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Title Time Description
April Fool's: Mojo Style 2023-04-03 00:00:00 Get your spandex and big hair ready because Mojo has hijacked the airwaves again and this time you're staring in one of the greatest TV shows ever:


Bring your best 'Gladiator' name and watch out for the super nerf guns, they /really/ hurt.

This years April Fool's shenanigans will be featuring Mojo and we'll be running it on Sunday night since I work the weekend and Sunday night should be easier for me...and hopefully others. <3

The New Vice President 2023-04-03 00:00:00 With the passing of Vice President Dondi Reese, President Luthor announces his new Vice President who has been ratified by both houses of congress in a shocking demonstration of political solidarity.

This scene is open to all - and is a Press Conference on the White House lawns.

Bardo: First Blood 2023-04-03 22:00:00 You know what mixes great with being stranded on an alien world where you're the size of a doll, PTSD, and a lingering substance abuse problem? Yes Brick has discovered Earthly marijuana and as it turns out he's a bit of a lightweight, or alien physiology mumbo jumbo. Point is he's on a bit of a bad, hallucinatory trip and while tiny he is still packing enough firepower and military training to level, oh, I don't know, say a toy store? Seems GI Joe just released a new line and Roadblock (With glow in the dark armor!) bares a striking similarity to a member of his old squad from the war. Now Brick is on a drug-fueled warpath to save his friend that threatens every aisle at the last remaining Toys R Us in the country and boobytrapping the entire place with a mix of Legos, Barbies, and miniaturized alien high explosives. He just needs to be talked down is all. Or like, put in a sturdy jar. Whichever you can manage.
The Raft: Break Out 2023-04-03 23:00:00 The Raft is an aquatic prison created for the sole purpose of detaining and incarcerating enchanced individuals. The majority of its locked up population are considered dangerous or apt enough to require their stays to be highly tailored on a case-by-case basis. The Raft has got the funding, the personnel and tech to make it happen. But no prison is infallible. While it wouldn't be the first time the notorious place had an early release, odds aren't great at a repeat demonstration.

An initial scene to showcase the very terrible time that some super-gals of the villainous kind are having.

Open to: Crystal Frost, Lisa Molinari, June Moone, Leslie Willis

The Path of Progress: A Rock And A Hard Place 2023-04-04 23:30:00 The information retrieved from the raid on the Madripoor compound proved that the mutant smuggling operation was considerably more widespread then even Cable initially believed. The operation also appears to be carefully compartmentalized to insure that it is no easy task to disassemble the entire thing and find out who is really behind it. But enough scattered clues point to another facility -- this one on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. Cable will once again gather up a group of suitable candidates to raid the facility -- this time in the hopes of atually saving some of the mutant captives and perhaps getting to the bottom of just who is behind all of this. And why, The problem? Well, that would be the fact that the raid will happen right in the middle of the first monsoon of the season.

OOC Note: The scene is open to X-Types along anyone with suitable mercenary and somewhat morally grey inclinations who might fall in with Cable and his ilk.

Planetary Defense Briefing: The Brood 2023-04-06 00:00:00 Following events in NYC and the Savage Land, world governments and security organizations are alerted to the presence of the Brood on Earth. The first such known contact since their invasion in 2015, they are considered extremely dangerous. Given the threat, all available assets are being considered, with the Justice League as the coordinating body for organized meta-team response.

OOC: Briefing & social event hosted by the Justice League, with all others welcome to represent their various teams. No combat/action here, but subsequent events will cover a broad range of threat levels.

Taking out the Trask: X-Ray Zulu Omaha! 2023-04-07 00:00:00 Dateline Omaha, Ne

An anti-mutant rally in the heartland. Counter protesters stand up for mutant rights but as the temperature rises can the peace be kept or is this just a chance to bust heads?

This scene is centered on mutants but room will be made for others as space allows.

A Bone to Pick 2023-04-07 22:00:00 Who doesn't like dinosaurs, fossils, mineralized poop and the LARGEST opalised raptor claw in the Western Hemisphere, among other antiquities and valuables. Unfortunately, this is taking place under the auspices of The Grasping Paw, an international museum heist and antiquities trading gang.

How dangerous can a heavily-armed, high-valuable black market auction possibly be?

(.... very.)

Prison is a Riot 2023-04-08 00:00:00 The law has finally caught up with Jinx because she is trying to be good and refused to fight back. Sure she didn't rob the Gotham First bank and trust, but she did do all those other crimes.

However, the threat that she poses to H.I.V.E. is very real and they want her dead. Her prediction that the'd take her out in prison is a certainty. Can the Titans break her out of prison before it's too late.

This is a scene for the Titans. Risk is High, there'll be a prison riot.

The Laugh Track 2023-04-08 00:00:00 The Joker, and his henchmen have taken over one of Gotham City's El-Trains. They're making a joke out of the city itself, as they cruise the tracks around the city. Won't anyone help?!
OOC: Combat scene. For members of the Bat-Family and Birds of Prey.
X-Folks: The Purest Unpacked 2023-04-08 01:00:00 After a failed attempt to hurt Logan and Harry of the Hideaway. The X-Men have learned where The Purest Pack are hiding out. Beef has been tenserised. Now the X-Men are going to want to make sure it's well done.

This is again a scene for X-People and adjacents. Third part of a trilogy to be concluded.

Fire From The Heavens: Power and Glory 2023-04-10 23:30:00 Plans have been made, decisions finalized and the Justice League and their allies are finally ready to take the fight to Despero. Luring the power-mad tyrant to a desolate corner of space, the strike force will try to bring down the Third Eye, defeating him once and for all. But what outcome might the Flame of Py'tar still exert on this final confrontation between the League and such a deadly threat? And will it sway the fight towards it's one-time champion... or towards those that guard its power now?

OOC Note: As always, this scene is open to members, allies and associates of the JUstice League, past participants in the plot and anyone else who can come up with a reason for their involvement. This should wrap-up the Fire from the Heavens plot.

Good Intentions: Part One 2023-04-12 00:00:00 This will be a scene for Happy Harbor High School and their friends and allies.

Any questions, please let me know. I'll update this desc after the Happy Harbor Science Fair. <3

Taking AIM: Boardroom 2023-04-14 00:00:00 The opening salvo has been fired but this game has just begun. It's a High Stakes Board meeting as AIM's upper management takes the battle to DaCosta International. But what does Roberto have up his sleeve? Cue the Mission Impossible theme music!
Black Sheep's Tongue 2023-04-15 21:00:00 When Talia brought in a book to the Candle, Booke and Belle, covered in glitter and sparkles, with bright purple eyelashes and a snapping, wicked beak on it, she knew there was bound to be trouble that follows. Especially since there was little time between its appearance, and the disappearance of its presumed owner.

Nettie Crowe tasked members of the Justice League Dark with good noses to sniff out where its owner had gone to, no easy task considering its former location in Gotham City. Will Gabby Kinney, Belinda Gutierrez be able to track down the book's owner? Who will join them on this journey to find the owner of the Tome of the Black Sheep's Tongue?

How *does* one remove glitter and rainbow unicorn stickers from a highly aggressive book?

Scene For: Gabby, Belinda, (Misfit if available), and two-to-three others, JLD centric

Danger: Gotham City, unknown human element, three-to-four out of five bitey books.

Unsure of if you could come? Drop me a line!

Fair Winds & Following Seas 2023-04-21 00:00:00 Roberto Da Costa invites some friends along on the inspection cruise for his newest toy, a yacht. But with an experimental engine, marauding pirates and a laguage barrier with the wait staff can hi-jinks be far behind?
The Count of Monte Cristo: And Action! The Count Revealed 2023-04-22 23:30:00 Scene Type: Social

Description: Another gathering of cast is in the works as they prepare for the scene that reveals a mysterious count to the rest of high society on the beautiful grounds of the Chateau du Lude!

This is a social type scene and open to anyone. If you're having trouble getting involved, just reach out and we'll find a way to work you in. You do not need to have participated in the past scenes to participate.

Role types that might be involved: Extras dressed as the French elite, servants, entertainers, etc. circa mid 1800s in their finest clothing.

Non-Role types that might be involved: film crew members, security, other safety providers

Related plot information +bbread 15/61

THey Came from the Cabbage Patch 2023-06-02 00:00:00 The South has many legends and superstitions but when people start disappearing in a small southern town. When the video that shows up online of the attack can't be debunked and When Monsters are reported lurking in the shadows and eeiry childish laughter lingers of the sweltering summer breeze. Well, that's aproblem
XXX-MotW: Clockmaker 2023-06-09 00:00:00 Clockmaker has had a small repair shop in MutantTown for as long as there has been a mutanttown. He fixes anything people bring him as long as it hasn't been broken too long and sometimes even if it has. He is a staple in the community, a good friend and neighbor. When he didn't open his shop a week ago people assumed he had taken the train to visit his sister in Schenectady. They had started to get worried but now he's back with a wild look in his eyes, looking gaunt and frailand the local timeline is unraveling around him.

This is the first of several 'Monster' of the week style plots open to people in and around MutantTown. They are building to a bigger plot but are self contained stories. There may be fighting, there will be drama and conflict. The only danger is the one you bring with you.

XXX-The Legend of Ong's Hat 2023-08-17 00:00:00 Ong's Hat, NJ was a small town in the Pine Barrens from colonial times to the early 20th century. A way station on the way from the Shore to points west. The town slowly died and more or less blew away but it was also a convenient locale for those with secretive plans and certain needs. It's geography, on a ley line and near a tectonic fault was powerful in certain circles. It also had access to fresh water though the soil would only support a few things. There have tales of missing traveler in the area, strange lights, fairy circles and it is a stone's throw from Leed's Point birthplace of the Jersey Devil.

At least that's what all the clues and stories have said and here our heroes stand in the August after a summer of monsters still on the trail of the XXX Society and their mad plan.

