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What are scenes?

We have +scene code which will automatically log poses from participants in a room. Once the scene is marked finished, there is code to move the log to the wiki and associate it with the characters who were in it. Each character's wiki page will list all of the scenes they were in. See +help +scene for details. +log is an alias for +scene and works in all of the commands as well. The +scene <sceneID> command will give a lot of information about a scene.

What scenes should be logged or not

Generally we'd prefer to have all the scenes logged unless they have content that is not safe for work or might trouble others. We have 1ups/votes that track activity so if a canon character isn't being used we can tell and can eventually open them for others. To get a 1up, the participants need to each have 3 poses in the same scene in the last 24 hours. Graphic depictions of sexual content should not be logged.

How do I start a +scene, pose in it, pause or continue it, and mark it finished

Someone creates the scene which automatically joins everyone in the room at the time to it. After that, any of the normal posing commands such as @emit, or shortcuts such as : or ; will automatically save the pose to an on-game copy. If you join late, just +scene/join and it will join you to the active scene in the room. When done, the scene should be closed with +scene/finish (see +help +scene for syntax). You can pause and continue scenes with +scene/pause and +scene/continue. When continuing a scene, it may sometimes auto-pause because the last pose wasn't in the last 2 hours. Which is frustrating but difficult for us to change right now. So best to have a pose ready to go when /continue the scene.

Can I edit a pose

Yes! You can use +scene/edit to edit part of a pose. See +help +scene for syntax. You can also undo a pose entirely with +scene/undo and re-enter it if it needed a lot of edits, or you want to let someone else pose before you. Undone poses can also be restored.

What if the scene creator has to leave, can the ownership be transferred

You can transfer ownership of a scene to someone else. Just pause it, and then use +scene/transfer <sceneID>=<name>. They can then +scene/continue the scene.

Can we schedule scenes in advance, sign up for them, and view what scenes are available

Yes! +scene/schedule will schedule a scene for a later date, and post to bboard 5 about it. You can view scheduled scenes with +event, and when you log in any scenes scheduled for the current day will be listed. If you view a scheduled scene you will see the command to tag the scene to sign up as a participant who plans to attend.

Can I view a list of underway scenes

Yes, the intermediate webpage that is used to transfer scenes to the wiki has a full list including the scene status. Check out:

Can I view the past poses in a scene, or the pose order

Yes! To see the most recent pose order on game, type +pot/brief. Note that this will also show any +summary that have been done, which is a good way for a Storyteller/GM to inject notes to keep everyone on the same page. See +help +pot for full details of what all it can do.

However, the best way to review full poses is either +scene/recall, or going to the Scenesys web page to view it. +scene/recall 3 will recall the last 3 poses of the scene you are joined to. Or +scene/recall <sceneid>=# will recall that many poses from a given scene ID.

You can also view the poses on the web, either going to and finding the scene. Or on game doing +scene <sceneID> will give you the link straight to the scene. Note you will have to refresh your browser to pick up new poses.

How do the scenes get to the wiki

At present, the code to move the scene must be run manually. Staff will move scenes about once a day. But you are encouraged to move the scene yourself. To do so, use the link given when the scene is marked finished, or run +scene <id> on the scene and you'll find the link there. Go to that link. At the bottom left is a button to move the log to the wiki. Clicking that takes you to a form on the wiki. Note you will need a login on the wiki (see next question for how to get one). You can usually just hit Save at that point, and you are done. Though some other things can be edited first, more details below.

How do I get a wiki account

Got to the wiki at and register for the wiki using the link in the top right. State who your character on game is in the field asking for it, so we know you are not a spambot. After submitting, on the game open a +request on game to let us know that is your request. I.e. +request/wiki Wiki account=I made a wiki account named CaptainTerrific.

On game, how do I see my old scenes or unfinished scenes? Can I search scenes? Find scenes that had two characters in common

+scene/old will show finished scenes. +scene by itself will show scenes that have not been marked finished. You can also +scene/search <text> to find scenes with that text in the title or outcome. See +help +scene/searching. You can also find scenes that another character appeared in with yours, using +scene/with <name>, or even two characters not your own by using +scene/with <name1>=<name2>.

Can I spoof one of my characters in a scene

Yes, you can use +scene/spoof and then all poses will be marked as coming from your other character. Even using : to pose will include their name instead of the character you are typing from. You can only spoof your own characters in this fashion.

Can I pose unplayed characters, or NPCs without a character login created

We generally encourage people to bring the world to life by posing acquaintances, villains, and other non-played heroes, or even creating your own recurring NPCs. As long as it is done in a way consistent with their character and does not drastically alter them such as killing them. Super powerful characters like Galactus or Darkseid you should probably get approval first.

Can I somehow connect an NPC to the scene they were posed in

Yes. If a character has a login, you can cause the scene to be linked to them on the wiki as if they had posed. Move the scene to the wiki yourself, and in the NPC field, you want to enter their numeric character id (not the same as a dbref!). You can obtain this on game by typing +scene/id <name>. If they do not have a login on game, they will not a numeric id so cannot be linked.

How about linking scenes to plots

At present, +plot code on game can connect scenes and plots together. There is not currently a coded way to export this information to the wiki. But you can still link a scene and a plot on the wiki, just it requires a few more steps.

First you should make a plot page on the wiki. You can create one at

Then when you move a scene to the wiki, in the wiki form there is a Tinyplot field. Just enter the name of the plot that you used for the plot page. If you need to do this after the scene is already on the wiki, you can just edit the scene page and insert a line like this, which would link to the plot "Gotham Days and Gotham Nights": |Tinyplot=Gotham Days and Gotham Nights

Can I change the location of a scene

Yes, +scene/location can be used to set the location. You can also manually edit this in the form when moving the scene to the wiki.