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Wallace Wolf (Scenesys ID: 1671)
Name: Wallace Oscar Wolf
Superalias: Bones
Gender: Unknown
Species: Werewolf
Occupation: Owns a Motorcycle dealership.
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York
Education: Highschool
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 123 Actual Age: 123
Date of Birth 07 November 1896 Played By Eric Winter
Height: 5'10" Weight: 190lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: https://youtu.be/CbI79e5iZKs

Character Info


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A depression era, Boot legging, Bank Robbing, Motorcycle riding Werewolf. After a lengthy retirement from "the life", He became an accidental vigilante during his return. "Bones" is best known for violent gun battles with criminals, high speed chases and being quite the gentleman towards civilians in distress.


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1896:Wallace Brooks is born in Whitefield Arkansas. The Brooks family is nearly destitute, and most what little money the family has is drank away by his father.
1913:Wallace is arrested for armed robbery, in light of both his age and his considerable criminal record the Judge offers Wallace the option of military service or a fifteen year prison sentence. Wallace enlists.
1917:Wallace finds The Marines surprisingly agreeable, PFC Brooks ships out with the US expeditionary force to serve his country in the first world war.
1918:Returning home Wallace is found to have lost more than fourty percent of his lung capacity as a result of gas exposure during the war, he's discharged honorably on medical grounds.
1919: Having driven trucks in the Marines, He finds work as a truck driver. He finally breaks even if only just, and does alright making local deliveries.
1920:Wallace beguns brewing moonshine almost immediately after prohibition is declared. He keeps his coughing fits at bay with a mixture of Moonshine and laudinum,so he takes the prohibition somewhat personally as a result. Soon his skill in the driver seat, and his willingness to use violence brings him to prominence.
1925:Now regarded as one of the most reliable wheel men in Arkansas, Wallace is recruited to drive for organized crime. Here he further demonstrates his capabilities, even as his health begins to further deterioate.
1927:After a coughing fit renders him unconcious, Wallace is hospitalized. At thirty one years old Wallace is bed ridden, and given two weeks to live. His lungs and liver are giving out. The Adamik sisters (lena and Zofia) are amatuer witches, who have serious criminal ambitions. They offer a radical cure, if he'll be their wheel man. Facing certain death, Wallace accepts their offer. He becomes a willing Werewolf, and makes a full recovery.
1929:True to his word, Wallace and the Adamik sisters begin robbing banks across the South. The Trio is soon known for their dapper dress and daring daylight robberies, the death of four lawmen and two guards is attributed directly to Wallace. He also buys his first motorcycle, and takes to riding it every chance he gets.
1931:A robbery in Kansas City goes completely sideways when State Police stumble into the robbery in progress, the result is a three hour long running gun battle. Lena is struck and killed instantly, and Zofia is seriously injured. Wallace will kill a total of twelve officers, wound another fifteen, expend eight hundred rounds himself and steal no less than four cars before he's finally able to escape with Zofia. The duo spend the rest of the year off, letting the heat die down and mourning Lena.
1932:Now a duo, Zofia and Wallace take down another six scores. Eventually the two part ways as Zofia is consumed with the need for revenge, she dies before the year is out in a failed attempt to bomb the State Police HQ in Kansas. Wallace begins freelance work as a Wheelman. He will go on to drive for Nash, Dillinger, the Barker Gang and many other famous bank robbers of the period though he never ends up joining any crew for the long term.
1939:Wallace is arrested in Lexington Kentucky on suspicion of smuggling for a local outfit, He's interrogated roughly for close to sixteen hours before dumped out on the city limits. It's the first time he's ever been picked up for something he didn't actually do. With most of the crews either in prison or dead, he finally decides to just throw in the hat. He retires to Florida to open up a string of gas stations, and brew a little moonshine.

