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Slips (Scenesys ID: 1606)
Name: Arya Joshi
Superalias: Slips
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: "Working" From Home
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Brooklyn
Education: Whatever She Feels Like
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: Unknown
Date of Birth 25 Oct 1996 Played By Nazriya Nazim
Height: 5'4" Weight: 119 lbs
Hair Color: Brunette Eye Color: Blackish Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Slips is more like a ghost than a person, and that anonymity is intentional. She lives out the lives of others in lieu of any authentic self. While Slips' alias is whispered among members of the Thieves Guild and her outfits out on jobs tend to vary based on necessity or whimsy. Her explicit exploits are known on a need to know basis.


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* ????: Born at an unknown time in an unknown location.
* 8 months old: "She has your eyes," takes on a whole new meaning.
* 1 year old: Instinctual imitation leads to familial isolation and abuses due to superstition.
* 6 years old: Runs away and hides as a dwarf so she can work for Old St. Nicholas.
* 6-8 years old: Sticky fingers and a silver tongue bring home the bacon.
* 8 years old: Recruited into and raised by the Thieves Guild (which chapter is lost to memory), a generally beloved nuisance.
* 8+ years old: An education. A horrible dreadful, boring education. Apparently homeschooling does not mean what she thought it meant. Phys Ed and craft studies were rather interesting though.
* 12+ years old: Used for peeping tom, recon, and spying (including on that stupid Assassins Guild).
* 15 years old: Captured by the Assassins Guild while in the persona of a deranged homeless teen. They toss her into a fate worse than death. An asylum.
* 15-17: Suffering from the derangement of the teen she replicated, Slips is trapped, becoming a victim of her own powers and circumstance.
* 17: Thieves Guild locates her and helps her escape.
* 18: With the Thieves Guild's help, after recuperation and great struggle, Slips is finally able to break free and shift to a safer body. She vows to herself to the Guild.
* 18: Moves to Japan to study stealth, subterfuge, and martial combat.
* ???-???: Life life life. Learning, training, attending schools as other people. Getting bored, causing trouble. Adding more adult bad habits to childhood bad habits. Maturity? Up to interpretation.
* 1971: Becomes a red bird. Err, Cardinal thief, aka, a member of the high council under someone else's identity. Impressive enough that she is given the position anyway.
* 1971+: It's all grapes and dates on the Stolen Isle.
* 2020: Slips moves to Brooklyn, taking on a new persona called Arya Joshi and filling the details in as she goes.

IC Journal

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Empathetic To An End:
Oddly, while Slips is incredibly manipulative, she's also very empathetic. She often works out her demons and more human traits via her personas, as if all the world is a stage to indirectly flush out things that she feels get in the way. Sometimes people are actually manipulated and used to this end, but that doesn't mean that she isn't genuine in the moment. She has the capacity to be that person who cancels robbing your neighbor just to hold your hair through breakup binging and trips to the toilet. Co-scarfing ice cream for three nights straight and then kicking your butt out of bed? Yep. You're annoying her.

Made of Mirrors:
Where is the real Slips? Does she even know? Having lived always in the skin of another, are any of these reflections real? Slips is, downright, an unreliable narrator of her own story.

A shrink might say Slips lives vicariously through her personas. Slips just says it's damn good fun. Slips has a really good reason as to why she doesn't care to look into her past, or she can think of one! Whatever delusion helps her keep on going! In her own words, "Know thyself? Pshaw! Overrated."

Terminal Boredom:
In the absence of high stimuli such as high risk heists or interesting downtime personas, Slips gets so bored, she gets lazy, and when Slips gets bored, she tends to try and make things...interesting. This is often comes out in impulsive and chaotic ways, which only makes the challenge of concealment more exciting.

The Deceiver:
Slips is a mischievous liar. She doesn't just lie about what she's doing, who she is, but her dark mischief and Restless Chaos leads her to even lying about stupid stuff. But it goes a lot deeper than this. Through her vast experience of living as others from such a formative age and for so very long, deception has become a part of the fabric of her personality. Slips uses manipulation and deception as an active defense from others and herself, not just as a practical tool. In a single persona, she can seem like someone's best friend, but still be miles away so to speak.

Character Sheet


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Slips has a power for flying by the seat of her pants. It exceeds human limits and has allowed her to Ferris Beuller her way through a lot of situations, physical, mental, and situational. It keeps her performances fresh and believable, improves her adaptability, opportunistic creativity, unpredictability. This power has been formative in her personality, instilling in her a special daring (courage would imply she allows herself enough time to feel afraid) and cocky impulsiveness she has to keep in check, among other things. *Note* this is NOT a manipulation of luck or probability.

