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Samantha Dunbar (Scenesys ID: 911)
Name: Samantha Dunbar
Superalias: Lancer
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Hand of Doom
Citizenship: Latveria
Residence: Doomstadt, Latveria
Education: Public Education
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 24 Actual Age: 24
Date of Birth 20 Nov 1995 Played By
Height: 6'0" Weight: 200
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Publically known as "Lancer", Samantha Dunbar is often seen in the company of Victor Von Doom, or working on his behalf.


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* 1995: Born and raised in New York City.
* 2005: Started learning martial arts and self-defense.
* 2012: Shortly after graduation, civil war erupts in her world's Latveria. Doom disappears.
* 2014: Samantha and her family move to a city off the coast near Latveria for her father's promotion in the military.
* 2016: A massive tidal wave destroys the entire city in her world while she and her family are on a sailing trip. The tidal wave destroys the city and Samantha manages to survive as well as pull an armor-crippled Doom to safety. Together, they get off the island and return to Latveria.
* 2017: Doom injects Samantha with nanites having come to the conclusion she is someone he needs as a confidant. She is upset at first, but swears fealty to him believing he is the one person who can save the world.
* 2018: Doom returns. Lancer assists him after her training in her newfound powers in helping him to earn retribution and reclaim his power.
* 2020: With Doom firmly back in control of Latveria, Lancer looks to her next steps to ensuring Doom's plans come to fruition.

IC Journal

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She will not imbibe alcohol or do drugs, unless otherwise prescribed by Doom. She considers her body a temple, and to dull her mind or body would be a criminal action. She keeps her body 'pure' so she can always be in a state of readiness should Doom have a need to call on her.

Samantha is determined to see the will of Doom executed, and nothing will sway her from that path. She is perfectly fine, and perfectly capable, of doing anything and everything to ensure that Doom's will is seen to, and that he is kept safe. She is as a zealot, and has no hesitation, pause, or regret for anything she does as Lancer, as the Hand of Doom.

Fanatical Loyalty:
Doom is Samantha's world. She would sacrifice herself for him if it would save his life, or she felt it would serve his cause. She is not blindly loyal, and will speak her mind if she disagrees with something or has a different perspective, but she will obey Doom whereso ordered, or when not do whatever she believes will best serve him and his overall goals.

She has a tactical oriented mindset, tending to assess the situation at hand and is a planner and a plotter, strategizing when she can. Even in heated combat while she may seem to act brashly, it's rarely without an idea or strategy to turn the battle or the situation to her favor. She rarely does anything without a reason.

Character Sheet


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Energy Immunity:
Samantha's body has been so altered that she is immune to almost any source of energy based attack that might be used on her, as well as some forms of radiation and magic. She does not absorb these attacks or gain anything from them, rather they simply don't affect her and almost roll off her like water off a ducks back.
Her body may need a few moments to adjust to the attack, especially if it's a new power she hasn't been exposed to previously to adapt and adjust. This adjustment period can slow her down momentarily until she fully adapts and her body understands how to ignore the new energy source.

Enhanced Reflexes:
Due to the nanites infesting her body, Samantha's reactionary times are just beyond that of peak human conditioning. She's not able to dodge a bullet, but she is able to catch an arrow and run about 35mph.

Enhanced Strength:
Samantha can lift and throw up to 1 ton due to the enhancements of her nanites.

Plasma Claws:
One of the two ways Samantha can manifest the energy within her is to produce Plasma Claws on either hand. These claws are vicious, fueled with nuclear plasma energy and can cut through a variety of materials and metals, but are not strong enough to cut through admantium, vibranium, or some magical materials.

Plasma Lances:
The second way in which Samantha can manifest the energy within her is through Plasma Lances. These are essentially 'lances' of arcing nuclear plasma, of which she has the most fine control over. She can choose to use them for something so small as to sting as an irritant or warning, to knocking someone out, causing death, or causing devastating destruction.


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Samantha can be a very intimidating figure, and knows how to flex her muscle to get what she, or what Doom, wants. Not everyone might be so affected but she knows the expressions, the physical stances, and has the build, height, and ability to back up her 'threats'. Her known connections to Doom don't hurt, either.

