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  Uncanny Sally  
Sally Houki (Scenesys ID: 1272)
Name: Utsumi "Sally" Houki
Superalias: Uncanny Sally
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Smuggler, Preserver of Secret Identities and Much Much More!
Citizenship: American, technically.
Residence: New York City
Education: A degree in BS and Obfuscation
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth Unknown Played By Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Height: 5'2" Weight: 99 lb
Hair Color: Variable Eye Color: It varies.
Twitter: @Utsouki
Theme Song: Mondai Girl

Character Info


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Do you ever wonder how supervillains cheat death, or how superheroes sometimes manage to be in several teams at once? The answer is Uncanny Sally. Sally can temporarily duplicate you, if you're willing to pay her a whole lotta cash. How much is that secret identity *really* worth to you?


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Timeline 1:
Before Sally: IN A WORLD... that was not terribly exciting and was fairly close to what one would conceive of as a mundane Earth...

There have always been those who sought more for humanity. On some variant earths, they are people like the High Evolutionary and Apocalypse and on others, chasing their particular visions of human evolutuon. On others, they are simnply very smart jerks nobody has ever heard of. To them, human potential is limitless.

In fact, in some of those universes, they aren't as wrong as you'd hope.

Upon one earth, someone achieved their goal of ascending humanity by unleashing a cataclysmic wave of energy that was intended to unmoor the collective human species from their corporeal frames, transforming them into the sort of energy beings that existed previously had only existed in trite science-fiction fantasies.

In that moment, history ended. Billions died instantly as they were violently unable to make the transition while others lasped into madness. In a few, the process didn't fully complete. There was, in these cases, a sort of partial ascent into the quantum realm that left them irrevocably changed but not completely disassociated from their humanity. In a select few, however, the process worked exactly as intended to the ultimate detriment of reality itself.

A race of nightmare-gods had been born, each a universes unto themselves and making and unmaking inner realities out of countless probabilities and spreading across their universe in a wave of unrelenting unreality.

As the universe disintegrated into unrelenting horror and unreality, those that remained human all sought escape. Some through death or the worship of unfathomable nightmares, others using their powers gained to flee to the corners of the universe or, in at least one case, the multiverse.

One partially elevated being reached out blindly and felt the multiverse and proceeded to blindly hurl hemselves into it. Falling through countless realities in the kind of journey that would set off countless alarm bells and draw attention to what hapepned in their home world, they landed in a twisted heap, at last, in another universe. Psyche and body shattered by the journey, they they reached out to the threads of probability and pulled themselves back together in an approximation of 'average' for where they'd found themselves, though this was hardly something they were consciously aware of.

2012: Sally woke up in Japan, of all places, but alive and clad in new flesh. Who's flesh, she wasn't exactly sure, but she didn't look like this before. This version of her knows Japanese. Barely coherent after her arrival, she winds up spending most of the year instutionalzied once the police pick her up and begins receiving inadequate mental care for an immense amount of psychological trauma that's incomprehensible to most. Still, she begins to recover slowly under their kind care.

2013: Sally began to come into her powers of self duplication. Naturally, this begins to be traumitizing to the staff when she was both in and not in her room at the same time. She eventually escapes custody through an experiment in quantum suicide, discovering that she can't exactly die. More accurately, it was an attempt at actual suicide that didn't work. She is not so much released by the institution as they decide that, when she leaves, they don't really want to know any more and were just glad that their very own Creepy Girl Was Gone. She quickly begins to makes a living exploiting her powers in petty crime before falling in with a very wrong crowd and beginning a lucrative career in smuggling alongside organized crime throughout Asia.

Timeline 2:
2014: Sally departs organized crime in Asia and decides to travel to America. Having originally *been* from *an* America, this is a welcome respite, even if this is not like an America she's ever known. Upon realizing that she can duplicate others as well, sherealizes her powers will be an asset to both sides of the super hero/super 'villain' divide and sets herself up on a pay-for-service basis. It takes the next several years to achieve a 'market presence' and to penetrate both security services and criminal organizations. Her service is simply too valuable to the right people on either side of the divide for her to be fully rejected.

