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Sofia Maroni (Scenesys ID: 1064)
Name: Sofia Frances Marion Maroni
Superalias: Rainbow
Gender: Female
Species: Olympian
Occupation: Singer
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Gotham/New York
Education: Private tutors
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 98 Actual Age: 98
Date of Birth 21 April 1921 Played By Morgan James
Height: 5'10" Weight: 138 lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @rainbowgirl
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Sofia is the daugher of a mafia don and the goddess Aphrodite. She is an apprentice to Iris, the rainbow messenger of the Olympian gods, and is developing abilities related to that career. Sofia is also a professional singer, preferring small venues. She's been alive since the 1920's, and works against mafia interests behind the scenes as much as she can.


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* 1921: Sofia Frances Marion Maroni is born to Don Angelo Maroni's mistress out of wedlock. Don Angelo was unaware that Sofia's mother was none other than the goddess Aphrodite. Mother charms father and leaves Sofia into his care, where she will be utterly doted upon.
* 1922 - 1926: Sofia begins asking her bodyguards questions about their jobs and her informal education begins.
* 1933: Sofia begins learning how to fight and shoot, in addition to her 'normal' studies.
* 1937: In an attempt to distract from her more grisly interests, Don Angelo arranges for 16 year old Sofia to start singing at his club. She becomes wildly popular.
* 1939: Aphrodite gives Sofia to Iris for training as an apprentice. She tells Sofia afterward. The girl begins a double life, attending a 'foreign boarding school' as far as her father is concerned.
* 1942: Don Angelo is gunned down during a business meeting on Sofia's 21st birthday. Sofia blames her mother and the mafia in equal measure. She never returns from 'boarding school' to the family. With the War in full swing, she sings on the USO circuit.
* 1945: With the War over, Sofia returns to New York and continues her singing career, mostly in smaller clubs. She joins and departs many groups in a variety of styles over the next decades. Her training with Iris continues during this time.
* 1962: Sofia crosses paths with an older member of the Maroni family in New York, who thinks she is 'Sofia's daughter'. She maintains the deception, but resolves to be more careful and begins touring outside the Tri-State area.
* 2002 through present: Sofia is sent back to the Tri-State area by Iris.

IC Journal

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Having lived nearly 100 years, Sofia has become quite confident in her abilities. She knows what she is capable of, physically or otherwise, and isn't afraid to act first and ask questions later.

In a social setting, Sofia will be one of the first to step up and meet new people. She isn't at all shy, and she knows how to keep people interested in a conversation. Unlike, perhaps, her mother, Sofia tends to keep things focused on others rather than herself.

Sofia is a professional singer with a wonderful stage presence. She is also, by necessity, a very capable actress. Part of her nature as Aphrodite's daughter, Sofia is often putting on a 'performance' in one role or another. While certainly not as fickle as her mother (at least she hopes not!), Sofia can shift between roles quite rapidly.

People often forget that one of Aphrodite's major powers is her ability to throw curses. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Like it or not, Sofia also has something of her mother's darker personality traits. She doesn't forget a slight, and she is very unlikely to forgive one.

Character Sheet


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With her mom being one of the Olympian pantheon, Sofia is physically superior to normal mortals. Her flesh is denser and she heals minor injuries over a matter of minutes. With Sofia's endurance she can push herself for a couple days at full capacity without needing rest. In terms of physical strength, she can lift almost 20 tons at full exertion. Likewise, she can long jump about a hundred feet with a running start.

As a servant of Iris, her speed and reflexes will be covered separately. Sofia's lifespan is significantly longer than mortals, and she does not appear to age except when she chooses to do so.

Both Iris and Aphrodite are skilled shapeshifters, able to take on the forms of other people. Sofia is still learning, however. Currently she can sprout a set of magnificent wings with rainbow plumage from her shoulders to enable herself to fly. Sofia can shift her features in a limited fashion, allowing herself to appear younger or older with longer or shorter hair, but generally similar. She can also change the color of her skin, hair and eyes. More practice is needed!

