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Takako Kyozan (Scenesys ID: 1393)
Name: Takako Kyozan
Superalias: Daidarabotchi
Gender: Female
Species: Altered Human
Occupation: UN Goodwill Ambassador/UNODA
Citizenship: Japanese
Residence: New York City
Education: PhD, Tokyo University
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Infinity Watch, Mystic Arts
Apparent Age: 59 Actual Age: 59
Date of Birth 25 Feb 1962 Played By Moga Mogami
Height: 5'6" Weight: 123.5 lbs
Hair Color: Blonde (Dyed) Eye Color: Dark Brown
Twitter: @TKyozan/@UN_Disarmament
Theme Song: "Gida gida da zuba zuba da" - Dempagumi Inc.

Character Info


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Despite her youthful appearance, Takako Kyozan is the Japanese UN Goodwill Ambassador for Non-Profileration and Disarmament attached to UNODA. She is also the super sized Yokai fighting hero Daidarabotchi, who seeks to protect everyone around her from harm. She is well known for her research into nuclear weapons the danger they pose to the world and is an outspoken advocate of preventing such tragedies in the future.


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????: The Leech Child 'Hiruko' is born on Onogoro, to Izanagi and Izanami. Due to being deformed and inauspicious, it is cast adrift and left to die.

1868: After the Meiji Restoration, the Jingikan (Department of Divinities) is reestablished for the first time since the Heian era to deal with Amatsu-Kami affairs. A secret division also begins making contingency plans in the event they should ever turn again the new government and begins recruiting Onmyou mystics.

1872: Rising in political importance, the Jingikan is upgraded to Jingisho (Ministry of Divinities).

1920: The secret division of the Jingisho debuts forces of a new Tech Division: Dieselpunk mecha. These were deployed for the first time to battle an invasion of creatures freed from Yomi while the Onmyou division worked to repair Izanagi's Seal.

1931: Japan invades Manchuria. Shadow War begins between Chinese and Japanese deities. Jingisho tries to minimize the collateral damage. Once the Chinese military is subdued and native deities retreat a puppet State is set up under Japanese rule.

1937-1945: World War II - The Amatsu-Kami underestimate the Americans and their ability to devise weapons that can hurt even gods. The use of Atomic weapons, which result in mass civilian casualties and several wounded gods, ultimately forces Japan to surrender and the Amatsu-Kami retreat to Ama.

1940: The Jingisho becomes semi-autonomous Jingiin (Institute of Divinities), seeking to separate themselves from rising militarist influence and focus on the safeguarding of the Japanese people.

1945: The Jingiin is formally abolished by the SCAP occupation forces for its associations with State Shinto. The covert paramilitary elements continue as a shadow organization under the auspices of the Imperial Household Agency.

1954: The largest ever US nuclear test is conducted at Bikini Atoll. Following this test and demonstrating the perils of atomic weapons, a new threat, Godzilla, arises from the depths and goes on a rampage across several Pacific islands before attacking Japan for the first time. It is ultimately repelled by the Jingiin's mechanized forces and an experimental super weapon.

1962: Takako Kyozan is born.

1965: The Jingiin locates the Leech Child deep in a cave on a remote island. It is taken to a clandestine research facility kept secret from the Amatsu-Kami. Experiments and tests begin.

1968: 8.2 Aomori Quake disturbs Godzilla from his ocean slumber. Jingiin forces again manage to repel the monster again but at great cost. Takako's parents are killed in Godzilla's attack and she becomes a ward of the state.

1969: Project Shintai or ?"God Body" begins attempting to integrate genetic material from the Leech Child into human test subjects in order to create superhuman super soldiers.

1970: Initial Project Shintai subjects all die due to rejection of the Leech Child genetic material. It is theorized the naturally higher Tama levels in children might be able to withstand the procedure. Wards of the state from orphanages are brought in. Project Shintai continues with mixed results. Even with ideal candidate children, the success rate is still less than 10%.

