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Bring a friend to the park day
Date of Scene: 30 May 2022
Location: The Hanging Tree - Park
Synopsis: It's BAFTTP day and Harley meets up with Hex for some good ol' fashioned bomb fun. No one dies and Hexxie gets invited to go do some roller derby.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Valerie Killmore

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's 'Bring a friend to the park' day! (BAFTTP for short)

At least in Harley's mind. But then again isn't it always a good day for BAFTTP?! Of course it is! Messages were sent. Various. Until she got an answer. All in the same vein of asking Val to go meet her at the Hanging Tree park in Gotham. And most importantly:

> Remember to bring goodies! Let's do some bomb brainstormin' *bigbombemoji*

Harley drives there in her yellow jag but makes sure to leave it far enough from the park. Just in case! And then it's time to walk over in this shiny bright day to meet with her friend. She comes dressed all blinged out. Shorty-shorts, a white t-shirt, some rings and a necklace and a pair of large, square sunglasses to protect those baby blue eyes. Flanking her are Bud and Lou, the hyenas running ahead of her while she nears the spot.

Over her shoulder she carries her little bag of tricks. A bit larger than usual and she is humming a little tune to herself.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
There's nothing better than BAFTTP. Hex receives the messages just fine, her phone ALWAYS has signal and she's about to immediately head out. You know, you don't get invited to a park every day by a person with a complimentary color scheme to yourself! And then? Then, well, goodies, what could that mean? She doesn't even read the second half of the message as she's wandering around her lab looking for 'food' 'snacks' she has nothing. She really needs to remember to eat.

Oh, there it is, that second half of the sentence! "Gosh, ya really gotta completely read don't ya?" She talks to herself, and then points menacingly at one of her barbie dolls hanging from her desk lamp, with a head replaced by a TY elephant, "Don't GIVE ME THAT Geooooooorge. You wouldn't of read all the way, either. Can't even read, you dumb-o."

Gathering up a bag, well, a duffle bag, well, a big multiple person duffle bag that would fit a military sized tent. Hex just starts throwing things into it. Bomb bomb bomb, grenade launcher pistol, bomb, bomb, rocket, launcher for said rocket, bomb, and plenty of hot pink yarn.

At the park, with this more than full duffle bag slung over her shoulder, it's any wonder that she's just not dragged down by it all, comes clanking Hex. Her legs are walking with sort of a kick out step in front of her, as she looks around the park, whistling at the tree, twirling a bit, looking like she should of been part of the Ministry of Silly Walks come to reality.

Hex is, Hex, but hey, at least she's clean? Maybe she walked through some sprinklers on her way here, or maybe she took a shower, who knows anymore, that'd of been this morning, and she is long past that time frame, though she sees the dogs, and sees Harley, and smiles big, offering a wave and then a slinking off of her highly potentially explosive bag, that she just slings off with a toss to the side. It clanks and rolls heavily, before she looks, "Wooooooow, pups? Are they friendly? I hope not. Come here, you lil' rascals... chew on my arm." And she holds out her arm, shaking it, "Come an get it!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
Having found a nice spot right in the middle of the grass Harley sets down a large picnic towel. Then starts getting goodies out of her bag! The edible ones. Lots of lil cakes that she most likely stole from April's pantry, some chocolate and of course some sprinkly colors to douse on food. Because every food needs some sprinklin' to taste better ..., even soup. Ugh, maybe not soup. Maybe that's why she rarely eats it... (Only when April forces her to. Damn that drill sergeant)

"Now you two can't by ANY means eat this food, you heah me?" She is talking with the two 'pups' as they sit, tongues out and looking at all the food in display. "And no eatin' Hex eitha!" big hyena puppy eyes and Harley siiiiighs.

"Fine! You can take a bite from---" but that's when Hex appears...., and asking to be chewed on... Oh no. She may also come to realize that the pups aren't really pups when she gets closer but instead they are two damn large hyenas! Maybe it's dopey grin that gives them away...

But whatever the case it seems Hex gets her wish because a moment later there's two hyenas running straight at her, tongues lolling out and then they jump towards her...

