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Tetsuya Wakao (Scenesys ID: 2942)
Name: Wakao Tetsuya
Superalias: Soryu
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Citizenship: Japan
Residence: Wakao Estate, Japan/NYC Apartment
Education: College
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: Mystic Arts, Street Level
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 17 Nov 1995 Played By
Height: 6'0" Weight: 225 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8m4mCa3teo&t=144s

Character Info


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Tetsuya Wakao is secretly a Shinobi. He serves Ryujin who acts as his patron in the mystic arts among other things. His sworn duty is to prevent catastrophes, serve the Sea Dragon, and make sure there is a legacy to pass on. By day he is the owner of a company that makes it's money by investing and helping in start-ups around Japan and lately New York, Metropolis, and other places.


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* 1995: Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. Parents were Wakao Masato and Wakao Ina.
* 2001: Began schooling.
* 2005: While out on a boating trip with his family, a storm rolls in and the boat is lost at sea. Miraculiously, Tetsuya is the only survivor. This is because of literal divine intervention on the part of Ryujin. He later has Tetsuya fostered by a servant, Fujii Tadayuki.
* 2007: Ryujin visits the Fujii household with an avatar to discuss future plans. Tetsuya, being young and still working over his grief, learns the storm had mystical causes that Ryujin was investigating at the time. Not wanting to have others go through the same, he asks how he can help. Ryujin sends him and Fujii to begin the Shinobi training.
* 2008: Arriving at the place where they were supposed to train, Tetsuya and Tadayuki find the hidden cove but also find out someone or something had murdered the teachers there as well as the Shinobi predecessor to Tetsuya. Contacting Ryujin, the dragon god is furious and decides to send Tetsuya to another trainer instead while he makes arrangements for another ninja sect to teach him.
* 2010: Over two years and inbetween regular schooling, Tetsuya learns martial arts and hones his body from a Senshin. He refuses the sports teams, despite being incredibly fit and instead takes place in debates, model building, and other such clubs. This regularly leads to attempts to bully him into joining a sports team and his defending the club of the week more or less.
* 2012: Tetsuya finally meets his new teacher. A Koga Shinobi that costs Ryujin quite a bit. Protections are erected around his current residence that make most mystics worry before they vanish off the radar. Tetsuya begins intense training after school and club activities, occasionally doing shadow education disguised programs as well. Internally, Tetsuya resents the idea of being a Shinobi but sees it as a matter of honor after seeing the destruction against Ryujin. He continues to learn both Senshin and Shinobi ways, splitting his time as well as keeping his body toned for both.
* 2016: Tetsuya, having finished training, was put into the field after Ryujin had new weapons and gear made for him. Nothing fully divine, but still things that would hopefully make him able to survive. His first assignment was an assassination, one that left him questioning at first until he found the ritual details later on of what the man was up to and hardened his resolve. Despite the honor mentality, he decides to seek out balance between the warrior and the assassin that he has become.
* 2018: Tetsuya has started to coordinate with other Shinobi and network with the Iga and Koga clans. This takes two years, doing work for all of them on the side as a means to build up reputation with them.
* 2019: News of the Foot and the Hand operating in the US reaches the clans. Tetsuya, having an entrepreneur cover identity, volunteers to begin establishing an operation in New York and to see what he can find out even if this will take some time. They will have to trust the superheroes and other forces to keep things in line until then.
* 2021: Tetsuya's company finally expands into the US market, working to finance startups and other such institutions. The most popular so far is insurance to help victims of superhuman attacks. By day, Tetsuya does the expected company details, but by night he becomes the Shinobi known as Soryu, the Dragon's Claw.

IC Journal

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A large part of Tetsuya's training was honor based before he became a Shinobi. While it may seem odd, he still has some of that with him. In most situations he prefers to face adversity head on. This isn't to say he'll walk into a gun wielding mob without a back up plan, but if it's a one on one fight with someone who has exhibited or displayed a great amount of martial skill he will try to at least give them an honorable end by facing them in combat. Further, he will rarely refuse challenges of skill from other ninjas, shinobi, or particular divine servants. That would dishonor himself and his patron without a good reason to do so.

