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On Heroes Assemble Mush, DC, Marvel and other superhero characters live in a combined world. New York, Gotham and Metropolis are situated along the Atlantic coast and connected by hyperloop for fast transit, encouraging interaction between characters that normally don't share the same stories.

We want many popular canon characters to be available, with portions of their arcs left for the player's new telling. We've created a unique and fixed timeline to make this happen. We've established global events like Loki's Assault on New York and put it on a timeline with individual events, like Jason Todd being killed or Tony Stark making the Iron Man armor. We've also included some major canon events and some original ones, or at least our variation.

We have tried to resolve where DC and Marvel worlds overlap, such as having Aquaman and Namor in contention for the throne of Atlantis. We have reconciled how the DC and Marvel cosmologies overlap in order to eliminate the janky feel of conflicting theme concepts. Some things we had to set in stone, but we want players to have a hand in choosing how their character fits into our world.

You the player have a hand in which canon events are in your character's past. Two players can decide if they want to use shared bits of history between their characters. We want to help you tell your story with the character, and tie that story into the ever-growing timeline of our game.

Our staff will be happy to work with you on your concept, including merging AU ideas into our world, or helping newer generations fit where older generations have not given way yet.

See +news Timeline for information on our timeline.

Original characters are allowed also! See +news Original Character.