1972: 10 year old Takako undergoes the Project Shintai surgeries. Miraculously hers are a success, though several of her friends from the program are not so fortunate. She resolves to keep smiling for their sakes.

1973: Takako spends the next several years learning to control the "God Body" transformation.

1978: Jingiin Forces, including Takako, are sent to fight a daidarabotchi yokai in the Tohoku region. She is confronted for the first time by a giant monster like the one that killed her parents. That is when she first began hearing the Leech Child's whispers. Takako would deny wanting revenge but deep down part of her did. The fragment of the Leech Child's consciousness surviving within her Tama could sense the feelings and pain she had buried deep. There was a part of her that wanted nothing more than to defeat the monster that killed her parents. The Leech Child empathized with this having its own desires for revenge. It unlocked new power within her, changing her, as she suddenly found herself just as big as the daidarabotchi. However without any experience fighting in that form it was still a difficult battle. Ultimately though the creature was subdued leaving the Jingiin to figure out what to do with a giant-sized Takako. Fortunately for them when her reserves of Tama ran out she reverted to her normal size.

1982: Takako is called in to help investigate a strange disturbances around Sekigahara plains in Gifu prefecture. Something had disturbed the spirits there. There Takako was confronted by a gashadokuro (a giant undead skeleton yokai) resistant to the Onmyou agents' bindings. It was a difficult battle, as no matter how she injured the skeleton creature it would just reform in moments. It was then the Leech Child whispered to her how to focus her Tama into a weapon. The Tama Beam succeeds in vaporizing a large part of the yokai and it is no longer able to reform.

1984: Takako is given the codename Daidarabotchi after the yokai her powers resemble. She appears for the first time in the public eye when Godzilla attacks Japan for a third time. This time in Tokyo itself. While Daidarabotchi cannot defeat the creature, she does succeed in slowing it down and preventing more widespread damage. This allows the Onmyou branch to make contact with Godzilla and convince it Japan is not its enemy. Godzilla agrees to stop its attacks and go back to slumbering beneath the Pacific Ocean.

1985: Daidarabotchi and other less high profile members of Project Shintai are publicly attached to the Self-Defense Forces as protectors who can be summoned when needed, since the Jingiin is still a shadow organization.

1986-1995: Takako enrolls in Tokyo University studying Nuclear Physics and Biology saying that she wants to better understand where Kaiju like Godzilla come from and how such sad stories can be prevented in the future. She eventually became an expert in the field. During this time she also engages in various missions for the Jingiin hunting dangerous Yokai and keeping the peace.

1996: Takako becomes a senior agent within the Jingiin, and their foremost expert on the affects that nuclear radiation and fallout can have on living creatures.

2012: Daidarabotchi defends Japan against the Alien Alliance Invasion with other Jingiin forces. Takako meets foreign superheroes for the first time who arrive to help repel the global invasion.

2013: Following Alien Alliance Invasion, the Jingiin comes out of the shadows again and is formally re-established within the Home Ministry. The Jingiin uses their full technological and mystical assets to aid in the recovery of cities damaged during the invasion.

2018: Battle Of New York - Repaying the debt to those who came to help Japan, Takako is sent via teleportation magic to help fight the Battle of New York against Loki's forces.

2019: Takako is named Goodwill Ambassador for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament by the UN Association of Japan and sent to New York City where she will be attached to UNODA.

IC Journal

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A Smile For Everyone:
Takako is seemingly always happy and upbeat and optimistic about everything. A regular ray of sunshine!

Takako fights to protect the weak and the powerless and those who cannot defend themselves. She is completely earnest in her actions. She always tries to do what she perceives as the right and moral thing to do, even to her own detriment at times. Sometimes to the chagrin of her superiors, as well.

Takako can come across as naive. She tries to assume the best about everyone and trusts relatively easily unless given an obvious reason not to. Rather than actual naivety though this is more her projecting her hopes on to those around her. Maybe they've just never had anyone believe in them before.