1941:Unable and unwilling to serve, Wallace ends up occasionally picking up small jobs for the Mafia as they endeavor to keep the Miami ports open during the war. He starts brewing Moonshine seriously once again as the war brings Motorcycle sales to an end.
1950:The Miami mob attempts to muscle Wallace back into the fold, he abruptly sells his gas stations and goes North. Settling back down in Pittsburgh, he takes up amateur motorcycle racing. Adopting the new name of "Wallace Wolf", he opens a string of motorcycle dealerships.
1962:Wallace falls in love with a local witch, Elizabeth Green. Elizabeth becomes the first person since the Adamik sisters to learn of his true nature, and isn't terribly concerned by it. The two wed, and Wallace retires from racing to help her run her magic shop. The "Exotic book Supply" becomes something of an institution in Pittsburgh.
1980:Following a religious panic over witchcraft and black magic, "Exotic Book Supply" is burned to the ground. The couple retire to Nashville, Elizabeth's health begins a steady decline. Wallace occupies his time with a string of motorcycle dealerships, and starts competitive shooting locally.
1988:Elizabeth Wolf dies of heart failure in her sleep, leaving Wallace alone. Following the funeral, he packs his bike and takes off to wander and clear his head.
1993:Wallace returns home, sets about getting his dealerships back in shape. Wallace returns to amateur Racing, Shooting and motorcycle restoration in an attempt to keep himself busy.
2016:Unable to find a way to keep himself occupied in any meaningful way, Wallace decides to return to his roots. He begins purchasing arms on the black market, and begins training to return to bank robbery. Unable to find worthy cohorts, he resolves to do it himself.
2018:The Third capital bank of Nashville is hit by a local crew known for their excessive violence, their robbery begins just as Wallace comes to a stop outside. After witnessing a robber gun down a fleeing patron, Wallace makes a split second decision. He enguages the bank robbers, killing three and seriously wounding another two. Two weeks later he strikes again, hitting another crew as they roll up outside the bank. He'll go on to finish the year with another six shoot outs with criminals to his name.
2019:Wallace Debuts his skeletal leathers, and is immediately dubbed "Bones" by the local media. By year's end he's involved himself in another ten shootouts, and is credited with busting up the city's biggest meth supplier. Finally feeling alive again he decides to go "professional", and move someplace where he can get a crack at more action.

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Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. He will research things extensively, practice to physical exhaustion. He executes his plans with exceptional conviction, and is absolutely unafraid of personal injury nor any degree of hard work a plan may require. When failure does happen he tends to take it fairly hard, and has a tendency to internalize situations beyond his control. He's more likely to see such things as a lack of imagination and planning, and can descend into a spiral of self criticism that knocks him out of action for prolonged periods of time. This same level of professionalism is something he often unfairly expects of others, especially the modern brand of criminal. Sloppy bank robbers, Honorless thieves and the modern brand of psychopathic nutjob all enrage him.

Southern Gentleman:
Whilst his origins are the very picture of low class, Wallace has never thought of himself in this way. He tries earnestly to treat folks with respect, He's generally kind and quite considerate to this end. He rarely uses harsh langauge, never threatens and very rarely will he even argue. As a criminal he was noted for always speaking to tellers and patrons politely, and thanking them when they handed over the cash. Of course once the violence begins this goes out the window, but until then he does try to be a nice fellow.

Thrill Seeker:
Wallace learned to love the thrill a good crime brings at an early age, and well he may never admit it but he didn't hate the war either. Wallace loves a good thrill, be it motorcycle racing, running from the cops, a good clean gunfight or robbing banks. It's not the violence he craves, as much as it is the rush of putting his life on the line and the sweet taste of victory.

Whilst rarely eager to rush to violence, Wallace has come to believe in it's occasional necessity. Killing "Civilians", pushing drugs, human trafficking, attempting to aprehend him and playing rough with those who cannot defend themselves are all worthy of violence in his eyes. Once the violence does begin Wallace doesn't have much in the way of escalation, he's frankly more of a simple on/off switch here. He's spent enough time around criminal elements to believe that some people just won't understand anything but violence, and sure enough some of those folks just need to die. He's no sadist, but he does indeed love the thrill of victory never the less.

Character Sheet


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Wallace is a fairly exotic subtype of werewolf, and a voluntary one at that. As a man he's gifted exclusively with the werewolf's famous capacity for healing all non magical/silver injuries, but is no more resistant to damage than any other guy. A headshot might take him a day to recover from, a broken bone several minutes. All that healing does come with a caloric cost however. The show stopper is the ability to shift into an enormous wolf aproximately three times the size of any mortal wolf, and gifted with all the senses, speed and power a mortal wolf that size may have at it's disposal. Once transformed his flesh and fur remains largely transparent, putting off a visible pale blue glow. His blackened skeleton beneath is plainly visible however, and he does produce light enough to make stealth a difficult. He does not much care about the moon, though it is in moonlight that he becomes visually "solid". So hardly subtle.


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Bank Robber:
As a disciple of Herman Lamm with more than sixty career robberies to his name, Wallace is in the running for the most experienced bank robber alive. He understands how banks work on a logistical and financial level, understands Bank architecture and is intimately familiar with their security measures. He knows how to spot, how to case and plan and prepare for a job. He knows how to find underworld contacts, how to go about shopping for a good fence and how to wash profits. He can pick locks, imprint and forge keys, crack safes with tools and explosives. Most of this can be applied to armored cars as well of course, and how to spot others casing a joint.

