Types of Characters

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There are five categories of characters. Each category has particular attributes related to it, such as activity requirements. Activity levels for the categories can be found in more detail at +news Activity.

Pillar Feature Characters (PFC)

Pillar characters are the most well known and do the most to set the theme. Having Batman, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers in a scene is often important to others. They require Roleplay more often, and are held in the most strict terms to staying true to their roles. See +news Alternate Characters.)
Character Examples: Superman, Captain America

Major Feature Characters (MFC)

Major characters are particularly popular comic book characters so they are best spread out among the player base.
A player may play two MFCs, or one PFC and one MFC. See +news Alternate Characters.)
Character Examples: Barbara Gordon, Natasha Romanoff, Doctor Strange

Feature Characters (FC)

Feature characters are defined as characters that come from comic and media sources. This is a general group for heroes and anti-heroes.
Character Examples: Angel, Kid Flash, Ant-Man.

Villain Feature Characters (VFC)

Villain characters include any character that is primarily known for their nefarious deeds or plots. These characters tend to lose at the end of the day, and players that take on Villain roles must seek to enjoy the journey to rather inevitable failure!
Character Examples: Lex Luthor, Mister Sinister, Two-Face

Original Characters (OC)

Original characters are characters that you, the player, have invented! They have their own set of boons and drawbacks, which can be found in detail at +news Original Character.
Character Examples: Morrigan MacIntyre, Natasha Cranston

Ally Feature Characters (AFC)

Ally Feature characters are defined as characters that, like FCs, come from comic and media sources, but they lack powers or superhuman abilities. This group usually involves general people just trying to live their lives in a world of superheroes and villains. Applications for these characters are the most minimal and easiest to complete, and like OC and VFC, have the lowest activity requirements. Agents like Melinda May with the resources of groups like SHIELD are FCs, while analysts like Fitz-Simmons are considered AFCs.
Character Examples: Lois Lane, Aunt May, Alfred Pennyworth

Ready to get a character? See +news Applying for Characters!