Iris is the Greek messenger Goddess (female counterpart to Hermes, called 'swift footed'). In addition to carrying divine messages Iris also carries water from the sea to the clouds and creates rainbows. Iris also carries water from the river Styx up to Olympus as punishment to be meted out by Zeus.

Being an apprentice to Iris gives Sofia additional abilities regarding travel that will improve over time. Currently, Sofia can run at highway speeds (up to around 100 mph) on the ground. With her wings, she can fly in the high subsonic range (about 600 mph). Sofia is quicker than normal humans, able to dodge incoming blows that she can see.

Sofia has the potential for not only greater speed but interplanar travel, but she's not ready for either one yet.


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Another natural skill that she picked up from mom, Sofia has learned to quickly adapt to become whoever she needs to be for any given social situation. It's all about the voice, the carriage, and the mannerisms, after all.

Sofia did get her natural beauty, grace and charm from her mother even if she didn't inherit divine love-powers. Her heritage, combined with the proper upbringing of a mafia princess, means that Sofia is quite comfortable in almost any social setting. She knows how to turn heads with a smile, and how to alter moods with just the right look. This isn't any sort of power, just an attractive woman making use of her 'natural abilities'.

Born in the early 1920's, Sofia has lived through many decades of history. In addition to experiencing the years from her own point of view, Sofia has also broadened her understanding through outside sources.

Being educated by private tutors, Sofia can speak Italian, Latin, French and Spanish in addition to English.

Mafia Princess:
Sofia wasn't raised to be a typical 'see nothing/know nothing' mafia woman. While she didn't learn ALL of her father's business, she knows a lot of the Maroni family's activities. Sofia also knows the overall landscape of mafia activities in Gotham, including generalities of the various family's territories.

One of Aphrodite's lesser-known skill sets comes from her siren origins. Sofia didn't inherit her mother's singing enchantment, but she still has one helluva voice. Sofia started singing at home from an early age, and the girl was singing in clubs in the late 1930's. Throughout the years, Sofia has always managed to sustain herself with singing. She covers a broad range of styles from jazz to blues to rock, even dabbling into country and more modern hip-hop. She is a consummate performer and has plenty of stage presence to go along with it.

Wet Work:
At a young age, Sofia was assigned a couple of bodyguards by her father for her own protection. The precocious little girl took complete advantage of this, of course, and wanted to learn just WHAT the men did for her father. Over time (and with a lot of needling), Sofia learned the ins and outs of being a mafia hitman. The girl even convinced her father that it was 'for her own protection', and he reluctantly agreed.

She learned how to throw a punch, hand-fighting, how to handle a knife, and how to shoot a variety of guns. Sofia knows all of the basic setups, including how to select the right gun for the job, how to obtain one, and how to get rid of it afterward. She can, with time, even rig a car bomb.

While she is certainly proficient and not afraid to get her hands dirty, her skill level is at the upper end of mortal profiency. Her techniques tend to be ruthlessly efficient, focused on disabling an opponent quickly.


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Sofia has been granted her own caduceus, a messenger's staff and a symbol of her ties to Iris. The staff is a couple feet long, bearing twined serpents like the medical emblem. Made of some exotic (and nigh-unbreakable) metal, it shimmers with all of the colors of the rainbow whenever moved.

The staff can store messages and can play them back. It casts a spray of rainbow mist that acts as a backdrop to play a recorded images of the sender. She can use the staff to locate message recipients like a GPS, so long as their true name is known.

It also allows Sofia to communicate in more mundane ways. She can tap into public (non-secure) cell phone networks to make calls and even use her caduceus as a wi-fi hot-spot. The caduceus can be summoned or banished at will, existing in its own 'hammerspace' dimension. It only functions in Sofia's hand.

Sofia is careful around the Maroni's these days, but she is still family. Retaining her youthful appearance for a woman who should be near a hundred, one of the Wiseguys started calling her 'Sofia's girl' after she'd been away for some time and she never questioned it. Calling upon the Maroni family is probably the last thing Sofia would ever do, but family is family.

