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Tara Markov (Scenesys ID: 1685)
Name: Tara Markov
Superalias: Terra
Gender: Female
Species: Meta-Human
Occupation: None
Citizenship: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Education: High School Dropout
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 12 Dec 1999 Played By Cara Delevingne
Height: 5'7" Weight: 125lb
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Chill Bill - Rob Stone, J. Davis and Spooks

Character Info


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Tara Markov is one of the underground grifters you'd only know if you ran in the circles that deal with crime. Word on the street there is an earth mover who can be bought with the right price yet only if it's something she agrees with. Secretly, she's one of the royal children of Markovia, a Princess and illegitimate child of the King.


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1999, December: Born to an unknown mother and unknown (to her) father.
2001: Relocated to Manhattan.
2003: Attends elementary school, only knows of her nanny as her parental figure, always admonished for calling her mother.
2007: Kicked out of elementary school for bad behaviour. Enrolled in private school soon after.
2010: Powers manifest. Nanny, who was well versed, begins to train her.
2015: Kicked out of private school. Intercepts messages from school to Nanny. Stays on the streets during school hours with other street rats, stole her first item.
2016: Stealing and violence kicks up in full gear. Tara begins to take requests from her school mates in regards to bullies, nerds, parents, etc. Anything for a buck of her -own- money. During this, constant fights with her Nanny about who her parents were and where she came from.
2017: Tara takes the fights too far, manages to nearly demolish her childhood home. Nanny is taken to the hospital in critical condition. Fearing the worst, Tara leaves Manhattan and begins to wander the States.
2020: Currently, Tara remains on her own, yet to settle roots and still takes on jobs here and there for cash.

IC Journal

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Tara is the girl that says whatever comes to mind. Whether it bad, too forward, completely dumb.. the only thing that really makes a difference is that sometimes she seriously thinks that her opinion matters and she could potentially rub people the wrong way with her attitude.

Hidden Side:
There's a hidden side to Tara, even though she wants to be alone, she wishes that someone would accept her and help her feel like she belongs. That hidden side of her is sweet, caring, not as abraisive and willing to protect those she truly cares about. She's also a secret romantic, and that type of girl to watch romantic comedies in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.

Tara was raised alone. While she could get along with other people if she chooses, she finds that being alone and not have to worry about anyone but herself extremely satisfying.

Character Sheet


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Tara is in-tune with the earth and has the ability to manipulate all earth based substances. She doesn't need to have her feet upon the ground to control the earth. From up to fifty feet away, she can create earthquakes, tremors. She can also manipulate dust and sand, and at the most extreme, she can create Earthen constructs to fight with her OR take a hit for her in battle. She can also rip up a huge chunk of the earth to create a platform for herself to create a means of travel, via flight or levitation.


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Part of Tara's training as she developed her powers, was combat. It introduced creative ways to use her powers and to successfully defend herself against attacks by anti-meta groups or other unsightly foes. Her primary method of combat is hand-to-hand, primarily various forms of Boxing.

To take on small jobs, Tara had to learn the ways of the grift. She learned to swindle and commit petty crimes for small scale criminals, or for simple people who needed it and were willing to pay. Her grifting includes taking on personas of characters that she's made up, sleight of hand tactics, elaborate story telling and distraction tactics.

Street Smarts:
Ever since Tara left home, she's wisened up to the streets. She's able to scavenge and find places to sleep that are relatively safe. She can sometimes pick out an easy mark when she sees one. She also can pick out the local haunts by studying the surroundings and mannerisms of people. She's able to assess and read a situation to see if it's too dangerous or not.


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Tara can go back to Manhattan. Whether she knows if he nanny is dead or alive is questionable. What she always has known that the penthouse in Manhattan was hers, in her name, paid for by some unknown corporation. If she were to return, she could live a comfortable life.

The Go Bag:
Like any grifter and drifter, a person who does dirty jobs for money, Tara always carries a go bag. In it, is usually money, totalling two thousand dollars or less. There are numerous fake ID's that can pass at first glance and scan, stolen and activated gift cards that have money in them as well. She also has a sandwich bag of sim cards and two smart phones that could be used as burners. She also has make-up and just in case, a small arrangement of hair dye and colored contacts.


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Emotional Bomb:
When Tara is in that mood, any little thing could set her off. This leads to tons of property damage and cracked concrete. This also leads to harsh and rash decisions that usually would get her in trouble and on the run.

Lost Family:
There are a lot of things that Tara doesn't know. Like who her mother is. Or that her father is the King of Markovia. And that she's a Princess. And that she quite possibly has siblings out there. Tara does long to find out who she really is and find out about her heritage. Not knowing makes her feel out of place, and a complete outsider.

Narcissistic Tendencies:
Tara checks a few boxes when it comes to being a total narc. She does have low self esteem, and there are always two sides to her. Because of the jobs that she takes on, she's learned to be manipulative to get what she wants, and sometimes that carries into her personal life with negative results.



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Tara Markov has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Boom Shaka Laka September 6th, 2020 Terra and Venom thrash the Beetle
Pool Party August 16th, 2020 A full-on bar brawl breaks out at Josie's while Johnny Blaze and Tara Markov are present. Violence ensues--as does fun, somehow.
This Is Not a Heist! July 27th, 2020 Tara and Garth bust up a money exchange operation. And quick!
Surf and Turf July 23rd, 2020 Tara and Garth meet and make plans. An unlikely friendship begins


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Tara Markov has 4 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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