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Warp (Scenesys ID: 1918)
Name: Sasha Moore
Superalias: Warp
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Between Jobs
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Brooklyn, New York
Education: Drop out, internet
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 22 Apr 1997 Played By
Height: 5'2" Weight: 110 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Not a lot of people know Warp, which she's okay with. She's a homeless mutant living in Brooklyn helping people when she can, but most of the time she's just existing.


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*April 1997 - Sasha Moore born to Anthony and Asha Moore in Savannah, Georgia
*May 2010 - Powers begin to manifest while practicing for track and field. Sasha warps forward startling several other runners on the track. She tries to hide this from her friends and family hoping it will go away.
*July 2010 - Finds that certain drugs help prevent uncontrolled warping and begins consuming them in greater quantity to keep from revealing her abberant nature to her family.
* January 2011 - Falls in with a group fo deliquants at school and sees a substantial drop in her grades due to her habitual drug use. Finds that softer substances nolonger suffice and graduates to more potent drugs to try and keep from revealing herself.
* May 2012 - Parents become concerned with Sasha's social circle and lack of motivation. Found drunk by her father who forces her to see a therapist when she says social pressures and anxiety have led to her alcoholism.
* June 2015 - While running from police after a store robbery, Sasha warps into the living room of an elderly couple who help her without knowing her. She's picked up by authorities the next day and has to call her parents to get her from the station. Store footage shows her warping, much to the dismay of her ultra conservative father. Angry and scared, Sasha runs away from home rather than face punishment.
* November 2015 - No longer able to put up with his daughters behavior and drinking, sends her to live with family in New York, hoping that his morr strict sister can turn Sasha around before she's gone too far.
* January 2016 - Sasha shows signs of improvement with her aunt, but not drinking causes her warping to happen more frequently. She learns to control it, most of the time, without substances, but she periodically finds herself in dangdrous situations because of it.
*May 2017 - Sasha meets Aisha and they move in together. Aisha introduces Sasha to hard substances and the rockslide of addiction takes them both to rock bottom.
*September 2018 - Aisha dies due to complications with substance abuse. The pain of this loss has Sasha reevaluate her life. She goes to rehab and stays in a halfway house between stints of homelessness, but begins using her abilities to try and help the helpless.
* September 2020 - 2 years sober, Sasha struggles daily. She lives primarily where she can find a roof and works odd jobs to survive, but shes nof above snatching food from a store or picking pockets to help those who cant work. She does not see herself as a hero: Sasha Moore, who goes by Warp, sees herself as an Orphan.

IC Journal

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Sasha can be a little abrasive at times, especially if she feels threatened or uncomfortable. She doesn't mean to be that way and it's more of a defense mechanism than deliberate intent (most of the time).

Sasha has an addictive personality, which means she gets attached to people easily and has trouble letting go. She will stay in a bad situation way longer than she shoule have, even if she KNOWS it's dangerous.

Self Doubt:
Sasha wants to do right, she wants to look like she has everything figured out, but she doesn't always. Nor does she always feel up to the task of helping others when she can barely help herself.

Character Sheet


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"It's not warping at all, really. Warping suggests a constant movement between two points with set physical speed, what I do is more like a wormhole, but that would be a really shitty name." - Warp Unlimited Vol. 3

In reality what Warp does isn't warping at all. It's creation of Einstein Rosen Bridge between two points of verying distance. The limitation is poorly defined and related directly to the relative speed at which she's moving when triggering her ability.

At a walking pass she could warp (direction is relative) a dozen yards. At a run she could warp half a football field, while at a full run and jumping she could push it to a city block.

Direction is relative, so she could go side to side, up and down, or backwards, but she cannot see the end point before getting there. This means she has to be able to see ths destination, be intimately familiar with it, or put her faith in fate.

She is, as far as she knows, unable to bring large objects with her, but anything she can physically care could in theory warp with her. She does not have super human strength, however.. and she has to be moving at to use the power at all. So carrying a person or a car is basically out of the question at her current level of control. Conversely, all personal effects she can carry and run with are fair game.


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"A coin operated Ms Pac-man machine in a pizzahut lobby is basically as close as you can get to god without dying." - The Orphans limited run vol 1

It isn't juat about playing them, Warp can fix old arcade games, knows how to pop thd coin tray with a penny, and can switch off the need to add money for games.