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Title Date Scene Summary
A Worker Bee in the Wild January 31st, 2023 Jinx takes some Titans on a field trip to prove to them how insideous HIVE truly are
Birds of Prey: New Ride January 31st, 2023 Barbara introduces the Birds of Yay to their new Blimp Buddy. Green Energy, Moon Helium, Party Cruises and Airship Booze Cruises. It's quite a time. Cass might have even gotten high off Blimp fumes!
Burying Hatchets January 31st, 2023 Marie seeks Doug out to make amends for past mistreatments. The two take time to properly talk, catch up, and enjoy a dinner of Genoshan fare!
A Little Fun Never Harlemed Anyone January 30th, 2023 Jessica watches Jason in action, and bums a ride.
Want me to change the oil on that January 30th, 2023 Laura Kinney stops by a repair shop in The Narrows to get her bike fixed. The poor thing having been subjected to uses that void it's warranty. Caleb agrees to do some repair work on it.
Just Act Natural January 30th, 2023 Clea is out trying to be normal and comes across an Agent of SHIELD in need of coffee.
How'd it Feel to Dance With Yourself January 30th, 2023 Rogue and Jamie discuss having many minds in the mind.
Campus Coincidence January 30th, 2023 Hannigan and Stadler have a chance encounter at Columbia University. Small talk about their reasons there turn into heated words on the value of higher education. Tensions leave escalated.
Sunset Melody January 29th, 2023 Jogging through the park: Belinda encountered Saeko, and revealed concerned fears. Secrets revealed!
Can't Stop, Won't Stop January 29th, 2023 Ms. Marvel springs into action after springing into earlier action and discovers fighting Juggernaut is just as exhausting as saving people from an apartment fire. And also that one cheese steak doesn't provide enough energy to Stop the Juggernaut.
Everyone loves a Montage! January 29th, 2023 Training is had, and Janet oversees to make sure T'Challa knows he is supposed to be the friendly one.
The Count of Monte Cristo: A Scaled Response January 29th, 2023 Thomas comes by the Shaw Studios Beach Retreat to pick Megan up from vocal training for her movie role. There they run into several key figures of the movie's production process. And it turns out at least one of them is a (TV) Catman fan.
Discordants: The Dark Ships of the Black Order January 28th, 2023 The Ravagers are forced to flee when confronted by a Black Order ship. Though now where shall they go?
Fencing Lessons January 28th, 2023 The first fencing lesson at Xavier's School for the Gifted. As expected, it was wild. Wild, I tell you!
Full-Contact Sports January 28th, 2023 Vic makes sandwiches and plays video games.  Kaida steals sandwiches!  Kían ponders new qihár rules and Terry has the best thighs.  Another day in Titans Tower.
A nice night in Gotham January 28th, 2023 A successful first test, with a few errors, and a unexpected guest!
And So You're Back January 28th, 2023 Carol returns from space to catch up with the lovely Princess of Themyscira!
Is This Goldilocks Or Red-Riding Hood January 28th, 2023 Maria comes back to her squat to find Alderic has found it and eaten her food. Thankfully she doesn't get made into a second meal!
The End of the Ringmaster January 28th, 2023 The thrilling conclusion of an incidental, accidental plot inspirited by a typo of Merry-go-Wrong. The Ringmaster makes his last appearance. Michael Hannigan stops people from trampling each other twice. Osprey plays whack-a-mole with tendrils of shadow and destabilizes a magical gate. Daniel Ketch wrestles a Hellephant and Robbie Reyes ruins the Ringmaster.
Punisher's Aftermath January 28th, 2023 A night out for Lara and Steve is interrupted by a call to check out a Punisher-induced quintuple homicide. Cap's hunt for the vigilante continues. Lara makes a discovery.
How U Doin January 27th, 2023 Random Text conversation on a quiet night.
Kainashi Leashed: Central Park January 27th, 2023 NULL unleashes Kainashi in Central Park with intent to maim and do harm. Luckily several of her friends and family have taken issue with Null's treatment of bully breed mutants. Newcomer SUNDANCE and Incidental RICHARD STADLER join SALLY PRIDE, LEONARDO and A VERY VERY ANGRY ALOPEX
Gotham: Wistful Retreats January 27th, 2023 Bad Decisions: Jogging through Gotham Park at Night! Alderic saves Belinda from muggers! Special Guest Mentions: Richard Stadler and Batman! (or the threat thereof).
A Bit of A Wrinkle January 27th, 2023 Jan meets his biggest fan!
A Cold Day in January January 27th, 2023 A conversation in the night leads to a plan to implemented in the light of day and the warmth of the spring!
Mindless Ones in Bludhaven January 27th, 2023 Rampaging Mindless Ones are met in the middle of the worst part of Gotham by Nettie and Meggan's Dark Dimension Busters! Proper teamup name to be determined.
Here Kitty Kitty January 26th, 2023 June is rescued by Alderic from some ne'r-do-wells, but isn't sure what to make of his bestial appearance.
A Recon run across the rooftops creates a random rendezvous January 26th, 2023 Harper makes a bit of a donation to help a vampire recover from an ambush in Gotham. She's brought face to face with making some quick decisions and making snap judgements which may prove a problem in the future. However, she sticks to her guns and guts, choosing to try and help Ariah get someplace safer and learn more of what transpired.
Franklin returns to Starling City! January 26th, 2023 Thea and Franklin meet over some art. A later meeting is ineveitable as everyone loves the Mamushka.
Dangerous Investigations January 26th, 2023 Alderic and Detective Chimp have a nice conversation in a not so nice abandoned building.
Savage Land: Sauron vs the Fellowship! January 26th, 2023 The Fellowship fights its way into Mordor, aka the mountain domain of the Pterons. After meeting various dino hordes in battle, they discover Sauron in his lab, built around an ancient machine powered off the the heart of a sleeping volcano. The battle is bloody, as the machine seems to intervene at every turn. Eventually, they uncover its secret, that this isn't Sauron's work, but some ancient AI designed to help maintain the artificial biome of the Savage Land. But will this information help them as Sauron feats upon one mutant's life force and looks hungry for more?
What Lies In Hearts of Men and Elves January 26th, 2023 Spinning out ideas of how to figure out where a great horrible dreadnought went!
Dinner With Friends January 26th, 2023 Karolina has friends over for dinner. ... Now they're roommates, and more.
Something's cooking January 26th, 2023 Plans are a cookin'
A cool Million Five January 25th, 2023 Follow a lead to Salvage World to steal a million and five unit egg, they said. But nobody mentioned fighting the frackin Brood. This is bullsh-
Of New York Skies January 25th, 2023 Kurt and Warren meet on a rooftop. They talk! So exciting!
Foot and League Fodder January 25th, 2023 The League of Assassins infringes upon the schemes of the Foot in what will no doubt be the start of a bloody melee ninja style as the Shredder himself deals with interlopers.
The Mafia's worst day. January 25th, 2023 They have a nice talk and Valerie gets a official IOU
Meeting the Minions January 25th, 2023 Emma's minions Divine and Marie-Ange meet. And share gossip about their dating lives.
Catching Up with the Moon January 25th, 2023 T'Chala and Diana meet to discuss the Lunar Colony and their people's work with the last stages of the Starport.