One of the biggest things to Tetsuya is that he values honor and integrity among other things. He prefers to end things face to face rather than from the shadows on targets. This is both his biggest weakness and his biggest strength as a ninja. He prefers face to face confrontation rather than going about in the shadows. It's not an ideal trait for a Shinobi. In most cases those he has to dissuade or kill whether by orders or circumstance will see him in his Soryu outfit before dieing usually.

Despite his being a Shinobi in name, Tetsuya is a bit resentful towards Ryujin and those that trained him. He is honorable enough to take up the shinobi standard but does so in somewhat unconventional ways. This resentment is born out of his first being trained as the more honorable Senshin (warrior/guardian) rather than the Shinobi. Part of the reason his training took so long was because he had to abandon some of the ideals his first teacher instilled in him for those of the more survivable nature of the ninja and Shinobi.

Character Sheet


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Tetsuya's magic comes from study and partially from Ryujin himself. He is termed as someone who does invocation rather than evocation despite his ki being the fuel used for this. Because of his not being a full on sorcerer, he can only use one spell at a time.
* Purification - Tetsuya can purify an object or being of spiritual, mystical, or other such energies. This works to help against possessions, curses, and other spells. It usually requires some form of water, and typically Tetsuya does this through using the kuji-in to focus Ryujin's energies and himself to wash it away. Depending upon the strength of what he is trying to get rid of, this could take anywhere from a few minutes to a solid week with interruptions to eat, rest, and sleep. Having extra help to do so is also welcome in this endeavor as it takes the load off of him.
* Shadow in the Water - A deceptively simple spell, this turns Tetsuya or another temporarily invisible so long as they do not move. Moving slowly causes a ripple in the air if going at a very slow walk, while anything faster breaks the spell. The illusion allows one to hide in plain sight, even in the middle of a room if they are careful about it. Because of it's simplicity, it tends to not be effected by how tired he is.
* Dragon's Roar - Probably his favorite spell, even if he doesn't get to use it often, the Dragon's Roar is much like the mythical Lion's Roar. This creates a solid force akin to a tackle from him that blasts out from a shout. While not overly powerful, it does make an impact when you can just shout someone off of their feet literally. This doubles in effectiveness underwater due to the water magnifying the sound. It loses effectiveness as he tires.
* Leaping Wave - This spell comes down to enhancing his own momentum in jumping and swimming. At his peak he can triple both for a normal human, while when tired he can only double his distance travelled. When one thinks of high- speed jumping battles for ninja, this is usually what gives him that edge to out pace your average ninja.
* Tsunami Strike - This spell is dangerous to both Tetsuya and whatever he uses as much as it is to those he hits with it. It enhances the momentum of himself or the weapon/object in question that he uses. Unless he has a near unshakeable focus, the momentum could backfire and cause an explosive result. When done properly he can do such things as stab a fallen branch through an average sword or cause himself to hit with the force of a speeding car if he gets a full run.
* Water Control - Tetsuya can control up to around three liters of water based liquid at a time. This isn't enough to do really anything with, but can be used to provide a distraction. A spilled coffee cup in the lap, for example, or a soda can exploding when open. He can only mimic his natural hand force, which means it might be used to unlock door locks, but isn't about to type at a keyboard and only can mimic the force of a water balloon if used to attack in some way.

Martial Technique:
Trained as a Senshin at first, Tetsuya did pick up a few skills that one normally does not see on a Shinobi. Particularly these skills involve balance and direction as well as techniques to give slightly above normal strength.
* Dragon's Claw - This is actually a way to grab an opponent. It makes his grip frighteningly tight when he uses it, enough that he could snap a normal human's bones if he wanted to with a flick of his wrist.
* Ki Nerve Pinch - Much like a certain pointy eared race, Tetsuya can make a person pass out by an application of a pinch on the shoulder and pushing a small bit of ki into their system. The effects vary, but in most cases they stay out for at least an hour. If someone is wearing armor or padding, this makes it impossible as well as some superhuman durability.
* Feel the Waves - Air, much like water, can be felt if it is moved. Tetsuya has trained his body to warn him if someone or something makes sudden, violent movements towards him. While this is more effective in a watery environment, it is still able to detect some slight movements in the air so long as he is ready for it. The movement also has to be a sudden one, and he still can not tell if it's a violent attack or just someone thrown his way as an example.

