Toril Forsberg

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Toril Forsberg (Scenesys ID: 916)
Name: Toril
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: None
Residence: None
Education: Asgardian Education
Theme: Original (OC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: Teenaged Actual Age: ?
Date of Birth Appears Teenaged Played By A Young Tilda Swinton
Height: 6'2" Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A girl out of time. She is an Asgardian who bit off more than she could chew. Now, she is waking up in a time not her own, with a bit of an unwanted rider in her body who is as damaged as she is. Now she has to try to figure out a new life that she has just been thrust into.


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* 1205: Toril is born.
* 1210: Toril's father begins to train her in the ways of the warrior as well as putting her through appropriate education.
* 1220: Toril wishes to go off with her father to fight giants that are causing trouble and is denied. Toril sneaks off anyway and ends up getting her first kill...and getting into deep trouble with her father.
* 1222.1: Toril hears of a giant that guards a grand artifact, she sneaks off on her own to find it.
* 1222.2: Toril defeats said giant only to unleash a great evil. This evil, known as Dormir, possess her and attempts to take her mind. The clashing of the multi-minded Dormir and Toril's stubborn thoughts causes them to go wild and unleash a powerful storm that collapses the temple cave they are inside of. Toril is trapped inside, locked in suspended animation.
* 2020: A strong Earthquake rocks the Netherlands, causing an oil refinery to explode, breakiing open a path to where Toril/Dormir slumber.

IC Journal

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A Confused Mind:
When Dormir tried to take over Toril's mind, she was steadfast and stubborn. She was an Asgardian and was sure of herself. Unfortunately, Dormir was of many minds. A being created out of many to be one. The clash that followed, in a way, broke both of them. Shattering them against one another and then they slumbered. What came out is both and neither. Toril lacks memory of her life before. It's a whisp of a dream clouded by the attempt by Dormir to claw its way into her core. So, now while she is still at her core an adventuress girl seeking glory and excitement, she's also a confused one who has no idea who she truly is.

Given her lack of knowledge and a modern education, she is often easily confused by the world around her. It's vastly different than what she was used to and while in a way the new excites her, the new also frightens her. She is not as sure of her actions and is open to manipulation due to this. She is open to being loyal to those that show her kindness but also wary of giving too much trust to anyone.

In many ways, Dormir's aspects shine through in her. A wish to grow stronger. Wanting to control things around her in order to create a sense of safety. A fear of being trapped and fading away. There's even a part of her that she wishes to deny that would see any who would be her enemy crushed beneath her boot. Though in many ways that part of her scares her.

Character Sheet


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Simply put, this ability allows her to speak all the tongues in the nine realms and even to some aliens as well.

Asgardian Physique:
All the typical things an Asgardian gets. Aging slowly, capable of feats of great strength (lifting upwards of 25 tons), incredible agility, fast enough to run at 50 mph, resistant to damage in equivalent to her strength, and healing far faster than a normal human.

Thanks to her bonding with Dormir, Toril has another side to her. Whenever she is emotionally compromised (severe anger, sadness, or some kind of psychotic break) Toril loses her mind to a blind, berserker rage that comes with a load of chaos. Her strength and toughness double. Her speed is enhanced to the pointw here she can run nearly 100 mph. Further, due to Dormir's former power of the air and wind, the air pressure around her becomes chaotic. Within moments of her starting to lose it, the air pressure around her changes and storms begin to form above her position. When she moves, cyclonic winds tend to whip up around her. The longer she rages, the worse the storms can become and given enough time, a full on severe thunderstorm complete with devestating winds can occur. Further, she has no control over it or herself in this state. While her rage will typically be aimed at whatever caused that rage at first, once the cause is dealt with or gone, she will continue to rage until she is stopped, whatever that might mean for those stopping her at the time. That or until there's simply nothing left around her.

A final note here is that when she's fully lost it to the rage, she's very hard to control, not impossible but incredibly hard. Either through psychic power or magic, controlling her would be an incredible feat.

Occupied Mind:
Her mind isn't just her own. She has all of Dormir stored in there. While this leaves her suceptible to magical control, it does not leave her very open to psychic control. Anyone who attempts to read her thoughts or control her mind via psychic powers is just as likely to slam into a wall of mad, screaming thoughts, as they are to even touch Toril's mind directly.


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Toril was trained by her father in hand to hand combat as well as use of swords. She was talented with a sword and still is to a degree though her real strength is in just pure hand to hand. Her style is something of a wrestling style, built around quick punches and kicks followed by throws and holds.

Even though she doesn't recall or remember it, Toril's body does remember it. She had a natural knack with horses and spent some time working with them when she was younger. She was a natural rider and really quite enjoyed it up until the incident with Dormir.


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Clothes On Her Back:
The only thing she has at the moment is the leather armor she was wearing when she went it. It's tough and treated, Asgardian in origin and tough enough to grant a degree of protection against bladed weapons.


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Confused Mind:
She remembers some things of her past but a lot of it is just a jumble, ripped up and tattered by the mental bout with the being known as Dormir. As such, she really doesn't have a solid grasp on her life before waking up in the modern era, only knowing she isn't exactly human and having some basic skills.

Due to her lack of knowledge, she isn't simply controllable by Magic but frankly just by someone wiht a silver tongue. She just doesn't have a lot of knowledge of the modern world and can in some ways be too trusting.

Magical Control:
The tattered form of Dormir, living within her, leaves a lot of avenues for spells designed to control someone like Toril to latch on and take hold. While it wouldn't be as simple as saying abracadabra and she's under your control, a person using a spell or magical device to control her would find her an easier target than most. The exception to this is when she's gone into full berserker mode. During such a time, most anything other than pure force would find it quite difficult to control her.

Thanks to her mind being riddled with the maddening thoughts of Dormir, she often sleeps restlessly and with mad dreams and nightmares. Often times this can even mean that when she's asleep, wind can whip up around her and cause a terrible mess until she awakens and while this wind isn't necessarily strong enough to do heavy damage, it can create quite the mess.

Out of Time:
She isn't really from this time period. Everything is new to her. Even if she had all of her memories in perfect order and her mind wasn't a mess, she would not understand a lot of the modern world and the changes that have taken place in it.

While, in a way, her greatest power, it is also one of her greatest weaknesses. When Toril goes into a blind rage, EVERYONE is in danger. She has basically no control at all. She is lost in a maelstrom of madness and while that madness is often initially directed at whatever or whoever started it, once she has taken her pound of flesh from them, she'll start taking it out on anything and everyone around her until nothing is left or until she is stopped.



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Toril Forsberg has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Just A Walk In The Park March 20th, 2020 Heidi is suprised to meet another Asgardian. She shares some tips with Toril and they eat pretzels.
I would have words with thee. March 19th, 2020 Toril gets taken to SHIELD
Oil refinery havok! March 18th, 2020 The heroes arrive in time to save the day, disaster is diverted, and a strange Asgardian is found beneath the surface.


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Toril Forsberg has 3 finished logs.

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