The Bork Knight: Meowfia's Revenge

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The Bork Knight: Meowfia's Revenge (Animated TV Movie)
Original Release: 01 April 2014
Synopsis: Peace is shortlived in Pawthom City as new leadership within the Meowfia raises the stakes.

Mmmm. Steaks.

Cast: Alexis Carr, Gar Logan, Test

Voice Cast:

  • Rollo - Gar Logan
  • Cagna Grigia - Allegra Caradenza

Show Trivia:

  • This show marks the introduction of Cagna Griga. Allegra Caradenza provides avoice cameo as a young Italian Greyhound named Cagna Grigia who performs at a Meowfia event and provides the piano and violin tracks that she wrote for "Una Notte Buia per essere un Buon Cane" (A Dark Night to be a Good Dog) and the vocals for the reprise
  • "Una Notte Buia per essere un Buon Cane" is a Nino Rota-inspired Italian Mob Movie piece, written by Caradenza because she loved Bork Night: Meowfia Menace, recorded originally on an iPhone and sent along to the company with such lyrics as "Abbaio solo per la giustizia che il mondo merita, ma solo echi replica" (I bark only for the justice the world deserves, but only echoes reply). Fantastically written by a 12-year-old musical prodigy in her grandmother's conservatory.