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Valerie Killmore (Scenesys ID: 3794)
Name: Valerie Killmore
Superalias: Hex
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Killer Scavenger
Citizenship: USA
Residence: Hell's Kitchen
Education: Streets
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 29 Feb 2001 Played By Fay Suicide
Height: 5'3" Weight: 100 lb
Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Pink
Twitter: @DumpstaDivin
Theme Song: Cheshire Kitten by SJ Tucker

Character Info


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A scavenging junk inventor with sociopathic tendencies. She has the ability to manipulate magical energies into markings and runes on pieces of technology to enhance them, and also use alchemical processes to do similar with chemicals and herbs.


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2001 - Born as a shit stain in the world of people. You know how you know you were born under a bad moon, or some kind of cosmic misfortune? It isn't because some witch or warlock shakes some sage over you and calls to the Devil himself to curse you. It's because even the Devil won't show up when they do, he's afraid of catching what you got. Also the year my parents died in some such accident thingie. Never really cared to look it up. Maybe a car accident? Or an apartment fire, one of the two for sure. Into the system for the first time, let's spin the wheel of life to see what happens next!

2005 - A wee little tyke, squirt, skinny little tomboy, raised by an alcoholic abusive stepfather who hates - absolutely abhors, I mean, just absolutely despises - onions. Doesn't matter if they are grilled, fried, sauteed, breaded, dipped in honey mustard, no sir, that man hated onions. Almost as much as he hated me. I liked pink, I liked girl stuff, but come on. Bugs? Trees? Tables? Those supports for couches? All great stuff to gather, fiddle with, remove without warning, and put in his bed to show him early in the morning. I just wanted to share! It's rough having a dad who is worse off than your dead parents, but I did get - hmmm. Life lessons?

2010 - I lost my stuffed animal, it was a pink giraffe. You know how hard it is to find a pink giraffe? Yeah! That's right, very difficult. I lost my PINK GIRAFFE, in a great big apartment fire. Oh, right, also, some people died and in that list of people was my wonderful (/sarcasm) stepfather. Well, now he died like the saint he wasn't. He was gonna get cancer or something before the end I'm sure, I could see it in his eyes.

2012 - For a few years - Social workers, foster care, big sisters, fake parent wannabes, in and out of the system. You know the story. Little girl, looks pouty and cute, all dressed up and put on parade, then brought home. So, you kill a few puppy wuppies, and you get returned faster than a damaged amazon order? Then, they start to bring in the shrinks, psycho nutters, and priests. What do you take me for, some kind of fool? I jumped that ship real quick.

2014 - You know that saying, other people's junk is another person's origin story? No, haven't heard that one before? Okay, well, it goes a little like this. People throw stuff out. Junk, they call it. So, disrespectful. DVD players, CD Players, headless barbie dolls, broken guns, books of magic, and prescription drugs. All of its useful to the Junk Savior. You toss it, I'll break it down and piece it back together with something else. And that's how I got this GI Joe with barbie boobs and fireworks inside. You think your 4th of July was big and wonderful? Talk to the church I lit up? it was divine. No, seriously, I'm not joking!!!

2016 - The streets are no place for a girl. Unless that girl is rough, tumbly, smart and has explosives on her all the time. Also, I was also getting down the workings of those metaphysical things I was reading in those books on magic. Yeah, magic, what's so hard to believe? Runes, tags, you know. Take some junk, string it together, slap some runes on it and you've got yourself a pew pew ready to go. I think I made some impressions when I robbed that armored car, well, is it robbery when it all goes up in a blaze? Who'd of thought that money would burn THAT quick? Good thing I wasn't inside with all those guards.

2017 - Oscorp was next on my to-do list. You know, they have some great technology and about this time I was getting super great at mixing matching woodoo with technology. Buy something you say? No way. That's not even close to free. It was the perfect plan, sneak in through a hole I'd create with a mild explosive, then walk in, grab anything that looked expensive, or useful, and run! Perfection. I'm not sure how they caught me, but when I was staring down the end of that - guard, not even sure what he was wielding, Mister Norman himself shows up. Suffice it to say, my tech and juju caught his eye. Let's just say that guard was never heard from again, my hole in the wall was covered up, literally, and this was the start of a beeewwwtiful friendship. He's smart, strategic, kind, you know, all the greatest attributes in a man with riches and tech. Anywho, he kind of adopted me, and I've been lucky enough to work for him on the side ever since. He points, I shoot, he says hello, I murder someone. If he had a vacancy for a daughter in his life, you know I'd apply and tie up all the other applicants and then bury them.

