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As of right now, there are some restricted character concepts, as follows:

* Space. In Space, nobody can hear you scream ...
               Probably because you'd be alone. And we don't want that for you. Currently, all Space oriented characters are not open for application. This involves any character that primarily is out in space somewhere, and has little reason to be on earth. This includes villains that are coming to conquer it: if this isn't their usual hangout, they are currently restricted from application (but may be used for plot).
* Reality Warping powers. Powers and abilities that can change reality, such as turning a bridge into a starship, are out.
* Casual Time Travel powers. If you can casually just hop to another timeline, this is out. All time travel currently must be attached to a plot or a backstory: if you time-traveled in your backstory, you cannot currently do it now at whim.
* Multi-verse travel. You may travel to other multi-verses but cannot bring back extra resources or NPCs without plot permission.

Items related to character age or theme are here: +news Character Policies

Additional items related to Original characters can be found here: +news Original Character