Character Sheet


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Extended Lifespan:
Similar to the Amatsu-Kami, Olympians, and Asgardians due to the divine genetic material she has been infused with Takako's aging slowed to a crawl in her early twenties. While time still affects her she likely won't have to worry about old age for centuries at the very least.

Form of the Daidarabotchi:
By channeling Tama through her body Takako is able to increase in size while maintaining her relative mass resulting in vastly increased strength and durability commensurate with the new size.

While the true upper limits of this power remain unclear, currently she can comfortably attain a height of 84 meters (and a base weight of 7000 metric tons at that size), and maintain that size for about an hour.

The use of her Godbody power in this form to magnify her strength and durability even further is possible but, the additional drain on her Tama significantly reduces her operational time limit. A Density of 2 in this form would reduce her Daidarabotchi time limit to 30 minutes. Increasing her Density to 3 would reduce it to 15 minutes and so on. (Density 4 is 8 minutes, Density 5 is 4 minutes.)

She has yet to exceed Density 5 in this form and even Density 5 was an extreme risk. Attempting to exceed 5 with her current levels of Tama would risk destroying her soul similarly to attempting Density Factor 8 with God Body normally.

God Body:
The signature ability of Project Shintai. By channeling Tama through her body Takako can fortify her body in a manner emulating the natural physical structures of many deities, essentially increasing the density factor of her body. This has the added side effect of temporarily increasing her weight by a similar multiplier to her density, twice as dense is twice as heavy.

Through extensive training it has become relatively easy for her to assume the density of one of the Amatsu- Kami (Density of 2) granting her super-strength (able to life about 20 tons) and making her resistant to conventional damage. She could likely hold this density for several hours if she wanted to expend the Tama. At a Density of 3 her density would be akin to an average Asgardian or Olympian (30 tons of super-strength and further resistant to damage), though currently she could only maintain this density for an hour at most. It is possible to push past this level though the amount of Tama required essentially doubles at every stage. (See chart for accompanying levels of strength and current time limits based on her normal supply of Tama.) It is also possible to shift between levels, when doing this the percentage of time that has passed in the current level should be applied against the new level.

Density 2: 20 tons of Super Strength and more resistant to to general physical harm for several hours. (Average Amatsu-Kami)
Density 3: 30 tons of Super Strength and very resistant to physical harm for 1 hour. (Average Asgardian)
Density 4: 40 tons of Super Strength and highly resistant to physical harm for 30 minutes.
Density 5: 50 tons of Super Strength and incredibly resistant to harm for 15 minutes.
Density 6: 60 tons of Super Strength and extremely resistant to harm for 8 minutes.
Density 7: 70 tons of Super Strength and exceedingly resistant to harm for 4 minutes.
Density 8: 80 tons of Super Strength and near invulnerable to harm for 2 minutes. (Density of Steel) Takako has only attempted a density factor of 8 once and it nearly killed her. This still falls well short of the likes of say Thor.

Sustained By Tama:
The process of being infused with Leech Child genetic material has wrought substantial changes on Takako's internal biology. While she still eats and sleeps seemingly like a normal person, this is primarily as a means to restore her reserves of Tama. Tama is what sustains her. Were she to conserve her Tama, so long as she has Tama within her she will not starve or feel fatigue. Conversely if she overly depletes her Tama the opposite is true and she will become first ravenously hungry and eventually completely lethargic and possibly even unable to move until she sleeps and recovers. Were she to completely deplete her Tama to zero, she would die. Similarly the more Tama she has in her system the faster she will heal, while in a depleted state her wounds will not recover at all until her Tama levels do. This supernaturally altered physiology also has the side effect of making her immune to conventional diseases.

Tama is an important concept in Shinto. According to the ancient Japanese Tama refers to the spiritual life force that permeates all of nature and is also the basis of human souls. This force is the core of what fuels the powers of Shinto deities. Humans naturally have a very small amount of Tama consisting of their individual soul and exhausting that would be bad.

