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Yelizaveta Vorobey (Scenesys ID: 2547)
Name: Yelizaveta Vorobey
Superalias: None
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Ballerina
Citizenship: Russia
Residence: Lemonosov, Russia
Education: "high school"
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 23 Actual Age: 23
Date of Birth 09 Sep 1997 Played By Maria Khoreva
Height: 5'1" Weight: 96
Hair Color: Leather Black Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Anthem (from Chess)

Character Info


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Russian mutant ballerina visiting the US on tour. Extremely empathic, literally a porcelain doll, and under heavy restrictions by her handlers. She is on a tour of the East Coast, visiting the elite but from extremely humble backgrounds. She comes across as rediculously approachable and easy to talk to; wise, but not book smart.


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1997 - Born to middle/upper-lowerclass parents; Alina and Iosif - a lower class beauty who barely managed to avoid the streets, and an earnest stevedore in Polyarny.
2004 - Begins learning dance through a local neighborhood charity group; takes to it immediately.
2006 - Gains the attention of government scouts, and at 9 is transferred to a state-sponsored "school for girls" aka the "dance farm", where she begins a more formal education but also begins pressure to excel.
2011 - In the runupp for a "recital" for several important figures she reaches a crisis point and undergoes her change... Her own emotions and fears drop and she begins to more strongly read the emotions of those around her. Her skin turns glassy, her bearing more doll-like. As she continues to mature her feature begin to resemble a porcelain doll more and more.
2014 - By this time her name is becoming well known in the professional circles as an up and comer, and she lands her first chorus role with the Kirov Ballet.
2015 - She lands her first lead role with the Kirov as Clara in The Nutcracker. Her performance is amazing, but draws both accolades as a dancer and ire as a mutant.
2018 - By this point she is well established as a repeated soloist, and is starting to become a cultural figure. Her personal freedoms begin to restrict more and more as those above put more pressures on her, however her fan base grows in equal measure. Clips of her are regularly shared on YouTube.
2019 - Her stature a d wealth have grown enough she buys her own little cottage in the country just outside of Lemonosov, West of St. Petersburg. It becomes the first taste of independence she's ever had.
2020 - She is named the Prima Ballerina for the Kirov, again to both accolades and threats, and is now firmly on the world stage in ballet circles.
2021 - The Russian Government and the Kirov decode to launch a US tour, featuring their little "porcelain doll." This marks the first time Yelisaveta has left Europe.

IC Journal

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Yeli has been controlled her whole life, and doesn't ignore authority well. She isn't a complete pushover, but for those in real power over her life she has little true resistance.

A natural skill, and a super-talent, she is drawn and open towards those who are in emotional pain or anguish. She is a natural listener.

Despite her natural submissive tendencies she is incredibly driven when it comes to her passions and performance. She's been given many extra gifts to help her become a star, but it has all been backup up by determination and practice.

Character Sheet


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She can read another person she's in close personal contact with REALLY well. She really is a natural listener, creating a feeling of unburdening, while also subconsciously (and not always with a degree of control) becoming the woman they need her to be right then. It makes her easier to control by her handlers, but also risky to let her around more selfish, dominant types. Her interactions with old higher "party members" are often heavily regulated...

Even before her mutation kicked in she was able to contort her body in almost ridiculous ways, starting training at a very early age. She has no powers of stretching or elongation, but her all her joints are incredibly flexible, as well as toned.

Her "porcelain" skin really is glasslike, and is very resistant to cuts. At the same time though she can be more susceptible to hard bruising, taking longer to heal once that crush resistance is broached.


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Literally training since she was 7 years old, she has worked her way through talent, aptitude, and hard work to the top of the ballet food chain. Her skills in modern styles are less developed, but in classical forms she is in the upper percentile of the world.

Though the growing season at her house is short, Yeli has thrown herself into learning about gardening. She's not fantastically talented at it, but is an avid student. Connected to that is an interest in canning and making jams and jellies.


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Russian Government:
As a very public figure for Russian culture she has a certain amount of public influence and prestige. She's never taken political stances thusfar, and has generally confined that influence to her work and dance in general, with general charity towards neighbors and the downtrodden.

She currently has modest, but significant savings at this point and a growing jewelry collection made up of "gifts" and "tokens". Were she to have to quit dancing tomorrow she could likely survive comfortably in a simple lifestyle for the rest of her life in her homer in Lemonosov.


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She is resistant to cuts due to her "porcelain" nature, but can be impacted by a significant amount of blunt force trauma (think strong punch, not banging a shin). These bruises and injuries, however, are much more visible on her pale skin and take longer to heal.

She in naturally empathic, but not intellectual. She struggled sometimes in the schooling given to her as a secondary focus to her dance studies. She cannot quote authors, play instruments, rattle off historical dates, or dissect politics.



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Title Date Scene Summary
Drinks and Swanky Snacks April 19th, 2021 Roland, Xi'an and Yelizaveta get to know each other over drinks.
Art Night March 14th, 2021 Johnny Storm just wants to show off an alien statue he got on a mission. Things go perfectly!


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Yelizaveta Vorobey has 2 finished logs.

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