There's a starman waiting in the sky January 24th, 2023 The Titans can't take Colette ANYWHERE. They also run into a new face who makes a breezy entrance.
Phoeb and Cass January 24th, 2023 Cass and Phoebe in the workout room, by the pool. Cass is adorbs.
Rogue's Surprise Birthday Casino Night January 24th, 2023 It's Casino Night at Xavier's in honor of Rogue's 23rd birthday! And thanks to the borrowed powers of Jamie Madrox, Rogue gets five extra birthdays. Old friends and new friends come together to celebrate Monte Carlo style before the whole thing descends into Warner Bros style madness.
Birdshot January 24th, 2023 Zinda gives Harper shooting lessons. Bonding occurs.
Hunt Hunt Hunt January 24th, 2023 A black kitten, lost in the big city. Two evil monsters lurk, but it manages to tame them and eventually gets fed. So sad!
Rooftop Talk - Talia and Phoebe January 24th, 2023 Talia is either attempting to bring Phoebe to the dark side or is intent on turning over a new leaf and establishing a proper report with Bruce Wayne's magical mentee. Luckily there's ice cream and cake involved, so it's a good start.
Glad To Be Home January 24th, 2023 Priscilla is back home and wants to ask Henry some important questions.
Of Magic and Science January 23rd, 2023 Bruce and Clea have a chit chat in the study. She tries not to float too much.
Talking to the Moon January 23rd, 2023 Shopping on the Moon?
A first meeting January 23rd, 2023 An acient power, and a cosmic power walk into an island.. they hace a interesting conversation
Hydra Deli January 23rd, 2023 When Leslie is convinced that Del-mar Deli is a front for a Hydra operation, Bando and America jump into action and...almost fight her.
Just Another Job January 23rd, 2023 Zinda and Cecily meet to discuss a job
Round About Questioning January 23rd, 2023 Detective Chimp comes to grill Delores Klein about The Artificer.
To the Irredeemable January 23rd, 2023 Lydia and Phoebe reconnect at the Curio. Some uncomfortable conversation is avoided, but it only gets worse from there.
A Girls' Night In January 23rd, 2023 Mary comes to visit Marie for a movie night, and their connection becomes stronger still.
Love Builds Bridges January 22nd, 2023 Indestructibelle and Shazam have an early picnic and discuss the future.
Operation BIRTHDAY: January January 22nd, 2023 Happy birthday to all! A cheerful moment for SHIELD.
A Tasty Da--Event January 22nd, 2023 A first date. It goes well. No supervillain interruptions, either!
Isalia drops in January 22nd, 2023 A new (old?) Amazon basically drops out of the sky. Introductions are made.
After The Party January 22nd, 2023 After the party, Carin and Toni watch anime and cuddle. It's cute!
Out and About January 22nd, 2023 Batgirl comes across a stray puma guy in the alleys of Gotham City. He likes pizza too!
The Wind Beneath The Wings January 22nd, 2023 Trust is not easily gained, and it is easily lost. Will Jinx be able to earn a place among the alles of the Titans, or does a betrayal loom in the future?
A Time for Talking January 22nd, 2023 What started out as a check-in turns into something a little deeper. Phoebe slightly questions her place in the Waynes and in the Bat Family, and Bruce assures her that she not only is welcome, but belongs. Now if she just stopped kicking people in the head for threatening Alfred...?
Hail Britannia January 22nd, 2023 Brian and Wanda just want a better world.
More than one thing is prowling in Gotham tonight January 22nd, 2023 Bluebird comes upon Alderic while out on patrol, a tracking device helpfully assisting her in cornering him. Through a little food diplomacy, things don't get too hairy, and Harper leads Alderic off to a safer and cleaner place.
Emma and Selene, Murder is for Three January 22nd, 2023 Selene and Emma talk over about life, immortality, power, and ennui.
Daughter of the Demon in the Manor January 22nd, 2023 Talia is extended an inviation to move into Stately Wayne Manor and to try and help Phoebe.
The Bad Deal January 22nd, 2023 A conversation is had, though most of the talking is done by Franklin!
On the Wing January 21st, 2023 Birdfolk meet. Birdfolk talk.
It's Only Slightly Haunted! January 21st, 2023 Micola and Pietro go to look at a house that they are thinking of buying.
Two Cool Cats January 21st, 2023 Two cat lovers meet
Who Goes to the Beach In Winter January 21st, 2023 Karolina and Beroe meet up after the latter's photoshoot, and an old friend shows up, much to everyone's delight.
Cheesecake Solves All Ills January 21st, 2023 Marie invites Gabby over to clear the air and indulge in some girl talk. Wine glasses were used! (to drink grape juice out of!)
Good Deeds In Mutant Town January 21st, 2023 Paths of a half dozen people cross at a homeless shelter and soup kitchen in Mutant Town.
Dinner In The Union January 21st, 2023 Dick joins Stephanie on campus at the union for a late bite. Jordanna shows up and does her best to get under Stephanie's skin.
Some Late Night Russian Comfort Food January 21st, 2023 Casually crossing paths in a Russian resturant/bathhouse.
Null Day at the Zoo January 21st, 2023 When Null's project dog is let loose on the Central Park Zoo's inaugeral Valentine's nights, M (Monet St. Croix) and Maul (Jeremy Stone) arrive to play dog-catcher.
Discordants: The Telling of a Tale January 21st, 2023 The heroes gather to the site of what was a dark elf ritual in Yasawa Island, Fiji. They uncover some of the tale and bring about more questions.
A Gremlin goes to GIRL about gregarious Garbage January 20th, 2023 Harper asks Vivian to do some analysis of a chunk of debris recovered from a strange scrap entity. Vivian provides much more detailed analysis and offers some possibilities about what it could represent. A date is made to investigate where the entity might show up next, given its past habits.
Faster Than The Speed Of - January 20th, 2023 Karen gets take-out, but Terry is left holding the bag. This is after Luke throws people into the wall and Silk totally kills someone. Confused? You won't be after this episode of...
Cat's in the Cradle with the Sparkly Doom January 20th, 2023 The Cat, an Ospray, and some Tipsy Magical Women end up in a cat exhibition...
Princes and Power January 20th, 2023 Balder returns, finding Loki ruling Asgard.
Catching Up With the Goth January 20th, 2023 Emma and Divine catchup and Emma hears about Divine's coming date! With Destiny and with Cindy.
Charity Boxing Beach Bash! January 20th, 2023 A charity boxing show at the beach turns a little more intense than expected when a surprising guest shows up.
Talking out the Trask : The Problem with Aquiria January 20th, 2023 One of the missing investigators is found and a new plan to enslave mutants and make them super soldiers is uncovered. The Trask facility is investigated and a presence unearthed.
Together Again For The First Time January 20th, 2023 Peter and Rocket come to rescue Gamora. It goes exactly as planned. Her plan. It goes exactly as she planned it.
A Lucky Meeting Turns Into Another January 20th, 2023 Mary and Marie catch up, and end up rekindling their relationship.
Questions, Cats, And Hoods January 19th, 2023 Phoebe stops by the garage to talk to Jason about a big decision.
=Turnabout is Fair Play January 19th, 2023 Toni and Carin meet in the shower. Again. It's a lot happier this time.
Don't Ever Feed Your Speedster After Midnight January 19th, 2023 It begins with Vegetarian Tacos in the Outsiders Kitchen as Red Robin and Balm invite Velocity to join them for a guacless meal.