2016: Sally goes to Las Vegas. She is promptly banned from Vegas. Forever.

2017: Sally goes to Atlantic City. She is promptly banned from Atlantic City. Forever.

2018-2019: Sally continues to gain confidence in her abilities and to grow her 'business'.

2020: Sally is /thoroughly/ enjoying life as a inter-dimensional refugee and making lots of money from the right (or wrong) people. It's better than the alternatives.

IC Journal

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Sally tries awful hard to go alond and get along. She is friendly, inquisitive, and generally interested in talking to you about you. Partially, this is to get around talking about *her*, which she doesn't really like to do much, but she's genuinely interested in other people.

If you're a super hero or a super villain, Sally has possibly heard of you. And if she has, she's a fan. She wants your autograph and to hear your stories. It's exciting stuff and it's all SO COOL.

Sally is a rather manic optimist. She's seen all the ways things can go wrong and has lived through an unfathomable nightmare that she actively has to avoid thinking about. She chooses to focus on the... brighter possibilities, sometimes to her detriment. Frequently to her detriment. That said, it has more than once allowed her to push through difficult situations that a happy ending is possible for everyone and that everything can work out just so.

When it comes to her work, Sally strives ot to let her natural optimism or fangirling be too much of a distraction. She aims to be professional, pragmatic, and appropriately mercenary. She'll work for people who can pay the exorbitant fee and provide them the services she's capable of in briefly allowing them to be in two places at once. Let's face it: if you're a super villain on the run who needs to fake their death or a superhero who's identity is being compromised, her service isn't something you'll want to overlook, given that the 'hero' appearing while the supposedly exposed person is clearly somewhere else has typically served to dissuade people from thinking they're on the right track.

She'll provide this service for people on either side of the law, though folks who've tried to nuke the world or have killed or endangered countless innocent people or are, say, Nazis tend to find she's unwilling to work for them and might even punch them in the face. She usually regrets doing that.

Despite her effect of professionalism and mercenary mentality, she is neither cold nor heartless, and she has more than once helped out people in danger free of charge.

Character Sheet


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Dimensional Travel:
What is the multiverse if not a litany of the possible? Sally can locate alternate realities with the power of her own imagination. If you can imagine it, after all, it is possible somewhere, somehow. She can hone in on the closest multiversal approximation based on her own idea, or a description, and open a tear in reality to go there. She can take others with her, if she so chooses. If you want to travel to a dimension full of nazis so you can punch nazis, Sally is the app for that (though some restrictions apply). If Sally gave significant thought to it, she could actually figure out how to use this power to help people teleport on *this* world, but so far, she's been unwilling to devote the time to develop this further.

Sally does her level best to avoid using this power too frequently or to open portals for too long and she can only hold one open at a time.As using this power is like throwing up a giant 'Hey, I'm screwing with the fabric of the universe' beacon, she is quite cautious in its use. She also attempts to steer clear of doing things that might attract the attention of multiversal authorities with it. No alternate universes mjolnir heists for you.

(OOC Note: This power is only intended to be of use in creating fun alternate universe adventures and nothing more.)

Sally's core power is an advanced form of imperfect quantum cloning.

It must be noted that the copies are not entirely real. They are a kind of... probability fragments called into existence by a sort of imperfect quantum cloning. They're could-have-beens and never-weres and, worst of all, never-shoulds. Most of the time, Sally's copies operate in a loose confederation that's networked through the desires of Sally-Prime's quantum consciousness. While each one makes its own decision, these mostly minimally divergent clones are aware of what their collective desire is supposed to be. While she can theoeretically create limitless copies of herself at any given time, this is both progressively taxing, deeply impractical and even dangerous. The more copies at a given time she has running, the more strain is placed upon the quantum subconscious. Moreover, more copies beyond the first dozen she has running at a given time will begin to be *more* imperfect, more deranged, more unlikely to follow through with her plans, and potentially dangerous to herself and others. This is also true when she attempts to generate too many clones, even if she dismisses them, in too short a space of time.

