RP Etiquette

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Seeking RP: If you want to look for RP from the general player base on the game we ask that you use the RP Channel to make a request or offer for RP. There may be others who are also wanting to RP but not yet involved in something, and the RP Channel offers a good means of getting in contact with them.

Otherwise, if you want to RP with a certain individual(s), it's far more polite to take the request to pages to ensure that they receive the request directly without cluttering up the channels with chatter, or causing confusion as to whom you were asking for RP.

Joining Scenes Already In Progress: The general rule of thumb is to always page and ask the players if it's okay to join the scene even if it's in a public location on the grid. The answer may be no. It may be yes. Just walking in and trying to join without knowing what is going on is considered rude, and can be disruptive to the flow of RP.

If you join a scene that had already started it's a good idea to ask the other players for an explanation of what is already going on. They can give a general OOC overview, or they may pose with explanations to give your character a good idea of what it is they're walking in on. Either way is acceptable, and it's polite to offer the same courtesy to others joining any scenes that you may be in as well. Communication is the key here to ensure that it's fun for everyone involved.

Turn Based Posing: When in a scene it's typical to follow a pose order to allow for every individual in the scene the chance to add in the reactions/actions of their character. This is basically taking turns, and waiting your turn, to pose. It starts with the person opening the scene, then player A, player B, and so on. Once everyone has posed it is considered the end of the pose round and will start again with the first person that had posed.

Though this is common practice, if you feel that there is something your character would say or do before another could react, it's courteous to ask the group OOCly if you can jump pose order. When this happens, it's still standard to go back to the pose order that was established prior when the next pose round begins.

3 Pose Round (3PR): When in a scene consisting of 5 or more people, the 3PR rule is put into effect to ensure that there isn?t too long of a wait between poses from players. 3PR, or Three Pose Round, refers to allowing at least 3 poses from other players between your own poses.

Though it's safe to assume this is the rule being followed when in a large scene it's always best to confirm that this is the case at the start of the scene, or when joining into the scene. This is especially important to check with the group about if your addition to the scene brings the number of players up to 5. Always go with what the overall group decides in this case.