2018 - My studies are partially led by Mister Osborn, but mostly he lets me do my thing. He recognizes smarts when he sees it, and I think he likes that little spark in my eyes - from the nearby welding torch.

2019 - Legally changed my name to Valerie Killmore. Suck it. You know it's genius! Val Killmore, sounds a lot like, say it aloud. Hah! Got you world. Got you good. Plus, Miss Killmore sounds so much better than Miss Right, or Left, or Donkey. Which were my other options. Foolishly, I'm now legally able to vote. Other big things happen this year. I make some of my best work, alchemical infusions, permanent. They work, sort of, most of the time. And, they turned my hair blue and my eyes pink. Isn't that something?

2020 - Present. For the past few years I added to my infusions, gained a bit of headway in the tech magic-o department. Got a nice solid pew-pew uzi, and been tagging a lot of things. Blowing up other things. You now the drill. I was arrested, broke out, arrested again, thrown into a meta prison, broke out. You know, the typical rinse repeat you read all about in the news. It's not been a lot, but now I'm in another system. Out of the fire and into the frying pan, or however that goes.

IC Journal

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17 Out of 10:
Hex has a problem. There are those people who can think through important big super duper problems, break them down into itty bitty projects, and put reasonable timeframes on them. There are other people where tiny problems get a lot of attention and get pulled to the top of the list to get done. Hex, well, she does the worst of both. Everything is urgent, and everything is important. It all competes, the fire that needs to be put out (or more likely in her scenario started) takes over for the last one she learned about. New problem, new fix, new fix, new problem, prioritizing is difficult to do. And this drives up her energy, anxiety, anger, and response. If you need a person to take seriously what you are saying right now, to help RIGHT NOW, and to make sure there's a SOLUTION of disproportionate response? Hex is your gal.

You try and live a terrible life filled with abuse, hardship, and people who only say they love you just to turn around and stab you in the back, that sixth vertebrae right down your spine, then twist it 35 degrees to the left, and spray paint over your eyes. Yeah, try that on for size and see if you don't go a little? craycray. Huh? Try it! So what if she talks to her guns, so what if she talks to those she's killed, so what if she imagines that they are all talking back to her? Is it her problem, oh no no no, it is yours. Definitely, totally, and utterly yours! Also, please pass the dip.

Hyper Focused:
If Hex has a task to handle, she will do it. And keep doing it. And do it some more. This is often when she tucks herself away in some hovel of a lab and works. She becomes hyper focused, loses track of time, food, and all the other things that people pay attention to even while they are doing other tasks. Breaks are not in her schedule, and often it is someone else who has to come and disturb her work to get her to stop and eat. Even then, she'll eat and work, until she's done or someone with sway over her tells her to do something else. The easiest way around this is to convince her that some new task is directly connected to this other task she's already doing.

Puppy Love:
There's few things Hex wouldn't do for a friend, a leader, a boss, a sibling, as long as she cared about them. They could lie, cheat, murder, steal, or otherwise torture and ruin the lives of millions of people - other people - and if they are kind to her she gives back her full adoring self. In fact, having Hex be your friend may be more of a problem for you than anything else as she often takes it on her own to do what she thinks is right to help those that she is loyal to and? this most often results in disastrous consequences for everyone involved.

Squinty Eyes:
Lie to her, once, and she will plot a revenge so complete that your children's children's children will feel the burns. The truth is something she values, extremely. There is some degree here, but her response is always overblown. Lie about the chips in the cupboard and who ate them? She'll probably let you off with blowing up your car - and maybe you won't be in it... maybe.

Character Sheet


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Alchemical Durability:
Hex has infused herself with magical mixtures that she pieced together from the books she's found and a lot of her own inventiveness. These experimental alchemical mixtures now reside in her body on a permanent basis and grant her superhuman durability.
Normal Use:
Under normal conditions this increased durability allows Hex to be highly resistant to blunt force and temperature based damage but not against pain. She could fall any distance, be punched by some super strong folks, sent crashing through walls, ran into by a jet, or in a fuel air explosion and she'd come out the other side. Against piercing, or cutting weapons whether from special materials or not, and non cold or hot based energy type forces she's only capable of going up against the equivalent of knives wielded by non-superhuman strong opponents without getting cut.

Experimental Use:
This durability is magical in nature, and should she be aware of an incoming magical attack she can exert her willpower to fight against it. Whether this magical attack takes the form of mental, energy, or weapon she's significantly more resilient against those attacks than non-magical of an equivalent kind.

