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Pol Hevonen (Scenesys ID: 2745)
Name: Pol Hevonen
Superalias: Myth
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Magi
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Residence: NYC
Education: Hunter College CUNY (current)
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 04 Jul 2002 Played By CGI
Height: 6'10" Weight: 307 lb
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Pol Hevonen, Boy Genius, Unreasonably Giant Kid, and Magical Anomaly, known for being a borderline monster nearly 7 feet tall and built, for being ridiculously smart, having started college at 16, and for being kidnapped a bit too often. At least he's not one of those super-freaky types.


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2000/4/1: Mystical drug cult 'The Awakened', pranked by mischief spirits, drunkenly prophesy end of world unless they Create The Guardians with the "Librum Atramentum" -- a book of tattoo rituals. (This cult is not from canon.)
2002/07/04: Pol Doe, born in cult commune, to parents unknown.
2003/06/21: Solstice ritual marks seven toddlers with magical tattoos to turn them into The Guardians. Ineffective, but Pol and James have magical potential and theirs take effect.
2003/06/30: After years of ritual intoxication, five sober cult leaders find that the "Librum" is garbage and their prophecy is drunk. Knowing they'd be magical outcasts and family laughing stocks if discovered, they embezzle commune funds and abandoned the children to underage babysitters. CPS places Pol in foster care while James Doe is placed with actual relatives.
2005/04/13: Adam and Grace Hevonen adopt Pol, giving him their last name. He thrives on their farm, an extended family operation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
2005/07/04: Pol is 4. The mark of Gemini shows on his skin as tiny bits of color in a part of his full-body vitiligo freckle-spot pattern. He starts talking to his "invisible friend", his chimeral twin brother Cas.
2006/09/03: Pol starts attending classes at Hevonen Farm School, starting a year early.
2011/08/05: Pol is 10. Home-school no more, as part of his family moves to Sault Ste Marie. Enrolled in middle school grade 7 due by Mom Grace's insistent override of school bureaucrats. Day 2, Pol in scrap defending a smaller kid from bullies; Mom Grace (a black belt) starts a private aikido dojo to train him and a few other children and adults in the community.
2014/09/09: Pol starts high school at age 12 in 2013. Graduates HS in 2018 (HS is four years).
2015/07/04: Pol is 13. Mark of Orion shows on his skin. He starts painful annual summer growth spurts, growing an inch a week for several weeks. At age 12, is 5'3" 130 lb. At 16, 6'7" 275 lb. "Too fast growth," so he's disallowed intramural sports.
2018/06/08: Pol graduates high school, two years earlier than most teens.
2018/07/04: Pol is 17. Growth spurt is a less painful 1" to 6'8" 286.6 lbs.
Sagittarius mark shows on his skin, with no passive effect.
2018/07/15: Arriving in Brooklyn where he will stay with cousins while preparing to attend Hunter College CUNY.
2018/9-2019/5: First year at CUNY, Pol takes core classes to make sure he has his basics ready, and begins to structure a self-directed degree.
2019/07/04: Pol turns 18. Old enough to NOT drink, but can vote. Growth spurt is 1" to 6'9" 296 lbs.
2019/07/08: Short summer term spent designing and preparing accelerated degree studies. He plans to generalize in science, and specialize in pan-species medicine, with an optional focus in metahuman medicine. Lots of sports when growing pains stop, achieves black belt in aikido.
2020/07/02: Kidnapped by cultists, found six days later with amnesia, partly-healed injuries, and a realistic gauntlet-and-armor tattoo on his left hand that extends up his forearm.
'Invisible twin' Cas learns they were drugged, put thru a ritual, and fought, bashing their way out of catacombs. Mark of Scutum shows on back of left hand. Growth spurt 1" to 6'10" 307lbs.
Summer spent in self-defense training and therapy.
2020/09/20: back to school, back to pre-medicine with extra research class into myths, religions, and mystic studies (trying to figure out his magic.) Short internship completed.
2021/05/31: End of term, Pol prepares to evoke the Sagittarius mark; awaken mark of Chiron, can ask very wise Centaur what's going on with him. Unbeknownst, Sagittarius is an archer. Centaurus is Chiron. Not the same guy.

