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Thaal Sinestro (Scenesys ID: 520)
Name: Thaal Sinestro
Superalias: Sinestro
Gender: Male
Species: Korugarian
Occupation: Green Lantern
Citizenship: Korugarian
Residence: Earth :<
Education: Korugarian Grad School
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 42 Actual Age: 42
Date of Birth 04 May 1978 Played By David Niven
Height: 6'7" Weight: 203 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Black
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Thaal Sinestro is a veteran Green Lantern of great renown who's been dispatched to Earth on a special mission to investigate the presence of unauthorized Oan energy phenomena and provide additional training to any Lanterns assigned to Earth's Sector, in light of the planet's disturbing tendency to attract/originate problems that extend far beyond itself on a cosmic scale. A fundamentally ordered, firm-handed lawgiver, Sinestro is a man of many talents, none of which include people skills.


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(All dates are roughly adjusted to fit Earth's rotational speed.)

* 1978: Born in the midst of a rare period of peace on Korugar.

* 1996: Braved the outbreak of the Fifth Korugarian Civil War to study archaeology, hoping in no small part to find some signs of a more enlightened civilization predating Korugar's current mix of violently opposed factions.

* 2001: A dig in a remote region of Korugar was ruined not by war, but by a battle between two extraterrestrials: a warlord from another dimension and a dying Green Lantern. He commandeered and used the stranger's ring to overpower the warlord, then allowed the stranger to succumb to his wounds.

* 2002: Married the sister of one of his fellow Lanterns after growing close to both of them.

* 2010: After eight years of dedicated service during which he distinguished himself as one of the brightest lights of the Green Lantern Corps, he turned his attention to Korugar, where his beloved wife faced the threat of a reignited war following several years of tenuous peace. Rather than hope that reason would prevail in time to keep her safe, he elected to use the power of his ring to create - and enforce - an order unlike any Korugar had ever seen.

* 2012: Two years into bringing Korugar's warring factions to heel, a suicide bomber kills his wife shortly after she fled due to her disgust with his authoritarian methods. From that point forward, he stepped up his efforts until every inch of Korugar was firmly in his grasp, finally united around the one cause worth believing in: fearful fealty to their Green protector and savior.

* 2020: Long since recognized as an examplar among Lanterns due to his mastery of the ring, lengthy record of training other talented Lanterns, and miraculously peaceful sector, he's given an unprecedented assignment intended to help the Guardians mitigate an unprecedented situation: traveling to Sector 2814 to investigate the momentary, detection of an unauthorized power ring signature on Earth, and - secondarily - providing personal training and monitoring for the Sector's present or future assigned Lantern(s) for the sake of enhnacing the planet's defensive capabilities in case of a(nother, in a growing pattern of) catastrophic galactic or universal-scale threat centered on Earth.

IC Journal

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Even among his fellow Green Lanterns, Sinestro tends to hold himself apart from others, having long grown used to relying primarily on himself without getting too attached to people who may or may not be there tomorrow. However, he is still capable of forming genuine, close friendships with the rare person who's willing to put up with him long enough to get through his dense layers of (seeming?) ambivalence to most people/things.

Sinestro's upbringing on a near-perpetually wartorn planet, followed by his ruthless unification of that planet beneath his emerald banner instilled a deep-seated comfort with 'benevolent' authoritarianism that echoes through his work as a Lantern. While he respects existant hierarchies wherever he may be, his devotion to the concept of order, belief that some people are simply not capable of making the best choices for themselves without being made to by someone who they respect - - or fear -- as well as the fact that he answers to the Guardians before anyone else mean that he's willing to resort to extraordinarily harsh means of upholding Law and Order in their purest sense, untethered by local statutes.

Sinestro is, fundamentally, a person who believes in order. The regiments he puts new recruits through are designed to teach them to use their rings as precision instruments, focusing their wills to a fine point that abides through chaos; his Sector - and especially his home planet of Korugar - are kept orderly through the judicious application of fear and calculated force. His ideal universe is one in which everyone, and everything is secure in its place, and he views his position with the Corps as a mean to do his part - however small it may be - towards realizing it.

Character Sheet


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Once upon a time, Sinestro was an accomplished archaeologist who specialized in investigating and reconstructing the ruins of dead civilizations on site and in person. He still retains an interest in understanding the ways in which civilizations function, mostly because of how valuable such insight can sometimes be in the line of duty.