Clones must be created in Sally's immediate physical proximity, stepping out of her person, as if she was splitting in two. They can not make additional copies of themselves and her ability to produce clones is one of the ways to see which Sally is the real Sally.

The clones must remain within a solid, one hundred mile radius of her person. Going much further than that places them outside the range of her reach and they'll simply cease to exist. Sally has an overall awareness of what her duplicates are doing and involved in at any given time, but it's exactly that: overall. She can not see through their eyes, and even when dismissed, she does not gain access to their memories, skills, or anything *specific* they learned beyond a general understanding.

Because Sally's clones are quantum entangled duplicates, she can not make endless copies of her own posessions. A clone's posessions vanish when the clone vanishes. Only the possesions belonging to the Sally-Prime are maintained and 'real'.

Due to the networked nature of her consciousness, Sally is able to transfer her intellect and focus into minimally divergent copies of herself, overwriting them with her personage and making them into Sally-Prime. This goes for what Sally Prime's belongings are, giving her a kind of limited personal teleportation through quantum-entangled clone-swapping within the range of her operation. The previous version of herself becomes a closed-off probability and fades from existence within a short period of time, so there is a cost to doing this. It must be noted that anything that wasn't cloned with her at the start will remain behind with the previous clone until it dissipates.

If Sally's primary self is disabled, knocked out, killed or quantum consciousness disrupted, all of her duplicates will immediately cease to exist.

Duplication of Others:
Sally's ability to create quantum clones does not only extend to herself. She has found that she can copy others into slightly divergent versions of themselves. A close inspection will always show something subtly off about them, though it is frequently little more than just a 'feeling'. As probability fragments, they diverge from the original person in small ways that may amount to significant and cumulative difference in their behavior the longer the process is allowed to last. It must be noted that the process to do this is taxing both on Sally, requiring significantly more of her attention to create than her own copies. She can only create one such clone of one other willing person at a time, and they *must* be willing for the process to begin, both as an ethical and practical constraint. Even the most mild of resistance will be enough to prevent her from cloning someone.

The quantum-entangled duplicate has considerably more agency than her own duplicates do and will act according to their natures around whatever ideas they had going into the process. Sally likens it to a road that temporarily diverges into two paralell roads before remerging at a later destination. It must be noted that once the duplicate dissipates, the original does not gain their memories and may find that the clone made decisions they would find objectionable in their wake or have left considerable messes in their wake. For most, the potential benefits are worth it, but unforseen complications abound.

It must also be noted that the more individually powerful someone is, the greater the cost to them personally will be due to their way behavior affects *more* things. Creating a duplicate Hulk, for example, is *much* more taxing, both for her *and* the Hulk. than creating a copy of Bob, Office Drone. In a sense, they are giving up a portion of their own power to create the clone, even up to 'half' of their effectiveness at a given time, though for less powered people it leaves them at worst just feeling 'ooghy'. There is no telling, for sure, how someone's powers may react to cloning, either. Most of the time, it works just fine, but there's always a chance for hijinks when you're messing with divergent quantum states.

Clones of others are less bound by a need for proximity to Sally, due to getting most of their 'oomph' from a quantum entanglement with their original self, but she still needs to actively ensure that the connection is maintained. This allows them go farther afield if necessary. Clones of another typically last only a day at best before their entanglement needs to be renewed by her and it grows progressively more difficult for Sally to maintain a singular clone for longer than that and is a considerable drain on her own capacity.

OOC Note: These clones are primarily a plot device and intended to be used as a loving send up of certain super hero and comic tropes. They are not a way to play multiple versions of the same character nor are they anything more than a handy plot element.

Probability Intuition:
Don't play games of chance with Sally. She has an intuitive grasp of possibility and probability. She may not always be able to win but it's rare she makes a mistake on a game of chance. She has made a lot of money gambling. A lot of money. She is banned from Vegas. Forever.