IC Journal

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Aro Ace Flag:
While it seems odd for someone with his excess of size and muscularity, Pol and Cas are both asexual and somewhat aromantic in terms of romantic and sexual attractions. The attractions that do happen are minor crushes independent of gender. They don't necessarily crush on the same person either, and they have different friends.
This disinterest does not mean they are anti-philic or misanthropic -- they are extraverts and they do want and need friends. They may also have a bit of a complex based on the breakability of other people.

Gestalt Being:
Cas and Pol were fraternal twins when conceived. While in utero, Cas' cells started to die and were absorbed into Pol's pre-fetal mass, creating what is known as a genetic chimera (one body, two sets of DNA. This is why they are heterochromatic, why they have straight yet red hair, and yet also have brown skin.)
Because of the Mark of Gemini, Cas and Pol share this singular body on a voluntary schedule. They have distinct personalities and preferences. Their dual nature is only evident to mystical senses that can see their Astral forms, and it is obvious to those who do have such senses.

Mild Superiority Complex:
Pol and Cas, always a bigger kid than those even two years older than them. Mom Grace gave them aikido lessons so they would learn how NOT to be a bully, as well as how to peacefully deal with the actual three-years-older bullies who might have been able to beat them.
(She studied the art herself. Also she slapped Pol with a shoe when he was being rude. Cas was much less likely to be rude but still got the shoe sometimes.)
But that physical superiority, and the relatively easy straight-As they got in school, meant they were and sometimes, still are prone to overestimating their ability to deal with things.

One of the side effects of being larger and stronger, Pol and Cas became overprotective, in part to NOT be seen as a bully. Of course some of the prospective bullies felt that he was bullying THEM, and while Cas was physically threatening in demeanor, Pol was vicious with sarcasm and words.
They still tend to terrify people when they think they're bullying other people.

The Party Horse:
When they assume the form of Sagittarius the Centaur Warrior, aka Saj, the transformation not only makes them effectively a single person, but it adds some of the traits of the Centaur of myth. They become more willing to fight, they become quicker to flight, they gain a deep appreciation of alcohol, and they will flirt with (and sometimes try to carry off) attractive people that pique their interest, though the transformation will break if Saj attempts anything intimate that isn't completely agreed to by both Pol and Cas. Note, Saj can dance, thinks he can sing, and plays instruments that he conjures. Beware.

Character Sheet


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Gemini - the Twins:
Cas (when an early-stage fetus) failed to develop at a key point and began to die, but the still-living cells were absorbed into Pol, resulting in a "human chimera" -- which describes a person with two sets of DNA from this kind of merger, or from a transplant.

The Mark of Gemini activated when they were four years old, and Cas became a full person, because Pol shared his body and his life.
The Mark caused them to form two astral bodies (mind and spirit) while becoming a single compound soul. They alternate control of the body on a voluntary schedule. While Pol is in control, Cas is normally astrally projected, and vice-versa. They can also communicate telepathically with each other, and they have decent-grade telepathic defenses.

In Astral form, they cannot physically interact with the material world. They CAN interact with things that are effectively astral though. While they haven't tried telepathically communicating with other people, they could probably do so with people who are willing, and could probably enter someone's dreams. This is untrained.

As a defensive measure, the twins have a bubble domain in the Astral that serves as a mostly safe haven while in that realm. They can build images and illusions that are real insofar as the Astral plane is concerned, within their bubble domain. They don't know how to make this affect the physical world; they'd be magicians if they did, although very inefficient ones.

Myth Marks:
The body shared by Pol and Cas is covered in a star-map based on historical constellations from a variety of cultures. Neither twin knows the full extent of what the freckles on their shared skin might someday reveal. Most stars are faint dots surrounded by a small area of lightened pigmentation (vitiligo). Awakened constellations are more brightly colored with the spectral signature of the star. New constellations tend to awaken on prime-numbered years, for reasons that are not well-known. Certain rituals can awaken these constellations deliberately.

Every Mark provides a unique capability for the twins. Some effects are constantly 'on' in a passive role; other uses take a deliberate effort to activate. Activating myth-marks requires the cooperation of both twins, one to manipulate the body's ki and the other to create the concepts in the Astral and attach them to their body. The time needed to activate a mark varies, and some of them cannot be used in conjunction with others.

Orion - the Hunter:
This mark activated on Pol and Cas's 13th birthday, causing them to begin growing. While their body was already gifted with relatively high but normal strength, the Orion myth and its less scorpion-flavored aspects triggered the "be a giant" effect. As a result, they started growing, and will grow to seven feet tall, by age 21, with a powerful athletic physique, and a number of physical gifts that come with it.