Takako's powers being derived from one of the earlier Shinto deities in the form of the Leech Child 'Hiruko' are also derived from Tama. The infusion of the Leech Child's genetic material has vastly increased Takako's natural reserve of Tama. It is, however, still nowhere near that of a proper deity. But she might may be able to increase it further with time and training.

All of Takako's powers drain Tama to varying degrees in order to use them. Her body will naturally replenish its Tama in the same ways humans normally replenish their energy by eating and sleeping. Like any other human though if she were to push her Tama level to zero through overexerting her powers too far she would literally destroy her own soul, killing herself in the process.

Tama Beam!:
The Tama Beam gathers Takako's Tama, focuses it down into a single condensed point and then violently expels the energy at a target. It is in every way a weapon of last resort. While highly destructive and capable of finishing off many powerful monsters unphased by other attacks, it is also highly dangerous.

Using the Tama Beam is a significant drain on Takako's Tama reserves. One use of the Tama Beam consumes 25% of her total Tama. Meaning for example, Takako in a Density 3 Godbody state would find her current total available uptime reduced from 1 hour to 45 minutes. Similarly Takako in am 84 meter Daidarabotchi state, would find the total length of time they could maintain their form reduced from 1 hour to 45 minutes. While if she was also using God Body Density 2 in that form her total time would drop from 30 minutes to 22 and a half minutes.

If she does not have at least 25% of her Tama (time) remaining, use of this power risks her life as her Tama levels approach critical.


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Combat Training:
Takako has been given advanced combat training by the Jingiin. In particular given her powers they focused on a variety of martial arts and special forces hand to hand combat styles. Various melee weapons and weapons of opportunity were also covered in her training. You never know when you might need to hit someone with a tree. In addition she also has basic knowledge of the firearms employed by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

Perhaps by necessity due to her prodigious appetite, Takako is a fantastic cook able to prepare all sorts of delicious dishes.

Japanese Occult Lore:
The Jingiin began as an agency for dealing with Japanese gods and other supernatural creatures indigenous to the isles such as Yokai. As such their basic training for their agents includes a crash course on all of these mythological beings, both the stories they come from and the actual facts gleaned from contact in the field.

Nuclear Physics & Biology:
Takako attended Tokyo University in the 90's attaining advanced degrees in Nuclear Physics and Biology. She wanted to better understand the adverse effects of nuclear radiation and fallout on living things. In particular she wanted to understand how a monster like Godzilla could come into existence and how to prevent more monsters from being created in the future.

She also took a keen interest in the fledgling study of the biologic and genetic origins of superhuman abilities, in particular trying to unravel the source of her own powers and what the Jingiin had done to her.

Her PhD dissertation blended hard science and peace studies, centering around the dangers posed by continued development of nuclear technologies, particularly weapons, and the need for global disarmament.

Situational Awareness:
Fighting when you are sometimes literally hundreds of feet tall has a lot of considerations that one doesn't normally have to deal with when fighting at normal size like trying not to completely wreck a city or step on people. Takako has through experience and necessity Takako has gained an intense level of situational awareness of her body and her environment.


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Energy Bars:
Fearing what might happen if she found herself depleted of Tama, Takako always has a stash of exceptionally high calorie energy bars somewhere on her person. While they aren't going to provide enough energy to actively fuel her powers, they might just avert a crisis. She isn't actually sure, it hasn't been tested yet, but the idea is sound. They're also useful if she just gets hungry, which she does a lot.

Morphic Cloth Uniform:
Takako's special operations uniform is made of fabric capable of channeling Tama. The Jingiin based this synthetic fabric on several Amatsu-Kami artifacts they have recovered. It is extremely durable, can change size with the wearer, and with a minimal channeling of Tama through it can even change its appearance, altering shape and color to appear like other outfits.