Alchemical Speed:
Hex has infused herself with magical mixtures that she pieced together from the books she's found and a lot of her own inventiveness. These experimental alchemical mixtures now reside in her body on a permanent basis and grant her superhuman speed.

Normal Use:
Hex is capable of moving her body, running or otherwise, only up to about 30mph. This gives her the ability to catch a fast bicyclist or car driving down a typical city street, but is mostly used to aid her in parkouring across an urban environment.

Experimental Use:
During direct close combat situations, or for other short burst activities, Hex can move fast enough that she's not more than a blur to regular humans. If running, she can only run in a straight line a few hundred feet. Where she uses it most is to move her limbs at extreme speeds. This allows her to not be completely outdone by a super fast opponent who is less skilled in martial combat than she is, giving her a fighting chance against some of the faster opponents out there. Even if just for a small period of time.

Alchemical Stamina:
Hex has infused herself with magical mixtures that she pieced together from the books she's found and a lot of her own inventiveness. These experimental alchemical mixtures now reside in her body on a permanent basis and grant her superhuman stamina.

Normal Use:
Hex is able to resist fatigue for multiple days in a row. She is able to continue to run for a few hours at full speed, and keep up in combat situations for similar amounts of time.

Experimental Use:
If knocked unconscious by effect or nearing death from injury, Hex is able to exert herself to continue going. She loses much of her remaining infused abilities, but will gain herself an ability to limp away badly injured versus dying or going unconscious where she might otherwise be caught.

Alchemical Strength:
Hex has infused herself with magical mixtures that she pieced together from the books she's found and a lot of her own inventiveness. These experimental alchemical mixtures now reside in her body on a permanent basis and grant her superhuman strength.

Normal Use:
On a normal day to day basis, Hex is able to lift and carry upwards of 1 ton of weight. This grants her superhuman capabilities when it comes to punching, jumping and anything else using her body in a raw strength based way.

Experimental Use:

Although Hex is able to use her super strength regularly, it is highly tied to her emotional state. The more intense the emotion she is experiencing the stronger she can get. The problem is this comes in bursts. She's trying to jump 20' and instead jumps 100', goes to push a car and punches right into it instead. Holding a cup of delicious coffee, and breaks the mug. Excited, angry, sad, doesn't matter, erratic emotions erratic strength. And she's rarely calm.

Hex does not believe she's got any fortune at all. Bad luck, from the time she was born till the time she'll die. She is the one who's hexed. She's a curse on others, a walking time bomb, and yet - she's still around. How many times has she blown up her lab, with her inside of it? All those times she's crashed a car, just to be flung through a windshield, shattering glass everywhere, landing in traffic or being tossed off a bridge? Teleporting to the edge of a building above a spiked iron rod fence? How many times? Too many to count.

Hex has made herself into something of a nexus of magical energies from her tattoos and the tags connecting her to the flow of fate. This operates as like a bad, terrible, version of Spidey sense you wouldn't wish on your enemy. The kind where she walks into a building and instead of sensing the trip wire, trips it, the explosion goes off, she's flung away, hits a wall, and gets debris stuck into her all over while potentially taking out any allies she brought with her. But she, she happens to twist and turn just right, hold up her arms just in the correct way, so that no vital organs are damaged, none of the cuts are deep enough to bleed out. A sniper shoots from a distance, but there was a minor flaw in the glass, and hours later the medics who find her are saying just 3 millimeters to the left and that'd of been that. She's that kind of lucky.

Unique Magic:
Mixing alchemy, technology, and her tendency to experiment new ideas instead of book learning makes her magic somewhat unique. Certainly an advanced mage could study what she does and figure it out, but there'd be a lot of, "Why?! Dear god, why did she link these two runes together? How? How is this working?!" Kind of moments. And because of that, it makes it rather difficult to just toss out your typical anti-magic field and be done with it, or put up a barrier and assume it'll thwart this kind of magic. Not impossible, but most pure magic responses (often defenses) used against Hex's magic finds itself taking more power, and more energy than normal. Those who practice Chaos magic, or are very familiar with something similar, fare much better and find no additional effort when dealing with her magical effects.

Hex has an extremely powerful willpower. She can't stand up against an Omega class telepath, sure, but she can make it hard on them to invade her mind. Torture, drugs, mind altering effects, they have nothing on the things floating around inside of her head on a daily basis. She is essentially fearless even against magical or alien threats and has an inner spirit that would make it tough (if anyone would even want to try) to possess her. These are against direct assaults of pure inner strength.