Carin makes a new friend in Phoebe, who confirms that she is up for wrecking Cyberdata's' stuff, and volunteers Tim for investigating the cybernetics on Carin's head.

A Nice Piece Of Glass January 19th, 2023 Joan swings by Empire Glassworx to show Nick Lytton pictures of some fine pieces of glass. Tiffany's to be precise.
Scream for the Hydra, Cut with the Klaw January 19th, 2023 Hydra raids a facility owned by Oscorp. A group of Avengers and other heroes go to drive them away!
Savage Land: Captured! January 19th, 2023 On that day, after the disagreement on the shore of Gorahn, the battle of loincloths and potatoes, and the reading of the cards, the Fellowship among men, Aerian, and Pteron was forged. Next time: Sauron, for realsies!
Old New Faces January 19th, 2023 Gabby, Nettie, and Talia meet the Sorcerer Supreme who is doing some shopping. A few bad memories are brought up. Tea is had, all ends well.
Skii Ball Arcade Time! January 19th, 2023 An eclectic group meet in the arcade for a pizza party and discuss why vinyls are superior.
You Meet All Kinds In New York January 19th, 2023 Divine meets Silk, and they have a nice chat and set up a date!? Maybe! Labels are silly!
How Green Was My Hellfire Club January 19th, 2023 Norman approaches Sebastian about membership in the Inner Circle of the HFC, and an invitation is extended.
Just don't call me late for Breakfast January 19th, 2023 What do you get when you make plans with friends from High School? Ghost-Spider and Silk fighting Rhino, that's what.
Protector or Protectee January 19th, 2023 Jimmy and Betsy catch up a bit while he demonstrates his skills with an axe.
The world you call your own January 18th, 2023 Raz is visited by the Straw Man in her solitude.
Reaching Out January 18th, 2023 Divine meets Superman.
Friendly, Neighborhood, Etc. January 18th, 2023 Cindy and Miles talk the future and spiderin' over a bat burger with no Picasso.
The Fast and the not so furious. January 18th, 2023 Barry and Franklin meet, and discuss wierd things such as space, and time.
The Hunt for Bears. January 18th, 2023 A bear hunt, that T'Challa uses to get to know his fellow avenger!
Scotts turn to be called out! January 18th, 2023 A good conversation is had, and Scott knows who is sneaking the sugar!
Drive, Phoebe, Drive! January 18th, 2023 Alfred takes Phoebe for a driving lesson in Gotham. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Getting Catty With It January 18th, 2023 Catwoman makes a late night, unscheduled check-in with Talia Al Ghul, much to Talia's consternation.
One song in 3 parts January 18th, 2023 Stuff happened. Songs were written. Snoop Dogg gave Ali a blunt.
After last call and before the sun rises. January 17th, 2023 Veronique's assumptions on how she could cap off the night definitely do not come to pass. Instead she's brought face to face with the realities of where field work can lead to, for one of the few people she gives a damn about. Playing nurse has never been a life goal or talent, but being thrown into the situation makes Veronique try to rise to the occasion. RIP hotel room.
The Anxiety of Being An Adult January 17th, 2023 Morrigan is able to see again and hosts Balder for dinner.
Happy Harbor: Game Night (January) January 17th, 2023 January game night goes off without a hitch and a surprise visitor!
Silence in the Library January 17th, 2023 Jennifer and Ariah meet after hours in the library and sip tea and have a chat. The two get to know each other a little better and prepare for future collaborations.
Mis-undead-standing January 17th, 2023 Demona tries to fight vampires with zombie plants. Ember shows up and DECIMATES them. Then they talk.
Freelance Peacekeeper January 17th, 2023 T'Challa comes face to foot with a giant out of towner in the forth of a Freelance Peacekeeping Agent.
I said DANCE January 17th, 2023 Some drinking and recapping and some of the New Mutants making sure others don't make a mess at Betsy's club.
The Leaning Tower Of Pizza January 17th, 2023 Welcome to Titan's Tower, Jinx! Come for the pizza. Stay for the drama. But mostly the pizza.
A Bumpy Start January 17th, 2023 Harley comes 'round to turn that frown upside down. Jinx realises she actually has a friend. This is a new concept for her.
A bad day to be a thug. January 16th, 2023 The thugs are defeated, and gives a new meaning to 'The Hand'
The Count of Monte Cristo: Fashion! January 16th, 2023 Aurora shows up for fitting appointment and shares some small talk with Carmen, one of the costume makers.
A little bit of lunch time in my life January 16th, 2023 Bart and Barry have a little family time now that Barry is back in town. They plan a family dinner. The whole family.
Bats ands Birds, Them's Flighting Words January 16th, 2023 Talia and Misfit have a quick back and forth in the streets.
Drinks and chats and look where we're at. January 16th, 2023 .
Drinks and Billiards maybe January 16th, 2023 .
Rooftop Lights January 16th, 2023 John Constantine shows up to a rooftop to witness a portal spitting out none other than Phoebe Beacon. The two make an agreement that they both want to go after the Demon Constantine, that John did *not* see Phoebe come tumbling out of her own portal, and spend some time smoking coffin nails and doing a bit of catch up while looking out over Gotham's Cauldron neighborhood.
Darts and Starts January 16th, 2023 Natasha and Bucky catch up on recent SHIELD events.
Vampire Laboratories January 15th, 2023 Elektra and Batgirl investigate the labs where Selene might be kept. They run in to some old friends!
Mystic Fair January 15th, 2023 The Mystic Faire and some tarot readings by Nettie.
Tears in Rain January 15th, 2023 Carin sings a sad song in the shower late at night, Toni comes to console her. Feelings occur!
Waking Up in the Roost January 15th, 2023 Velocity wakes up at the Outsiders' medbay and meets Phoebe and Gabby.
Reclaiming The Lost January 15th, 2023 Marie, Monet, and Tabitha make up a royal welcoming committee as T'Challa visits Xavier's! Marie returns the spear she was loaned, and accepts an offer she'd be a fool to refuse!
Hearts Across the (Phone) Line January 15th, 2023 Carin gets lent a burner phone by the Outsiders after being rescued by them and waking up in their medbay. She gives Toni a call and more than one kind of connection is made over the wire.
Post Modeling Caffeine January 15th, 2023 Starfire and Mary Jane have coffee after a modeling gig.
Putting the Punch in Punctual January 15th, 2023 Carin visits beetle-dad (Ted) to catch him up on things and secure some gear! Joan adds a little moral compass and kind words and Carin leaves feeling better about herself. (Time bubble - set prior to Outsiders thread)
The Basics of Working Out January 15th, 2023 Marie meets Kurt in the workout room, gets to know the elf a bit and gets some fitness tips too!
Cat and Mous- Bat January 15th, 2023 Batwoman stumbles upon a burglary, then chases the Black Cat. Who has too many tricks up her sleeve for Kate to counter. But what's a little shove off a roof between frienemies?
Undead Investigation January 15th, 2023 Hellboy and Balm meet Ember on a rooftop. They don't even fight...physically!
The Count of Monte Cristo: Costume Fitting January 15th, 2023 Early Bird Noriko doesn't catch the worm but she does leave a hamburger! Nick 'Edmond' Drago and Ariah 'Mercedes' Olivie meet for the second time in months and holy water under the bridge doesn't keep them from vowing to make a memorable movie together.
An Uneventful Friday the 13th January 14th, 2023 Nothing gets blown up!
Patron of the Arts January 14th, 2023 Jinx wants to scope out Donna's photography exhibit so she can steal the goods later. She takes Harley because why not combine two good things in one. It goes badly for Jinx, however, as she realises she's walked in to a den of Titans and Wonder Woman. Eventually one of the Titan's who knows her face walks in and the shirt hits the fan. Captured, Jinx gives the best reason she can why she shouldn't be sent back to jail... HIVE.
Circling back and touching base January 14th, 2023 Veronique checks up on the progress of ~the project~ that Caleb is putting together. Before that happens she is introduced to video of a recent horrific event in Gotham to Caleb specifically. Stuff that makes Veronique want to avoid the city's dark alleys.
A bad day.. For Crime! January 14th, 2023 After a small bit of chaos. Introductions are had all around!
Spider, Spider, Hanging Beside Her January 14th, 2023 Cindy and Mary Jane gossip about superheroic events while sitting on a rooftop.
What Happens In Space, Stays in Space January 13th, 2023 Ended
The King of the Grill January 13th, 2023 A conversation is had, though wether it or the steak was better is anyones guess!
Grand Opening January 13th, 2023 Ninjas attack but the Stadium opens anyway and everyone loves Dazzler's performance.
Justice League: The Watchtower January 13th, 2023 The Justice League meets in the Watchtower to discuss current topics, and events. Much seriousness takes place, and a paper football might make an appearance.
When in France, Diplomatically Speaking.. January 13th, 2023 A Black Cat prowls the French Consulate while a Mary Jane stands sentry. Verbal sparring is more the name of the game than clashing steel, but one of the ladies ends up ending the night empty handed when all is said and done!
After-Action Aftermath January 13th, 2023 Carin has some very raw feelings about her first SHIELD Op and Toni helps her cope. Something beautiful begins to bloom.
Asgardians at the Gates (of the Amazon Library) January 13th, 2023 Sif comes to the library at the Themysciran library to look for information about Malekith and his Kursed.
Cash Grab Job January 13th, 2023 Carin is lured into a trap by Cyberdata's minions, but manages to escape with the help of X-23 and Superboy. NPCs baddies: Rancor Deathstrike and Megawatt, Image D-listers but totally canon.
Soldiers January 12th, 2023 Captain America goes hunting for the Punisher and finds one of his safehouses. Frank just manages to skip out of his safehouse ahead of him.
New Years Eve Reunion Redux January 12th, 2023 Nico takes Molly on a quick tour of NYC on NYE and they end their night in the best way possible as they ring in the new year... together.
Keeping an eye on HYDRA January 12th, 2023 Kate Kane visits the Avengers to talk with Janet, Natasha, and Alison about possible HYDRA issues. Felicia Hardy makes an appearance as well.
Guardians of the Yule-Tide January 12th, 2023 Christmas for the Guardians... a plan is hatched to bring in a new member. None other than Santa Claus himself.
Savage Land: On a Boat January 12th, 2023 The X-Men's Lemurian ship is is beset by Aerian 'pirates,' and many give valiant fight against the bird-people. As Ororo flies to assault their ship, she meets the enemy leader in the air, but cannot quite realize where she's seen her in the heat of battle - perhaps a portrait back and the castle? Protected by an Atlantean artifact, Queen Leanne defeats the weather-Godesss, rallies the Aerians and the X-Men are quickly overwhelmed. Now, they find themselves captives of the very person they were sent to rescue... and seemingly sailing in the wrong direction. Well, it's... progress?!
A meeting of the minds. January 12th, 2023 The two discuss many things! Jet packs, Hiest, and all!
Cat and Mouse January 12th, 2023 Sara finds Grail terrorizing gangers in the park. Once she gets Grail to stop, a short discussion ensues. Sara may need to start drinking more.
Billy Kaplan's Terrible No Good Bad Just Awful Day January 12th, 2023 Caitlin and Kían try to rescue Billy, who isn't having a great day. Little do they know—
Spritely Knightly January 12th, 2023 Pajama-by ninja kidnappings are sent against Sprite and it is confirmed yes, Gotham is weird.
Too Cold Outside, Exercising the Bees Inside January 12th, 2023 Cookies and conversation, Dyani meets Evan in the rec room.
One Good Turn Deserves Another January 11th, 2023 Marie takes Millie out on a shopping trip, new looks for Spring are decided upon, and the girls indulge in some girl-talk and mutual encouragement.
Club Scene Siblings January 11th, 2023 Thea & Ollie have a chat at Verdant. Siblings Forever.
Bibba at the Mutant Bar January 11th, 2023 Jinx and Harley go to the mutant bar in mutant town, perhaps thinking each other is a mutant only to learn that's not the case. But then a frankendjinn named Bibba attacks out of no where, trying to end Jinx; who accidentally inverts Bibba in an attempt to do her first teleportation.
Operation WATCHFUL: Biohazard January 11th, 2023 The biolab is raided, with simultaneous infiltration and a gun battle at the loading docks, with Toni Ho, Carin Taylor, and Zinda Blake facing off against heavily-armed mercs. Shi'ar involvement, in supply of hi-tech weaponry - and Agent Romanoff's encounter with a rival agent - seems undeniable. Fortunately, Richard Stadler is able to secure a sample from the facility's clean lab before a self-destruct is triggered, offering a chance to analyze whatever was being developed there.
Story Begets Story January 11th, 2023 Franklin presents Mary with a story opportunity that she cannot resist.
Some Birds Fly NORTH For the Winter January 11th, 2023 Hank and Dawn check-in to their holiday retreat, but an idle comment sends Hank wondering about the future.
Ghosts in the Candle January 10th, 2023 Robbie Reyes decides to make a visit to the Candle, Booke and Belle to introduce himself to the oldest member of the JLD leadership. Nettie is very pleased to meet him.

Corvax? Eeeeh....