"No bitin'!" she calls out from her seat.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The food and snacks doesn't really draw any of Hex's interest, she is one of those crazy inventors who only eats when she really really really absolutely needs to, otherwise it's just a waste of time. Though, sprinkles doo look good, and cakes, but she's focused on the hyenas right now.

Holding out her arm still, as she approaches, she's making grumbly rough sounds, she's hunkered over, dragging her arms in the air, letting them hang loosely, so when she moves left, they rock, and then right, they rock. She's unafraid and unconcerned about the size of them, and instead, is just grinning big as they both come after her.

Clearly, from her motions, Hex is fast enough to evade, but chooses not to, and instead gets tackled by the two hyenas, and when Harley calls out, No Bitin' she pauses with her mouth open and looks over, frowning some, "Fiiiiiiiiiiine." Turning back to the hyenas who are slobbering, and may have been just about to bite back, maybe even with the same 'frown', "She's a party pooper, ain't she? We'll call her Miss Mother hen." And she starts wrestling with the hyenas, not using her full strength, but rolling them over to scritch them, then getting tossled, then rolling closer to the cakes, and then tossled, roll, for minutes.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley mostly observes with a keen eye, watching the rolling and wrestling. "Nice moves, Hexxie." she calls out, a glint in her eye as if she just got an idea. Though it's not one she shares just yet instead letting out a whistle after a few minutes. The hyenas perk up and then run back to Harley, grinning and 'laughing' in that hyena way. "Bud and Lou." she says in ways of introduction, "My baby hyenas." baby?! Those things are huge! "They like ya. Good. They don't take to most people."

Harley takes off her sunglasses and slides them down on the hem of her shirt, "Been a while Hexxie! What you been up to?" and then gestures, "Go ahead and sit.. There's food if ya hungry but ...." and her grin turns deliciously devilish. "... I got some of my lil bombs too. And this time they ain't just edible ones." a wink. "Though theah's somethin' ta say about a bomb so delicious someone eats it and then you just make it..." she opens her arms to the sides in a 'boom' motion.

Bud surreptitiously steals a piece of cake and starts to eat it quietly. Sneaky.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
As the pups run away, Hex finds herself without any more wrestle buddies so she spins around on her bum, till she's facing Harley and crosses her legs as she sits. Leaning forward, her elbows on her knees, head now resting on her hands, she's very compact on the ground and looking up, it's a rather disjointed and probably uncomfortable position for long.

With the cake stolen, though, Hex eyes over at the sneaky Bud, but then nods her head, making a wink to the hyena before looking back up, way up, to Harley from her current position, "If you eat a bomb and it explodes inside of you, isn't it really a good day? It means it worked! If it doesn't explode, well, you ate a dud, and that's not exactly the best day." She starts twirling her fingers up in some grass like it were strands of hair as her eyes focus down on the green.

"You brought bomb bombs? I brought bombs. You got any interesting ones? I definitely brought Claire, and Quinton, and the three sisters, there was also Tommy, Tommy Lou, and Tommy Tee, all in there as well, and Sharknado, of course, but maybe..." She looks around, "This isn't a big enough space for Sharknado. I brought a few butterflies, just to show ya, though we can pop'em too, won't take me terrible long to..."

Pausing she turns toward her bag, "NO, I did not FORGET YOU!" She face palms, shaking her head with her hand latched to her face like some alien facehugger monsters, and then she drags it down, pulling on her lower eyelids and deforming her mouth, "It is Exhausting, dealing with George. He's a talker, I'm terribly sorry. And his lewd comments about your shorts, he's a bit of a misogynistic ASSHOLE..." She shouts the last one while looking right over to the bag, and sighs, "I can't take him anywhere. I swear to the gods."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Duds are never a good day." In that Harley agrees! She even makes a face. She has had her share of duds in her life. The Joker being the biggest dud! And no, not a dud(e). She sticks her tongue out as if she had just tasted something nasty and reaches over to get some cake without looking, which incidentally is the one Bud was chewing on so she gets a slobbered over piece of cake which she just pops into her mouth without looking. "No duds today though! And yep, I brought some too.." she grinning as Val then starts introducing her bombs.