Sofia is a singer in a band that plays local clubs in the Tri-State area. They're locally-famous, if not exactly nationwide. Her share of their shows is enough to maintain a modest lifestyle. In addition, Sofia made a few good investments over the years (using her 'allowance' as the mafia don's daughter) and has built a nice, healthy nest egg. She prefers not to touch it, but the money is there if she needs it.

No matter what she thinks of it, Sofia is Aphrodite's daughter. While the goddess is fickle and flightly, family is family. If she were ever desperate, Sofia knows that she could call on mom for help. She'd just have to hope that mom wasn't distracted by something important, like a date.

More importantly, however, Sofia is an apprentice to the goddess Iris. Iris sends Sofia on errands as part of her apprenticeship training, in addition to helping her develop her abilities. If Sofia were to ever get into trouble, she'd feel very comfortable calling on Iris for help. And she'd definitely call her 'boss' before calling mother.

Beyond those two, Sofia has only met a few of the Olympian gods and most of those meetings were brief, to deliver messages. There aren't many others who Sofia would ever consider calling for aid, however.


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Sofia works for Iris as a messenger-in-training. That job carries with it certain obligations which she can't ignore. If she is contacted to deliver a message, very simply speaking she Has. To. Go. On a date? Too bad. In the middle of a gig? Sorry folks. Iris may be a good and understanding mentor, but a job is a job.

Almost no one knows that Sofia is one of the Maroni's, and she'd like to keep it that way. She prefers to go by Sofia Marion, for the most part. Likewise, even fewer people know that she's the daughter of Aphrodite.

Being blessed with long life has its disadvantages. Sofia has to be very careful when she knows that she will be around people who knew her younger self. This is generally okay if she has notice, but occasionally she's surprised by someone who would notice that she 'hasn't changed a bit'. It leads to a lot of uncomfortable questions.

Sofia tries to keep her distance from the Maroni family these days, but there's still a problem. She's still a Maroni by name, and technically the daughter of Don Angelo. This means that if someone were to figure out her true identity, they could try to use her as leverage in internal power-plays. Also, if any of the Maroni family's rivals were to get their hands on her, she could be in a lot of trouble.

Sofia has serious mother-issues. In many ways she's thankful that Aphrodite is fickle and forgetful, because it means that there will be less meddling. She's tried to view it that Aphrodite was looking out for her best interests. Leaving her with dad to be raised (and charming him to be a doting father!) worked out pretty nice. Giving her daughter to Iris as an apprentice is turning out well, but Sofia really would have liked to at least been consulted. In the end the Goddess of Love has a very high opinion of herself and believes her judgement to be infallible. Sofia just doesn't always agree with that assessment.



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Sofia Maroni has 11 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Third Date Jitters January 3rd, 2021 Scott and Sofia's third date kicks off, her parentage is finally revealed. Scott needs to hit the gym.
Par for the Course December 9th, 2020 Scott, Sofia, and Cassie too play a round of mini-golf. Then Sofia abducts Cassie to 35,000 feet.
She's Out of His Pantheon December 3rd, 2020 The Ant-Man takes a Mafia linked demigoddess for sushi, challenges are issued to take place upon the field of minigolf.
After the Show... June 8th, 2020 After a singing gig, Landry catches Sofia with her wings!
Cousins June 2nd, 2020 Sofia asks Hercules for his advice
A Song Still Sung May 5th, 2020 What a surprise! A singer from the past still lives in the present.
So there's this feud going on... April 30th, 2020 Alexander updates Sofia on what's been going down.
At Mellville's Bar April 14th, 2020 Alex meets an Olympian cousin (Sofia) in a bar.
Visions of the Past March 31st, 2020 Daniel and Sofia clear the air somewhat on their respective pasts, and origins.
Call for Mr. Hercules... March 30th, 2020 Hercules receives a divine message, delivered by an unknown cousin.
Lunchtime at the Atomic Cafe. March 25th, 2020 Two auld acquaintances re-connect as the photographer takes pictures.


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Sofia Maroni has 11 finished logs.

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