Queen and Succubus January 10th, 2023 Millie meets Marie-Ange and Emma, a new friendship is formed and plans for shopping are made!
Arachnophilia January 10th, 2023 Kraven learns that Calypso has a clever plan. If you can't beat him, become him.
Hanging out in the Kitchen! January 10th, 2023 A quick little chat.
New Years Eve in Hell's Kitchen January 10th, 2023 Kora meets Daisy's partner Matt Murdock on the roof top of Josie's bar in Hell's Kitchen on New Years Eve where the sisters put on an Inhuman fireworks show for the locals.
Mystery Danger Room Theater January 10th, 2023 The gang heads down to the Danger Room for some combat training only to discover a grisly scene. Rogue, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith, and Noriko Ashida catch Jubilee running a program that simulates her tearing them to shreds, but not everything is as it seems...
A Quick Meeting January 10th, 2023 Three speedsters meet while Carin is evading Cyberdata drones! Bart offers transport and Rave offers a sleepover! Super helpful, super fast!
The Mother After January 10th, 2023 M and Kara catchup on recent emotional events.
Those Maries, What Marvels January 10th, 2023 Marie, Mary, and Mary Jane Meet!
A Winter's Nightmare January 10th, 2023 Pamela has one hell of a nightmare that Gotham joins in and others have to save her from.
A Crowd is Gathered January 9th, 2023 Caleb, Sublime, and Maul come face to face with a crowd of unusual people... Or are they?
Mutant Libersion Makes No Friends of Humanity January 9th, 2023 The Mutant Liberation Front attacks the Friends of Humanity. The two groups have enough hate and murder on both sides that they can't be told apart. Some things are universal about humanity.
The Chugach Mask January 9th, 2023 Even when turning over a new leaf Jinx runs in to more trouble than she bargains for. Jinx meets Spider-man and shows him what's what. But he's not easy to shake and he catches up with her, choosing to let her walk this time.
R+R Outing January 9th, 2023 It goes poorly. You can delete this if you want.
A run-in at home! January 9th, 2023 Nice Family conversation is had!
Mojo GoGo January 9th, 2023 The cards tell a story of fools. Fools are however fought off by friends.
Reign of Terror - A Dutiful Relationship January 9th, 2023 Roberto gives Toni a mystery to look into and gets a lecture on the war mongering ways of one Tony Stark
It's about Safety January 9th, 2023 Tony goes on an adventure into a portal, to an unknown location, as Pepper mans the console at the workshop...
Day in the park January 9th, 2023 Fleeting meating in the park to discuss E. A. Poe along the running trails.
Steve makes a friend. January 9th, 2023 Steve and Yondu chat.
A Quick visit to the school! January 9th, 2023 Sam, Franklin, and Millie discuss powers, and life!
State of Alarm January 8th, 2023 A historic moment. The villains plot is almost entirely uncovered and the heroes are ahead of the curve. The POTUS brought together as many of the biggest heroic names he could muster to take on this challenge before HYDRA has a chance to attack.
Red and White and Time All Over January 8th, 2023 Telepaths talk over in the gardens.
Atlantean Awakening January 8th, 2023 Ariah is brought in to examine a crystal salvaged from some far-flung coastal ruins. Within, a creature long caged is released by accident and a brief scuffle ensues! What is to be the fate of this visitor from the depths?
Roommates January 8th, 2023 New roommates meet. It's wholesome!
Calling All Foxes January 8th, 2023 A new business arrangement starts over a chicken dinner.
Of Birds and Zen January 8th, 2023 Harper Row meets a vampire hunter doing meditation martial arts in the snow. Future shenanigans are set up!
Visible Or Not January 8th, 2023 Monet talks with the totally not visible mutant girl!
The Artificer and the Witch January 8th, 2023 Ariah meets The Artificer and preliminary plans are made to get the small witch sorted out with some new kit. Foundation building!
A Very Spider Christmas January 8th, 2023 Peter and Gwen recover after a night of Santa'ing, and make some future years resolutions...
Showing Around An Odinson January 8th, 2023 Balder is shown around Happy Harbor High School and meets some new people as well!
The Results Aren't In... January 8th, 2023 More puzzles arise, and more research to be done!
New Year's Night Watch January 7th, 2023 Harper and Cecily spend New Year's Eve overwatching Times Square in case of any anomalous occurences or villainous presences.
Discordants: The Synergy of Fear January 7th, 2023 107 souls are lost and one dark elf is slain in the horrible aftermath.
I Get By With A Litte Help From My Friends. January 7th, 2023 Franklin Richards and Cinque Evers meet the first time, when Frankie volunteers as Cinque's shelter.
The Ice Is Nice January 7th, 2023 A frozen afternoon is perfect for a skate on the lake on the Wayne estates.
Is there actually such thing as a vacation January 7th, 2023 Carin is asked to Engineering where she meets Dr. Fitz. The testing begins on Monday! Until then, food and a room.
Sledding X-Man Style January 7th, 2023 Xavier's students and staff take to the sledding slope for a day of wintry fun.
God Wrangling January 7th, 2023 Morrigan reaches out to the youngest Odinson to see if he's got any idea about Servants of Malekith. Mary Jane drops in as well!
Welcome to the Fortress January 6th, 2023 Kal shows Alura around the Fortress of Solitude. Kandor is explained and the search for the Sanctuary and a way to unbottle the city begins.
Two nerds and a cool guy. January 6th, 2023 We had tea!
An Accelerated Course January 6th, 2023 Carin passes with flying colors and a super soaker!
Somebody Spilled Their Beer January 6th, 2023 Sabretooth is on the hunt for someone. Kate Kane is on the hunt for trouble. One of them finds what they're looking for and the other one gets a lead.
Amazon Training: Shield Wall January 6th, 2023 A test of endurance, a test of willpower, Diana almost seems to be enjoying this. The trainees who sign-up for it may or may not be tooo!
In Memoriam Zor-El January 6th, 2023 An emotional moment for the Kryptonians as they say goodbye to Zor-El, who passed away in Argo city many years before but never had surviving family give him the rite of passage. The Amazons lend a beach on Themyscira and provide a touch of local ceremony to the occassion.
Look who's coming home for dinner January 5th, 2023 Phoebe comes over for enchiladas, and leaves with an offer to.. see other people? Ouch.
New Year New Fun January 5th, 2023 A handful of Birds gather in the penthouse for food and drinks. Zatanna puts on a portaling school. Harper becomes a mix-master, and Helena gets absolutely blasted out of her mind! Babs eats a sandwich and stares at a blimp. The usual!
Alarms Wailed, Lights Flashed January 5th, 2023 The missing sauce is never found. Wade gets a busted wrist and golf cart but earns a hug from Franklin Richards. Ororo's already dismal opinion of Wade does not improve.
Red and the Volcano January 5th, 2023 Hellboy, Luke Cage, and Meggan Constantine punch some demons in Hawaii!
Pizza with a Side of Serpent January 5th, 2023 Covert HYDRA extraction turns into a gunfight. SHIELD Heroes arrive along with the Blue Beetle and Carin gets a formal invitation to join SHIELD. If she can find the headquarters.
Savage Land: Hail Lemuria! January 4th, 2023 Luxury living at a fantasy castle, where the Queen is missing. Surely the literally moustache-twirling Uncle Regent had nothing to do with it. Still, mostly everyone decides to be polite and not try and murder him, and instead take up his polite offer to go fight some flying lizard people on his behalf. Very generous. Well, he does give them a boat! Next time: on a boat.
One of Twelve January 4th, 2023 Ooh, whatever will the present be?
Speed2Speed - First Contact! January 4th, 2023 Carin meets Rave out on the street, the two bond a little and then pizza is promised!
Not so Easy Living January 4th, 2023 Billy needs a side hustle.
Back to Work, You! January 4th, 2023 Jemma has changed, and Jane and Daisy remain the same, ever hungry for information and Chinese food.
Hitting the Gym January 4th, 2023 Kate and Kendra meet, spar, and bond as warriors.
There is no way they just let people knock on the door! January 4th, 2023 The three had an... intresting though akward talk on the front lawn.
Brain Meets Foot January 4th, 2023 Shredder fights MODOK and his legion of mind controlled ninjas when Carin Taylor joins the fight! With special guest star Gwenpool providing color commentary!
What is the plan January 4th, 2023 Domino ambushes Franklin for stirring up a (mutant) hornet's nest and tries to get him to make a plan.
New Years Eve Reunion January 3rd, 2023 Molly runs into her old friend Nico, literally. The two catch up and make plans before Molly breaks something! Oops.
Al Ghul Family Matters January 3rd, 2023 Ras casts Talia away. Damian offers her sanctuary.
Stay On The Path January 3rd, 2023 Balder is exploring Happy Harbor and finds Morrigan having a late lunch. He joins her and they talk more about Godly duties and things to do.
Jenga from Space January 3rd, 2023 A piece of junk from space crashes in to a skyscraper in Metropolis. It's carrying a deadly plague of inky space monsters that eat everything and replicate when attacked or when they've eaten too much. A team of Titans, Avenger, and a mysterious new Kryptonian save the day. The world will never know how close it came to being nommed in to oblivion.
Have a Happy Happy Harley January 3rd, 2023 Diana and Harley exchange gifts, and login information for Onlyfans. Booty shorts make an appearance too. Is Diana a good influence on Harley Quinn? Or is Harley Quinn a bad influence on Diana?
Bats and Blades January 3rd, 2023 A Pilgrim, a Vigilante with Anger Management Problems, and an assassin meet in a Lighthouse.
I Want A Slurpee January 3rd, 2023 The one where the gang goes drinking.
Black Cat and the One-Eyed Jack January 3rd, 2023 Felicia and Thomas run into each other after a long while at a poker game in the HFC. Stakes are high but a surprising turn of luck sends both of them home with winnings and some rapport.
A common.. friend January 3rd, 2023 Some answers found.. For sure Gabby aint no snitch!
Whatever, SHIELD January 3rd, 2023 Loki contacts Fury via messenger about his rule.
An Apointment with an Airhead. January 3rd, 2023 A interesting meeting perhaps only the first.
Millie is certainly... in a whole new world. January 3rd, 2023 Laura is lurking around at Xavier's where she spooks the new girl with talk of magic, monsters, aliens and the horrible things which happen when mutants walk around alone. Welcome to Xavier's Millie!
Of Cyborgs and Men January 3rd, 2023 Ted starts repairs on Carin and is not prepared for the kind of repairs she needs.
X-Corp update and Phase 2 discussion January 3rd, 2023 Updates are made, MutantTown goes well but on the international scene Trask is back.