"Well, I brought my death star one! It always explodes twice..." Star Wars themed bombs?! Hopefully Disney won't sue. "Brought a few of my confetti ones, I wondah if it's similar to the butterflies you have. Also, why you got so many Tommy's?" she questions, dragging her butt over to the grass so they can start opening their bags and doing a proper bomb showing. She turns her own bag and tech devices start popping down, bombs of various shapes and formats. Even one that looks like some plain old TNT!

As Val then introduces George? "Yea, fuck you George!", then she leaning forward to Val, "Is he cute?" she waggling her eyebrows and looking up. "I mean, I don't mind talkahs, as long as they get the job done. If ya know what I mean!" now who's the lewd one?

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Well, duds CAN be a good day, it just sort of depends on whether or not you get tossed into a cell, tied up, and have to go through a grueling interrogation. If THAT happens, well, then it IS a great day. Just, that happens so rarely..." Hex looks at the grass some more, as she idly fiddles.

But then there's bombs, and she looks up, "Death star, does it kill stars?! Wow. That's even bigger than Sharknado." Is there a person, who has NEVER seen Star Wars? "Confetti is great! I dunno, does the confetti explode? That's a great idea, could put them into poppers, and she realizes you are pulling things out of a bag so - up she gets.

Excessive movement seems to be her modus operandi. Rolling forward, she puts a hand down, and lifts herself up with that one arm, beyond normal strength with a subnormal body weight leads to interesting physics, and her legs are still crossed, she's just upside down, getting the whisper, "George? Is he cute? Hmmmm.... hmmmmmmmm..." Paused now, she's thinking, "Yes? No? Maybe so." She laughs a bit, it expressing itself in the big wide grin all the way up to her eyes, and she offers a shrug, which she uses to pop herself up into the air, just a little, and onto her feet, walking over to her bag. She bends over, grabs it, and then hefts it upright, over her shoulder, and it clanks against her back. Turning on one foot, she marches right back and unzips the bag. Then starts emptying it. Lots of these clatter bombs, all with different graffiti drawn on them as if they each had faces, then a large pistol looking thing with one wide barrel - must be the grenade launcher george - a little colorful box comes tumbling out, and then a rocket launcher. That looks like there's been a colorful hot pink shark drawn on it, along with teeth and a few chomp chomp words written with comic stars around it - so you know it's an action that's happening.

Once that's emptied, she mentions, "Well, you see, Fred. He was a big fan of Tommy Tee, and Tommy Tee, well, once he was all pieced together, he suggested I go find his brothers, Tommy Lou and then just Tommy. I think they're brothers..."

Dropping to the ground now, on her stomach, with her legs kicking back and forth like she's on a bed, she starts moving bombs about, hers and Harleys, organizing them in some... not so organized manner. "Do any of yours have names?" She looks at the TNT, "Like this one, looks like a Peter, to me, Salty Peter."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"No no. That's when you want them to NOT be duds!" Now Harley is talking from personal experience, "See, as long as ya still got a bomb on ya there's a way out. Either that or a lockpick.." she shrugs. "But tomato, tomahto I guess." Bombs, lockpicks. All the same! They open doors, right? And considering her revolving door status with Arkham in the past she most likely has done quite a few escapades by way of bombs. Homemade ones too! Or are those called prisonmade bombs?

"I am not suwah it's biggah than a Sharknado. BUT..., it's a bomb inside a bomb ..., so, double the fun!" she tosses a small, very round, very black orb towards Val. "The death star." but then as Val starts dumping her own bombs down on the grass she lets out a squeal and turns, also with her stomach down as she starts going through the bombs. "Is this Tommy? No, is it this one? Nah, this one is a butterfly.." she does seem to have an uncanny, almost SUPERNATURAL kinship to bombs in the way she seems to identify them. Or maybe their brains are just too alike!

"Well, some do. Like the death star." She says, "The others..., I just name 'em as I go. Salty Peter is a good one for that.." she looks at it, picks it and then shakes it. "What do you say Salty?" she nods. "Yep, Salty you are!" then looking back up to Val.

