Zero-Point Energy

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Zero-Point Energy is the name for Tesla's theoretical energy core concept. The energy output of the Z-point construct exceeds even that of a large Tesla Tokamak. However, Tesla was never able to successfully harness his design's energy with the materials of his era. The prototype was shelved until Tony Stark revisited the concept to power his Iron Man armor.

Zero-Point constructs are not just energy sources. Z-point constructs contain microscopic crystal lattices of electronic pathways, grown organically. In rare cases, this has created conditions sufficiently complex so as to sustain intelligence. The concept for a Z-point module was pioneered by Tesla after he examined the new power source of the Nautilus under Prince Dakkar. Dakkar claimed to have discovered a power device in ancient Atlantis that replaced the nuclear reaction which powered his submarine. It inspired Tesla's improved, modern designs.

The original Z-Point intelligence construct was installed in Atomic Robo. Z-Point constructs have been used for the creation of all modern synthetic life-forms. Because this awareness exists as both a binary state and a wave function, it is impossible to copy a Z-Point consciousness to another construct without destroying the original in the process.

The process for developing a Z-Point intelligence was rediscovered by Hank Pym in 2014. This resulted in the deranged android known as Ultron. Pym destroyed all lab notes, samples, and conceptual designs. No one has replicated this work to date. Few extant products of this research remain, such as the androids known as Vision and Vivian Vision.