Black and Blue and Bat All Over January 2nd, 2023 Two guys, chillin' in a hot tub, because they're both vigilantes who got the crap beat out of them and hot water jets are good for sore, bruised muscles.
The Kids are alright! January 2nd, 2023 An interesting conversation, and a lead!
Follow Your Nose January 2nd, 2023 Rahne catches scent of a fire and tracks it back to find Maria's hidden homeless squat.
Crossing the Bird January 2nd, 2023 Monet and Kendra pass flight in the night.
What Little We Do January 2nd, 2023 Blake helps Kaida to deliver hope to those who need it!
Justice League Dark: Yuletide January 1st, 2023 = The Justice League Dark is alerted to a large dark energy growing in the North of France during Yuletide. Gabby Kinney, Talia al Ghul, Cain Marko, Robbie Reyes and Patience Alperen respond to Nettie's request -- and then fight a Grave Titan
Ravencroft Released January 1st, 2023 An escape from Ravencroft both fails and goes according to plan while heroes round up escpaed patients from Ravencroft
In the shadow of your sister January 1st, 2023 Kora and MJ meet and discuss life and family
Bad Book January 1st, 2023 People are breaking into a used bookstore for a bad book. It gets stolen! By one of them.
The Christmas Disentanglement January 1st, 2023 Reed makes Sue and offer she can't refuse.
Resolutions January 1st, 2023 Helena, Kate and Harper spend a bit of time in the training room. Were resolutions made? Or already broken? Was a party planned on Kate's private yacht? (it seems likely!)
A Bright New Year January 1st, 2023 Balder returns to Midgard and runs into a less bloody Morrigan.
New Year, New Checkup January 1st, 2023 Introductions were made, fears were hopefully subdued and samples were collected. The mystery continues!
Title Date Scene Summary
Canine Unit February 28th, 2023 Raphael comes across Kainashi and the two kick some butt in an alleyway, then dine on chicharrones.
Maki My Day February 28th, 2023 The Runaways go for ramen. Instead they get a fight. Molly learns the finer points of a tetsubo vs a van door in a fight. (She wins with the door)
Passing Time in the Library February 28th, 2023 Talia updates Bruce on the status of her talking with Phoebe and there's some gentle teasing over Damian.
Little Miss Maddie and Along Came a Spider February 28th, 2023 Madelyne gets a bit more than she bargained for when she decides to see what is in the Hellfire Club, and is found by its resident Black Queen, Selene.
Watching the Super-Sun Rise February 28th, 2023 Kara and M watch the sun rise over the Themysciran Embassy, and plan to move in together.
Fly me to the moon... February 28th, 2023 Emma, Sharon and Marie discuss driving lessons, reasons not to go to the moon, and milkshakes!
From Luna With Love February 27th, 2023 Shiny happy people.
Spooky in the Hanging Tree February 27th, 2023 Phoebe's in the Hanging Tree, Talia plays the flute and Lydia gets to meet Phoebe's minder.
Sheerwood Florist February 27th, 2023 Flowers Sold
Men in Tights February 27th, 2023 The Avengers have movie night. Mel Brooks Men in Tights. It segues to talk of actors, then Tony decides to buy a movie studio.
Office Hours: Project Review February 27th, 2023 Stadler and Belinda have a conversation over terraiums about the regretably dangerous life of a teenage superheroine.
A Game of Cat and Bat - Round Two February 27th, 2023 Victor finds Kate on his turf and unprepared, and leaves her with a message.
Name incoming, but something something Turtles February 27th, 2023 Raph brings on a salamander to meet the fam, they all learn about a new threat.
Keeping a Public Profile, Hellfire Edition February 27th, 2023 Madelyne Pryor wanders into the Hellfire Club whilst exploring.
Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice! February 27th, 2023 Shayera sends werewolf up the river.
The king returns! February 27th, 2023 T'challa returns to the Embasy and Shuri catching up on what is going on.
Cheetah's Bar Crawl February 27th, 2023 Hiring Juggernaut
Hydra's Flying Circus February 27th, 2023 The Widows talk over planes, hijacked helicopters, and spy games.
Private Investigations February 26th, 2023 The Red Hood investigates the offices and owner of Alias Investigations. Words are had and some future plans are formed.
A Lost April in February February 26th, 2023 April gets kidnapped by some street thugs looking for an easy payday--and have no idea how cheap Channel 6 actually is. Cecily earns her keep as a security expert on retainer and performs an almost routine rescue operation!
Family are Crazy February 26th, 2023 Just a meal and looking at pictures in a photo album. Family is nuts.
Shi'ar: The War of Queens, Opening Salvos February 26th, 2023 Zegaria IV is cut off from the Shi'ar hyperspace network, and a fleet scrambles to investigate - flying head first into a terrible trap. They find only a single ship, but are unable to destroy it as a powerful being turns the energy of their weapons against them. Worse, the sector Admiral placed in command uses the opportunity to defect and bring ships over to the usurper cause. Members of the Imperial Guard reserve act quickly to stop his plan, although the odds are all against them. Although they perish in the effort, Lord Samedar goes with them, and a rogue space cop manages to escape the scene to tell the tale.
The Weight of the Lost February 26th, 2023 Steve wakes to find Lara has had nightmares of Yamatai.
A Cold, Cold Night February 26th, 2023 A cozy little chat on the roof.
Saturday Shopping February 26th, 2023 Forge takes Storm by surprise at Salem Center by arriving a week early for his lecture series.
A quiet cup of coffee! February 26th, 2023 Coffee and conversation is had by all!
You Want to Go Where People Know That People Are All THe Same February 26th, 2023 A bunch of weirdoes meet at a bar. Nobody dies.
Mall Date - Westchester Edition February 26th, 2023 Toni and Carin hit the mall out in Westchester, getting some retail therapy after the Triskelion missile strike.
Cupp-uppance February 25th, 2023 Running for the Senate's difficult. Phillip Cupp stops by Wayne Enterprises and has a lively conversation with Tim Drake and Talia Summers. There's an awful lot of name dropping and Tim and Talia team up to take on the Senator-Wannabe and head him off at the pass.
Discordants: The Fallen King February 25th, 2023 The Ravagers meet the former king of Nidavellir, Sindri.
Astra's Final Solution - The Time Machine February 25th, 2023 When Astra In-Ze turns up in a scout ship declaring she's
Young, Just Us! Part 1 February 25th, 2023 The team makes it to San Francisco! Unfortunately the rain spoils any immediate plans for vacation, but it's nothing a good sleepover can't fix.
New York at night! February 25th, 2023 The day is saved as New York goes to the animals, and Hydra made a new enemy.
Guess Who's Back, Back Again February 25th, 2023 The reunion of reunions! Remy comes back from hiding, having ended what had been a tumultous few months in his life. He rns into Rogue again and they reconnect...with plans for Remy to reconnect with the rest of the X-Men and get back into their good graces.
Sniffing the Catnip February 25th, 2023 Emma runs into Sharon. Cat's got her tongue.
Paid in Exposure February 25th, 2023 Cassie treats Diana for once. Nevermind that she's being used for sponsorship clicks! Otherwise, a cute and totally innocent day at the spa. She swears.
Neighbors do right by neighbors February 25th, 2023 Luke's search for a mechanic ends up in a planned bake-off between he and Mercy.
Untitled Jinx Game February 25th, 2023 Kían and Jinx have a chat.  Honking occurred.
Night at the Museum Spiders Come to See 'Em February 25th, 2023 Kaine and Felicia have a run-in over a museum heist. MJ just happens to be on duty as a security guard. After a bit of back and forth, the two finally agree to cooperate. No red-heads were harmed.
The Jersey Hawai'ian Pizza Massacre February 24th, 2023 Pizza comes to life! Heroes like MJ and Tommy save teens by consuming pizza and Brunnhilde limits her property damage to a few tables and a syringe. Did anyone notice /Superman/ saving the day in his mild-mannered way?
Batman and Robin(s) February 24th, 2023 Tim submits a project proposal. Bruce takes it under consideration.
Not another body swap movie February 24th, 2023 Cocoa Puffs, Hotpocket, deep conversations, and feelings.
Just A Little Check-In February 23rd, 2023 Morrigan brings cookies and visits.
Guess who February 23rd, 2023 June comes to play a prank on Elektra in Tigra's body. There's talk about what to do about this whole shabang.
Big Game Hunters February 23rd, 2023 It has been done
Try not to wreck the Rec Room February 23rd, 2023 And the rec room survives
One day, you will understand. You will grasp the glory of puns. February 23rd, 2023 Kamala invites Viv to help out with college paperwork. They talk about the perils of being punk in Gotham.
A tale of two towers. February 23rd, 2023 Franklin learns Fate does not like him, and Marie finds out Franklin can do a bit more then she thought.
Blood Money in the FiDi February 23rd, 2023 MJ has a run in with Kaine Parker while he's on a job. She scolds him for his brutal method and threatens an escalation. In the end, she lands one heartfelt request 'Wear a different symbol if he's not going to live up to the legacy'
Operation WATCHFUL x Savage X-Men: Dr. Lykos, I Presume February 23rd, 2023 SHIELD takes custody of Dr. Karl Lykos from the X-Men as they return from the Savage Land. In human form, Lykos is repentant, but claims innocence in the plot to free him, and urges his captors to find Tanya Anderssen, who possesses equal knowledge of his work. Work that between the research and stolen physical samples could potentially be used to create a powerful genetic weapon capable of truly strange mutations for its targets.
Could it be magic February 23rd, 2023 Pepper finds Tony and Natasha, and tells the two of them about the 'subtle anomaly' in the Tower.
A trip down an alley February 23rd, 2023 Flamebird comes to the aid of Molly. The muggers are probably better off.
The Jester Cometh!! February 23rd, 2023 Chaos reigns in Mullberry Street
Meeting of the Swords February 22nd, 2023 Phoebe and Damian spar, and someone gets a bit of a shock.
Neeeeeeeerds in Da Club February 22nd, 2023 Bruce and Clea venture to the Hellfire Club for a fun outing while Dawn and Hank seek out clues to the body Dawn is inhabiting. Bruce and Dawn find common cause out on the dance floor while looking like Mike and Divine.
A Tale of Two Witches February 22nd, 2023 A post-surgery Ariah is resting at The Curio when a certain goth girl makes a dynamic entrance via magical portal! Nico and the vampire chat about stuff and then catch some much-deserved rest.
A Little Fat Tuesday Music Please February 22nd, 2023 After an attack on SHIELD, Daisy needs to unwind. Matt takes her out to a Mardi Gras party.