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Hex has learned from classic books such as, "So, you have a philosopher's stone?" And other greats, "Lead to gold in 10 easy steps". Of course, she's also found plenty of parts of ancient texts thrown out from a library, or after a mysterious death of a great grandparent, when their apartment gets cleared out, or just stealing from a random store down a dark alley that she can't find again. You know, the typical places to get an informal education on Alchemy. Hex is by no means an expert when it comes to this stuff, but she's smart and willing to try things. She's learned far more from trial and error than any kind of reading but she also seeks out alchemical items to try and backwards engineer them. Which is where her real strength lies, taking stuff that's already complete and melting it down mixing it with other stuff, and seeing what it can do. In terms of deciphering magical materials, she's up there, but in making what she intends to make she'd be just a top student at Hogwarts.

Parkour baby! Duck, jump, dive, slide, grab a pole, swing, jump to a fire escape and balance on the fence before backflipping to the ground of the alley below. She's spent her entire life getting to the places people didn't want her getting to and sometimes getting away. She can use this athletic prowess to great effect to avoid getting hit at range, to escape from people to places they may not be able to follow, and with her powered up strength do extreme maneuvers no normal human would be able to accomplish.

Boring Science:
Not every problem requires a magical solution. When it comes to mechanical engineering, weapons tech, and other things with moving parts she's a definite expert in those areas as well. She just tends to add magic into the mix to make them work beyond normal capacity. She's also similarly knowledgeable in other physical sciences like biology and chemistry, botany and others.

Knowing where to hit a building best to knock it down, or what size explosive to take care of a problem is a gift Hex possesses. She also knows a lot about making explosives of various kinds, but again, she tends to rely on her magical additions to really carry the weight of this well beyond her skill level.

In close melee combat Hex is no good with swords or staves, or anything like that. She grew up on the streets, though, and fought her way through to her adult life. Everyday she's been in some kind of fight, and one where people weren't holding back or preventing themselves from killing you. No, her brawling style is rough, cheating, bites, hair pulls, nails, eye gouges, if it's against the rules somewhere she knows how to use it to great effect. She wasn't always an alchemically powered super villain, she was once just a skinny street urchin. In raw skill she's not holding her own against the Batfamily type folks, but mixed with her lack of self preservation, experience and her magic based powers, she's worth taking seriously by many of the super powered community. Just none of the top tier folks who might just squash her?

Graffiti Artist:
Intense lines, extreme fonts, and more. Hex is a master class artist when it comes to graffiti and has a knack with picking the most contrasting colors for the job to make sure what she makes stands out. Will this be the kind of art that someone wants on their wall? Probably not, skill still recognizes skillz.

Part botany part scavenging. Hex is able to survive in the wilderness and not eat all the poison berries. She's also capable of making more naturalistic cures to regular things like poisons, defenses against disease in the wild, and makeshift patchwork first aid as long as there's some plants, or bugs around to use.

Things just make sense to Hex. Her mind dreams of possibilities and her will brute forces the creation. She sees in the item no one else wants the potential of the world and this has made her an exceptional inventor. Yes, she's got a bit of a one-track mind. Weapons and boom booms, but should she sit down to want to solve a different problem she can spend the time and work through it. She's a genius when it comes to inventing, but again, her interests lie mostly in things that hurt people.

She's no Hawkeye, but she's got a good steady hand, fluid motions, a solid trigger finger, and knows just how to squeeze anything that shoots death at people. Primarily she likes guns, rockets, other propelled type weapons and grenades but could throw a knife or shoot a bow if she ever wanted to kill herself with boredom.

Need something? She knows the dumpster to dive into to find it. Have a car with a loose lug nut, she can spot that from a block away, and just so happens to have the right tool to take your tire. And she will. It's hard to find good metals to melt down that come with rubber for insulation. Have thin windows at your place of business, she's got a brick. Hex is solidly able to survive and gather most of the materials she needs to do what she needs regardless of the environment. Partially this is because she's good at invention, but it's also just a knack for seeing the usefulness of trash.

Another skill of try and see what fits. Mixing magic with technology is a tricky business. Hex is your local mechanic when it comes to this kind of stuff. She's definitely still learning, and if it is something outside of weapons she's not so great at it. Give her time and more than a dozen times the materials she needs, and she can blow it up enough that she'll likely figure it out. It won't look fancy, but it'll work.