"Say, you evah played Rollah Derby?" Now that's a random question out of what is a nice bomb-off showing! Or maybe not so random.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Really?" Hex questions this idea of not wanting duds so you can evade capture, instead of being captured. "I always have a bomb 'on' me. In a way, anyhow, just need to make myself bleed, or have a fork, a tray, anything to be able to make bomblistics on somethin' then... boom!" She offers, nonchalantly, and then she is shaking her head a bit as she kicks her legs about still, "No lockpicks, wouldn't know what to do with them. I just explode doors if I can't get in. And I don't lock up my lab... but, it's pretty well, rigged... and even I've forgotten all the traps."

Nodding in agreement, about the whole bombs are lockpicks things, "The box ... yeah, those are butterflies. And... yeah, that's not Tommy. That's Fredericka, and, oh, no, yep, okay." And there are three clatter bombs with similar looking 'faces' as it were, and she's about to point them out when Harley probably has isolated them and she grins some, "I just me... real names. You know, they're... people too." She wiggles her face some, lips pushed out, nose a wigglin' as her lips quirk back and forth, like a little girl half way between being shy or crying. And then she picks up Tommy Lou and she squeezes him, pulling the bomb close to her face and hugging, then she holds him out to Harley, "If ya wanna see what Tommy Lou can do?"

And she just hands him off, shaking her head, as she picks up a confetti bomb, and starts to look at it some, investigating it, possibly interested more in how it is put together than exploding it, at least at this moment, grinning though, she giggles practically, "Salty Pete, welcome to the family!" She shouts, loud, and kicks her feet into the ground as she is all wide eyed, "Huh? Roller Derby? No. I don't ... get out much. Or do things with people. Often. I am usually painting, or making things, or exploding things, or stealing stuff, to make things that explode. I gotta pretty full life. What's roller derby though?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You look like a tommy Lou." Harley says with a goofy grin when Val passes Tommy over to her. Of course that Lou, the hyena, also raises it's head from where it was resting. "Not you, Lou!" whine... But then Harley is springing up to her feet at the talk of bomb testing. She weighs Tommy Lou in her hands as if considering the strength she can apply to have it fly as further as possible. It's an whole science, ok?!

"Rollah Derby. It's a way of life..." She tiptoes over to the side so she gets a running start, testing her toss a few times. ".. a place wheah we can go wild.." she draws out the pin.

"Imagine roller blades, a rink.." she wiggle-wiggles her hips and jumps forward before her arm swings with mighty strength, the bomb starting to fly up into the air at a ..., strength that really that clownette probably shouldn't have. Thank you, Ivy!

"Barely any rules and a whole lot of ass kicking!" The bomb flies across the air and explodes up above, Harley letting out a loud whistle. "Damn right, Tommy Lou!" she calls out.

And then her eyes are back on Hex, "And I think you got the destructive talent I need ta join the team, Hexxie."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
It is Tommy Lou, and the explosion is rather... different? Instead of a big boom, it makes a big SCcchhchhkkkkkzzzzack as electricity ripples out everywhere. And the pin? And the trigger? It was chewing down hot pink yarn after the pin was pulled, the janky mouth part that makes it look like some SteamPunked out version of one of those clatter teeth things mixed with a mad max grenade, start 'eating' the yarn until yep. The explosion goes off with a burst of electricity up in the sky that trails out in tendrils of lightning.

Hex isn't at all perturbed by it, that's normal, right? Bombs, making electrical bursts, and then she quirks her mouth to the side, "I dunno. There's some rules?" She takes in a deep breath and rolls over onto her back, positioning the confetti bomb on her fingers as she rolls it about, and then positions two fingers behind the confetti bomb. She may have figured out how to trigger it, and if that's a pin, or a fuse, she'll get it going. Holding it, too long, well, almost, as she flicks it the last moment up into the sky to see what all this confetti is about. Whatever the explosion, it's going to be rather close, maybe too close for comfort, but Hex just chuckles at it, eyes wide, trying to pull in all the details of the explosion.

