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  Five-in-One; The Stepford Cuckoos  
The Stepford Cuckoos (Scenesys ID: 1114)
Name: Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, and Sophie Cuckoo
Superalias: Five-in-One; The Stepford Cuckoos
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Students
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Xavier Institute
Education: Highschool
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 17 April 2002 Played By Skylar Samuels
Height: 5'6" Weight: 132lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Sophie: "Centuries" - Fallout Boy


Phoebe: "Control" - Halsey (

Mindee: "Talking to Myself" - Watsky (

Celeste: "Brick By Boring Brick" - Paramore (

Esme: "Even Shadows have Shadows" - Eyedea (

Character Info


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The Stepford Cuckoos are quintuplets, physically perfect young telepaths who share a hive mind. They are woefully inexperienced with being around other people but eager to learn and experience the world- both together and apart.

Fun fact: Mindee's real name is Irma. Together, their first initials spell SPICE after the five member girl group sensation The Spice Girls. Mindee hates that name.


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* 2017: Christian Frost is approached with a fascinating offer by Mister Sinister. He accept the offer to collaborate and be given additional power in exchange for his DNA.

* 2018: Five girls are conceived using Christian's superior X chromosome and perfected human genetic material Sinister kept on hand for such an eventuality. The girls are part Christian and partially an amalgam of perfect specimens chosen by Sinister himself. The result is a hivemind-like sharing of high level telepathic ability. The experiment is deemed a success.

* 2019: Over the course of this year the cloned girls are force grown and indoctrinated with a falsified background. They are Celeste, Esme, Mindee, Phoebe, and Sophie Cuckoo.

* 2020: Mister Sinister begins a field test for his latest weapon, seeking to find them advanced training and using them as sleeper agents. He hopes to see them join the Xavier Institute or another powerful group of mutants and make inroads that can later be used to further his plans.

IC Journal

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Celeste Cuckoo:
Celeste is the Cuckoo who has the most growing up to do. She tries to be the peacemaker for her sisters in every possible situation, coddling them and telling them everything will be okay in the hope of keeping their bonds as close as possible. She is afraid to step away from the hivemind, afraid to let Phoebe get too much power, or Mindee become too much of an individual. She takes Sophie's direction on what is right much of the time but is the most likely to go to an authority figure for help if something goes wrong or to "tattle" on the group.

Esme Cuckoo:
Esme is the rebel. She wants to be in control and resents Sophie for being so effortlessly in charge. She's outspoken, driven, and devious. Where Phoebe merely wants to be the "best" to enrich herself and raise her social standing Esme would happily rule the world. She's the most likely to use their powers for nefarious ends and, of all the sisters, operates the most competently independent of the group. Esme is always needling, trying to find an advantage, pushing the group toward a more selfish path. Her real goal? She wants them to join her in taking control so they can never be hurt again.

Mindee Cuckoo:
Mindee wants more than anything to be normal. She likes animals and shopping, tries to avoid getting too involved in dangerous things, and wants to date and be a teenager. She lacks the sheer drive of her sisters Phoebe and Esme. Mindee desires individuality and freedom, and she is the most philosophical of the group, excelling in the arts and literature where Sophie excels in the sciences. She's also compulsively organized, possibly to a fault.

Phoebe Cuckoo:
Phoebe desires power and affluence. she's a bit greedy, feeling slighted by the fact she's ended up where she is with nothing at all of her own, and it causes her to sometimes lash out at people. She is a bit of a daredevil and the most likely to take risks to distinguish herself or for big potential rewards. She wants to be the strongest and the best, and wants that for her sisters as well, which can sometimes cause her to be destructive or cruel.

Sophie Cuckoo:
Sophie is an extremely dominant "Type A" personality. Driven, ambitious, and sometimes controlling it is her occasionally chivalrous, heroic nature that becomes the guiding voice of the Cuckoos in times of stress. They often say that she "drowns the others out" but really, she's just trying to guide them. Sophie has a keen insight into what makes other people tick but sometimes overestimates their capacity for change.

Character Sheet


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Advanced Powers:
The Cuckoos have a variety of powers they have not properly realized yet, and might not even realize they have. They may attempt these in times of crisis but their control is still being honed. They can alter or restore memories, share their knowledge with others, astrally project, cause amnesia, or even control another person entirely. Often, attempting these things will use a 'brute force' which is not at all subtle, either causing unecessary harm or defeating the purpose entirely.

Hive Mind:
The Cuckoos are always linked with an innate telepathic bond which allows them to share thoughts and maintain constant telepathic connection. It is stronger the closer they are in proximity- they can locate one another anywhere on earth by concentrating, share thoughts and power across a distance up to about five miles in any direction, and are in constant communication when within a few blocks of one another. While in the same room even telepathic blocking (through technology or powers) has trouble separating them. Their closeness also amplifies their powers allowing any one girl the opportunity to use all of their psionic ability for herself.

