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Rick Tyler (Scenesys ID: 960)
Name: Rick Tyler
Superalias: Hourman
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Scientist, CEO, Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Metropolis
Education: B.A., Chemistry
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 07 Jun 1989 Played By Alden Ehrenreich
Height: 5'9" Weight: 170 lb
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: 'Sixty Minute Man', Billy Ward & the Dominoes. Runner-up: 'I Want a New Drug', Huey Lewis & The News

Character Info


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Owner and CEO of TylerCo Chemicals, Rick Tyler inherited the business from his father, the company's founder, though has maintained TylerCo's reputation as a leading developer of innovative pharmacueticals. Secretly, Rick has also carried on another aspect of his father's life - the heroic identity of Hourman, The Man of the Hour.


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* 1989: Born to Rex Tyler and Wendi Harris. Grew up not knowing either parent well, owing to their busy schedules and successful lives.
* 2001: During 9-11 attacks, learns of his father's superheroic identity. Becomes resentful about it.
* 2007: Graduates high school. Takes a year off to tour Europe and 'find himself'.
* 2008: Returns to United States. Begins study at MIT.
* 2012: After graduating from MIT with honors, is present during the 'Invasion' and uses one of his father's Miraclo pills to help fight the Alliance.
* 2013: Begins adventuring full-time as the new Hourman.
* 2014-2016: Battles addiction to Miraclo, ultimately retiring from heroing to take over TylerCo Chemicals.
* 2017: Mourns the apparent death of his father.
* 2018: Attempted return to heroing stopped by diagnosis of rare and debilitating Miraclo-induced cancer. Revises Miraclo formula while hospitalized.
* 2019: Cured of cancer by strange android from the future.
* 2020: Begins adventuring again as Hourman with new costume and improved Miraclo formula.

IC Journal

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Despite - or perhaps because of - the tribulations of his life and his prolonged brush with death, Rick is an easy-going sort that is hard to rattle. He takes things as they come, with a relaxed and straight-forward point of view about the world and any troubles that may occur. This isn't to say that he is fool-hardy or heedless of danger; he reacts appropriately to danger and is necessarily urgent when the situation calls for it. Rather, in every-day life and in most situations, he's calm and even-keeled, able to simply 'go with the flow'.

Rick is an out-going and friendly sort, never one to stand by the sidelines or be a wall-flower. He's eager to meet new people, make new friends, and is unafraid in most social situations. Always ready with a friendly smile and willing to give new people he meets the benefit of the doubt, Rick is quite simply a well-meaning people-person.

Owing to both his own prolonged brush with death while hospitalized from cancer, as well as the fate of his father, Rick is only too aware of the fragility of the mortal existence. He knows that both he and the ones that he loves are not immortal - far from it - and that knowledge gives him a perspective that is at once both somber as well as eager to make the most out of life and the experiences that comes with it. He does his best to treasure the little things while maintaining positive connections and relationships with those whome he cares for, because one never knows what the future might hold.

Through the years, Rick has grown into a man who appreciates the weight of responsibility, possessing the knowledge that no man is an island and that everyone has ties to the world around him that he is beholden to. For Rick, that not only means the responsibility to carry on the family business, TylerCo Chemicals, but also the responsibilty to use the abilities of Miraclo - and more specifically, Hourman - for the greater good, rather than shying away from them. There was a time that he wanted to do little more than become a free-lance artist, beholden to no-one, but he now understands that he has a much greater responsibility to his father's legacy, to those less able and fortunate, and most importanly, to himself.

Whether it's roller coasters, scary movies, or - most importantly - being a super-hero, Rick enjoys a good surge of adrenaline and the rush of energy that goes with it. This isn't to say that he actively seeks out life-threatening or overly dangerous situations, as he in fact is only too aware of his own mortality, especially when his Hour of Power is up. But he nonetheless does enjoy more controlled activities that duplicate that kind of sensation, or being in situations - like adventuring as Hourman - where he himself is in some modicum of control. When faced with the option to try something new versus going with the known, Rick will usually opt for the new experience every time, always looking for novel experiences and the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