"So, these roller blades. Does that mean I can cut someone? Like, pizza cutters, they roll, right? And are blades?" Hex DOESN'T get out much, "I don't know about joining a ... team. I'm usually pretty bad in teams, and end up screwing up so bad that my team doesn't like me anymore." And she sighs, putting her hands on her stomach and still looking up at the sky, "You wouldn't want me on a team. I'd just make you lose all the time."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The electrical buzz and consequent burst doesn't seem to phase Harley either. She is used to bombs of all kind, her big baby blue eyes watching the explosion with a big wide grin, almost like a cat in a trance before eventually she looks back down to Val. She has managed to settle back down on the ground and fetch another bomb. Who is it this time? Fredericka, that's who. "She looks cheeky devious." this about Fredericka. Because all Fredericka are cheeky devious! It's a fact..., maybe. In their minds?

"Yep, rules. Yep, team." All keywords! And Harley certainly notices in Val's speech on how she doesn't go out much. Or at all. Or even hangs out with other people. That PHD on Psychology helps! "Well, no cuttin', nor explosions. No killin' or permanent damage. But other than that, go freakin' wild." she shrugs, "But the important part is that it's fun! And that those fuckin' girls from the Tenderloin district need to be fuckin' spanked aftah last year.." she seems to have a bone to pick, definitely.

"And yea, tell me about it..., I suck when I get in teams too..." the bomb explodes and it's ..., confetti of course. And with the blast being close to the two of them? It means they get confetti'ed up from top to bottom in red and white diamond shape confetti little pieces. Harley just continues talking as if nothing happened..

".. Either not being taken seriously, or just that weird broken crazy girl that everyone pities. That's why I am makin' my own thing. I don't really care about winnin', just that it's our own thing, ya know?" she lies back on the grass too.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
There's a roll to her stomach, "I dunno." Hex mentions as the confetti comes raining down on her, like it is paper rain, and she picks a few of them up and looks at them, then eats one, well, puts it in her mouth, to taste it, and then swallows it whole.

"What if I accidently kill everyone on OUR team, and that's how we lose?" Hex wonders, and shakes her head, "You don't get it though, I'm not like, bad bad, for our team, I'm like REALLY bad, for our team. So, I don't team up unless I'm told to. It's just... I dunno." She rolls her eyes, "You got that right toots, no body wants to roll around with me, not on a derby." A bit of a laugh, "Ohhh, wouldn't that be great, Lil' Hexxie poo, out in a game..." And she's poking her finger into the ground, and then hitting the ground a few more times with a jabbing finger, "Too skinny, too gothy, too crazy, too often killing our puppies." A look up, to Bud and Lou, "Not you two, of course, you are bigger, and no longer actually puppies, and it wasn't like I meant to do it."

A pause, "Well, except to that dog named Tiger. Who names their dog tiger? He was better off as a shrapnel..." She stops and sighs, and shakes her head, "If there's no killing and no permanent damage, I'm probably not the right person. It's hard, you know?" And then she looks toward George, pulling him out of the crowd of other items, and she's pointing the end at me, "Look, I am NOT pitying myself." And then she's gripping with both hands and shakily pointing as she spins in a little circle, already on her feet, "Ohhhh, no no nono, you don't get to this time, Georgey!" She turns it back on herself, her eyes wide, tilted to the side, yelling, "Look at me when I'm talking to you!" She's shaking, pink eyes wide, eyebrows arched, facial expression wild.

Fredericka, on the other hand, is a fire bomb. If used, she'll take a moment to clatter eat some extra yarn, seems like she's meant for more of a delay response, or a longer toss, and then puff out in a circular fiery explosion, more typical of a real grenade but without all the shrapnel.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Edible confetti out of one of Harley's bombs? How DARE you think they would be edible?! .....


Of course they are. Gummy Bears flavor this time around. "How do you like it?" Harley then asks with a big grin. Almost as if she had made that one SPECIFICALLY for Hex. "Let me tell ya, it took me a while to not have it just explode in gooey pieces but ..., eventually got theah!" she is quite proud. "This is gonna be a blast in parties.." maybe literally so.

Harley then listens as Hex goes on her monologue on the reasons she isn't team material, bit of a bittersweet smile to the clownette's lips. Yea, if anyone knows how that may feel about that's her, ".. too unpredictable to be taken seriously. Too crazy ta have friends. Yea, I know." she then stopping for a few moments, listening to the rest before speaking up again, ".. I have been theah, aftah Mistah J. Theah was nothing foh me besides a continous revolvin' doouh at Arkham. But I decided I wasn't gonna let that be my story, wouldn't let 'em win. So .., I decided ta make a friend.." she pauses as Val starts talking with George and she frowns.

