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  • |FullName=Nathan Christopher Charles Summers ...hat ensued had practically destroyed most life on earth. <br>Unknown Date: Nathan takes on the name Cable and soon after learns the identity of the first mut
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  • ...thaniel Essex]] was a chief research scientist for CADMUS. Calling himself Nathan Milbury, Essex integrated [[Project: Black Womb]] into the larger umbrella
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  • ...he horror with laughter and food.<br><br>As usual, he stands apart.<br><br>Nathan wears a heavy jacket over his bulky, broad shouldered body. He's got plenty :'''{{#var:965|Nathan Summers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Cable's left eye glows in the dim light of
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  • |Synopsis=Nathan meets Hope at Harry's for a quick catchup. They run into Monet who is puzzl ...rock fill the air as usual, along with the aroma of hamburgers and fries. Nathan walks up to the bar to order a pint and once he has it, he retreats to one
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  • to the chair beside him so that Alison doesn't have to stand. <br><br> "Nathan." Cable introduces himself officially before he looks back out to the sky w :'''{{#var:965|Cable (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Nathan nods softly to Alison as she speaks and doesn't seem offended when Alison a
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  • |Synopsis=Lorna meets Nathan and they chat over the future of the world. :'''{{#var:965|Nathan Summers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable roams into the cafeteria. A new face but are fairly un
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  • ...mmers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Teleportation is an amazing tactical asset. Nathan Summers was no stranger to its application. Thanks to the powers that be on :'''{{#var:965|Nathan Summers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Cable wears a trenchcoat, blue body suit,
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  • ...neously, and when it was shut down Essex disappeared from view once more. 'Nathan Essex' once more, he established an orphanage called the [[State Home for F
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  • ...on his natural hair color is snow white and its less a product of age, but Nathan Summers has definitely led a hard life that's worn on him. Scars and cybern ...t, "Hey, can I get... something fizzy? Not too sweet. Surprise me!"<br><br>Nathan earns a slight lift of aneyebrow, or maybe it's the weapon that earns that.
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  • wasn't because of //you//. You were one of the first people other than Nathan that I trusted. //Really// trusted, to help me."<br> <br> ...pen on the regular when I was growing up," she says as she chews. "I mean, Nathan did the best he could, but there just //wasn't// food a lot of the time. So
    17 KB (3,223 words) - 13:15, 5 March 2020
  • ...her stomach dropping when she sees the figure there. The last time she saw Nathan, he was holding open a portal from the future to let the X-Men return to th ...s up on it, sprinting out from behind the cart and barrelling toward him. "Nathan!" she exclaims, flinging herself at him. At speed, in the park, with that r
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  • ...o each her own." He considers a moment and arrives at a decision. <br><br>"Nathan's of Coney Island. World famous for their fries and hot dogs. And the hot d
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  • trust me on this one."<br><br>Reaching out with her powers, she borrows Nathan's for the purpose of reaching out to Jean. Sure, she's got a burner phone, ...ow this is weird, but maybe it's getting less weird at this point. This is Nathan. The man who- My dad, in all the ways that count. And I think you know Jean
    18 KB (3,285 words) - 11:30, 20 March 2020
  • ...and swings them open as Strider disappears back to Avalon for now. "Uncle Nathan did a lot of renovation on it while he was the owner, so it's mostly got a ...uest house. The rest though...well, there are times I'm grateful for Uncle Nathan's particular eccentricities, because they play nicely with what I have in m
    18 KB (3,223 words) - 16:09, 10 June 2020
  • ...n't think its never not become old." He chuckles. "But, my name is Nathan. Nathan Summers." He offers his hand to her for a handshake. "Nice to meet you, Dia ...of him now, truly having no idea about the unusual circumstances that lead Nathan to being in this world as it is now.<br> <br>
    17 KB (3,172 words) - 16:26, 16 December 2020
  • |Poses=:'''{{#var:965|Nathan Summers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Nathan Summers, otherwise known as Cable, has made himself a semi-permanent house :'''{{#var:965|Nathan Summers (965)}} has posed:'''<br>Cable may error on the side of rude, but h
    27 KB (5,028 words) - 17:52, 25 November 2021
  • ...&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The researcher also mentioned the Musik household, where Nathan Musik has been sobbing for a week that because he was the first caught in a ...going on in rapid order around the house. <br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Nathan Lee Musik! Stop turning on all the lights!" an exasperated woman yells out
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  • ...<br><br>&lt;&lt; There was a lot of time where there was no one but me and Nathan. The times when there were other people were not better. And there was defi
    22 KB (4,097 words) - 12:43, 12 August 2020
  • ...rly occupied.<br><br>"Remember how I said the man who raised me was called Nathan?" she says, reaching down for one arm to loop it over her shoulders. "Well. ...taking a step back at the wash of power over him. "Wait so...this is your Nathan, but different and younger?" Alex guesses. Yeah. Long stories. They're ALL
    39 KB (7,223 words) - 06:38, 9 March 2020
  • She is keeping to herself while being asked, "You want I should ask my Nathan to give you a call? He's an accountant. He could have been a doctor but no, to come up with fifty different excuses as to why I didn't want to call Nathan."<br> <br>
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