Quantum Immortality:
"An agent who prefers certain life to certain death is rationally compelled to prefer life in high-weight branches and death in low-weight branches to the opposite." -- David Wallace, physicist.

Despite everything else, Sally's and her duplicates bodies are pretty mundane. They're made of flesh, bone and blood and she isn't even especially physically competent. As a result, Sally-Prime can actually be killed pretty easily, if only seemingly.

Seemingly, that is, because Sally's subconscious remains active in the quantum realm, even when her conscious awareness is terminated by a death. Thus, her quantum state is adjusted and a probability found, no matter how slender, that allows her to return to life and, from, her perspective, apparently never really died at all. She wasn't crushed by the tank that everyone just saw her get crushed by, rather, she simply fell into the groove created by its treads and miraculously survived! This is only from *her* perspective. She is aware of the reality, but as its kind of horrifying, she chooses not to engage with it in any way, preferring to indulge her subjective view.

There are some caveats to this, of course.

First of all, Sally must not be being actively observed when she returns to life. Such observation fixes her quantum state as either dead or alive and leaves her subconscious unable to alter it with its kind of reset. This can frequently leave her out of comission for quite some time in the midst of things.

Second, if there is anything interfering with her quantum consciousness at the time of her death, she will be unable to return to life until it is dispensed with.

Third, she can not *travel* while dead. Correspondingly, throwing her down a pit she can not escape from, dropping her in an ocean trench, and burying her under cement, are all perfectly possible ways to take her off the playing board for an extended period of time, likely leaving her trapped in a torturous cycle of intermitten returns to life.

As a result of her nature as a partially quantum individual, she is seemingly ageless.

Quantum Prediction:
Some folks might call it 'clairvoyanvce', but that would be inaccurate. When she really concentrates on a specific probability, Sally can see a range of possibile futures stemming from a specific action she or another might take. This is *extremely* hard on her to do. Filtering out extraneous information and rooting down to a specific action-to-consequence is difficult, and she can't be for sure certain *which* future she's seeing will actually occur. She can simply see the range of potential better than most. Sometimes, this can happen of its own accord and without her active desire.

Quantum State:
The root of Sally's powers are her partially evolved quantum subconsciousness. Sally herself only obliquely refers to it as a 'whole lotta quantum woo' due to her lack of active scientific training. The reality is that she's part of a failed (or succesful from a certain point of view) experiment in human ascencion that destroyed most of humanity, her universe's earth and later reality itself.

This part of her exists partially within the quantum realm, layered 'below' her regular psyche. It is the root of all her powers, interpreting her desires and doing a lot of the heavy lifting of managing quantum states and duplicates. Should it be disrupted in some way, she will likely be left unable to function at all. It is at all times part of her primary consciousness and primary self. Should Sally's consciousness be disrupted, be it through psychic mojo, a hard enough punch to the face, a taser, or a bullet through the brain, it will cease most activity and all current power effects will end.

This confers her no other benefits to her physical state. She is otherwise apparently as human as anyone else unless you're capable of sensing, seeing, or dealing in quantum weirdness.


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Automotive Mechanics:
In a prior life, Sally liked cars. She still kind of likes them. She knows a fair about how to modify and repair cars and motorbikes but she's hardly a professional.

Sally is actually pretty good behind the wheel of a car or motorbike... assuming she's paying attention. (She never pays attention.)

If there's a betting game out there, Sally knows how to play it. She's played them all and she's gotten quite good at them, even without the help of her powers.

Sally is capable of speaking several languages, including Japanese, Russian, Chinese, French and of course English. She isn't exactly sure where she picked them all up.

Sally spent some time working in the criminal underworld as a smuggler. She knows the trade decently and she could run her own smuggling ring competently if she wanted to do so.

Song and Dance:
Sally is a competent singer and dancer. She's not even sure why. She doesn't remember ever learning it but she is quite talented.