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Elixirs of Life:
Difficult to make. All the materials that have to be gathered, the time, the care, and the energy make these very rare and time consuming to replace. Hex generally has one of these on her at one time, and it could take months to find everything to replace. This is, what it sounds like, drinking the elixir will infuse healing magics into someone to heal them back to unhurt and full energy over the next few days, so long as they aren't dead. She doesn't care about people, so these aren't something she'd voluntarily use on many other people. A side effect is that they also reduce the effects age has had on skin, scars, and other things keeping a youthful existence with occasional consumption. She can't drink one of these in the middle of a fight and be back at 100 percent, they basically keep her from dying and allow her to recover far faster than someone else. At the expense of a great deal of time and effort to make another one.

Erratic Teleporter:
Hex has created a magical belt buckle with multiple etched runes and concentric circles that she can use to twist and turn to set a magical coordinate. Then, lots of electricity, a bit of sizzling pain, and then boom. She's gone. It's slow, it's unreliable, and the further she wants to travel the greater it is off by often resulting in her being far above or below where she intended to go. Thankfully she doesn't end up inside of things like walls, and the range is roughly one continent, requiring normal travel to do anything international or reliably. She doesn't have to have been somewhere before but it'd be super dangerous to spin this thing up and end up somewhere. This teleportation is only capable of sending her and her equipment along with her, no other person can come with. After use, it takes approximately 1 hour to recharge from ambient magical energies.

If you can call it that. She has a place, it's in a rundown abandoned building inside of Hell's Kitchen. There are so many magical graffiti marks in the place that anyone of any magical origin may question stepping inside. Everyone else might be a little spooked from the glow-in-the-dark markings with almost a scratched in zeal, but otherwise won't even touch them. Cauldron, work bench, tools, lots of stuff in here to make weapons, make bombs, and infuse them with magic. Oh, there's also a pieced together audio set, and despite needing quite a bit of electricity or other hook ups, she's off the grid baby. That's right, magic powers her lab! Booyah.

Magic Boomchakalakas:
Art. This is where Hex's art comes in. She has a myriad of devices that all go boom at some point in time. These are always made from bits of junk, recycled and reclaimed materials, painted on and are uniquely hand crafted. That also makes them incredibly difficult to diffuse especially since they have both technological anti-tamper mechanisms and magical ones. As a note, her magical bombs are made of both magic and technology, often requiring both kinds of defense to be completely protected.

Magical yarn clatter bombs:
These are bombs that make a racket, are strung up by magical yarn or attached to things by the same thread. The thread can be tied to near anything, stuck on to walls as some kind of sticky material, and the clattering action of the bomb can be used to pull itself along the yarn creating something of a reverse fuse (the bomb moves itself toward the end instead of the end burning towards it). There are a few varieties of these, fire types, cold types that freeze areas, electrical, and even earthy sticky bombs that use magical clay to try and stick people to places. Relatively contained explosions, a single room in a typical home.

Butterfly Air Explosion:
The dreaded BAE. An equivalent to a fuel air explosion with a few differences. It's powered by magic, first off, second Hex creates these ultrarealistic butterflies out of technology. Then she opens a cannister and they fly out, trying to spread to do maximum harm. Then? boom. The more of them there are, they release a wave of magical energy that connects between all the butterflies and then erupts in a large scale explosion. This isn't very directional, and it's a lot of dynamite level explosions. Combined she could take out bridges, buildings, or cause more widespread damage to a bigger area but less intense. A half dozen city blocks is about the biggest these will operate doing only minimal property damage, and then concentrating it down to half a city block in size with massive crater causing type force.

Improvised Magic Exploding Devices:
All it takes to make something explode is a few magic runes, and maybe some grit or oil. She's scratched symbols into a dinner plate to escape solitary confinement, and even scratched some of her graffiti works into the back of a prison bus creating an electrical burst to temporarily short it out and make her escape. Significantly less powerful than a device designed to explode like her other ones, she's still basically able to make anything explode for various purposes, so long as she can mark it and has the time to set it up.

Plot Devices:
From Bunny Eared Rockets that can do plot level harm, giant explosives to hold cities hostage, to strange gas generating devices that have strange effects - Hex can create specific devices as one-offs for plot specific purposes. These are always open to OOC consent if you want something to target your character specifically, and staff approval usually with a plot submission request.

Magic Paint:
Hex uses this alchemical paint for nearly everything. It was used for the tattoos that are in her body, it is used for all of her tagging and calling card spray paints. She uses it to paint onto her guns, to cover her lab with various symbols, math equations, and more. The purpose of the magical markings and paint is to create flows of magic. Tags she does all over the city are designed to minimally absorb ambient magical energies and get it to her lab and tattoos to help power her abilities. In theory getting rid of all of this paint would prevent her non-infused magical abilities from functioning but realistically that'd be pretty tough. She likes to vandalize things, a lot. It is also resistant to being covered by other paint, often eating through it in a matter of weeks to reveal itself again. Requiring regular repainting. She has a small can of this stuff on her all the time for emergency tagging needs along with a few paint pens for the finer work.

