Victor Frankenstein

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Dr. Victor Frankenstein was a scientist active in Transylvania in Europe in 1854.

Originally from Germany, Frankenstein was ejected from academia following his strange obsession with immortality and defeating death. Unorthodox experiments with the near-dead led to unearthing the corpses of the recently deceased. He was run out of western Europe and fled to Transylvania.

The vampire warlord Vlad Drakul sponsored his research, interested solely in seeing if Frankenstein's research could be used to maintain the 'unholy dead' such as vampire spawn or other like creatures.

The good doctor created Adam Frankenstein out of the parts of recently exhumed corpses. Frankenstein's knowledge of science was supplemented by ancient alchemy and dark magical practices. The result was a shambling, misshapen wretch of a former man, born into pain and fear.

'Adam' fled his father's laboratory. The two chased each other across Europe for two decades, culminating finally in Victor's death in the Arctic Ocean. The creature, cursed with endless life, shambled across the desolate, snowy plains and disappeared into legend.