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The Titanians are a tribe of Homo Immortalis, also known as 'Eternals', who choose to dwell in Saturn's artificial moon Titan. They are a product of an advanced breeding program created by the ancient entities known as Celestials.

Eternals are the biological apotheosis of human evolution. They possess incredible physical and supernatural power, easily on par (or mightier) than the New Gods dwelling in the realms of Yggdrasil. When Oa raised the Demiurge to sentience, Celestial agents infiltrated the newly-aware entity in order to study the impact it could have on their genetic programs.

Two experimental groups were created; the Forever People of New Genesis and the residents of the Earthbound city Titanos. They were uplifted at the same time as the New Gods, some 50,000 years ago.

A 'lesser' form of Eternal, called Homo Descendus, were developed as wildcard experiments. These 'Deviants' were not part of either control group and roamed freely with no Celestial-imposed constraints. With a high percentage of superhuman traits the Deviants successfully established a highly advanced culture on Earth well before the rise of any human civilization. They largely occupied Lemuria and resided in the eco-sphere of the Savage Land.

As the influence of the Demiurge grew, so did the ambitions of the Eternals. The two leaders of Titanos were Kronos and his brother Uranos. Kronos rejected the Celestial directives to maintain order and subdue natives, preferring his own research directives. Uranos saw the rise of Atlantis as a threat to the stability of the Great Project. He enlisted the aid of the Deviants and launched an attack on Kronos' people. Kronos appealed to the other New Gods for aid. Kronos' faction was victorious. Uranos and the two-dozen conspirators of the revolutionary faction were evicted from Earth.

These twenty-four Eternals conquered a small Kree outpost on Uranus' moon of Titania. They were preparing a spaceship to return to Earth when the Kree sent a military vanguard and intercepted the Eternals. Four Eternals survived in hiding on Titania, and seven survived the military encounter in space. The survivors relocated to the artificial moon of Titan and developed the tiny Dyson sphere into a habitable colony. They called their home 'New Titan', and themselves the Titanians. Embittered and angry, they contacted the Celestials to inform them of the threat Atlantis posed to their ancient breeding programs.


Kronos had been communing with Atlantean scholars into the nature of the Power Cosmic prior to the Celestial assault on the Demiurge. He was able to help Atlantis fend off the Celestial war host and preserve Earth. The unexpected arrival of C'thulu overwhelmed him and he was consumed by the power he was unprepared to channel. Kronos was transmuted into a free-energy being and became part of the ideologuic manifestation of Time. Ripple effects of C'thulu's arrival awoke an ancient primordial evil in the depths of space, the Dragon of the Moon. This malfeasant entity ravaged the colony of Titan before heading to Earth. The last archmagi of Atlantis bound the creature in the Rock of Eternity to keep the world safe from its power.

After the events of Ragnarok, the Eternals established another Earth-bound city named Polaria and resumed diplomatic contact with their cousins on Titan. Eventually the largest body of Earth-dwelling Eternals relocated to that moon, using it as a platform for making contact with alien visitors and dissuading any of them from tampering with Earth. Thanks to their advanced powers and technology they were able to maintain limited contact with the shattered realms on the branches of Yggdrasil, and often stood in for the New Gods in order to maintain the spiritual ties between humanity and the realms of magic.

Guided by Zuras as their Leader, the Eternals have kept their presence largely hidden from humanity.