Tama Meter:
Looking like a high tech wristwatch on the inside of her right wrist, this sophisticated device developed by Jingiin researchers measures the Tama levels within Takako's body and emits a series of increasingly urgent warnings as it gets lower starting with gentle vibrations, followed by what sounds like a cellphone ringtone, and finally a full on alarm should it get near critical.

The Jingiin:
Takako is an agent of the Jingiin, a Japanese government organization for countering superhuman and supernatural threats. While they are based in Japan and unlikely to provide much in the way of physical reinforcements to her on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, she can still count on them financially, for information, and to pull strings to get her out of political trouble. The Jingiin has also been working on a means to artificially synthesize Tama and ways to store it in an external storage medium for Takako, but all of this still in the R&D phase with no successful prototypes yet.

United Nations:
Takako is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament and a Japanese representative to UNODA (UN Office for Disarmament Affairs). In certain situations she may be able to leverage UN contacts or political resources. As a result of this she also possesses basic diplomatic immunity under which individuals are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution under the host country's laws, although they may still be expelled back to their home country.


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Blackhole Stomach:
Due to being infused with the Leech Child's genetic material, Takako's internal physiology has undergone some radical shifts and her body is now completely sustained by Tama. All of the food that she consumes is rapidly converted to Tama rather than a long digestive process. This has the side effect that she is nearly always hungry and when her Tama gets low she can become a voracious eater and an all you can eat buffet's worst nightmare.

Dark Whispers:
The Jingiin think they killed the leech Child. Elder Deities, particularly those with dark origins rarely die so easily. In fact the leech Child lives on in the surviving Project Shintai members, a piece of it's consciousness bonded to the Tama in each. It whispers things into the backs of their minds, at times helping them, but mostly attempting to guide them towards its vengeance against the parents that left it to die.

Divine Bindings:
While the creations of Project Shintai are not actual gods, they still have pieces of a god in them. As a result of this they are affected in the same manner as actual gods by supernatural powers and sorceries that might bind, ward, or seal them away.

Gotta Keep Smiling:
A big reason Takako is so upbeat and optimistic is that she has to be. With the horrible things that she has seen and the dark whispers in the back of her mind, if she ever gave up her ironclad insistence on finding the good in everything around her, it would end in a complete mental breakdown for her as she was consumed by darkness.

Not a God:
While Takako has reserves of Tama far greater than a normal human, she is still not a god. The biggest danger here is that if she overextends herself too far she risks burning away her own soul in the process and dying. Further, aside from those directly resulting from her altered internal physiology like her slowed aging, most of Takako's powers need to be consciously activated and using them actively drains her Tama. When they are not in use she is as vulnerable as any other human.

Survivor's Guilt:
One of the driving forces behind Takako is survivor's guilt. She survived a procedure that killed many of her friends at the tender age of ten. She feels she has to live their share and smile their share as well. This has been compounded as her aging has seemingly stopped. Watching those around her grow old while she seems to remain forever in her early twenties has her again questioning why she is special and gets to survive when others must perish. At times it can turn self-destructive.

The Jingiin:
The Jingiin, a Japanese government organization for countering superhuman and supernatural threats, is first and foremost a government institution. Their top priority is protecting Japan. Like any faceless government institution this means they do not have any single individual's best interests at heart. That they were ultimately willing to experiment on children 'for the greater good' should be evidence enough of this. To them Takako is ultimately just another tool or weapon in their arsenal to be used strategically as benefits the national interest.

There Can Be Only One:
Getting revenge upon the parents that left it to die is not the Leach Child's only goal. Its individual parts do not particularly like being seperated and they wish to become whole again. Over time they will attempt to manipulate the psychologies of their host Project Shintai agents, bringing them into conflict with each other so that one or the other can be defeated and absorbed until the Leach Child becomes whole again. Absorbing the Tama and fragment of the Leech Child from another Project Shintai member would in theory strengthen the surviving agent, but it would also strength the Leech Child and increase it's mental influence. There is no telling what would happen if such a being became metaphysically whole again with a proper body this time.



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Takako Kyozan has 14 finished logs.

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