Martial Arts:
Trained at first through her family's miltary background and her father wanting her to be able to defend herself and then further honed by Doom's intensive training, Samantha is a martial artist of top caliber. She won't ever be listed among the best in the world, but she is superior to many and can hold her own with most.
She is an expert at both military hand-to-hand combat and the Wing Chung style.

Her enhanced strength and agility provided her with the necessary background and rigorous training did the rest. She is able to manuever easily over rough terrain and utilize almost any battlefield to her advantage. She might not be able to do a triple somersault backflip, but she can move fluidly and effortlessly over rooftops, buildings, or around rough terrain easily.

Her meticulous and analytical natural state of thinking combined with her education, her military heritage and awareness, and teachings of Doom have made her an excellent tactician able to plan and execute, or take advantage of weaknesses or opportunities at a moment's notice. She can deduce potential outcomes and calculate risks, and act accordingly.

Samantha is a proficient pilot and can drive a variety of common land vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. If Doom has to travel the mundane way, she will often take it on herself to be his personal chauffer. It also allows her access to get to a variety of places to execute his will without waiting or relying on others.


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Body Armor:
Doom has given Samantha personal body armor which is flexible, lightweight, and capable of stopping normal blades and small caliber artillery to keep her safe.

Doom's Confidant:
Victor Von Doom hand-picked Samantha to be his confidant and to have his back. She has only affirmed and proven his decision to choose thus as she's advanced his goals. She has his ear, and is one of but a few people in the entire world that can speak her mind directly without fear of repurcussion because Doom knows everything she does is with him in mind. Because of this, she has long term value to Doom. And as such, she has some measure of an umberella of protection by him as well.
Additionally, her connection with Doom allows her a wide berth of allowance and even obedience within Latveria. While she holds no official position, her proximity to and favor of Doom go with her.

Not only does she have access to almost any Doomtech she might need for a mission from computers, laboratories, Doombots, vehicles, weaponry, or other equipment but she can also interface with it directly thanks to her nanites. Simply put she has immediate access to all of Doom's files and information on anything or anyone unless he specifically blocks her from a file/folder.

Doom's own creation of his unique dabbling of science, these nanites are what empower and provide Samantha with her inhuman abilities and powers. They link her to Doomtech and are shielded against most EMP attacks.


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Enemies of Doom:
Doom certainly has enemies. Those who stood against him or have vendetta's against him. These enemies are also Samantha's enemies, and to be considered only as zealots will ever consider heathens, spouting words unworthy of listening to, even if they happen to be right.
She will remain completely biased against them, and may even seek to circumvent them if possible if the opportunity arises.

Nanite Powers:
Presently, all of Samantha's abilities are provided by the nanites infesting her body. It could be possible for someone to shut them down temporarily if they hacked the Doomtech or through other means which would render her powerless.

Still a Human:
While she does possess the ability to shrug off energy weapons and attacks, she is still a human being and can still die from something as simple as a bullet or a well-placed blade.

Just as Samantha has immediate access to all of Doom's files, so can the reverse be true. Because of the Doomtech within her that gives her her abilities she can be tracked and observed if Doom ever wishes to. This fact is not secret. She is so loyal that she believes it to be a benefit. It reduces her personal privacy, and potentially if Doomtech was ever hacked, she could be also tracked by Doom's Enemies.

Zealot of Doom:
Due to the manner in which she was introduced to Doom and the power he demonstrated in his laboratory by converting her, Samantha is really a zealot of Doom. Her faith is unshakable. She will believe Doom's motives and intentions as he states them versus facts even if correctly presented to her because of this, and the belief that the world at large twists things to see what they want to see rather than what is there as Doom taught her. She is forever his servant, for good or ill to her own person.



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Samantha Dunbar has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Commissions of the unusual sort May 5th, 2020 Latverian emissaries visit Raatko Arts and Antiquities in search of certain artifacts.
Latverian Embassy Opening April 9th, 2020 The Latverian Embassy opening was a grand success, acquaintances were made, and discussions were had! A glorious evening, for DOOM.
Highway to Hell Part I April 4th, 2020 Jane has agreed to work with Doom which surely won't end badly at ALL.
On Approach to Genosha March 11th, 2020 Doom, Zora, and Lancer complete their plans for Genosha before their arrival.


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