Zero-Point Energy

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Zero-Point Energy is the name for Tesla's energy core concept. The energy output of a Z-point power core exceeds even that of a large Tesla Tokamak. These devices operate on the basis of quantum entanglement inside crystalline molecular bonds. Z-Point constructs are a source of virtually limitless clean power, stabilized quantum computation, and are the building blocks of synthetic awareness. Many advanced races, including Oans, the Kree, Homo Immortalis, and the former Kryptonian Hegemony integrated similar conceptual devices into the backbone of their civilization. The creation of Z-Point power cores is considered a pivotal moment in the transition of a species becoming a Type II civilization.


When stimulated by radiation or electrical energy a Z-Point Module exchanges said energy with quantum-locked matter in Hyperspace and discharges it from the Module's surfaces. The resulting output is significantly power-positive. As the lattices and internal nodes increase in density, the energy output increases exponentially. Precise calibration of these molecular matrices during their growth is a key factor in prolonging their functionality and output efficiency.

The concept for a Z-point construct was pioneered by Tesla after he examined the power source of the Nautilus under Prince Dakkar in the 1930s. Dakkar claimed to have discovered a device in ancient Atlantis that replaced his nuclear reactor. The crystalline device powered an electrolytic reactor that provided limitless clean-burning oxygen and hydrogen for the ship's turbines. While not a true Z-Point construct it still prompted Tesla to look into crystals for alternative energy storage.

Issues in developing the Z-Point cores were manifold. Growth of the crystals was a painstaking, time-intensive process. The Z-Point housing units had to be heavily reinforced to prevent leakage of electricity or radiation. If damaged the lattice structure could rapidly disintegrate or even decompose explosively. In order to prevent feedback loops, devices reliant on the Z-Point crystals needed a 'starter' battery to jumpstart the quantum entanglement field in the crystal. Tesla relied on electrical interchange to power devices attached to the Z-Point Construct, which in turn required expensive and rare metamaterials like superconductors and miniaturized motors.

Tony Stark's great breakthrough was not only stabilizing and downscaling the Z-Point core, but also developing thermogenic metamaterials that could convert radiation directly into electrical output. This raised the energy output exponentially and required only trace amounts of radioactive isotopes to kickstart the reaction. Arc Reactors, the 'Stark Tokamak', can safely generate enough clean energy to power entire city blocks.


Zero-Point constructs are not just energy sources. Z-point constructs contain microscopic crystal lattices of electronic pathways. In rare cases, this has created conditions sufficiently complex so as to sustain intelligence.

The original Z-Point intelligence construct was installed in Atomic Robo. Other synthetics such as Red Tornado and Jim Hammond followed in later years. Z-Point constructs have been used for the creation of all modern synthetic life-forms. A synthetic awareness exists as both a binary state and a wave function, and it is impossible to duplicate a Z-Point consciousness into another construct without destroying the original in the process.

The process for developing a Z-Point AI was discovered by Hank Pym in 2014, mirroring the development of the Stark reactor while also developing new means of controlling the growth of the crystal lattices. When the superstructure was prepared to contain thought patterns, Pym used his own brainwaves to facilitate intelligence in the construct. This resulted in the deranged android known as Ultron. After Ultron's rampage was checked, Pym destroyed all lab notes, samples, and conceptual designs. No one has replicated this work to date. Few extant products of this research remain, such as the androids known as Vision and Vivian Vision.