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Swath (Scenesys ID: 1496)
Name: Nagi Shimizu
Superalias: SWATH
Gender: Female
Species: Synth
Occupation: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Residence: NA
Education: Highschool
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 04 Feb 1999 Played By
Height: 5'4" Weight: 324
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Lt. Brown
Theme Song: "Starless Sky" - LADYBABY https://youtu.be/7_F1x0cKoVE

Character Info


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Deep in the Amazon Jungle, mercenaries posing as FARC soldiers executed a group of teen test subjects with shots to the back of the head. One such young woman, Nagi Shimizu, the daughter of the murdered Japanese Ambassador to Columbia, felt her life flowing out of her onto the strangely alien metal fragment in the center of the room when a voice called her name. Over a decade later, a test subject broke free of what was ostensibly a Pharmaceuticals laboratory with only fragments of memory as to who she was. She only knew for certain that she was known as SWATH, the Synaptically Weaponized Autonomous Tactical Homunculus.


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1979, PRO Pharmaceuticals is founded by Dr. Sho Sakurazaka with the personal purpose of researching drug and genetic therapies to cure his daughter, Aya, of her Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

1995, While on holiday on a private island Dr. Sho Sakurazaka's wife, Dr. Hana Sakurazaka, disappears while investigating a strange artifact; suspected of being Alien in origin. The same day his daughter falls into a coma.

1995, Dr. Sho Sakurazaka founds the P.R.O. division of Pro Pharma, I.E. Paranormal Research and Observation, to further investigate the apparently psycho-reactive piece of alien tech that took his wife and daughter. Confirmed a rogue Motherbox.

1998, Japanese U.N. Ambassador to Colombia, Mamouru Shimizu, is killed as collateral damage in an assassination attempt on key figures by FARC forces. His teenaged daughter, Nagi, goes missing on site.

1999, February 04, kidnapped teens part of a P.R.O. experiment to awaken the consumed consciousnesses in the Motherbox are murdered with the artifact on site while Mercenaries posing as FARC soldiers attempt to eleminate evidence. Nagi Shimizu is among the test subjects eliminated.

1999, February 04, Motherbox integrates with traces of Nagi Shimizu's remains as it is being transported back to P.R.O. headquarters.

2005, Leaks indicate an adult Japanese female of indeterminate age being experimented on in P.R.O. secret laboratory. Experiments range from biometric measurement to multiple conscious vivisections.

2020, Confirmed security breech in P.R.O. secret laboratory results in the escape of S.W.A.T.H., or Synaptically Weaponized Autonomous Tactical Homunculus, unit 00.

IC Journal

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Swath has no memory of who she is, though she occasionally has flashes of Nagi Shimizu's life. This likely will change as the being who is SWATH lives and experiences the world outside of the laboratory. She will also, however, build upon her current experiences to become her own person.

Cool Headed:
Swath can come across cool to the point of emotionless at times, but only someone who lacked empathy would not see that she simply keeps herself in control out of habit. In truth she is very emotional, and in fact would be seen to suffer from PTSD, but neither has the experience to be emotive nor the desire to let it take over in a dire circumstance. This is something which could change as she learns to live in the outside world.

Detailed Files:
While Swath has little practical knowledge of the outside world, she is a living nano-colony with internet and cellular connectivity compounded by the ability to store information like a computer. She can come across like a newborn, or at least somewhere on the Autism spectrum, when it comes to interactions with people but may have in depth knowledge of the most obscure subjects.

Character Sheet


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Living Nano-Colony:
Being comprised of billions of cellular machines of an ostensibly unknown alien origin, Swath is more resilient than the average person and has a greater than human strength, though it is accompanied by a metallic density. She can consume nearby matter to heal from even fatal wounds, but it takes time and effort guided by deliberate concentration. A mere cut across the cheek might only take a second, but a sucking chest wound or the loss of a limb could require untold precious minutes of intense concentration. (Of note: She can heal her Core as well, but the self-repair of the Core is automated and even minor damage can take up to a day to heal because of it's density and complexity of systems relating to the original Motherbox from which it was born.) Calculation, memory retention, internet connectivity, she can do anything a computer can do and in addition may sense electrical and electromagnetic fields innately.

Nanite Blade:
Swath may instantly manifest a sword, ranging in size from as small as a dagger to as large as a Zanbato. It is capable of cutting with monofilament sharpness, though it cannot (easily) cut through some of the more exotic hardened materials such as Adamantium (and in fact Swath is likely to lack the level of super strength that would be required though others might accomplish the feat using her sword), but it is literally the core of Swath's very existence. If her body is destroyed, but the sword remains, she can eventually erode matter around her as material to re-form. If her sword is destroyed, she will die. If the sword is taken from her and removed more than 500 meters radius, her body will fall into a coma until the blade is returned or she has the opportunity to create a new body out of nearby matter over the course of days. That said, the sword is extraordinarily tough with roughly the density of depleted uranium, impossible in it's zanbato size for any normal human to lift much less carry and difficult to handle even as a dagger.

While she has to maintain a constant mass, Swath can shift her appearance, height, build, and even gender temporarily. Her body will return to it's base form, that of an 18 to 25 year old Japanese female, either when she releases the transformation or falls unconscious.


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Another skill that is likely a simple vestige of the young woman who came before the amalgamated artificial life form, Swath is a very good cook who specializes in home-cooked Japanese meals.

High level hacking, cracking, intrusion and intrusion countermeasures. I.T. security, and general knowledge of computing including the operation and construction thereof.

Swath has a knack for scrounging, scraping, and scavenging found items. She is capable of repurposing down to the component, stripping microchips and circuitry to build technology from literal scrap.

Swath is not sure where she learned to sculpt, but it is a vestige of the teenaged girl who was originally integrated by the Motherbox. She has skill and talent for crafting photo-realistic 3-D forms and artistically expressive compositions.

Though supported by detailed files, Swath has more of a talent for swordsmanship than a skill. Raw, reliant on power strokes, and simultaneously precise it is suited to large two-handed blades but could not be called Fencing or Kenjutsu. It is simply a practical, and sometimes vicious, style.


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Swath has a core that is her real self. At it's smallest it is the size of a human heart, or weaponized in the form of a dagger. At it's largest it is the size of a zanbatou or zweihander. When Swath reveals her sword, it is all of herself. She is using her mind, body, and soul as a weapon and swinging it to cut into a target. If it is taken from her, though it is roughly the density of depleted uranium, it only need be moved 500 meters away from her and she will loose control of her body. She may reform a body using surrounding matter over the span of days if her body is destroyed. If her sword is destroyed, or her core pulled out and destroyed, she dies. She is also not conscious within her core state; her core reforms without her knowledge as she remains in a deep sleep.



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Swath has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A Joyful Reunion (or Grey Goo Scenario Avoided!) August 20th, 2020 Swath is back!
A Blue Swath June 11th, 2020 Beetle makes arrangements with Swath in case he... you know.
Care and Dressing of AIs May 26th, 2020 Ted gets breakfast, Swath gets a dress and Kyani gets a job offer!
Cutting a Swath! May 25th, 2020 Introducing Swath


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Swath has 4 finished logs.

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