Mystic Sense:
Tetsuya can pick up on magic, spiritual, and otherworldly beings via visual and sound. He can see a good deal of those around him. Spells can be spotted if in obvious use, but he won't see hidden things and has to search for such effects usually.

Peak Human Agility:
Tetsuya through intense training has reached the pinnacle of what most normal humans can achieve in agility. He near instinctively adjusts his balance on unstable surfaces, is ambidextrous (despite being left handed), can catch thrown objects or knock arrows out of midair, keep pace with some of the fastest combatants out there, and is almost double jointed in his flexibility.

Peak Human Endurance:
Tetsuya's training has left him with an extremely high endurance and pain tolerance for a normal human. He can hold his breath for up to 20 minutes, endure serious beatings that would fell most others, and even walk off a non-fatal bullet or stabbing to return the favor. Long practice has made it where he only needs the minimum of four hours to sleep at the most. Interrogation techniques will take longer to get something out of him than anyone else. This even extends to extreme starvation and dehydration in survival settings.

Ryujin's Blessing:
Thanks to the blessing of Ryujin, Tetsuya has no problems surviving for long periods of time underwater. He can breathe just fine and function just as well. He can swim just as fast as a diver using fins normally would and maneuver far better than a normal human underwater. Further, while he doesn't have the durability of someone like an Atlantean, he can survive in the depths of the ocean's deepest and darkest places just as well as on land.


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Business Management:
While still taking a few courses here and there, Tetsuya is at least moderately skilled in running a business and more specifically in getting one started and giving the advice to maintain it. His specialty is in starting from the ground up. He can spot a good location, give ideas such as the theme to a business or other do's and don'ts to make it successful.

Tetsuya is pretty good at disguise by most mundane means. He isn't a master at it, but he can pull off something like a soldier's uniform and walk around a base as if he was just the ordinary soldier, even come up with plausible excuses. It's also why he keeps his hair short because it's easier to blend in or apply a quick wig or something if he has to.

Tetsuya is a fluent Japanese speaker while also having the knowledge of English and some of Mandarin Chinese from his schooling.

Martial Arts:
Tetsuya is not quite a master, but well studied in a variety of martial arts. Most of these are based in Japan as far as their origins, with a few foreign styles here and there. This knowledge has been used to blend together a style of his own called the Path of the Mist Dragon. The style emphasizes speed and precision, especially when combined with Tetsuya's other abilities. Spinning strikes are not uncommon to add power, while coil-like punches mixed with trips are the mainstay. It's primary design is to help a user against stronger opponents and enable them to finish a fight quickly to also get themselves or those they protect away just as quickly.

Mystic Knowledge:
While his primary knowledge is of the eastern arts, he has a good deal of knowledge of the general mystical side of things. He can usually identify someone being possessed, someone who is faking being a magician or psychic, and a good deal of other things related to mystical knowledge. Primarily he is learned in countering rituals, spells, and possessions. The means to do so, of course, have to be on hand or he has to have them prepared. In particular his way of countering is ofuda because they are easy to carry and can be slapped on just about anything.

While not the absolute best at it, Tetsuya is still able to be pretty stealthy. He can blend into crowds pretty well, sneak about in the dark, and get into interesting spaces to find a good spot to listen to conversations. He is still pretty good at using the environment to disappear. Ducking behind objects, moving as silently as possible. It's all in his training in this case. This includes in the middle of a crowd of people so well that many dismiss his having passed them by or on the middle of the dance floor.


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Hajime Ryu Industries:
Tetsuya is a consultant with this company, on good terms with them and they often help him out. Secretly they are made up of spirits who can take human form and humans can see them. Their business model is to help other start up ventures, something that the Shinto pantheons/spirits/etc. need to modernize themselves and help out in Japan. As a consultant, Tetsuya works to help others to establish a business and they understand when he can't take pay because of his vows.

