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Thomas Fireheart (Scenesys ID: 1784)
Name: Thomas Fireheart
Superalias: Puma
Gender: male
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: CEO & Assassin
Citizenship: US
Residence: NYC
Education: MBA
Theme: Marvel (VFC)
Groups: Spider-Verse
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 07 Feb 1990 Played By Martin Sensmeier
Height: 6'2" Weight: 205 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Thomas Fireheart is a proud and fierce predator. Regardless if the arena is the business world or the violence underworld associated with mercenary life, Thomas takes to his tasks with brutal force. He is rare to feel mercy or remorse, but he does appreciate and respect those he deems worthy. To him, worth is a matter of spiritual, mental, and physical strength. Those who possess this strength or great tenacity are elevated in his eyes as great warriors. Once this respect is gained, it is difficult to lose. If this strength is lost, Thomas is inclined to assist in seeing it regained.


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* 1990: Born to the Kisani Tribe in Hartsdale, New Mexico. Part of a selective-breeding program combined with tribal mysticism, he is latest in a tradition of tribal protectors bred to fight the 'Great Evil to Come'
* 1993: Thomas Fireheart's training to be a warrior begins with his first step. He is immersed in Kisani warrior traditions.
* 2000: Kisani Tribe invites military consultants to train Thomas and regular cycles Thomas's training through a variety of mercenaries.
* 2003: Thomas Fireheart is sent to Japan to study eastern warrior traditions and techniques.
* 2007: Enrolled at Stanford University on academic and tribal scholarship
* 2011: Graduated with Masters in Business Administration
* 2012: Begins Freelance work as a mercenary and assassin
* 2015: Seeds Fireheart Enterprises with wealth accumulated from high-end mercenary contracts
* 2018: Fireheart Enterprises is the buzz of the finance world. The young CEO is branded as a financial genius. Fireheart Enterprises holding extend worldwide.
* 2020: Fireheart opens the latest wing of Fireheart Enterprises in the NYC financial district.

IC Journal

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Fireheart enjoys violence, doesn't shy away from fights, and even actively pursues the opportunity. As an example, he's a regularly participant in the Bloodsport, the annual competition held in Madripoor. It is rumoured he may have even devoured one of the contestants.

Fireheart possesses a deep sense of honor. He always pays back his debts, even to worthy adversaries. He deeply values his strength as a warrior, and if that strength his challenged, he will track the offender relentlessly until the challenge is resolved in his favour or his decisive defeat.

Character Sheet


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Superhuman Senses:
Puma can see into the infra-red edge of the electromagnetic spectrum allowing him to detect body-heat and see in near-total darkness. Additionally, He sees objects and people with perfect clarity at significantly further distances than normal humans. His hearing range extends into higher pitches, he perceives heartbeats, and he can pinpoint sources of sound with greater accuracy and at further distances. His sense of smell is the most powerful of his senses, allowing him to track individuals over great distances even when natural factors should have eroded the scent trail.

Fireheart is the by-product of generations of selective breeding and mysticism with the objective of creating the ultimate warrior. By entering a momentary trance-like state, Fireheart is able to increase his height and muscle mass dramatically. His body becomes covered with a fine tan fur, and he grows both fangs and powerful claws. This form is known as Puma, and it possesses a variety of superhuman attributes. Puma can lift twelve tons and leap upwards of thirty-five feet. He can run at a speed of up to sixty-five miles per hour. He can physically exert himself for several hours before demonstrating signs of fatigue. Puma's body can withstand great impact forces such as falling from great heights or being punched by superhumans. His agility, body coordination, and reflexes are beyond the natural physical limits of the greatest athletes.


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Financial Manager:
Fireheart is truly gifted with money. He has a genius-level understanding of markets and finance which has allowed him to establish Fireheart Enterprises, an internationally renowned financial firm.

Martial Arts:
Fireheart blends Kisani martial traditions with military tactics and traditional eastern martial arts. When with his peak human attributes or his superhuman Puma form, he is an extremely dangerous close-quarters combatant.

Natural Athlete:
Selective breeding by the Kisani Tribe have resulted in Fireheart possessing a variety of natural physical aptitudes. Even when not transformed, he is on the Olympic level of fitness for strength and acrobatics.

Even without his superhuman senses, Fireheart is an extremely capable tracker able to quickly detect disturbances in the environment and follow them to hunt his quarry.


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Fireheart Enterprises:
Fireheart Enterprises is an internationally known firm that provides financial consultancy and investment across a variety of industries. As a result, it possesses an impressive staff of investigators and connections to other companies dealing with bleeding-edge technology.

Kisani Tribe:
The Kisani are a native tribe located near Hartsdale, New Mexico who have for generation been working toward breeding the perfect warrior in preparation for an ancient prophecy. Potent mystics, their shamans are both an asset and weakness for Fireheart, as they are capable of stripping away some of his powers if displeased.


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In some ways Puma is another personality layered over his own. If not carefully managed, Puma can overwhelm Fireheart and force him into more animalistic patterns of behaviour.

Killer Instincts:
Fireheart enjoys the hunt and its ultimate culmination in the kill. As a result, he regularly partakes in mercenary work. Not because he needs the money, but because he needs the violence. This thrill seeking sometimes threatens his perfectly successful livelihood as an internationally known CEO.

Will of the Kisani:
Fireheart is on a loose leash. If he takes actions that directly displease the tribe, he may be called back to the reservation for punishment. If he refuses, he can have his assess to the Puma form stripped from him.



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Thomas Fireheart has 2 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Do CFOs Dream of Green August 16th, 2020 Ivy meanders about Central Park and meets an unlikely individual, along with an all too likely individuals. She tries to use the unlikely one to her advantage.
The Most Dangerous Game August 15th, 2020 Peter Parker picked a peck of painful Puma.


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