Brilliant Mind:
Sinestro is an inquisitive soul with a knack for research who excels at digging deeply into topics that interest him. In a past life, this led him to uncover and reconstruct the ruins of dead civilizations to see what lessons could be gleaned from them; in this one, it's gone a long way towards enabling him to understand his power ring on a level that few other Corps members do, rendering him an expert on their design and function. Furthermore, he's very adroit at thinking on the fly and piecing things together to work his way through the kinds of unique problems that a Green Lantern tends to encounter without (/always/) resorting to detonating them with emerald light.

Cosmic Esoterica:
Sinestro's fairly lengthy tenure as a Lantern and his own natural curiosity about the deeper truths beneath the chaotic surface of reality have led to him amassing an array of what is essentially trivia about strange entities, places, and phenomena in the universe. His knowledge may not always be complete, or even wholly factual, but if he's confronted with something weird that comes from outer space, there's a non-zero chance of him knowing SOMETHING about it.

Emerald Will:
Having spent most of his life surviving endless war without ever faltering from whatever aims he set his mind to, Sinestro is possessed of a powerful willpower that translates perfectly to his status as a Green Lantern. He's willing and able to endure great hardships without breaking down, as long as it's in the service of protecting his planet -- and, of course, performing his duties as a Green Lantern and maintaining his reputation as one of the Corps' best.

Through extensive study, practice, and experience, Sinestro has learned to understand and use his ring in ways that few others might consider. He understands its capabilities and limitations on an intimate level, allowing him to push both to their utmost and achieve feats that may seem miraculous even to other Lanterns.

Self Defense:
Sinestro's slender frame and ring mastery belie a deep-seated enjoyment of, and facility with mundane forms of combat, included unarmed. Drawing from his experience of having to protect himself from soldiers/militias/thugs/et cetera affiliated with one or another of Korugar's warring factions, as well as numerous emergency situations encountered during his tenure with the Green Lantern Corps, he's entirely capable of defending himself without his ring if he must, though he still prefers to have a weapon of some kind to using his bare hands, given a choice.


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Green Lantern Battery:
Every member of the Corps has a personal battery that must be used to periodically to recharge their ring. The battery can be stored in a personal pocket dimension when it isn't in use, making it easy to access. While batteries are extremely durable - capable of surviving sustained damage from superhuman blows, energy blasts, and explosions - they are not invulnerable. If damaged by significant amounts of force, they can explode with a force equal to kilotons of TNT.

Green Lantern Corps:
As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro has access to resources including sanctuary on Oa, access to the knowledge contained in the Book of Oa, and - should he require it - backup from other Green Lanterns in crisis situations.

Green Lantern Ring:
Forged by the Guardians of the Universe, a Green Lantern's power ring translates its wearer's will into emerald-hued reality, and serves as his or her primary badge of office. It's capable of making or doing just about anything that its bearer imagines, from erecting force fields to allowing its wearer to pass through solid matter to projecting or manipulating energy, or - most iconically - crafting solid-light constructs.

Each ring carries a limited charge of energy from the Central Power Battery on Oa, enough to sustain 24 hours of moderate use; more intense usage will deplete its energy reserves faster. Every member of the Corps is in possession of a miniature version of the battery that's used for maintaining their ring's charge; while it isn't strictly necessary, it's common for the recharging process to be accompanied by a recitation of the Green Lantern oath.

The ring can only be destroyed by someone with a stronger will than the bearer, or a powerful blast of energy on the yellow spectrum; superhumanly strong beings, intense heat, pressure, and other such hazards are not sufficient. If its bearer is killed, the ring will automatically seek another suitable denizen of his or her sector to serve as a replacement. Finally, while anyone can wear the ring, getting it to do much of anything useful requires great amounts of willpower.

Common ring abilities include:

* Energy Constructs: The power ring can transform Sinestro's will into three dimensional constructs composed of solid green energy. His constructs are often complex and specifically designed to suit their intended purpose, owing to his rigidly methodical way of thinking; for example, he might create a set of high tech restraints and chains to bind a strong foe rather than merely binding their limbs with a green cord, or an energy rifle rather than firing beams directly from his ring. That said, if a glowing green bubble is all it takes to solve a problem, he has no qualms with just making one; there's no value in wasting energy or time on unnecessarily overblown constructs, after all.

