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A Shinobi is a uniquely talented individual that shares the mythical aspects sometimes erroneously ascribed to lesser ninja. The history of the Shinobi is a complex one that goes back several hundred years.

Several gods of Shinto select a talented individual to be an Emissary for that deity on Earth. Often they select a senshi, a skilled warrior; or, a sohei, a religious and moral disciple. Those who prefer to use more subtle methods often retain a Shinobi.

Their talents are remarkable, a result of many years of intensive training and dedication. Shinobi often share the classic skills one associates with ninjitsu; stealth, assassination, martial prowess. Shinobi are blessed by their patron with magical powers and arcane knowledge beyond what most mortals can achieve. Their magics are highly specialized and often emphasize stealth, speed, precision, or deception.

The Divine Shinobi are immensely powerful, nearly peers of demigods in their own right. With their knowledge of arcane ritual as well as the powers granted by their patron deity, they are formidable allies and dangerous foes.