Quick Study:
Slips is a quick study. She can pick up languages, behaviors, accents, mannerisms, and more. This is both mental and physical. Her ability to quickly iterate and experiment allows her to improve quickly, creating an entourage effect with her other abilities. A large limitation is that she isn't preternatural at retaining all of this information. She will never be the person who stacks up simultaneous fluency in 21 languages. Strong, fading, or revived muscle memory of physical skills means nothing if she doesn't maintain her fitness. She's totally eating mat if she doesn't take the time to grow the muscles on her couch potato gamer persona while drinking whiskey and margaritas. Alcohol. Yum.

Slips has the power to shift her biological makeup, altering her appearance, retina patterns, pores, fingerprints, hair shaft, vocal cords, size, etc with terrifying precision. Her mass does not change when she gets larger, and these larger forms create increased strain over time, while others can be held indefinitely. She is able to take the forms of humans, humanoids, or even semi-humanoid beings with any kind of clothing or accessories desired. While Slips can freely take on physical characteristics, replication requires some kind of representation. The higher the fidelity of that representation, the higher fidelity of the replication (memory vs photograph vs in person).


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Globetrotting Spycraft:
Slips works within the shadows of the shadows of the global Thieves Guild and sits on the High Council as a Cardinal Thief, serving as a spymaster and doing some of its dirty work. Her work requires a lot of the tools and skills of the espionage tradecraft as well as being prepared to take lives, escape, conduct sabotage, read and exploit people, extract information, and so on and so forth. She was groomed to be a tool, though no one expected her to rise so far as Cardinal.

Martial Arts:
Trained in the guerrilla espionage of ninjutsu some unknown time ago, Slips has to train constantly in this dying art and protects its secrets as any Kunoichi before her has been called to do. Although ninjutsu itself is not a martial art, the training is interdisciplinary and includes a smattering of martial arts, including taijutsu and others local to the region of her dojo. Slips continues to also train in adopting the techniques and principles of ninjutsu in the modern era, though the life path part she struggles with a bit more.

Master Thief:
Catch me if you can!

Slips is a master thief. Shapeshifting aside, over her long life she's built up and honed a whole host of classic and modern thieving skills such as general infiltration and evasion skills (lockpicking, acrobatics, escape), the art of distraction and misdirection, deception and manipulation, pickpocketing, and so on.

Weapons of Destruction:
Given Slips role within the Thieves Guild, she really needs to be as good as her assassin rivals at defense and lethality, something the High Council considers a necessary evil. Slips has more formal training through her time in Japan, including a lot of hand to hand weapons, the use of poisons and paralytics, and so on, but she likes to integrate the spirit of what she's learned with improvised weapons and more modern, powerful weapons such as handguns and rifles. While she thinks things like grenade launchers and heavy weapons are cool, they would almost always jeopardize her goals and so she's only really an admirer who might use such weapons in a desert for kicks. Aside from aforementioned weapons, she can't really resist a good brawl.


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Slips maintains a network of contacts key to her job. For instance, she may have three fences, two of them knowing her by two to three personas for different types of jobs to isolate blowback on the Thieves Guild or insulate her identity. She uses her shape-shifting to gain access to different circles high and low. Shapeshift a designer outfit and bling to infiltrate a gala to rub elbows with the rich and powerful? Check.

Personal Reserves:
Over the many many years, Slips has pulled off some high profile heists. She tithes more than most back into the Thieves Guild, and has tied up a fair amount in real estate around the globe over the years. Some of this real estate she uses for her personas, some are rented out by intermediaries, and some she offers as safe houses to her fellow thieves. What liquid assets she has, she hoards like a dragon and occasionally anonymously donates all of her liquid assets to causes that help down and out children, just to clear the scoreboard. Currently, she's in the process of building her liquid assets back up to their former glory.

Thieves Guild:
As a member of the High Council, Slips is afforded resources that regular members of the Thieves Guild just do not have and a base of operations (shared with the other Cardinal Thieves and King of Thieves). She also is provided equipment and assets to carry out her special role, but these are not hers.

Given Slips' seeming never ending ability to restore her biology, it's unclear how long she has lived, and like all humans, Slips has to make room for new memories, so she doesn't really know or care either. This affects her relationships, attitudes, how much time she invests to how much time she doesn't realizes she just doesn't care, outside of her life as a thief. Long vacations, casing out marks while she binge watching tv on her cell, I'll-do-it-tomorrow-ism.