At incept, Pol is unaware (and Cas is aware but doesn't care) that their shared body has capabilities that are significantly more than the normal human of their stature would have.

He has gained "Giant Greek Mythic Hero" strength and durability, meaning he can overhead lift and toss 10 times his own weight and perform comparable feats of strength, and it takes more effort than normal to pierce, cut, or bruise his skin. He also has exceptional resistance to the vagaries of environmental damage, such as heat, cold, radiation, weather, pests, and so on.
He also has increased senses of smell, sight, and hearing that would let him be a superior hunter, along with a tracking sense that lets him follow the slightest clues and traces.

Sagittarius - the Archer:
Evoking the Marks of Sagittarius the Centaur Archer and Sagitta the Arrow transforms Pol and Cas' body into a full-blown centaur who stands over 8' tall and weighs more than 2500lbs. (The centaur manifests wearing gear that provides modesty.)
In this form they refer to themself as 'Saj' (pronounced with a glottal-dental sound) and demonstrate a third personality entirely, as the Centaur myth influences their behavior and binds their twin spirits into a more singular being.

Saj can lift ten tons overhead, gallop at 75mph for 90 minutes under ideal conditions, and pull upwards of 25 tons. Saj's hide is durable enough to shrug off most mortal small arms.

The transformation is not merely magical; Saj must eat and sleep, and his caloric intake nears 10x that of an adult human. Calorie-dense beer and fermented grain mash, and barbecued meats, are his preferred foods. Hay is not edible nor is silage.

Saj can conjure a mystical bow with a draw weight of over 400lbs (providing increased range) and can conjure up to three arrows into existence at a time. These are larger than the usual arrows used by human archers, and they are mystically blunted; they can penetrate inanimate material, but they cannot impale a living creature*, and living plants are considered living creatures for this purpose.
While the impact of the arrows can stun, they usually don't break bones or cause internal bleeding. Once shot, the arrows can be dispersed and re-appear in his quiver, or dismissed along with the bow.

Saj can invoke a third Myth that is the intersection of Orion and Sagittarius: the Hunter's Mark.
Once per mystical arrow, calling on this ability, he can hit a designated stationary target with pinpoint precision up to a mile away.
Hunter's Mark expends the used arrow entirely and it cannot be used again until Saj dismisses the Sagittarius myth mark and reverts to a human form.
* The exception to the no-piercing rule is that they can, while hunting for food, invoke Hunter's Mark to allow a mystical arrow to kill a targeted prey animal. It will be lethal ONLY if it strikes that animal.

Saj can also use a non-magical bow with a draw weight in the up-to-300lb range, and non-magical arrows, which are only mundane and can't be magically retrieved, and which can break in use.
Pol and Cas can also summon a (smaller) mystical bow and a single arrow, good for only a single shot. They must evoke Sagittarius and transform from human to centaur to regain the ability. They can't do Hunter's Mark and their range with this bow is up to 200 yards.

Scutum - the Shield:
Pol and Cas can invoke the semi-mythical armor of King Sobieski. This creates a skin-tight barrier around their body, and creates the appearance that their entire body has been tattooed with a glowing representation of 17th century armor, complete with a separate, glowing helm (which protects their face.) The armor is as durable as real steel, but does not encumber them. Though they are no heavier, they are more difficult to shove around. Additionally, the "shield" part is useful for bashing attacks like a regular shield would be.

The 'tattoo' markings on their body appear to flow back into their left hand when they no longer need the armor, but each time they invoke it, more 'ink' remains on the body when they release it. After the first kidnapping event, they had a tattoo 'gauntlet' that covered their left hand and reached to mid-forearm. After a few months, and regular practice, it's now a shoulder-to-hand 'sleeve.'
(While the ink is present on their body in centaur form, Saj can't invoke the armor.)


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Pol and Cas take a multidisciplinary approach to their studies. In their first year they completed the basic requirements of a rounded University education: overview courses in history, sciences, language, business, sociology, arts, religion and literature. Not an in-depth study in these areas, but they're able to intelligently discuss them without being embarrassed.

hat's on the latest shows and which gossip-magnet celebrity did what? No idea. Nobody cares.