Objects that the ring creates are solid and more or less real, so long as Sinestro concentrates on maintaining them: a construct telescope can be used to see over long distances, a construct jet can be ridden in, and so on. Such devices generally only work for other individuals to the extent that Sinestro allows them to, however, as they're ultimately just extensions of his will. The ring can also create objects in colors other than green, but doing so requiers enough concentration from the wielder that it isn't particularly realistic or efficient in the heat of combat. Constructs can be as large or small as Sinestro can imagine them, but exceptionally large ones will drain more power from the ring.

* Force Field: As long as the ring is active, it envelopes Sinestro in a green bodyfield that protects him from inhospitable environments like outer space and underwater, unless he wills otherwise. It also takes care of routine biological functions for him, meaning that he doesn't need to eat, sleep, breathe, or so on as long as he wears it. The force field's effectiveness is tied to Sinestro's willpower: the more he focuses on it, the more punishment it can take. At its maximum levels, it can withstand large scale destructive weapons and sustained damage from exceptionally strong superhumans, but pushing its protective capabilities too far for too long will quickly drain the ring's energy stores. Force fields can be projected around other beings or areas as he requires.

* Phasing: The ring can alter its wearer's molecular structure to the point of allowing them to pass through solid matter.

* Invisibility: Sinestro can will the ring to bend light around himself or others, rendering them invisible to visual means of detection. More complicated forms of stealth require more consideration and energy (such as consciously blocking out sound or smell).

* Flight: Sinestro's ring allows him to fly at several times the speed of sound in atm


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Korugar's peace comes at a terrible price: the freedom of her people. Beneath the adoring facade that its population presents whenever its protector comes home beats the heart of a rebellion; it may not come tomorrow, or in a month, or even in a year, but it's only a matter of time until Korugar's people decide that they've had enough of being ruled and try to take their planet back.

More presently problematic for Sinestro, however, is the possibility of anyone on Earth or in the Corps discovering exactly why his Sector is the most peaceful in the galaxy; should his regime ever come to the Guardians' attention, the odds that he'd be allowed to keep his ring are slim to none.

Unfortunately for him, the Guardians' mandate that he investigate and manage the presence of an unauthorized Lantern signature on Earth, as well as administer any supplementary training taht any current or future Lanterns of Sector 2814 might require due to Earth's extreme prevalence of cosmic-scale trouble make keeping a close eye on Korugar impossible. He does have access to surveillance equipment designed with the ring in mind, but it's no substitute for his presence -- especially given that it's hardly a secret to Korugar's people that their 'guardian' is always watching.

Little Blue People:
Sinestro is subject to the whims of the Guardians of the Universe, the cabal of ancient and powerful beings responsible for creating the Corps. While he may not always like or agree with the orders and dictates handed down from their wee hands, he still follows them, lest he be stripped of his ring for insubordination.

Sinestro's wildly successful tenure as a Green Lantern has led to some in the Corps referring to him as the 'Greatest' among them, and these days, he fully believes the hype; his sector /is/ the most peaceful in all the universe, after all, and that has to count for something, right? He views most other beings - whether they be mortals, superhumans, or even Lanterns who don't display his level of mastery with the ring - as inherently inferior, and while he doesn't doesn't (usually) hold any contempt for them, he does tend to underestimate and patronize them. These tendencies can swiftly become problematic when combined with unexpected yellow objects/energy, or opponents/situations capable of seriously taxing the ring's energy stores.

The power ring is fueled by energy from the Central Power Battery. A standard charge provides enough juice for roughly 24 Earth hours of moderate usage, but more extreme use will deplete it faster.

Yellow Impurity:
Due to an impurity in the Central Power Battery, the Green Lantern Corps' power rings are generally incapable of affecting the colour yellow. Its beams will not penetrate yellow objects, its constructs can't manipulate them, and yellow objects(or energy) will penetrate its shields as if they were water.

Due to experimentation and research into the nature of the impurity, however, Sinestro is - on occasion - capable of circrumventing the impurity on a temporary basis. By mustering the courage to face great fear and the will to overcome it, he can briefly do the impossible and force the ring to function against yellow things and energies. Overriding the ring's core limitation in such a flagrant fashion is extremely draining: no matter the effect, it will always leave the ring low on power.



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