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Welcome to Heroes Assemble MUSH. New Players, please click on this link to learn how to get started, and then set your browsers for:

Game Address: port 3000.

Heroes Assemble MUSH is a superhero storytelling game where DC, Marvel, and many other properties occupy a fully merged and integrated world with a unique canon and a fixed timeline. New York City, Gotham and Metropolis are situated in canon locations along the East Coast and connected by HyperLoop for rapid transit. We aim for our setting to feel like it could be a major DC or Marvel feature film, or a main run of a well known comic franchise.

We are a consent-based game where the players work together on interesting stories rather than combating each other in tabletop fashion. Player-run plots are welcome. Our staff also run plots both large and small in scale. You can see our archive of RP here at And we have a lively Discord server you should check out once you're ready to jump into the game-- just ask any staffer for the invite link.

Come play your favorite canon superheroes and villains! Original Character superhero concepts are also welcome and can play their way into established canon groups, or form their own.