Vintage tech just makes sense to her, so this extends to old telephone booths and basically any vending machine as well.

"If you're going to keep talking, the absolute least you can do is not sound like a moron. It's like trying to have a conversation with a speak and spell out here." - The Orphans vol 2

It isn't always witty and it's almost never nice, but Warp can run off at the mouth for hours. Usually while running from someone to keep them angry or just because they got under her skin... or because shr had a bad day.. or a good day. Maybe she's just a bitch, though.

Defensive Fighting:
"Never let them see you coming. Never let them catch you... I fight on my terms, nobody elses." - Warp issue #1

Warp is not a fighter, but she does know how to defend herseld. She'll run and use weapons, absolutely never fights fair, and uses her environment to evade and remaij mobile until shd has the upper hand.

Fast Hands:
"Don't look at me like that, a girl has to eat... Besides, did you see his Mercedes? He can afford to buy me a hamburger." Warped Adventures Vol. 1

Warp has been living on the streets for years. When she struggles to find work she isn't above falling back on a thieves skill set. She has fast hands and can dip into a persons pocket with relative ease and knows all the little tricks of a pick pocket. It isn't glamourous by any stretch of the imagination, but has served her well enough.

* Lock picking
* Hot wiring
* Pick pocketing

Free Running:
"NO! Don't call it parkour.. you sound like a jack ass..." Warped Adventures Vol 5

Warp is a free runner and navigates the urban jungle with the best of them. She also uses this in conjunction with her warping ability to survive falls that would otherwise kill someone or get that extra distance on a particularly long jump.

Street Urchin:
"Follow the queen, where's the queen... where is it? oop... sorry fella, better luck next time!" - Warp issue #2

Warp knows how to hustle, but more importantly, she knows how to survive. Where it's safe to stay the night and which resteraunts will give out food after hours. She's been living on the streets of Brooklyn for years, in her head she has it all figured out.


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"I'm not real good with this thing, but it hurts when I hit them with it..." - Warp issue #4

Warp has a collapsable baton she carries with her all the time. She knowa how to swing it, but isn't a good stick fighter, so just implements it as a threat deturrence most of the time.

"I keep a spare lockpick in my shoe, never know when you might need to bust out of a heavily fortified poli...ce... station.. what are you staring at me like that for?" - The Orphans issue #1

Warp keeps a set of lockpicks, a slim-jim, and a multitool on her at all times. She also has a roll lf duct tape and various other common place items that make life easier.

"Black Betty? Nah, just a ten speed bike... everyone names their bike right?" - Warp issue #22

Warp has a ten speed bike with the brakes removed in favor od pedal breaks. She has a skateboard and she has an old pair of rollerblades. They are all named Black Betty.


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"Hey, my name is Sasha Moore and I'm an addict." - The Grim Warp issue #1

Warp started drinking in her teens teying to control her powers, but has run the full range of substances shes abused since then. She's in recovery, but once an addict always an addict, or so the saying goes.

"I've been in and out of halfway houses and group homes for 5 or 6 years. It's no big deal, though, New York provides." -Warp issue #1

Warp has no secret base or home, she has no support structure to hide her. When it rains, she sleeps beneath a tarp in an alley, if shes not lucky enough to get in a shelter. When shes on the run, she has no place to hide out or lay low.

"I haven't always been a good person, but everyone has a history. I'm trying now, that's what counts." Warp issue #1

Warp, aka Sasha Moore, has a criminal record. It isn't a huge record, nor are there any violent crimes, but she's in the system. Which isn't a good thing when she doesn't want to bd found or she's out helping people and leaves behind evidence.



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Warp has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Untold Streets: Ghoul Killer September 9th, 2020 No description
Trouble in Brooklyn September 8th, 2020 While trying to get information about Dom the Bomb the hard way, Donatello is interrupted by Warp and Drake Riley. The trio share a pizza dinner. Oh, and it's a bo staff -- not a stick!
Dining with Fred September 7th, 2020 TMW a meeting starts with awkward first impressions and ends in delicious hamburgers. Afterschool specials aren't this good.


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Warp has 3 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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