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Punchline (Scenesys ID: 1604)
Name: Alexis
Superalias: Punchline
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Criminal
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham City, NJ
Education: College Dropout
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 09 Jun 2000 Played By
Height: 5'9" Weight: 130 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Blue-Green
Twitter: @imthepunchline
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Once an intelligent but disaffected college student eager to rage at the hypocrisies of the modern world, she used what she'd learned in chemistry class to brew a batch of Joker Venom and murder her Dean. Now an enforcer and underboss for the notorious Joker Gang, Punchline is a new villain running loose on the streets of Gotham, as well as a provocative online presence where she frequently posts pictures of her crimes and urges her followers to lash out against the system.


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* 2000: Born in Suburban NJ to middle class family.
* 2018: Admitted to Snyder College pre-med program. Excels in Chemistry.
* 2019: Begins online correspondence with fringe groups and comes in contact with the Joker.
* 2020: School hosts 'Dress Like Your Hero Day' after a Joker Gas attack in nearby Gotham, encouraging students to dress as their hero idols. Alexis is confronted by the Dean after appearing in a Joker t-shirt. She murders him with a Joker Toxin cigarette and leaves his body in her roomate's bed. Disappearing shortly after, 'Punchline' soon appears alongside the Joker or leading his gang in several Gotham robberies and attacks.

IC Journal

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Whether purely a product of mental illness or something developed in reaction to the world she believes she lives in, Punchline lacks any sort of moral compass and rejects the various constructs of modern society as meaningless, the rules of a fundamentally broken system. In such a state of affairs, prescriptive judgement has no weight. While she has beliefs and purpose, even a desire to cause change in the world, the harm she may cause others along the way is of no consequence.

For all her misguised rage toward the world, Punchline is far from fragile or lacking in confidence. Indeed, it is an excess of self-esteem that drives her worst behaviors and immunizes her from moral criticism, an unshakable belief in herself, the rightness of her ideas and choices, and in the message that she's chosen to adopt. While she'd reject the label of a zealot and mock religious conviction, there's something like faith in her behavior. The problem is that she defines her beliefs in the negative or antithesis. Is there such a thing as a zealous nihilist? She may come close.

In many ways, Punchline is the worst outcome of of all the stereotypes of the modern generation. She was given everything- a happy home life and good education -yet still feels the world owes her more, and takes the gap between expectation and reality as the very worst kind of insult or oppression. While some of her frustrations have basis in fact, as expressed in the activism of her peers, her perspective is totally skewed, driving her to seek not the betterment of others, but her own profit at the cost of the 'system'... and anyone who happens to be in her way.

Character Sheet


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Toxic Tolerance:
Through continued, low-grade exposure during her own experiments, increased slowly over time, Punchline has been able to gradually inure herself to the poisons she uses, to the point where she is unaffected by collateral exposure. This could represent a broader resistance, although it is something she's yet to test.


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While not a master combatant, a combination of basic athletic ability and natural, unrestrained viciousness has made her into a promising student under the Joker's instruction. She favors a variety of knives and other blades, often using them in pairs close up or happily throwing them with deadly purpose.

Punchline isn't funny. And where she rejects this expectation, what's left is quite frightening. With her aura of utterly amoral disregard for others, it's not difficult for her to convince people that she is quite willing to do terrible things to them, and thereby get the results she wants without the work.

Alexis was a top pre-med student who excelled in her coursework, particularly Chemistry, choosing a toxicology track for her 'future career.' She began studying outside of her formal coursework, obtaining various illegal formulas from sites on the dark web used by drug dealers and wannabe terrorists. Able to synthesize Joker Venom from chemicals at the school lab, she's highly talented, and could readily develop and prepare a variety of other chemical compounds, whether gases or contact agents, paralytics, hallucinogens or lethal poisons, or even acids or similarly more destructive chemicals.


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Antisocial Media:
When she posted a picture of her very first victim to social media, Punchline became an instant celebrity, attracting a following that was representative of the very worst of what the internet has done to society. From simple trolls to self-styled anarchist revolutionaries and the extreme lunatic fringe, she gained popularity among a bizarre variety of disaffected youth that increasingly inhabit online spaces. While the majority are harmless basement dwellers, a few may be the real deal, or just normal people close enough to the edge that they only need one more little push. Punchline revels in this virtual infamy, and is happy to make use of her followers as information sources... or worse.

Joker Gang:
Punchline serves as an underboss and personal enforcer within the Joker's criminal organization. This authority gives her access to a wide variety of criminal resources, from mooks and thugs to weapons, vehicles, hideouts, and so on.

She generally carries some form of Joker Venom, although the exact formula, its effects and delivery system may vary in accordance with her needs or whims. She does favor stealthier delivery systems, compared to the Joker's more slapstick approach, such as poisoned cigarettes or lipstick, and has no moral concern about poisoning her weapons directly if it suits her needs. She may also carry antidotes, if she thinks that form of leverage might be useful.

Sharp Things:
Her fondness for knives and bladed weapons means she carries -lots- of them. Not just her main knives and suitable backups, but a variety of smaller blades that she conceals on her person at nearly all times, including in her jewelry and hair ornaments.

The Boss:
He taught her a lot of fun things, put her in charge of some thugs, and hasn't tried to kill her yet!


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It should go without saying, but one doesn't end up in her position as a result of a sound state of mind. There's precedent, as Joker sidekicks go, and she's not even unaware of the fact. While Punchline would readily mock her predecessor for her obsession and codependence, she's obviosuly oblivious to the catalogue of issues that have brought her to a similar position. The diagnostic options are a grab-bag, with various flavors of sociopathy high on the list. And while her variety of mental illness doesn't yield a lot of teary-eyed breakdowns, it nonetheless leaves her exploitable by people who are familiar with fighting crazy. Gee, who might that be?

Newbie Criminal:
Compared to many Gotham vets and holders of seasonal Arkham vacation passes, Punchline is a new face. While she's arrived with what seems like a deadly mandate, she has to contend with both entrenched influences and the law enforcement spotlight her appearance is sure to bring.

The Boss:
There's a first time for everything.



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Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.


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