air's true intentions.
* 2018: Wisdom begins to suspect that Black Air's aims aren't exactly benevolent, specifically in their goal to resurrect an ancient demon from beneath the streets of London. Wisdom thwarted this plan, in the process exposing corruption within Black Air's core heirarchy. Wisdom was named a hero by the British government and Black Air was disbanded
* 2019: Despite saving London from a demon invasion, Wisdom bounces between departments for several months due to "not gelling" with various intelligence cultures. Wisdom eventually pitches a new version of paranormal intelligence, named MI-13. When asked to name an inaugural director, he mostly just grins.
* 2020: MI-13 is in the process of establishing itself as a new branch of the British Intellligence service. Rumors of Black Air reforming as a private-sector organization keep coming across Wisdom's desk, but he spends most of his time convincing people that his organization is in fact real and not a joke. The project has had mixed success.

IC Journal

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Pete has never been one to be especially skilled at not voicing his opinion on just about everything. He isn't intimidated by authority or power, or pretty much anything else for that matter. He doesn't have a habit of holding back or not doing what he thinks is the right thing to do...or at the very least, the interesting thing. This habit of speaking his mind, regardless of the situation, hasn't exactly ingratiated him with the larger intelligence community; in fact he's seen as a bit of a pariah, if an affective one. Still, he would rather be known as that "little so-and-so" than to be a bootlicker, and so he sticks to his convictions, tells the truth and worries about who he might put out much later. If ever.

The world is full of secrets, and Pete isn't afraid to dig them up. After all, that's a bit of his job, now isn't it? To seek out the dangers lurking around in the dark corners of this world and beyond and make sure they get drug out into the light? He doesn't like being left out of information, not does he take kindly to not being the most informed person in the room. His objective is to know what there is to know, and then be the one to determine who precisely needs to know what.

In many ways, Pete's entire career as an intelligence officer is due to the experience he had when he was 17 of losing his mother to a deranged serial killer. While he doesn't necessarily confront the reality of it day-to-day, a deep-seeded sense of survivor's guilt is quite present in his sub-concious thought. To this end, he works hard to protect others, specifically the innocent and the people he cares about. He doesn't want anyone else he cares about to be hurt ever again, and will do whatever it takes to protect them. Not that he says that out right; have to keep the veneer of a hardened secret agent afterall.

Turns out when your job is to explore the strange and unexplainable phenomenon of the world, you become a bit jaded about the assumed way the world works. Pete's outlook often lingers in the nihilistic territory, assuming the worst and hoping to be surprised when he's wrong. He is always quick to rain on anyone's parade, unafraid of coming off as a jerk because, quite frankly, he's often not wrong.

Character Sheet


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Hot Knives:
Due to his mutant ability, Pete's body operates as a thermal battery that absorbs and stores ambient heat and solar energy. This heat can then be converted into what appear to be blades, typically around a foot long. The blades themselves are semi-solid, though making contact with surfaces that aren't his skin causes them to burn away quickly. The knives can either be thrown, up to 20 yards with fair accuracy, or stay attached to Pete's fingers like claws. The knives are extraordinarily hot, having once been described as having a tempature "just south of the sun" and can cause lethal burning damage on contact with human skin, and are capable of melt all but the most durable metal surfaces.

Hot Shields:
In addition to creating his knives, Pete is able to create a thin layer of solar shielding around his body. The shielding has the benefit of A) burning projectiles before they can reach him, B) slowing his descent if falling and C) providing warmth if he in dangerously cold environments. The shieldings have to be manually summoned and don't appear on reflex; if someone shot Pete in the back, assuming he didn't see it coming, he wouldn't be able to burn them from entry. His hot shields can be maintained for up to an hour consistently without needing to recharge.


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Pete is quite a shot, especially with standard-issues sidearms. He is proficient in most balistic forms of weaponary, from pistols to assault rifles, and is a quick study for strange weaponary he might run across.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
To be blunt, Pete prefers to rely on his sidearms or mutant abilities. But as a professional intelligence agent, he has to be verse in various forms of martial arts in case he ever has to be in a scuffle. He favors a mixture of boxing and karate to create decisive and effective strikes to end a brawl quickly.

Pete formally studied crimonology, and then entered into the intelligence field directly after graduating. He is able to collect information, draw rational if evasive conclusions about what likely occurred and find ways to prove his conclusions. He is also able to interrogate individuals successfully to pull out vital information for narrowing down his current investigation.

Pete is able to speak English, Welsh, Russian and Spanish fluently. He is also somewhat familiar with basic communication in the languages of various fae-folk he has encountered on the job.

It might be surprising given his often bristly personality, but in situations where Pete has been given any form of command, he has shown he is capable leader. This is due to his being an excellent judge of people's strengths and weaknesses, but also in quickly assessing a situation and reacting accordingly.

Pete never considered himself much of a believer in...much of anything, really. But when he found the only work he could get was working for an intelligence organization responsible for investigating "extraordinary claims", he became a quick study. He primarily focuses on trans-dimension and extra-terrerstial activity, concerning himself with potential invasions from the "outside". While he is himself not much of an actual practictioner of the occult arts, he is able to track down the people who can assist him in such work.


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A newly formed department responsible for investigating "extraordinary claims" to replace the recently disbanded Black Air, Pete is the director of the British SIS divison MI-13. He is also the sole member of MI-13 thus far. It is not an exceptionally well funded organization, but generally speaking it can get Pete what he wants in a timely fashion. And if it can't get it for him, it will get him in contact with other organizations that can. Pete is actively looking to recruit agents to work for him at this time.


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Pete Wisdom has developed a nictone addiction that he feeds through smoking cigarettes, averaging about a pack a day due to constant chain smoking. He is less affective if his smoking habit is broken, and it's only a matter of time before it will lead to additonal health concerns.

Pete Wisdom has never learned how to drive any sort of vehicle. While this doesn't typically affect his day-to-day operations, it does create for awkward situations when a high-speed chase is required.

Pete Wisdom is the kind of man who is quick to gain enemies, due to meddling with forces that don't take kindly to be meddled with. Predominant amongst these are the forces of the hell dimension Limbo, and the remaining members of Black Air, his former employer whom he directly led to the disbanding of.

Wisdom comes with a bit of a reputaiton; whether it is necessarily unfair is a matter of opinion. Specifically, Pete is known to poke his nose where it doesn't belong, to harass others until he gets what he wants and generally being a bit of an ass. Within the intelligence world, he isn't afraid to make himself a hassle as it is sometimes the swiftest way to get what he wants. But it also means that calling in chips costs him more on average than it would other agents.

Wisdom sometimes acts before he thinks, jumping into action impuslively rather than cautiously. This hasn't killed him yet, but there have been a few close calls. Especially when he is dealing with forces that he doesn't...exactly understand? The results can be dangerous for himself and others.



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