Magic Pew-Pews:
Hex is a self-taught techno-mage. She has taken magical runes that she has learned over time and painted them onto various weapons. She primarily uses guns and other projectile type weapons that have various things in common.

Traits for all Weapons:
Unlimited Ammunition - all of her bullet or ammo dependent weapons are magically refueled with an appropriate type of ammunition immediately upon use.
Magical attacks - All of her weapons count as both the technological item (bullets in many of these cases) and magical at the same time.
Greatly increased harm - The damage output and speed of her weapon's ammunition is upwards of 10x that of the original weapon she modified. Making them significantly harder to resist and avoid.
Prone to Failure - Exploding, overheating and warping, are all possible ends for weapons in her hands. It may be some kind of small failure, or something big, but it is always a permanent end to the weapon. And then it needs to be re-made from scratch. Which is part of the reason she never goes anywhere without multiple weapons.
Nothing special - Her guns never do anything but shoot bullets or other projectiles. Faster and more damaging than the original, but she's not making mind controlling transmutational guns. Just, pew pew, magic bullets.

Typical Weapons include:
Single shot mini-grenade launcher, for small couple meter explosions, which reloads itself. Convenient!
Uzi with strap to sling over her shoulder, that feels good to spray and pray with all that recoil. A favorite!
Big Honkin' Pistol that shows she's clearly seen the movie Snatch. When accuracy and stopping power are a must!

Magic Phone:
It looks kind of big, has a big camera lens on the back that looks welded to the device itself, and otherwise looks like it may have been made in the movie Mad Max and sold as a prop. It has a few punk spikes adorning it, scratched in graffiti styled faces along the back, other symbols scratched or painted onto the device, and a pair of faux cat ears at the top of the phone that are both pierced more than once.

Otherwise, this thing is magical. Really. It calls people by the person and rings a phone they have in close proximity, as long as she knows them instead of via the number. It doesn't send or pick up cellular signals of any kind, instead it's picking up nexus ley lines. In a magic dead zone it doesn't work but otherwise, perfect signal. It's water proof, drop proof, will survive most any temperature, and darn if the screen isn't something. Oh, did I mention, unlimited battery time, crystal clear super zoom lens for the camera, and a great macro lens?

Magic Tattoos:
The tattoos that cover a good portion of Hex's body are there on purpose. Much like her magic paint, these symbols help to siphon magic from the surrounding area. It's small, but when she's working on her devices it helps her to infuse magic as she goes instead of having to constantly have all the right materials. They also connect her to her weaponry, allowing her to use them and keep pumping magic into them. Without the tattoos most of her weapons would be useable for a single clip, single shot, or not be able to be triggered.

Mister Osborn:
They met almost 6 years ago when Hex attempted to steal some Oscorp tech. She was caught, she's not that good at stealing, but her gear. The rudimentary pieces of junk pieced together with gum, duct tape and some magical oomph caught his attention. They aren't seen together in public, and she doesn't know his secrets, but he knows everything about her and on more than one occasion she's taken care of problems he needed distance from.


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Calling Card:
From spray painting outside the building she just blew up to her brand of property damage being rather distinct for anyone looking for something, it's pretty easy to know when Hex has been somewhere. When it was her crime, and more often than not she's sprayed her name on something. This also extends into any kind of magical tracking. Since her magic is an experimental mess of uniqueness, it's easy to tell with any kind of magical senses that it was unmistakably her there. This could also be used against her with efforts to divine her location or track her from a scene.

Hex is definitely in the system, and she's a wanted criminal. Anyone with a database of such things would easily be able to pick her out of a line up. The only reason she maintains freedom at all is because she lives amongst the dredges of society, in terrible places, bad neighborhoods filled with people similarly bad people - well, okay, not as bad, but bad. She's wanted for a litany of crimes, Murder, Really Petty Larceny, Grand Theft Bicycles, Breaking and Entering, Some more murders, Arson, Robbery with intent to commit Arson, Poorly Impersonating an Officer, Reckless Explosive Detonation, Disturbing the Peace, Aggravated Jaywalking, Vandalism, and Public Indecency. Pick something, she's likely done it, except perjury or fraud.

