We Should Have Known

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We Should Have Known
Date of Cutscene: 01 April 2021
Location: Gotham University
Synopsis: It's Time! Rejoice!
Cast of Characters: Joan Wright, Ted Kord, Hank Pym, Thomas Blake, Michael Hannigan

April Fools.

Wright-Kord Wedding

Norma Blanchard Fuller- Wright and Philip Theodore Wright are proud to announce the marriage of their daughter, Joanne Marion Wright to Theodore Steven Kord after a brief courtship that started around mid-February.

A small wedding ceremony was performed on the central grounds of Gotham University with close family and family friends present. Mr. Wright, who teaches at the university officiated the ceremony.

Best Man is Booster Gold. Maid of Honor is Sherri Silvers.

Notable names in attendance include Dr. Henry Pym and Thomas Blake.

The reception was held at the Hot Dumpling Restaurant with Nick Drago booked to perform. In lieu of the traditional white wedding cake, the couple served up wedding cupcakes decorated with half of them looking like blue beetles and the other half decorated to look like LEGO hearts.

The pair intend to spend a week on a private island for their honeymoon.

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