Koga Clan:
The Koga Clan is the ninja clan that Tetsuya is closest to. His teacher was of the clan and as such they see it as beneficial to have a Shinobi of Ryujin on their side. They primarily serve as a means of gathering information and providing such information to Tetsuya. In the rare cases where a mystical matter crosses their tables, they turn it over to Tetsuya to take care of it.

Tetsuya, despite the distastefulness of it, often finds work as a mercenary and doing such things as spying on people. Usually for a check so he can replace something. It's not perfect, but it's a means to an end and he tries to investigate everyone to their fullest if it's a kill job. Otherwise, he often has no qualms about trying to at least spy on someone and get information if they have the steps to do so. He doesn't have the technology, after all, and doesn't know computer passwords or the like. But he can sure do his best to get into some place.

Being directly in service to Ryujin, Tetsuya has access to the Dragon God's palace. The divine palace is where he can talk to his patron, receive requests from him, and generally goes to find out what he needs to do next in service. It also serves as a means for him to escape the frustrations of his cover identity. The palace is seated off of the coast of Japan, hidden from mortal eyes and views.

The dragon god is his patron deity and both responsible as well as not for him. Plausible deniability is the name of the game in this case. Ryujin serves as a source of information, occasional relaxation entertainment, and periodically calls upon Tetsuya to handle matters that come to his attention whether in Japan or in America. Otherwise, he may give Tetsuya an item to help on his current assignment if he thinks he needs it. Said dragon god does have a temper, however, and the occasional tsunami/earthquake in Japan is said to be his frustration for good reason.
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Soryu Gear:
Tetsuya is more modern than even he likes to be at times, but also not quite as suitable. Most of his gear is in small pieces that he can keep in pockets.
* Ninja Suit - Tetsuya's ninja suit is made of a protective leather-like armor that can be fitted under clothes. It looks more like a modern exercise pants and sleeveless shirt to fit under any clothing. It won't stop bullets, but it will at least offer resistance to knives and punches. It also has a hood and face mask he can pull up to disguise himself.
* Belt - The belt is made to store his civilian clothes and swap out most of his gear in a near-instant. It requires ki to use, and otherwise just looks like an ordinary if slightly fancy belt. Tetsuya can normally reach instead of his coat, behind his back, or other such areas to pull out what he needs with very little ki used. As an extremem measure, the belt can also release a smoke cloud to cover a quick storing of his clothes and replacing them with his ninja suit.
* Light Armor Sleeves - Blackened for stealth, these sleeves are worn on his arm and are segmented plates from shoulder to wrist protecting the outer arm. They are light weight and good for deflecting arrows, blades, and serve as a hiding spot for smoke bombs or other items.
* Porcelain Mask - This mask is enchanted to at least take a good punch or two, but serves as the 'face' of his Soryu disguise. Other than giving perfect night vision, it can also breath out blue smoke if he pushes a bit of ki into it. It can produce enough smoke to fill a small space as needed, and the smoke works like an octopus's ink underwater.
* Extra Weapons - Usually kept in the belt's storage when he's not in full ninja mode, Tetsuya has a pair of wooden tonfa he keeps for when a spear is too obvious and he needs to knock someone out. For more lethal foes, he also has a set of hand claws that double as a climbing instrument. One of his only modern tools is small crossbow that has a grappling line attachment that he uses to get around in modern cities.
* Smoke Bombs - What ninja doesn't have smoke bombs? Tetsuya's give off a blue smoke that has become a signature, along with an ocean-like scent that is hard to mimic. He uses special materials from Ryugu-Jou to make these. Much like his porcelain mask, these work underwater as octopus style ink that disperses into a smoky cloud.