Daddy Issues:
Her first dad died before she knew him. Her second dad was a jerk. She was in and out of foster cares for a long time and she had moments of being someone's 'little girl'. Taken care of, safe, a figure that's strong and confident, leads, knows whats what. She associates strong masculine figures as safe, comforting, someone she can put her faith in, someone she wants to be around. Inevitably, this makes her also susceptible to being manipulated by bad versions of these very people.

Destructive Bias:
When all else fails, blow it up. She has so much potential, being able to combine magic and technology, but she's so focused on causing mayhem that she spends little time exploring the other more utilitarian options with her magic. She's created a bad teleporter, a too unwieldly and unpocketable phone, and then some healing potion. That's it, outside of bombs and guns. She could make a gun that turns people into harmless animals, or mind controls people, but that's not in the cards for her. Unless there were intense and continual motivation to do make something non- destructive, she's not going there.

Distinct Style:
Long blue hair, pink eyes, skinny tattooed chick with that look in her eyes and those guns on her person? Yeah. She's not hiding in a crowd, she's clearly her in that video recording of the crime she just committed. When you've seen Hex once, it would be hard to forget or mistake her for someone else.

Experimental Technology:
Anything Hex has built has some kind of experiment to it where she added to a standard rune, or to a formula of some kind. She can't leave well enough alone. This means that pretty much everything she makes can fail and will sometimes fail spectacularly. The only real exception to this rule is her alchemical studies, which tend to work more or less as expected.

As a villain, a crazy crazy villain, you might think that Hex would also lie, like, all the time. To get what she wants, to make a point, or just to hurt other people. She doesn't. Never. At all. Not a single time. She hates liars, and lying. Yes, occasionally she'll joke or pull a prank, but immediately after the punchline or the prank goes off, she'll explain. And it can't be anything long or planned out, just some immediate fun. Beyond that, she counts it as lying. She just won't do it. Definitely she'll refuse to tell you something, she may even tell you why she's refusing to tell you, but if she's said it, she believes it.

She's extremely loyal to very few people. Certainly to Norman, and anyone he trusts or points out as a person to trust. She also starts her interactions with people as if they are trustworthy. As long as that is maintained and she likes the cut of their jib, she's a true loyal companion, friend, or ally. Out of her way? Nothing is for someone she's loyal to, her last bit of food after weeks of not eating? All yours friend. It bears repeating, she will go to the ends of the Earth, blow up the moon, and more for someone in this small tiny circle of people.

People Issues:
In the foster system she had plenty of would-be siblings and lying jerk friends. The kind of people she would throw her entire existence to but they just wanted to cheat her out of her lunch. Or make fun of her for being the skinny girl. It was here where people started calling her a curse. Whenever something bad happens to her from other people, she is flooded with memories of all the lies, the teasing, the abuse, everything bad everyone has ever done to her and that - that, goes right there against the poor guy at Starbucks who spelled her name wrong.

Danger? Fear? No problem. Hex has no sense of self preservation, no sense to avoid pain or danger. There's a monster around the corner? So? That's where she may have dropped her phone, worth the risk. That's the other thing, she doesn't understand risk. It just doesn't click. This could be a super power in and of itself, being fearless is something people look up to thinking it brave. This is way past brave. This is jump from the spaceship on a dare, reckless.

Yes, she's smart. Yes, she's probably in multiple ways a genius. And yes, she gets results. However, it's always at the painstaking speed of figuring it out herself. She doesn't do sit down and read kind of learning, she has to touch it, to work with it, break it, put it back together if she can, and if she can't use it to make something else. It is just the way her mind works. You can try and sit her down and teach her physics, but until she runs two trains together, one leaving the downtown station at 2pm going 60 mph, and the other on its way from New Mexico going 100 mph, she just doesn't get it.

Time Consuming Creations:
It takes Hex time to replace something that's broken, or to make something brand new. Since she already has created the items in her Resources list, she has schematics that she's made for those but anything else takes trial and error. Anything stolen would be quicker to go after again, anything broken a pain to rebuild.

Erratic? Crazy? Insane? Unstable? Take your pick. She's all of them in spades. If there's one thing you can count on from Hex is that the degree of reaction you think is going to happen, is just too small. From excitement that she can't hold back to sadness that sends her to her knees in crippling tears. And when? For what? Who knows, she's just as likely to respond to the best news ever with apathy, as she is to refuse to leave a bus because she can't do anything today except cry, cry and more crying.