"Hey, fuck you Handsome Georgey! This is gal talk, you weren't invited!" the never on some people! She does sound serious though. Fredericka remains on Harley's hands, she tossing it from one hand to the other as if not yet having found the best time to toss it.

Because there's a time and a moment for grenade throwing!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Taking up one of the confetti pieces, Hex shoves it into the busines end of George, and then another and then another, "Oh, you DARE, yeah, that's right, take this, and this, and that one, ooh, not that one." She pops that one into her mouth, and then she fills the barrel up before setting George down on the ground. Rolling her eyes she pushes him away, "That'll keep him busy for a while."

To Harley though she looks up, resting her chin on her hands, elbows on the ground as she lays there on the ground, "I have friends." She offers, in defense of her place, "We're just... not... good at... teams." A pause, "I'm not good at teams." She comments, and quirks her mouth more slowly back and forth.

"I mean, you get it, you saaaaaay, but you are so put together. You've got a consistent color scheme, a solid look, you aren't too skinny, you could be a model, you got brains, brawn, beauty AND you made edible bombs. How's someone like me ever gonna be like someone like you? Even George likes you more, and you wouldn't beeeeelieve the kinds of things he's offered, and with just a few compliments I was thinkin' about it."

A big breath in and a deep breath out, she closes her eyes for a moment, squeezing them shut, her eyes zipping left and right under her eyelids, for a few moments until she can get them under control, while her hands fidget and fiddle, tapping along her cheeks, the edges of her lips, "Your probably even a better artist than I am, most people are. Most people lie, though, and cheat their way through the world." Picking up one of her clatter bombs she pulls the pin and it starts clattering, she's just looking at it, turning it around and around, as it chews on an unknown amount of hot pink yarn, "And they don't like my friends... not a single one of them, not a pew pew or a bombchakalaka. I... try, and just... fail." Clatter clatter.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Put together?" A brow quirks. "Consistent color scheme..?" Harley reaches up to tug at a ponytail. It's red today. She thinks on it a few, "Wait, ya sayin' my colors are startin' ta be predictable?!" an horrified little expression her face before she winks at Val and lets out a wide clownette grin, "I am not suwah why you'd want ta be like me, but I guess I can take it as a compliment? And Handsome George is a sellout, he's just tryin' ta make you jealous.." a sagely nod coming from Harley.

"How about this? Just show up for a training one time? No strings, and if ya don't like then you don't have to come again?" She suggests, "I dunno, I kinda like you Hex. As if we are in the same wavelength sorta.." she gets up to her feet. Or better, she 'springs' up, confetti dropping out of her and onto the grass. The hyenas have approached now to get some of those yummy gummy bears and sit by Valerie to continue eating away.

"You really think I am very composed, eh?" That has Harley considering for a few moments, "I suppose that all falls into the eye of the beholder. Like beauty.." she tosses Fredericka up in one mighty throw. It flies up through the air and she watches the trajectory, quirking a brow as it doesn't explode right away. "Fredericka likes to play hard to get..." she comments just before it explodes in a rather fiery manner. At least nothing gets destroyed but they may be starting to attract unwanted attention!

Valerie Killmore has posed:
The bomb that Hex is holding is just being turned around and around in her hands, and then... it gets to the end of the yarn just when Fredericka explodes and ... this one pops, fizzles, and smokes. There's a look at it and she smiles, "It's okay." She pats the bomb on the head, "When we get home, we'll fix you right up, and give you another go." A soft smile, a friendly smile and then she's rolling backwards, kicking her legs up and using her back and hips without any use of her hands to kick her light body up into the air.

Acrobatics when you are too strong yet normal-ish weight, are just, weird. And she's flipping up onto her feet. "Did you wanna try out Sharknado? Or... no, probably shouldn't... could... kill... a lot of people... unless, you wanted to do that?" As if that's just like buying donuts, do you do it or not. Flip a coin?