In keeping with their goal of becoming a doctor specializing in metahuman biology, they have been studying mathematics, statistics, chemistry, anatomy, biology, and did an internship with a company that is developing functional prosthetics, though they don't expect to go deeply into that field.
(How this goal plays out over time is another thing. Getting a medical doctorate is a six to eight year process in New York State, and requires a lot of work.)

Adapted Martial Arts:
Pol and Cas have trained in aikido since they were very young. They were also rising stars in scholastic Greco-Roman wrestling. The twins prefer techniques that immobilize their opponents or turn their force back on them. They can usually neutralize a pure brawler or a drunk. Integrating their martial skills into Saj's centaur form has proven to be a challenge they are working to overcome.

Pol and Cas have experimented with quick shots, trick shots, and moving shots, like the guys on the Social Media who are trying to emulate Hawkeye and the Green Arrow. While their human-form skills are decent, and quite good when stationary, they are limited to a bow with up to 220 lb pull while human, and operate within the usual 20-65 meter effective zone as almost all human archers. (Strangely they never studied kyudo, the Japanese martial art of archery.)
They can also use a hunting rifle, and a handgun, but prefer bow-hunting to guns.

As the centaur Saj, Pol-and-Cas can do complicated moving shots, and at the greater ranges indicated under Sagittarius. In Centaur form, Saj can leverage their strength and mystical abilities to shoot at ranges impossible for normal humans. They can make accurate shots up to 300 yards and hit large targets at up to 500 yards.
If using a mundane bow, Saj still won't use piercing arrows to injure when using archery against humans. At 20-65 meter ranges, Saj can effectively do tricks like pinning shots (shooting an arrow through loose clothing and into a backdrop like a tree or wall, without doing more than scratching skin) or shooting an arrow into the open muzzle of a gun (and knows when and why not to do that.)

Hobbyist Fixit Guy:
Working on a farm, one does not choose to spend lots of money on a car, tractor, or computer and then turn around and do the same thing again in two to three years. Things need to last. Pol and Cas were taught how to repair the machinery and how to repair the electronic devices they had, though sometimes that didn't work as well as desired.
Growing to small-giant-size means they can't always reach into the tight spaces, but they can still do tiny soldering work, as long as parts and repair manuals can be obtained.

Pol and Cas can track, identify, follow, and ambush animals (and people) for short and long distances, using the habits and typical 'spoor' of the animals or people, and can use traps, ambushes, etc. He has hunted animals for food and learned to use the most effective way to kill the animals immediately to prevent them suffering. He has similar skills for freshwater fishing.

Cas can sing very well, and plays an OK but not professional guitar (though he prefers a larger instrument) while Pol cannot sing on key but can play drums and other percussion. Cas can read music, Pol is not so good at that. They have a decent baritone/bass voice. This skill set is due primarily to them wanting to be able to join friends in social situations.
(Saj should not sing nor play an instrument and why would you ask him please don't ask him. Just no.)

Natural Athletics:
Pol and Cas are a (slightly magical) natural athlete, but they train hard for their skills. Like many natural athletes, they have trained the knack of observing someone doing a physical stunt and being able to replicate it with good success.
This is not the power of "photographic reflexes," the super-ability claimed by Taskmaster.
This is simply knowing enough about how their body moves to be able to attempt to copy what someone else does. They can watch how to (e.g.) throw a basketball trick shot or do a skateboard trick, and know how they would do it, and must practice and probably fail a few, or sometimes more than a few times to pull off a complicated move.
They are able to pull off a lot of impromptu acrobatics and maneuvers with apparent ease, and can quickly learn athletic skills in human or centaur form. It still takes them time to learn though.

Organic Low-Till Farming:
Pol's adopted family raised him to work alongside them in a northern-Michigan Upper Peninsula farm, where low soil fertility and a short growing season meant they had to reduce the amount of disturbance they did to the soil while adding soil conditioning to enhance it; they also used greenhouses of various types to extend the growing seasons. As well as fruits, vegetables, and winter wheat, they raised animals: Goats and Geese, the Creatures of Evil, as well as horses and chickens.


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Pol's adoptive family provide him with a great deal of emotional and some financial support, and he keeps in touch with them on a weekly basis. They have a savings account that they created for him to help cover his costs at school. The Hevonen family in the UP took him in and gave them their name. He might have become a menace to humanity without their love and acceptance.