Wait, so we are running now February 22nd, 2023 June, inhabiting Greer's body, ends up on a jog with Steve, and then decides it's time to go take this new body out for a test spin.
What we found in the Antarctica February 22nd, 2023 Alura and Conner catch Kal up on what they found in the antarctic and what the plan is going forward to restore the Sanctuary of Solitude.
Fire From The Heavens: Harbinger's Warning February 22nd, 2023 Alien spacecraft battle above the skies over Metropolis. But one of them proves to be an alien refugee fleeing his world, bringing warning of a terrible threat from beyond the stars...
Dawn's World of Paper February 22nd, 2023 Dawn, trying to get the hang of Divine's body, almost crashes in to a building when Superwoman sweeps in and pulls her away. They have an earnest conversation about the dangers of being Super.
Meanwhile on a Rooftop... February 22nd, 2023 Sunny and Billy discuss future projects!
Strange Birdfellows February 22nd, 2023 Tigra walks up in Dawn's body, and Hank discovers that it's not Dove that loves Hawk. Oh, and also, they should probably figure out a way to switch back.
A Curio-us Surgery February 21st, 2023 Ariah stops by the Curio to look for a Balm for some inside issues. Phoebe lends a hand and gets to (finally) use the First Aid Kit at the Curio.
Sinister Invites You To The Estate February 21st, 2023 An auction is done of old things from an old Man Sinister. Lessons are learned from those who judge and may need to be judged. In the end, Mystique burns it all down the way it should be.
Starfire-Bucks (It's a pun!) February 21st, 2023 Molly and Kori meet up and discuss their respective sweet tooths!
Tearing Off the Tail: Hydra Edition February 21st, 2023 A SHIELD Strike to steal a new experimental Hydra craft goes well. With many, many explosions along the way.
Pizza Time February 21st, 2023 The gang had pizza and appreciated Kai a lot. Woo!
I Can Sprite All Night February 21st, 2023 Emma asks Sprite for help with the body switching. Sprite is amused.
Almond Joy or Mounds February 21st, 2023 Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. And look! There's two of them present. Betsy runs into Wade and Harley at the park only to learn things she didn't really want to know.
Post-Party Plans February 20th, 2023 Phoebe has to step out for fresh air, and Tim follows in order to surprise her with a definitely-not-a-birthday-gift -- since it's for all the Outsiders.
Taking Aim - Stringing the bow February 20th, 2023 Cap and Roberto discuss the plan to assauly AIM while Gabby gets some merch signed, Jamie people watches, Rogue fails to use the dewey decimal system and Marie assumes she's about to be arrested.
Take Two. February 20th, 2023 Mr. Evers is considered for SHIELD.
Xandar: Bounty Handoff February 20th, 2023 Gamora drops off a load of bounties on Xandar; Rich Rider collects them and cashes her out.
Titans: Touring Columbia University February 20th, 2023 Wanting to learn more about university life, Crush takes Caitlin Fairchild up on her offer of a tour of Columbia University.
Sass and Arrows February 20th, 2023 Jinx takes Kate out drinking because she got caught, then gets her involved in assault and resisting arrest.. nothing untoward.
A Cat of a Different Purrsuasion February 20th, 2023 While working on some plans for an anniversary, Kian and Gar come across a feline completely new to them: Catseye.
Seeking out Familiarity February 20th, 2023 While seeking out some of his usual comforts, Mike-in-Bruce comes across Thomas at the Wick. There's some explaining to do. Sometimes being a creature of habit is helpful.
Some Like it Hot February 19th, 2023 Megan tries her hand at home improvement!
Communication is a Two-Way Street... February 19th, 2023 ...and in this metaphor, Doug is the crossing guard while Tommy doesn't bother looking both ways.
The (Belated) Grand Tour February 19th, 2023 After a shaky first meeting, Tim puts on his Good Host hat and gives Carin a proper tour of the Roost.
Cats and Sonjas Sneaking at Night February 19th, 2023 Catwoman and Red Sonja get into a bout of thievery as the Barbarian attempts to Contain the Catwoman.
Too Many New Faces February 19th, 2023 Two very guilt laden people discuss mistakes and snacks.
Not A Birthday Gathering February 19th, 2023 A Very Not-A-Birthday full of meetings and good food.
=The STAR Labs Heist February 19th, 2023 The Hawks prey on a Kobra in Manhattan.
Social Worker Visit February 19th, 2023 Jen goes to check up on Sunny
=Storytime at the Library February 19th, 2023 The seeds of the animal people revolution are planted. Or, just some storytime and conversation in a library.
The Great Switcheroo: The Short End Of The Stick February 18th, 2023 Divine, in Kim's body, seeks some comfort and help from her favorite Spider.
The Liberation of Pete Ross February 18th, 2023 A brave group of heroes goes in search of Pete Ross and finds in their way the biggest HYDRA military base any of them has ever seen.
That Time Bruce Wasn't Bruce February 18th, 2023 What starts as simple breakfast at Avengers Mansion turns into finding out a number of people awoke from dreams to find themselves inhabiting the body of another!
Some Shop In Stores, Others in Junk Piles February 18th, 2023 Donatello's hunt for electronics scrap encounters Maria King. The pair find a motorcycle buried in the junk pile, which turns out to belong to Daniel Ketch when he comes to reclaim it.
Someone's In TROUBLE! February 18th, 2023 Bruce...sporting a rockstars body comes to check in on Clea and informs her of what all is going on. Which...is A LOT!
Discordants: The Ritual February 18th, 2023 The heroes were successful in cutting off the ritual before it could complete. Though there are some loose ends. The Svartalf prisoners must be seen to. The civilians must be returned home. And what happened to the Black Widow?
Everybody Wants to be a Cat February 18th, 2023 Two cat burglars meet and join forces.
After the Attack February 18th, 2023 Toni reunites with Carin after the attack on the Triskelion. Everyone is happy. And tired.
The Great Switcheroo: The Terror Of It All February 18th, 2023 Divine, in Kim Hayes's body, visits her boss. There's almost an incident.
Aerial Ambush February 18th, 2023 Invincible helps a stricken Blackbird belonging to the X-men to a safe landing.
Don't Tell Kian February 18th, 2023 Kían's away so it's wing day.  Except Kían came back early, discovered the Titans eating wings, and had to be placated with psychoactive Korean hot sauce.
After the Aftermath February 17th, 2023 Alexander touches base with Elizabeth after the attack on the Triskelion.
A New Face February 17th, 2023 Evan talks to 1 girl and ends up with 2 phone numbers. Way to go!
Kryptonian Bird February 17th, 2023 Dawn crash lands on Titan Tower in a very Divine body. Literally. Hank rages, Jinx gets punched, Invisible plays hero, and Kian tries to keep it calm. Just another day!
Cheetah plans to play Tiger Queen and Rob a Zoo. February 17th, 2023 Cheetah and Saberooth leave the zoo with four large pets. Totally not fleeing juggernaut.
The Princess (Powerful) and the Divine February 17th, 2023 Set Sunday February 12. Divine runs into Molly at the park and they have a nice chat.
Discordants: Triskelion Aftermath February 17th, 2023 In the aftermath of the attack on the Triskelion, Carin is recovered and brought back online while the rest of SHIELD deals with the repercussions.
College: Not Just for Class February 16th, 2023 Jennifer and Marie meet and get acquainted, becoming friends.
The Great Switcheroo February 16th, 2023 A misguided attempt to help Bruce Banner sleep unleashes the Hulk. In the chaos, a bit of a mix-up happens. As Sam Beckett would say,
Discordants: DANGER ZONE! February 16th, 2023 The Dark Elf Attack upon the Triskelion is foiled, but not without loss.
I believe it's Magic February 16th, 2023 Magical ward tripped in Stark Tower!
Fist Fu Fighting February 16th, 2023 Franklin gets in a bar fight. Then things get weird.
Aftermath and Aftercare February 16th, 2023 Set December 15th, 2022 - The aftermath of the UNOOSA attack leads to Toni and Cecily becoming fast friends, bonding over breakfast and painkillers.
The Most Important Meal Of The Day February 16th, 2023 Sharon convinces Marie to take a polar bear plunge in search of fish and ice powers. They both come to regret this decision!
Fetch! February 16th, 2023 Belinda, as Silverdane, tracks Karai to a local safehouse. Finds out that sharp teeth and claws and looming do not make one as intimidating as ninja!
The Subtle Art of Not Spoiling the Big Reveal February 16th, 2023 Post-patrol, Tim and Phoebe decompress with some ice cream and talk about their BOYFRAAAAAAANDS.
The Hand in the Hospital February 16th, 2023 The Hand attack a hospital going after a witness to an assassination. Daredevil is joined by civilian Caleb Dykstra in getting the man to safety, while Magik and Mary Jane Watson spot the disturbances and clear the ground floor.
The Hellfire Club's Valentine's Day Mixer February 15th, 2023 Many a bond is forged. Some end in DOOM.
Savage Land: Epilogue is not Ending February 15th, 2023 Hailed as heroes, the 'Knights of Xavier' enjoy a Lemurian tourney feast, several prevailing on the dino-jousting lists of honor. Tales are told, songs are sung, and they enjoy their victory... before turning to the task of Sauron. As frustrating as ever in the face of interrogation, answering every question with misdirections, they at last concede to use the best tool at their disposal, and delve into his mind for answers. They get a few, and perhaps a few more questions. As well as the company of one Dr. Karl Lykos.
Late night crowd at the diner February 15th, 2023 Ariah comes to the Diner on Sunny's late shift to have a bite to eat and talk about another one...
Potatos have Eyes February 15th, 2023 Phoebe contacts Hellboy for a broke-down tractor. The two re-establish their friendship and get to talking again, post-fire-goo-worm
Say it With Flowers February 15th, 2023 Birds of a feather flock together.
Hanging on High February 15th, 2023 SHIELD starts brainstorming for a strike on new Hydra assault transports.
Who's got the ball February 15th, 2023 Karai steals an Nth metal device from a museum, Belinda mistakes her for someone else, and she draws the attention of Hawkman and Hawkwoman in the process.
The Hawk Trio break up a bank robbery. February 15th, 2023 After a run in with the new intergang and engaging in a aerial battle with suits that use stolen Stark and Lex Tech the Hawk family emerges victorious.
Trying A New Thing February 14th, 2023 Clea takes Bruce to yoga. Nothing gets broken!
Discordants: Mirror Mirror on the Wall February 14th, 2023 The heroes get valuable intel with the aid of Hubert, but then all holy heck breaks loose.
