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Heroes Assemble encourages active participation from our player base not just with staff plots, but with player-run plots (PRPs). Plots that have minimal impact to your character or allies may be run with little consultation ahead of time.

Simple plots do not require pre-approval, though dropping us a +request/event to let us know what happened is appreciated.

We do require pre-approval for plots that meet the following descriptors:

  • Numerous fatalities, or fatalities among famous NPC personalities.
  • Significant and permanent destruction of a grid location.
  • Major assets or changes to a character sheet, such as a major artifact or new powers.
  • Changing a canon NPC in a major or permanent way, such as killing. Sending them to jail is fine.

If your plot is going to be more than just a few scenes, it may also be listed on +plot! An entry on this listing means you can link the scenes as you go, and give others more information about your ongoing story. Again, drop us a +request so we can set you up with the code.