More Family:
Pol's extended adoptive family lives in Brooklyn and hosts him when needed, as well as having him join them for holidays when he cannot travel, and providing family members as support and resources. The Hevonens and Korhonens live in a neighborhood that their family has occupied since the late 1800s. He has three male cousins his age, an aunt and two uncles, and a great-aunt, as well as a few "family by choice" friends of the family who accept him as a giant weird Minnesota Yooper cousin.

Mysterious Donor:
Someone spotted Pol as a Person of Interest when he applied at Hunter College CUNY, and established an "extended fund" which has underwritten and guaranteed some of his scholarships. It's not clear to anyone but the Dean of his department just what the connection is, and the Dean has strict instructions not to divulge the information.
(This is a plot hook, details not yet determined. Possibly a biological grandparent.)

Pol got more than a few scholarships, but none of them for athletics because he doesn't play basketball (horrors! What a waste!) and they don't have archery or wrestling teams at Hunter College, and no he doesn't want to swim competitively, that takes far too much time.

He's got an adequate set of funds to allow him to complete his degree, if he keeps his grades up to a B average.

He even has a Fed-and-state school-supported work program which allows him to earn enough to cover books, clothing, and extra food, as well as some personal luxuries and necessities. This eats sixteen hours of time a week during the regular school year.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Pol went to a dojo in Manhattan to which his mother had given him a letter of introduction. The Sensei there (a man named Mike Smithback) tested him on his skills, verified that he was a first dan black belt, since he'd studied and tested for eight years, and allowed him to join the dojo based on his contributing the standard fees towards maintaining the dojo, and allowing him to train there if he came in at least twice a week. This was made in consideration of Pol being a college student. Normally he'd have also been expected to teach and to train more often.

They've also done two intensive summer sessions learning Bagua, the chinese martial art most similar to aikido in terms of movement, because it has attacks, and Pol and Cas sometimes want them.


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Astral Pixy Tarantulas:
While their astral bubble domain is a solid defense against most entities of that realm, the fact that the twin in the body is the one who gets to sleep means that the other is awake, and aware of what's happening around them.

At times, they are visited by things that the dream-catchers and the sage-smoke don't keep at bay, things that visit uninvited into their dreams. Once or twice a month, something gives them sufficiently disturbing dreams that they wake up shouting, with both spirits turtling into the body at the same time to keep out the Weirdness. When that happens they're shaken and irritable for hours.

Saj needs to consume nearly 10x more calories than an average man, and one of the best (traditional Centaur) ways to get them is with strong beer and fermented grain mash. This means he can and will drink between 1-3 gallons of rich beer a day, or up to three pounds of mash. His metabolism keeps him from getting too drunk. But he's still buzzed.

Until he turns 21, obtaining enough beer is a challenge. (He can ferment it himself, but it's not legal.)

He also needs to eat at least two and a half pounds of high-protein food per day: fish, eggs, or animal flesh.

Finally, he cannot make up the bulk of his extra caloric needs with added fat. His body won't process excessive amounts well and he ends up with digestive issues which are not comics-code approved.

Of course family is a weakness, in the sense that someone can find and use them as leverage. This is true for nearly everyone. Pol Hevonen just has a larger family. And a bigger temper when someone threatens his family.

Hard To Miss:
While in Centaur form, they're clearly and obviously NOT human and are subject to xenophobic and speciesist judgements that many humans irrationally hold against non-human people. They might eventually learn magic that makes this reaction go away, but for now, it's a potential issue. (In human form, they have a different set of judgement-issues and are similarly hard to overlook.)

Is Too Big:
This is true of them as a human. At closer to 7 feet tall and over 300 lbs, most human furniture is not sized to fit their frame, and lots of human interfaces aren't the right scale or height. Chairs, counters, tables, desks, toilets, all way too short.

This is even more true when he's a centaur and has to figure out how to deal with stairs and floors not designed for a 2500 pound quadruped. Their dorm room, at least until the fall, is on a third floor. (It's not as bad as one might think; places where multiple humans are expected to fit will withstand him in that form. So they're not CONSTANTLY falling through structures.)

James R. Doe:
The other magic-enabled guy taken from the commune was not raised in a good family. He's in NYC. He is likely to notice Pol.

(Elemental magic in more traditional forms, he'll be stalkery and possibly resentful. Details not known at this time. Plot hook.)