Each girl has Alpha level telepathic ability on her own. They can read minds, project thoughts, and track people's minds within the radius of a building. This power intensifies as they come closer together. They are also very skilled in blocking the use of telepathy upon them after years of practice with eachother. They also have some facility with implanting mental suggestions in others to make them more compliant.


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The girls have been imparted with a variety of academic skills more or less in keeping with particularly bright teenage girls of their biological age. Mindee is particularly well-versed in older literature while Esme has a lot of business acumen and Sophie is something of a chemist. They have some glaring holes in pop culture and anything modern outside the realm of science due to who programmed them.

The girls have a particular affinity for languages. They have already picked up most common languages from scanning people they've met, have soem understanding of several obscure ones, and can probably use their powers to learn whatever they need if they do encounter someone they can't understand.

Physical Prowess:
The Cuckoos do not naturally have any physical augmentation but each represents a "perfect" physical specimen, with fantastic stamina, strength, flexibility, and control for someone of their size and weight. This doesn't exceed any realistic boundaries for a human being. They won't be taking down a trained boxer, for instance, but can run circles around most girls their own age. Celeste is into acrobatics, for example, and Sophie has taken up free running.


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As it stands the Cuckoos have access to bank accounts and documents suggesting they had a family in NYC and that they are being fairly comfortably supported. These were given to them when they were 'created' and the accounts continue to be filled. They are not rich, however.


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Although not yet aware of this the Cuckoos have addictive personalities, especially Phoebe. Drugs, overstimulation, even attention. They tend to hedonistically overindulge and can become quie belligerent when doing so.

All For One:
If one of the sisters does so with a modicum of subltety they can take control of the powers of all of their sisters and direct the gestalt to any purpose they desire. It is quite difficult for any of the others to disrupt their plans if this happens and may require an intense battle of wills which can be harmful to them psychically.

Christian Frost:
The girls' biological father, Christian Frost, has a stake in them. They do not know him and it is not yet clear what that might be but it will likely have to do with his plans for the rest of his natural born family.

Emotional Distance:
Due to being a contained Hive Mind that had, at first, no real need for people outside of it, the girls have trouble connecting emotionally to others at times. Mindee overcompensates by throwing herself at others while Celeste tries to wall herselfg away and keep all of them as a contained single unit but they all don't connect as they should.

Obvious Telepathy:
Intense uses of their powers causes the Cuckoos' eyes to glow making it clear to those nearby that something strange is happening. Mind control, mental suggestion, etc. are all thus pretty difficult to hide from the victim at times. They can sometimes use their powers to cover their tracks, however.

Sororal Jealousy:
The Cuckoos don't know how to be apart. When one of them is connecting to others, especially dating, they tend to react negatively, shaming them or getting in the way of the relationship. The constant strife over interpersonal relationships can be attributed to their lack of time to grow as people and contributes to their seeming emotional distance.



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Stepford Cuckoos has 9 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The chism Trail August 19th, 2023 The X-Men are confronted by Black Team 57 after a mission to Washington to try and garner support for ending HR-485 before it can be voted in to law. The mission rapidly goes south, with much danger and much explosions!
Magneto and the Train August 5th, 2023 The X-Men, along with Captain America, race to a remote farmland area to stop Magneto before violence can break out. Magneto is detained by the enigmatic Black Team 57 and it's cocky leader.
Cannonballs and Cuckoos June 2nd, 2023 Two New Mutants talk with the Three in One about school days.
Five is for Funsies April 24th, 2022 Esme Cuckoo attempts to do something to the computers for test season. The rest of the girls show up while Esme gets in trouuu-bbble with Mister Summers and Tabby is the big sis!
Family Magnetics August 30th, 2020 Lorna, Gabby and the Cuckoos run into Magento at the Mansion.
Cajun Pool Party August 16th, 2020 The Cuckhoos, Hope, and Remy Le Beau chat out by the pool and share a meal.
Popcorn and TV Time August 5th, 2020 The X'ers fail to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Embarrassment abounds.
Apologizing to Dinosaurs May 16th, 2020 No description
Xaviers: Grill Out and Chill Out April 24th, 2020 A fun time by the pool at Xaviers!
Uncanny Ice Cream April 21st, 2020 Sally meets the Stepford Cuckoos, catching their interest with her unusual abilities. She makes them an offer that won't have potentially disastrous consequences at all.
Deep Dish Purity April 17th, 2020 A group of Xers save the University of Chicago's mutant populations from some anti-mutant jerks. Rogue does her 'Breakfast Club' impersonation.


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