Character Sheet


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Hour of Power:
When the potent chemical known as 'Miraclo' is introduced into his bloodstream, Rick Tyler's body undergoes a pronounced physical enhancement which lasts for sixty minutes, known as his 'Hour of Power'. While within the Hour of Power, Rick has abilities that are enhanced to some twenty times human maximum and include Super-Strength (able to perform such feats as lifting loaded semi trucks, punching through reinforced steel, or throwing cars about with ease), Super-Agility (allowing him to complete complicated gymastic feats and maintain his balance in even the most turbulent of situations), Super-Durability (giving him invlunerability to hand-held weapons used with normal force, as well as limited resistance against gunfire and energy weapons), Super-Speed (while not nearly as fast as the Speed Force, still able to run at speeds in excess of 250 mph), Super-Stamina (which grants him the ability to exert himself at full capacity without tiring for the duration of the Hour), Enhanced Senses (Including the ability to see both Ultra-Violet and Infra-red spectrums, as well as greatly enhanced hearing, smell and taste), and Water-Breathing (allowing him to process oxygen directly from water without the need to surface).

Rick Tyler has an unpredictable and uncontrolled limited form of precognition, imbued upon him by the Hourman android which came from the future. At random times, Rick will receive precognitive flashes of a distrubing, alarming or calamatious event precisely one hour before it happens. Rick is not able to control these precognitive flashes and only recieves the most basic information and images within them ('There's going to be a horrible fire in downtown Gotham!' or 'A giant octopus is going to eat the Statue of Liberty!') and does not receive any special information regarding how to avert, stop or otherwise counterract the event, other than just showing up on or before the hour mark and hoping for the best.

Also give to him by the android Hourman from the future, Rick is able to visit a static time bubble, called the Time Point, where time does not pass normally. When Rick is visiting the TimePoint, time in the 'real world' stands still, though time passes normally in the TimePoint. WHen he is not visiting the TimePoint, time in the TimePoint stands still. More imporantly, he is only able to visit the TimePoint for sixty total minutes before the bubble is gone. Within the bubble resides Rick's father, Rex Tyler, the original Hourman, who was plucked from the normal timestream milliseconds before his death. While in the TimePoint, Rick is able to consult with his father, draw upon his expertise as a chemist and a hero, or just take advantage of the opportunity to be with his father. When the sixty minutes is up, however, Rich has been made aware that the TimePoint will go away and Rex will be returned back to the point in time from which he was snatched.


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Rick is an amateur artist with a fair amount of raw, natural talent. He had considered pursuing a career as a painter and sketch artist, even visiting many museums and artistic masterpieces while in Europe to broaden his artistic horizons. While he currently only draws or paints as a hobby or for stress relief, he is still quite good and likely could have earned a liveable wage as a commercial artist should life have taken him down a different path.

Although he hasn't had much formal training other than some introductory classes at MIT, Rick is a competent businessman who has learned 'on the job' well enough to keep TylerCo Chemicals prosperous in the few years that he has been at its helm. Fortunately, TylerCo is a fairly small company and Rick has no designs to make it much larger, so his job has been pretty easy. But he's shown enough skill t both avoid costly mistakes, as well as keep ahead of industry trends.

Rick graduated from MIT with a degree in chemical engineering and currently not only serves as the CEO of TylerCo Chemical but also spends time directly with the company's research division aiding with the development of new products. He is more than competent in a chemistry or pharmacuetal lab, and is skilled enough in both basic and advance principles of chemistry that he was able to not only understand his father's highly complex Miraclo formula, but he was able to improve upon it, eliminating the addictive and cancer-causing side-effects.

General Education:
An honors graduate from MIT, Rick has a comprehensive general education with a concentration in the hard sciences. Aside from his chemical engineering degree, he has a basic knowledge of advanced mathmatics, physics and earth sciences, as well as a concentrated study in physiolgy and biology. He's also got a well-rounded knowledge of the humanities, including special attention to art history and the techniques of the great masters.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:
Rick is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having trained to be competent melee fighter even when not enhanced by Miraclo. He knows a few different martial styles and is capable of holding his own against two or three other attackers of moderate skill, when not enhanced.

Aside from English, Rick is conversationally fluent in both French and Italian and is also literate in French. He studied the latter in High School for four years and had the opportunity to increase his skill with both while overseas for a year. He also knows rudimentary phrases in German and Spanish, but wouldn't be able to hold a prolonged conversation in either.

Rick has basic pilot training and can fly both standard airplanes as well as helicopters. He's not a combat pilot by any means, but has logged enough flight hours that he can handle most 'normal' situations (poor weather, mechanical failure, etc) without losing his cool.