Temper Triggers:
Pol and Cas were taught peaceful fighting because when they lost their temper (and it was both of them losing it) they would act instinctively with the most effective attack/defend strategy they could use. Thought goes out the window, so they were taught reflexes that keep them in the moment - until they don't.

They know that seeing persistent bullying will bring out a fierce response, and seeing people being restrained and forced to participate in things they don't want (not always a form of bullying) will also bring the anger. In the past, someone tried to administer a roofie in their presence and experienced insta-justice. Abusing old people, and trafficking humans, are also rage triggers. Threats to family and friends and against children are a similar rage-trigger.
They trained so that most of the time, they can prevent themselves from going into the Ferocity.

Being drunk will make them more likely to respond to threats with force, and because they don't normally drink they seldom think about this.
But, Saj is usually slightly drunk and will be triggerable.

The Awakened:
The conspirators from the cult that "created" Pol and Cas, and JRD, the five primary members who absconded, have gone on to take positions of reasonable authority, wealth and power - having come from money in the first place - and they keep their identities and their big mistake a secret. Now, with the Sky Map appearing closer to home, and apparently magically activated, they are being paranoid and fractious about what to do.

Two of their number, not paralyzed by indecision or caution, have arranged twice for Pol Hevonen to be kidnapped, attempting to determine how the markings could actually have worked at all. So far they've had no success, as they cravenly try to work via intermediaries. Among the pawns at their disposal are Pol's biological parents, James R Doe, and contacts in the drug underground.

The War Horse:
When they assume the form of Sagittarius the Centaur Warrior, aka Saj, they lose some of the independence that Gemini gave them, merging into a singular person like a human and horse merge into a single centaur. Their ability to astrally project one of their paired spirits is disabled, though they keep their Astral Sight. They become more impulsive, are far more willing to fight, quicker to flight, and they will flirt with (and sometimes try to carry off) attractive people that pique their interest, though the transformation will break if Saj attempts anything intimate that isn't completely agreed to by both Pol and Cas.

Saj is also, in general, a bit more bloody minded about things, considering some consequences to be acceptable that neither brother would accept. (E.g. Injuries, etc. vs. attackers.)

Untrained Magically:
Pol-and-Cas may be a magical creature, but they're not trained in magic, at least, not yet. Their style of magic is intuitive and based in an understanding of Myth. They don't have "spells" of the kind that most magicians use, and they're just learning how to tap the mythic abilities they have been granted by the Marks. They are likely to be targeted until they learn more.
Note also that this innate magic is colorless - not aligned to good, evil, chaos, order, or any other alignment system.

Further, their dual nature is obvious to astral beings and to beings that can see into the Astral.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Probing the Boardwalk April 10th, 2022 An impromtu gathering on the boardwalk is disrupted when a glowy flesh ball with tentacles falls from the sky. It is promptly sent to Death Valley before being returned to the sky.
The Looking Glass: The Last Titan April 3rd, 2022 Look, honestly it's all very confusing. Donna isn't Donna any more and the tower is a MESS. On the other hand, there's a way into Wonderland available now.
Metroplwasn't: Debrief March 18th, 2022 The Titans and their allies meet to plan on what to do about Wonderland. And everything will go down smoothly.
Birds in the Tower December 5th, 2021 Kían's family meets more of the team, and aren't scared off.
Titans Tower: September Meal September 24th, 2021 Caitlin feeds the Titans, and she gets a nervous breakdown for her troubles (Good Job, Terry)
Mister Belvedere's Castle September 2nd, 2021 A chance encounter leads to Sif being curious about the taste of moose. Confused? You won't be, after this episode of...
Mars Bars Are Made On Earth August 1st, 2021 J'onn stops by the tower and people gather. Predictably, it all ends in pizza.
Invisible Aliens Ate My Lunch July 30th, 2021 And the alien car-nivore herd was sent to a safer world and the true meaning was the cars they ate along the way.
A Shopping Centaur July 13th, 2021 An ice cream social, an eagle hat, and a very entitled child-- it's just one more day in the day of the Titans.

Oh, and there's a centaur, and centaurs can't exist, right?

Horsing Around July 1st, 2021 Pol, Kadia and Vorpal conspire on setting a trap for the conspirators who are conspiring to kidnap and or sacrifice Pol.
Meanwhile, back at the tower. June 19th, 2021 No description
Ghosts Aren't Real -- right June 15th, 2021 The Titans take in a horseman mostly so they can pun themselves hoarse.


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