Spear of Currents:
Known as the Nagara no Yari, this mystical weapon is actually pretty minor in power. It doesn't hold a candle to some of the more fantastic weapons out there, but it still makes up for it with the limited power it has and the skill of it's wielder. It has the following abilities, but may have more that are hidden under specific conditions or ones that Ryujin himself must unblock.
* Base Form - The Spear of Currents resembles what is called a jogekama yari. It looks like a trident with one of the tines pointed downwards instead of upwards. This enables it to be used to be used as a hook as well as a straight up spear and two different ways to disarm another melee combatant. The strange part is that it is non-metallic, and the blades are not even blades at all. The entire thing is a carved and painted piece of wood.
* Size Shifting - The spear is normally a six foot total in length spear, with the blades being a foot each.. This makes it unsuitable for modern day use in most cases. To help out, an enchantment allows it to shrink down to the size of a pocket knife as needed or anywhere inbetween. It is not suitable for combat at all in this storage form.
* Mystic Force Dispersal - Probably the most useful quality for someone steeped in the godly world is that the Spear of Currents can disperse mystical forces. It does this by disrupting the 'current' of the magic in question. It's only available in it's base form, but can be used to disrupt spells, rituals, and even possessions by a touch of the "blade". Unfortunately this is only up to those of moderate power. He's not about to take on something super powerful with it barring having serious help from other sorcerers or other disenchantment effects.

However, the Spear has it's own quirks as well. And things that he has to at least avoid or be wary of.
* Quota - While the dispersal is powerful in it's own right, it also takes a very small portion of the energy being dispersed into itself. This creates a limit as far as how many times it can be used, and how well it can be used. At the most he can disperse around five moderate effects a day before he has to purify the spear. Since he has no indication of when this happens, he has taken to daily purifying it just to be safe.
* Spiritual Cleanliness - The spear takes vows and duty seriously. Breaking a vow or duty will cause it to stop working until it is restored.
* Pollution of Body - Ryujin's essence prefers a cleanliness of it's user. While a Shinobi is expected to be an agent of death at times, it abhors violent bloodshed. Too much wanton destruction or violence for the sake of violence will cause the spear to weaken in power and stop working until purified.


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Duty Bound:
Tetsuya's got a dual life. Usually he is an entrepreneur and business owner, someone seeking to help others start up and make progress. His other life, however, has to take priority over that. If Ryujin calls for him, then Tetsuya is usually expected to pick up or otherwise answer the summons. If one of the Shinto kami calls upon him and they have confirmed it with Ryujin to use him, he has to answer. There is no refusal involved. He has to answer or be in significant trouble with them. And one thing you never do is anger a god.

Enemies: the Hand:
The Hand being what they are will not exactly tolerate a Shinobi. It's a toss up on if they are the ones that killed Ryujin's previous Shinobi or if another did so. The fact is, however, their goals are something that Ryujin may be aware of and actively seeks to disrupt. As his Shinobi, Tetsuya is caught in the crossfire of this and keeps his identity a secret for this very reason. The Hand, if discovered, also take priority over whatever job he happens to be doing at the time.

Ki Imbalance:
Because Tetsuya began as a Senshin rather than as a Shinobi, this has created a unique imbalance. He has extraordinary control over his ki for a mortal, but using it tires him out because it is so unbalanced in nature. There are ways to fix this, but it would take a life time to do so in almost every case or an extreme situation. It's a deep seated mental and spiritual resentment that causes this. At the most he can use his ki continiously for around ten minutes before needing a good four to eight hours rest and meditation to restore the balance. Once the imbalance hits, his ki weakens considerably.

Monetary Vows:
With the vast fortunes of the sea, Tetsuya should not be having to want. This has lead to this vow extracted in exchange for his powers. He can keep things for appearances, but otherwise must not have more material possessions than he absolutely, positively needs. As far as his gear, he uses a secondary job to replace the more mundane aspects through the Koga Clan. The mystical is replaced by Ryujin's retainers.

At the most due to his vows he can have a simple two bedroom house/apartment, clothes, and items for entertainment such as books or a mobile phone. He won't have a big screen TV, nor will he be in the most expensive outfits unless he is selling them right after. Anything of material value totalling over around $3000 has to be gotten rid of by a week's time, even if it's being trashed excluding the house, company, and his Shinobi gear.

If this vow is broken, he loses his magic and Ryujin's Blessing until it is fixed.



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