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With the income afforded to him as CEO and owner of TylerCo Chemicals, Rick is not hurting for income. He's not quite a multi-millionare, but he is able to live a life of comfort and typically doesn't want for the finer things in life, should he choose to indulge himself. He owns a penthouse apartment in Metropolis, has a separate residence adjacent to the TylerCo complex, and is typically able to keep himself equipped with the latest Smartphones and other tech gadgets to have hit the market without batting an eyelash.

Heroic Contacts:
When he was younger and he first learned of his father's secret identity, Rick became on-again, off-again friends with a few other children of his father's super-hero friends. While some of those friendships waned as he grew older, he kept in contact with more than few and even adventured with some of them when first adopting the Hourman moniker. Though not quite as strong, Rick has also made new heroic connections during his first foray as Hourman, and is not a complete unknown amongst the heroic community or the public at large.

The drug that gives Rick Tyler his 'Hour of Power', Miraclo was first developed by Rick's father Rex and is only compatible with the DNA of Rex and his son Rick. While Rick does carry a few actual pills on his person for emergencies, he currently has a special delivery system built into his Hourman costume that allows him to inject a liquid variant of Miracle directly into his bloodstream at the press of a button. As Rick is intimately familiar with the chemical makeup of Miracle, he's able to formulate more at any time he needs, as long as he has access to a decent chemistry lab stocked with a regular selection of chemicals that includes, among other things, phosphorus.

Tylerco Chemicals:
The business started by his father, Rick Tyler is now the CEO of TylerCo and as such has both the benefit of the company's profit margins as well as access to the company's state of the art chemistry labs whenever he desires. While TylerCo is not a terribly large enterprise - it has only one location, a combination laboratory / office complex / manufacturing plant - it employs about three hundred people and has been recognized multiple times as a leader in chemical design and pharmacuetal advances. More of a research company than a true manufacturer, TylerCo's latest breakthrough was an inhalant that counteracts the effects of asthma, with no side effects, marketed as 'Brefreina' and ultimately sold to Pfizer for a tidy sum for mass production.


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The saying goes, 'Once an Addict, always and Addict'. And while there are many schools of thought as to how true that adage is, the fact remains that Rick did suffer from addiction to Miraclo and suffered the very real effects, both physical and emotion, of both that addiction and the withdrawal afterwards. While he has since recovered from the addiction and has also revised the Miraclo formula so that it's no longer 'habit-forming', the addiction he suffered is now a part of who he is, a shadow that casts itself over choices that he makes regarding other possibly addictive substances.

Legacy Hero:
Taking on the name of the Hourman is not without some baggage. As Rick is not the only hero to use the name, there is an entire history to the Hourman persona that he is beholden to, and that doesn't always refer to good things. Villains who were defeated by the original Hourman will carry their vendetta on towards the new incarnation, with Rick having little to no first-hand knowledge of those villains or how to defeat them. Heroes who adventured alongside the original Hourman may either distrust or even resent a new person taking on the mantle, or, the flip side, may assume things about Rick that aren't true, based on the actions of his father. Finally, adopting the same heroic identity as his father brings with it a weight of responsibility that is ever-present for Rick, knowing that every action he takes as Hourman reflects upon a legacy much larger than himself.

Powers From a Pill:
In order to start his Hour of Power, Rick must either physically swallow a Miraclo pill, or use the injectors in his gloves to administer the drug to his bloodstream. In either case, the instigation of the power is not automatic and requires deliberate action on his part, along with access to the Miraclo drug. If he is deprived of the Miraclo or is otherwise restrained so that he cannot administer it, he is unable to gain the enhanced physical attributes that the Hour of Power bestows. It's just that simple - he is reliant upon the Miraclo to possess any super-human powers.

Secret Id:
It is not publically known that Rick Tyer is the Hourman, and that knowledge is something that could be used against Rick by those seeking to do Hourman ill. In order to protect the safety and security of his home, and perhaps more importantly, his business TylerCo Chemicals and all those that work for him, Rick must be careful that his identity does not become known when he is adventuring as Hourman.

Time Limit:
For all the power that Miraclo bestows up on him, Rick is only able to gain those benefits for sixty minutes, before he must wait at least a full day (twenty-four hours) before he can benefit from the chemical again. The duration is a hard limit and cannot be extended by will-power, faith, hope or any other mechanism - when the sixtieth minute passes, all of the enhanced physical attributes pass as well, and Rick's physiology returns to normal. This is something he must always be mindful of when in his heroic identity, as losing super strength or super durability at an inopportune time could be catastrophic. He also needs to exercise the utmost care in choosing when to use Miraclo in the first place, because once he does so, he can't again until the following day.



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