Sexual Roleplay

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Sexual Roleplay, or 'TS' or 'Tinysex' is a common issue but rarely a topic for discussion. We're just going to cut right to it: a huge amount of drama and behavioural infractions are associated with romantic RP. The rules for TS is as follows:

* No under 18 characters should be involved in any sexual content, logged or not. We consider this potential grounds for an instant ban. +news Character Policies

  • Follow +news Player Behavior: public areas should remain at a PG-13 rating. +Scenes are automatically uploaded to the wiki database and should never include graphic sexual content. If the characters are getting beyond kissing, are becoming naked or 'hot and heavy', end the log. If it would be inappropriate to do on a street, end the log. A log may be resumed after, once characters are appropriate again.
  • Do not refer to graphic sexual actions that may have transpired.
  • TS by consenting adults is acceptable when unlogged, in private rooms such as apartments/homes. RP rooms are not advised, people walk into these.
  • TS should never be the only major RP being done, while logged scenes are done rarely only to maintain activity. Contribution to the game is required.