And with a shrug, while she's petting the top of the fizzled bomb like it's a cat's head, even giving it some scritches, "I could show up, I guess. It doesn't sound - terrible, it actually sounds kind of fun. You said we get to roll on blades, right? And, that's cool. I'm just, I'm a curse. So, if we start losing, or someone dies, or melts, or the entire sport vanishes... it was my fault." Though she watches a little of the after effects of Fredericka, "Hey, I didn't eat lunch, could I take one of those confetti bombs 'to-go'?" Instead of, you know, touching ANY of the snacks that Harley brought with her, "And, yeah, you are so composed. I mean, this ENTIRE time, you haven't once snapped at nobody who... wasn't there. And you were even nice to George." Was she though? Wasn't Harley yelling at the gun as well, "And Tommy Lou, Fredericka, I'm sure were appreciative of your good throwing arm. I mean..." A shrug, and looking toward the ground, "You like me, NOW, wait till you get to know me... I'm the fork with bent prongs, the trashcan with holes, I'm just saying... don't get too attached. I'll probably end up killing you..." She doesn't seem too excited about that.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Acrobatics are totally weird when you are too strong! Harley can attest to that. And when you start swinging gigantic hammers around like they were paper? That's when you get people to start raising eyebrows. But they can't help being fabulous, right? Right?! Harley watches Fredericka's remnants fade in the sky, hands on her hips before nodding approvingly. "She is a screamer." this about Fred.

"And nah, no sharknado. I mean, I am suwah it's bettah than the C-movie? But don't wanna people coming aftah us. Besides, April would be pissed.." she nods. She would really be pissed if she went back to a life of crime!

As Hex then sorta-maybe accepts join the team it means Harley takes it as a definitive yes! "Alright!" she sounding excited, "I will send you the deets on wheah ya have ta go and the time and all that. Don't worry about gear, we have it.." she then reaching into her bag to get a few of those confetti bombs out. "I knew you'd ask so .., I brought some extra." look, she is proud of her gummy bears, ok?

"And well, I ain't scared if you aren't, Hexxie. Whoever eats with a fork anyway?" a wink at Val.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"C-movie?" Hex questions, like she's never heard of such a thing, "Maybe? Is there a movie?!" She starts to scrunch up her brow, "They feature my rocket? It's full of the power of both a shark... and a tornado. All packed into one rocket, it swirls and slices..." She's making some hand motions too, claws out of her hands like they are teeth chomping, and then she wiggles her arms about like they are swirling. "How, why, what ... they stole my idea!!!" She screams, her hand shaking, she's running them up and into her hair, twitching, "Who did it? Do you think it was that guy at the McDonalds? Maybe, could be, no..." She starts pacing, really, shaking, eyes wide, thinking, trying to backtrack who she told so she knows who to hunt down.

"April?! You know an entire MONTH?!" Letting her eyes roll, she exaggeratedly dips backwards, bending in that direction as she swirls, spinning, "First my weapon is turned into a stupid, simple mooooovie..." A pause, and her demeanor completely shifts, she smiles, starting to laugh a little, "You think they got that from cows? Mooooovie. Mooo mooo." She is grinning, and takes the bombs idly, looking at them, while shaking her head, much calmer, "Moo. I Moo. You moo. Vee, though, I wonder... vee vee." She's snapping, like trying to remember something, to pick up on a word, "Nah. I lost it. Cow v-day would be weird, right? You think they've got a feminist movement?" Her eyes get wider, bigger, her jaw drops, "Moooooovement. Oh... thanks Harley. Uh, for the bombs." And she's tossing them in her duffle, packing up, quick, slinging it over her shoulder, she waves, "Yeah yeah yeah, send me the deets. Oh my god." She takes up George and shakes out the gummy bear confetti into her own mouth, pointing it toward herself, "Ohghhsgh rughtsh, Goorshe. Yeah. Totally. They're taking over the world. NO, I will not, even if you were the last gun on the planet. Well, okay, maybe if you were the laaaaaast one, but seriously, no. Not unless that's.. no, I will not. No, Harley won't." She's talking quickly as she's wandering off, "Yes. Who would've thought the cows were taking over?" Lost on some kind of conspiracy theory non-sense and hurriedly off to do whatever it is she's going to do with George against some cows.