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Baby Ears:
Since Slips can repair, regenerate, and form new structures, she's subject to sensitive hearing. She's more likely to bust an eardrum, tell someone to turn down the music, and require recovery time to repair damage to restore her hearing sense of awareness (if she so chooses). More seriously, spiky sound blasts can cause her debilitating migraines and cause involuntary shifting. Take note. She hates airhorns, screaming babies, drunk women who woo-hoo, and cringes at gleeful greeters screaming at each other like 14 year old girls.

Lone-Ly Fox:
Slips has a deep abiding loneliness, making her more vulnerable to manipulation by emotion. This causes her to reach out to others, entangling herself in their lives and then SWIFTLY retreat in a vicious and painful cycle for herself and anyone who is around one of her less transient personas.

Persona Bleed:
Slips ability to replicate via shapeshifting is grossly akin to shoving the data of her mind into new brains. Sometimes these brains are awesome. Sometimes they are like a minefield. She inherits biochemical makeup, structural deficiencies and impairments, the deep and shallow grooves of neural pathways, mental conditions, diseases, and genetic mutations (not powers though). It's a double-edged sword she accepts blindly and fears. Some of these ailments she can remedy, given time, but some present great danger, as she can only heal things if she's of sound mind enough to do it.

Shiny Shiny Trophies:
Slips has always kept trophies (even mundane) from her scores. Although she hides them well, this habit often escalates the risk of jobs and sometimes jeopardizes them completely. She's even done increasingly dangerous things solely for the thrill of frivolous trophies. Let's break into Fort Knox to steal the security camera in such and such vault! Let's infiltrate Arkham Asylum to steal Bane's jockstrap! These are "good" ideas to her. Let's just say her ROI and risk has increasingly become skewed and warped as she thieves more for sport.

Wayward Children:
Slips is a sucker for wayward children and has even been taken for a few rides by some of them. She's the kind of person who will be fiercely connected to a child she considers under the radar of her care or concern despite the harm and risk she knows comes with it. As such, she is vulnerable to those sweet-faced little monsters and techniques that employ them.



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Slips has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Wasting Away Again At Josie's February 26th, 2021 Cinque and Madi strike up a conversation with each other at Josie's Bar. Cinque explains his boring life compared to Madi's more interesting one. Madi buys Slips drink, and introduces her to Cinque.
Cloak and Dagger: The Hunt Continues February 5th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger make headway into the kidnappings around New York and run into another Spider-Person! Also, Slips! Talks of a teamup is solidifying.
A Chance Opportunity January 15th, 2021 Two art connoisseurs admire a lovely piece, finding they have more in common than expected.
A classic night out November 22nd, 2020 Blake and Ariah go out for a night on the town and meet a familier 'face' before inviting them out for a drink.
Coffins are too last century! October 27th, 2020 Slips breaks into Blake's home and discovers the vampiress is still there. Tension abounds and yet blood is unspilled and questions are shared. Things could certainly have gone worse!
Spiral Productions : the Great Escape October 14th, 2020 Slips finds herself stuck in a prison. But is it just a movie? Either way, she escapes, and the ratings were good.
It comes from beyond:Do that Funky Dance October 12th, 2020 Ritual goes off at a halloween party. Something awakens into this world.
Can't go home no October 7th, 2020 I no work for ya, yes you do. Only time will tell between Slips and Remy.
A Jewel Heist! October 5th, 2020 And so The Penguin has escaped! But little does he knowthe tracker placed on him by Spoiler or the card he unluckily left! The heroes have a clue to where he'll be next! What is happening at Haverford's Freezer Warehouse? What did The Penguin Mean by turning Gotham into a glacier? Find out next time!
Life is a ball September 16th, 2020 Champaign showers and Egyptian wishes at the Met during a charity ball
Pizza Parlor Parlez Vous September 12th, 2020 Alex, Slips, and Negasonic meet randomly in a pizza parlor and discussion of what proper pizza should be is had.
Hogwarts invitation for beginners September 8th, 2020 if you need an explanation, you shouldn't read this.
Do CFOs Dream of Green August 16th, 2020 Ivy meanders about Central Park and meets an unlikely individual, along with an all too likely individuals. She tries to use the unlikely one to her advantage.
Hot Day In Gotham Perfect Time For Ice Cream July 25th, 2020 WHO will save the city from the heated streets of Gotham? ICE CREAM MAN!
Late Night Pizza Emergency! June 29th, 2020 No description


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Slips has 15 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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