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Note these are cap sensitive. The banner ones are lower case, the rest first character upper.

Tall, thin banner images are probably good with the default width of 300. Images that are square or wider than tall might need "banner image width" increased to 400 or more. Though it does not show in +finger, you can set this on game with +finger/set bannerwidth=<value> so future transfers of your character from game to wiki, will not lose the value.


| page color                  = #081f3f
| banner stripe color         = black
| banner name                 = Your Name
| banner font size            = 54
| banner name color           = #ffff66
| banner name shadow color    = blue
| banner image                = YourPicture.jpg
| banner image width          = 300


|NameOnMUSH                   = First name last name
|Char_ID                      = Scenesys ID (+scene/id <char>)
|FullName                     = Full name
|Superalias                   = Made up name
|Gender                       = Male/Female
|Species                      = Human/Mutant/etc
|Occupation                   = Job
|Citizenship                  = 
|Residence                    =
|Education                    =
|Active                       = Status
|Theme                        = DC, etc
|Chartype                     = MFC, FC, etc
|Groups                       = Groups belonged to
|PAge                         = Age of appearance
|AAge                         = Actual Age
|DOB                          = Date of Birth
|Actor                        = Played by
|Height                       =
|Weight                       =
|Hair                         =
|Eyes                         =
|Song                         = Theme Song
|Twitter                      = Twitter handle


|Profile                      =
|History                      = 
|ICJournal                    = 
|Personality                  =
|Powers                       =
|Skills                       =
|Resources                    =
|Weaknesses                   =

Short images may case the area beneath to be filled in by a black box. If this occurs, just set the width to something larger so the image will scale to a size that fills the entire space.