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Sally has offered her services to a variety of government and criminal agencies and both to super heroes and super villains, and in turn, has on occasion been utilized by them. It's how she built her 'business'. Thus, she can contact them, and they have methods of contacting her through burner phones, secured emails, and other arrangements. She has, so far, helped preserve a secret identity or two when they were at risk, helped with a few escapes from custody for intelligece services and from intelligence services, preserved a cover that would have otherwise been blown, helped someone in witness protection to testify safely, and helped criminals evade custody. She been known to help superheroes free of charge if they or their loved ones are at legitimate risk. She's a fan of a lot of them.

False Ids:
Sally has a wide variety of false identities and access to them. Most of them will pass a fair level of scrutiny, though few would hold up to truly sustained investigation.

Between her early and burgeoning smuggling career, her gambling winnings before Vegas and Atlantic City authorities caught on, and her present fees for her services, Sally has become a wealthy into the range of several million dollars. This wealth is spread and laundered across a variety of bank accounts and hidden behind false identities, investments, and a smattering of concrete assets in safety deposit boxes and so on. It affords her the luxury to be picky about her clientelle and who she will or will not help.


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Sally just doesn't pay attention to things that require sustained focus too well. She can pull it together for the most part but she just tends to lose track of what she's doing quite frequently and it can take her a while to get back into her groove once she's disturbed from it. She is frequetnly absent-midned-seeming and has a tendency to lose things. Some of this stems from her powers, but the rest of it just terrible ADD.

Sally is frequently more than a little lazy. It's not that she's completely hopeless but when you can summon versions of yourself that can do things for you, you don't actually wind up doing a whole lot yourself. Her powers carry a lot of responsibility for her so why bother to do all that heavy lifting or develop better time management? This way, she can play video games, cook dinner *and* pay the bills all at the same time! Of cour3se, given the slight divergences between her prime existence and her duplicates and her lack of attention to detail much of the time, this does not always work out as planned. A well oiled machine, Sally is not.

Multiversal Fugitive:
The collapse of Sally's home universe is the kind of thing that sets off alarm bells amongst authorities who pay attention to the health and well being of the multiverse. Her flight from it as she fell through countless realities to this one did not go unnoticed either. As a result, there is an active effort by relevant agencies like the Captain Britan Corps and other similar groups to locate her so that it can be ascertained what kind of threat she is, what connection she has to the events of her home universe, and whether or not she was involved in its destruction in some way. They'd generally and also like to put a stop to her flagrant manipulations of quantum mechanics and probability before she does any actual damage to something, based on what intelligence they've collected on her so far.

Sally has a limited awareness of this pursuit after a couple close calls and, as a result, does her level best to limit things that could draw *too* much attention to her personage.

All of Sally's duplicates are... a little off. They're never generated *quite* perfectly. It takes a while to notice, but sooner or later, it's always going to be. There's just something *slightly* wrong with them. It's where she gets the sobriquet 'Uncanny Sally' from, after all. This goes both for her own clones and her clones of others. Sooner or later, you can tell, and it's just... unsettling. This becomes more and more apparent the more duplicates she has called into existence.

Because Sally can see probabiltiies and possibilities. Sometimes, she sees them when she doesn't want to. Between this, her nature, her trauma, and her powers, she often gives the appearance of being inhabiting a completely different world from the one she's in frokm having lost track of what's real in this one and what's just her brain engaged in a sort of predictive texting. She might assume things have happened because they're more likely than not, when they /didn't/ because the unlikely event occurred instead. This is not a constant. She can sometimes be sharp and focused, but she frequently slips into bouts of seeming madness or deep ADD.

Because Sally is a whole lotta quantum-entangled consciousness and bits and boops, she is vulnerable to things that would disrupt her own energy. While it would be extremely unlikely to kill her, it could block her abilities to a significant extent. Quantum wave generators, energy manipulators, and specific kinds of advanced super-science could simply disrupt or block her 'elevated consciousness' and shut her down entirely, causing her to seeming fall into a coma or even *seem* to be dead. This will last until things return to 'normal'. Should this occur to a duplicate, the duplicate will cease to exist. If it occurs to her prime self, her duplicates will cease to exist and she'll lose consciousness, as noted.