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Valerie Killmore has 35 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Another Savage Land visitor June 25th, 2023 Valerie encountered the Hulk on the Savage Lands. The two have a quirky encounter that looks deeper at both.
The Mafia's worst day. January 25th, 2023 They have a nice talk and Valerie gets a official IOU
Lairs December 26th, 2022 Norman checks in on a pet project
Pretzels October 25th, 2022 After not blowing up a subway, Hex and Josh go for pretzels. Hex gives Josh a reality check (?!). Only one guy ends up in a coma along the way.
It Rains Trains October 23rd, 2022 Hex threatens to blow up a train to get her revenge on a hot dog stand owner. Josh gets sucked into her whirlwind. They both enjoy the finest dining the alleyways of New York have to offer on the way to get pretzels. Because they have so much in common?
Autumn In Central Park October 7th, 2022 An Autumn day in Central Park sees graffiti, a crashing skateboard, and Matt never does get to enjoy his PSL and bagel.
Al's Chemists August 6th, 2022 Delores seeks out a source of magical energy and finds a graffiti artist named Hex. Delores observes her, then bounces.
Drinks away! No, err, bombs away! August 4th, 2022 What just happened?
Junk In The Junkyard. July 9th, 2022 Hex and Clayface become allies.
Morning cleaning at the Gym July 4th, 2022 Boris declined saving the world from... cows?
Bovine Scatology June 29th, 2022 Valerie is visited by a ghost from the past. The ghost of...Gilgamesh the stuffed giraffe?
Investigating Bane's Organization June 24th, 2022 Buster and Hex get their records checked.
=Buster and Hex meet for the third time. June 11th, 2022 Hex teaches Buster to be less swirly whirly.
=An Afternoon in Mutant Town June 9th, 2022 Buster and Hex go on a second date.
Brooklyn Beatdown June 8th, 2022 Buster and Hex meet for the first time.
Junkyard Dawgs June 4th, 2022 Strangeness at the Junkyard. Villains talking it out after a brief scuffle. Totally confusing.
Bring a friend to the park day May 30th, 2022 It's BAFTTP day and Harley meets up with Hex for some good ol' fashioned bomb fun. No one dies and Hexxie gets invited to go do some roller derby.
Don't Mess with the King May 23rd, 2022 Valerie's bombing of Sebastian's truck leads to ... a job offer?
Destruction and Deviants April 11th, 2022 DV8 goes in for the kill with gleeful orders from Ivana to leave a trail of bodies behind as a message. With a plan of attack and assets in place, the Deviants go to hit some heroes in Hell's Kitchen. They give a brutal gut punch.. But take some hard hits back as they have to flee. They have several pissed off heroes now.. And worst of all for DV8, a very pissed off Ivana. More to come as the freaky lady's plans haven't been toppled, just set back.

She has far more screws to twist to bring people to the depths of despair and darkness. So be ready for the next time we plunge.. Into Deviancy and what dwells in the depths of sinister minds.

Causing Trouble in the Club! April 10th, 2022 A chance encounter with strangers at a nightclub turns to chaos and potential danger. And faeries.
Weird Hex March 20th, 2022 Hellboy picks up Hex...literally...and sends her to the big house to be scanned for mind-control.
The Job - Why would they hire these two February 24th, 2022 No description
Hex, A Decimation February 20th, 2022 No description
On the Hunt in New York February 12th, 2022 Singularity, Gabby, and Adam Brashear help Valerie Killmore try to find her missing friend in the New York rubble. Her friend is... a what?
Deus Hex Machina February 5th, 2022 A Barbie Girl in a Mr. Bill World.
Lights, Camera, Mojo! February 5th, 2022 No description
Villains be Villaining... or plotting it rather. January 29th, 2022 Evil blue haired people save the world!
The Art of Madness January 27th, 2022 No Pink Giraffles were harmed in the staging of this scene
Interesting magic trails January 24th, 2022 She still doesn't know, Neon Green, or BLUE!?!
Hex vrs Torch January 23rd, 2022 Hex won, obviously.
Crazy meets different color schemed crazy January 22nd, 2022 More to come in pt. 2, the Taste of Bombs.
Bombtastic Bridge Boppin' Extravaganza January 21st, 2022 Hex escapes... sort of
Arms Dealin' in the Big Apple January 21st, 2022 Presents, Uzis, fighting oh my!
Crazy meets Crazy - A Psycho Story January 20th, 2022 Gwen and Valerie both meeting someone arguably crazier than they are - and it's them!
Fangtastical Dumpster Diving January 19th, 2022 Hell's Kitchen is a little more Helly.


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Valerie Killmore has 35 finished logs.

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