That Darned Cat!

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That Darned Cat!
Date of Cutscene: 12 December 2020
Location: Empire Glassworx
Synopsis: That explains one or two things.
Cast of Characters: Nick Lytton

    Among Ginny's jobs at Empire Glassworx was maintaining the studio's social media presence: mainly keeping the website updated, and tweeting and blogging about upcoming events.  She couldn't trust it to the artists, least of all Nick, who half-assed any writeups he was asked to do on the artistic theory that 'my work speaks for itself'.
    Seriously, the artist statement he originally submitted for the studio's website was, "I make glass things with my bare hands.  I hope you like them.  And buy them."  Absolutely hopeless without her.
    Also, she made a habit of keeping track of contacts who might turn out to be important.  You never could tell when a chance encounter might turn into publicity or a commission or both.
    Often it was more important to keep track of the next level or two down from the really big names.  They can be talked to about less-than-earthshaking matters.  Ginny is not about to call Lois "Fun Interviewer" Lane over an upcoming studio fundraiser… but she might call that intern of hers, the redhead with the straying thermos.  Nice kid.
    "Christ on a crutch, when did I start thinking of people younger'n me as 'kid'?" she muttered to herself, topping off the hot water in her tea mug.  She frowned at the color.  Too pale.  Another teabag too, then.
    Fortunately the mug was sitting on the desk steeping when she checked in on the intern, or it might have needed to be replaced.  "Holy f… hey, Nick?" she asked, raising her voice to be heard across the studio floor.
    Nick was delicately shaping the spout of a custom creamer—ruby glass with uranium glass trim, the customer is always right even if the colors clash—and didn't even look over.  "Yeah-huh?"
    "You remember that intern from the Planet, Terry whatzis?"
    Nick's jaw tightened.  He damned well remembered being run out on at the embassy bash.  He'd called the Planet a few days after that, left a voicemail, never heard back.  And ultimately despite the kick to his ego, he'd more or less managed to put it out of his mind.  Ginny, of course, knew about none of this… and if she had, she'd've probably mentioned whatever she was about to mention anyway.  He managed a completely neutral, "Yeah?" in reply.
    "Turns out he's that cat guy with the Titans too.  Who'd'a guessed?"
    Nick's project hit the floor with a strained crackle and a viscous >splut<.  "Aw, shit...!"
    "Nothing… I mean, really?  That exp… that's interesting."