He has no real formal education here, but a rough and tumble life has given him plenty of experience. He's a respectable boxer, good sense of timing and a solid natural right hook. He's a remarkably experience knife fighter who's had the good fortune to survive his mistakes, and with a Bowie knife he displays a remarkably high degree of skill considering he's got no real training. He's no slouch with a good club either, and tends to favor a lead weighted "tire knocker" in particular.

He's been shooting since he was a small boy, with formal Marine training and combat experience. He's a former career bank robber with a passion for competitive shooting, so when armed he definitely counts as dangerous. He's quick and accurate, and every bit a well oiled machine when equipped with a firearm he's familiar with. From pocket pistols and sawed off shotguns, to general purpose machineguns he's really remarkably flexible. He's uniquely comfortable shooting from a moving vehicle, and an exceptionally good shot from the saddle of a motorcycle when the situation warrants. What he isn't familiar with is more exotic arms like RPGs, Heavy machine guns, or anything too terribly high tech like laser weaponry or whatever.

He can drive a street car in traffic about as hard as anyone, and knows exactly how best to use a passenger vehicle as a weapon. Wallace spent years of his life as a professional get away driver, and he's mostly kept his skills sharp over the years. On a bike however is where he really shines, and he has the closet full of state and local championships to prove it. He can comfortably push a motorcycle to the absolute ragged edge of it's performance envelope and keep it there for as long as he needs to. He's also a pretty good mechanic, and is actually a certified motorcycle mechanic.


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Wallace has a pretty impressive collection of automatic arms he's collected, stolen and bought over the years. From modern belt fed light machineguns, to original Thompsons he once carried on heists. More recently this has expanded with modern night vision, body armor and a small amount of explosives. Theres nothing in here that a Police Department couldnt get, barring the antiques of course. Never the less it provides Wallace with a broad selection of arms and equipment for whatever he might get up to.

He's got about five hundred thousand stashed if he needs it, and the dealership is actually quite profitable. He can reliably grab about ten grand on short notice, so he's doing quite alright for himself.

Wallace knows a fairly impressive array of criminal types across the US who are of a certain age, granted few of the guys old enough to have known or known of him from back in "the day" are behind bars or retired. Never the less he knows enough to generally get a conversation going, and well crooks hold grudges like anyone else. A little moonshine, and generally he can get at least rumors on whats going on in town. More than a few old timers are more than happy to see somebody like Wallace take out some of these "Punk outfits" to boot, and occasionally he might get more than general rumors. Otherwise most younger criminal types have absolutely no clue who Wallace is.

"Wolf Motors" is quite successful, Most of the employees are Ex-cons and they're paid quite well. As a result his employees are dramatically more savvy than most when it comes to talking to overly curious customers and law enforcement, and most would provide him with an alibi without blinking. Wallace lives above the shop to begin with, and those same employees are happy to make sure nobody screws with the boss's place when he's out. It provides Wallace a means to get bikes on the down low, a place to work on them and store them for use.

There are actually two bikes set aside for vigilante work, An obsessively prepared sportbike stripped of everything not strictly necessary, It's drivetrain torn down and rebuilt for performance and reliability and then painted plain black. The other is an electric dirtbike, which really isn't too different from stock. Theres also a rather anonymous looking commercial stepvan which he uses as transport for the bikes and arms, plus his regular work van and a couple of bikes he actually rides on a regular basis.


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He's a former bank robber, Thief and murderer who's likely broken every traffic law on the books to boot. These days he's killing criminals quite openly, and demonstrates a casual disregard for any semblance of the rule of law. Wallace is a criminal through and through, and whilst there are cops out there who don't mind him knocking off scumbags? Yeah theres no getting around the fact that "Bones" is definitely wanted for multiple felonies in a few different states. He's absolutely a "Bad guy" who happens to be concerned with fighting other "Bad guys" right now, but the expection amongst law enforcement is that he's going to end up killing any officer who gets in his way. As a result, Law Enforcement want him bad and they're not overly concerned about merely arresting him.

Distinctive Signature:
The sort've magic that went into making Wallace is fantastically obscure even when it was done, these days it's all but unknown. To those sensitive to the natural sort've flow of magical energy, Wallace presents a fantastically distinctive signature then. There is no disguise that can really hide him, and those who are clued in to what to look for may be able to locate and track him at some distance. A transformation likewise is more than likely to ping magic users at some distance, they may not know what happened but he's liable to ping them never the less.

Though Silver doesn't burn to the touch, a Silver weapon is capable of inflicting injury his healing factor cannot touch. He heals all magical/silver damage as a regular person might, and it's more than capable of killing him.

Absolutely everyone knows about silver and werewolves, it's absolutely not obscure or unknown in any way. Whilst most folks aren't liable to just -have- a silver weapon handy at any given moment, everyone who understands what Wallace is will immediately know exactly what to do about it.



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