Of course, just punching her hard enough in the face will do it just fine too.



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Sally Houki has 27 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Checking On A Rumour December 20th, 2020 Ivy heard about Sally and invites her to ask about the services she offers. Ultimately, as a scientist, it doesn't sit well with her.
Aspiraling to Sally Forth. December 1st, 2020 Sally and Spiral find out they've met before and there's a surprise appearance from Rita Wayward! Wait, what?
Universally Universal November 7th, 2020 Puzzles are a universal thing.
Uncanny Assassination October 14th, 2020 Sally is assassinated by Deadpool. It doesn't take.
Backup to the main drive October 5th, 2020 Future plans laid into place with Sally Houki and Mr. Fisk.
Cold Turkey September 27th, 2020 Horikoshi Kobei just got on the smite list.
Staying Grounded September 10th, 2020 A meetup at Washington Square Park's fountain leads to chatter about art and helping others.
Kicking the Habit (And Columbians) September 3rd, 2020 No description
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
You're gonna what August 10th, 2020 Sally and Heidi talk about cloning. Sally's cloning, specifically. Oops!
Confession!! July 16th, 2020 Sally and Heidi tell Kaminari that they are dating. Also, Asgardian Mead cupcakes are gonna be a thing.
Totally Their First Date July 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a trip across dimensional boundaries for a date. Yes, you read that right.
A Dark and Stormy Night July 3rd, 2020 Wherein Sally's peaceful evening is interrupted by a drunk Kaminari complaining about humanity, there is commiserating and cupcakes, and ends with the Goddess of Thunder and Noise passed out on Sally's couch.
Obliviousness June 8th, 2020 Sally and Heidi have a conversation about the nature of many Sallies. There is also a food fight.
Kami's place June 4th, 2020 Sally and Owari chill at Kami's penthouse
Sturgeon's Law is Multiversal May 30th, 2020 A Faceplant is fought. Also, Sally's Secrets Are Revealed to Heidi.
Cupcake Delivery May 23rd, 2020 Sally, Heidi and Kaminari have cupcakes. They are delicious. Also, Heidi is gonna be Kaminari's bodyguard. This won't end in disaster at all.
Punching Through The Grapvine May 22nd, 2020 No description
Not One To Miss Out May 15th, 2020 Sally and Heidi take a ride on Eira (for real this time) and have a picnic. Stars are discussed. It is very cute.
Don't Get Blood On The Tiles May 10th, 2020 Kaminari takes Sally and Heidi to an underground gambling den in Chinatown with cage fights. It doesn't take them long to cause a scene and be asked never to return by the Triad boss who owns the place.
Sally and the Singularity May 10th, 2020 Sally meets the Singularity. To probably no one's surprise, they become friendly.
Fear of Missing Out May 4th, 2020 Heidi takes Sally flying... only it's not Sally. It's other Sally. Oops.
A Different Kind Of Thunder God May 1st, 2020 Sally's video game session with Heidi is interrupted by the arrival of Kaminari, seeking respite from the Japanophiles that hound her every move. They wind up consuming machos, making plans for sushi night, and playing Monster Hunter World.
Accidents Happen April 27th, 2020 Sally and Heidi meet. Nachos are eaten and absolutely no one is dangerously thrown in the air for no real reason.
Double Devil Dare April 25th, 2020 Sally has helped Daimon create a duplicate of himself to make an appearance in his Hell so the inhabitants will assume he can be on Earth and there at the same time, in actuality, not as an illusion. This should, hopefully, free a bit of his time up topside. Sally made some decent dosh, but had to experience a glimpse of Hell to do so.
A Noisy Meeting April 25th, 2020 Sally Houki meets with her prior client, the Goddess Kaminari. It goes well... for the moment.
Uncanny Ice Cream April 21st, 2020 Sally meets the Stepford Cuckoos, catching their interest with her unusual abilities. She makes them an offer that won't have potentially disastrous consequences at all.


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Sally Houki has 27 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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