A Low Key Valentine's Day February 14th, 2023 Henry gets breakfast in bed!
Chillin' at the Zoo February 14th, 2023 A group of random strangers meet at a Zoo and chat about Chimeras and other weird stuff.
Bats Birds and a Birthday On a Blimp February 14th, 2023 The Birds new Blimp headquarters is the sight of Stephanie Brown's 21st birthday party.
Bird is a Bird is Bird February 14th, 2023 Hank shares the tale of his trip to Gotham, and the two of them discuss just how much of their relationship is ordained by the Lords of Chaos and Order, and how much is just them.
Lifting a Weight Off Emma's Shoulders February 14th, 2023 Discussions about food. A very slow game of chase.
Sorcerer's World: Faust's Comeuppance February 13th, 2023 Felix Faust seeks his revenge against the Justice League as his mad ambitions are thwarted. It goes about as well as would be expected.
Super Bowl Sunday February 13th, 2023 Homework and paperwork get somewhat done, mostly procrastinated, while watching the Super Bowl.
Cat and Queen February 13th, 2023 Catseye snags cookies from Franklin Richards and talks with Emma in the evening until she gets bored and wanders off.
A Clean Break February 13th, 2023 Something every neophyte magician leans is that the path to hell is paved with well-intentioned spells.
A visit of Doom! February 13th, 2023 Doom, and Franklin have a discussion about Val, Space, and multi-dimensions without anyone blowing anything up!
Deliveries February 13th, 2023 Ariah delivers the gold and receives new burdens.
A beam of Joy to herald spring! February 13th, 2023 Ivy gets some friends to visit as Harl performs an intervention
A Little Check In February 13th, 2023 Clea stops in to catch up with her favorite Doctor.
These Crowded Streets February 12th, 2023 A mob operation goes south as a new Crowd creature shows up. Being on the lookout for suspicious activity, MJ ends up joining with Caleb in order to stop it. Add fireworks and goo!
The Princess and the Bat(Woman) February 12th, 2023 Batwoman and Molly meet after some bank robbers have a bad day when they pick the wrong town--and hostage!
Down in the Depths February 12th, 2023 Lonnie finds Tim working on a secret project down in one of the Roost's sub-basements. Tim reveals a plan that's just about ready to hatch.
Catching Up with Shayera February 12th, 2023 Diana and Shayera meet up to discuss Shay's return to Earth, return to the Justice League and what to expect.
A nice dinner at the Manson. February 12th, 2023 A good diner is had, and everybody has a talk with T'Challa's sister, and student.
Yoho, yoho, a mage's life for me! February 12th, 2023 A rogue spellbook runs the risk of damnation! Stabbing! Disapproval from the Sorcerer Supreme!
Discordants: To the matresses! February 11th, 2023 The Ravagers meet Jn, a space do-gooder-goody-two-shoes. They also encounter a curious gang of bandits.
Hanging with the Hope February 11th, 2023 Scott, Hope, and M talk by the pool.
Live By the Sword February 11th, 2023 Talia has her first Bruce-initiated talk with Phoebe over sword training. The girl's trauma runs deep and Talia accomplishes little more than touching the parts of it that flare to life in agony. Warning - Scene has triggering elements of pain, death, abuse. Consider before reading.
Cat and Killer February 11th, 2023 Talia and Catwoman eating ice cream in a tree..
The Count of Monte Cristo: And Action! What A Nice Time For A Feast February 11th, 2023 Nick and Ariah have a chat in between takes of the feast scene. Some awkward silence included
The Sanctuary of Solitude February 11th, 2023 The Sanctuary of Solitude is found, but it was corrupted by Kryptonite and has become an ecological nightmare that is the responsibility of the Kryptonians to clean up. It will take years.
Fencing Lessons 2 February 11th, 2023 Another set of fencing lessons; Franklin teaches Rahne a few tricks, and Marie manages to best Tabitha! You know, practice.
Are you ready for some Foobaw! February 11th, 2023 It should have been a quiet period before the Superbowl. But nope, Logan could not have a quiet beer at Harry's. Some people are just rude. Now they lack fingers.
Alleygebra II February 11th, 2023 12 Foot Clan Ninja - 12 Purple Dragons + 1 Ninja Turtle x 1 Half Alien = X. Solve.
Officially An Actor February 10th, 2023 Aurora celebrates her newfound status as actress
Turtle On Patrol February 10th, 2023 Raphael meets a new friend(?)
Nothing Like A Workout To Clear Your Head February 10th, 2023 Lara sees Carnegie's Gym. After a workout and sparring in the boxing ring, she and Cap decide to begin renovating the place towards eventually opening it to the neighborhood.
We're All Doomed February 10th, 2023 Monet and Sif encounter Doom at Coffee of Doom. Monet is thus DOOMED.
LAUNDRY TIME February 10th, 2023 Two mutants discuss life, laundry, Glob, and clowns.
Bad Ideas and Good IDeas February 10th, 2023 Maybe riding the dark elf's thoughts /isn't/ the best strategy. Don't go there.
Lorna's To-Do's February 10th, 2023 Emma swings by the Genoshian Embassy and helps Lorna with her mental blocks.
Supering the Stars February 10th, 2023 Happy Valentine's Day, Kara and M style
Hawk Woman's Hobby February 10th, 2023 = The police eventually come and take the statement of Hawk Woman and the store owner. Turns out these particular criminal were known for robbing game stores for quick and easy cash and resell value on cards.
Who Da Best February 10th, 2023 Elektra and Batgirl go to Budapest to investigate the Lycan and Vampire war that has lead to the disappearance of Elektra's friend. It quickly gets out of hand!
A night at the Verdant! February 9th, 2023 With only a few difficulties learns a new dance. Though the buzzer went of and he had to return to work.
Hail HYDRA February 9th, 2023 A HYDRA convoy gets halted in the dead of night. The Black Panther recovers a treasure, Mary Jane Watson secures the remnants for SHIELD, Ariah grabs the gold, and the Green Goblin goes full goblin mode.
High Speed Pursuit February 9th, 2023 Heroes respond to a shoot out that ranges through the streets of Brooklyn and up onto Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The fight is stopped, but Vulture swoops down and makes off with the unknown contents that the fight was over.
Advice is the Hardest Pill to Swallow February 9th, 2023 Phoebe attempts to ask Alfred some advice regarding boys. Everything goes precisely the opposite of to plan. Phoebe steals all the hummus to herself, with Bruce having the flu and Alfred being disappointed that he never got the flu shot.
Secrets of the Culinary Arts February 9th, 2023 Marie and Kurt chat while she works on Valentine's Day Brownies!
Home, sweet home February 9th, 2023 Peter comes home after being fending off some thugs, unaware of Kraven's interference. Gwen and Peter make dinner plans for Peter's birthday.
From Here to Eternity February 8th, 2023 Sunny and Billy find a little Spring in the middle of winter.
April O'Neil for Channel Six News. February 8th, 2023 A roving reporter comes to GIRL to interview Vivian Vision about science things. There's some space stuff and other cool science things!
Rooftop Rendezvous Meets Materials Handling February 8th, 2023 Ariah converses with Delores about weapon plans over tea. The price of the task comes with discussion of the expected equivalent exchange, however.
Wrong House February 8th, 2023 Sometime's a quiet night is ruined.
Operation WATCHFUL: Labwork February 8th, 2023 Examining the sample from the medical lab raid, Agent Simmons conducts her work under careful HAZMAT procedures. In the end, what she finds is both a relief and... very much not. The sample is some kind of engineered retrovirus (with a very curious 'author'), but one that is missing it's DNA payload: a bioweapon without a warhead, leaving SHIELD to wonder what is supposed to go in there. While she works, the rest of the team observes and discusses the broader threat from the Shi'ar across many trajectories. Steve, admittedly, is mostly there for the coffee.
In These Chilly Days February 8th, 2023 Zatanna receives information about an enemy and a seed for a plan. It's not a good plan to deal with Malekith and his supporters, but it's at least something. With an envoy from Asgard and Zatanna's wiser mind, they might have something to go forward on.
Wake Up and smell the Coffee February 7th, 2023 When 'Jake' (not from State Farm) peddles some items to some people at the Open Eye Coffee shop, and catches the attention of Phoebe Beacon. Phoebe plays up the Wayne angle to try and get him to try to sell to her, but ends up getting more than she wanted when Mike Hannigan joins the group for a cup of joe. After a brief argument, Phoebe offers 'Jake' (Caleb Dykstra) a bugged Wayne Enterprises card to track his movements, hoping to track down the thugs he's concerned will make his little sister disappear. Everyone is a jerk, Mike gets a pastry.
T'Challa meets his Sister! February 7th, 2023 Shuri and her brother have a good conversation where he catches her up, and she teases him!
Catching Up With The Odinson February 7th, 2023 Morrigan and Balder catch up over dinner and he brings dessert!
Getting the Steps in February 7th, 2023 Kainashi is allowed to take short jaunts outside the lair during her recovery. She bumps into Sundance, who shares Jellybeans with her.
A Dance with... OSHA violations February 7th, 2023 The unluckiest criminal hanging out in Gotham's sleaziest bar has the misfortune of being targeted by two totally well-adjusted heroines who don't have penchants for going overboard. And they're really responsible when they start drinking after a bar fight. It's fine. Just fine.
A hunter's target February 7th, 2023 A hunter takes his prize.
An Unexpected Guest February 7th, 2023 An otherworldly entity dressed as Lydia's mother stops by her apartment for a chat.
Wasp Life: February in the Club February 7th, 2023 Lorna's back in the USA, and makes a point of visiting Janet van Dyne socially.
Authentic Purpose and Cuisine February 7th, 2023 Dancing, Food, and joining the Secret Warriors
Shhh, you'll wake the kids February 7th, 2023 Side trip is successful. Nothing like making ships that might chase them inoperable!
Discordants: Getting to Know You February 7th, 2023 An unlikely source gives a glimmer of hope to solving the attacks committed by the Dark Elves. Future plans need to be made before advancing.
One More Year Towards Death Day February 7th, 2023 Yelena has a surprise birthday party.
The Palest Kale February 7th, 2023 Jennifer Kale has to deal with a golem with a case of explosive gore.
A Necessary Meeting February 7th, 2023 Divine meets Alura. Talk of family and hope and what it all means for the future.
Where Nobody Speaks Your Name February 7th, 2023 Jinx sneaks away to the Bar with No Name for a cold one and runs in to <redacted> and <redacted> where they share some gossip and a drink.
PJ movie day! February 6th, 2023 Rave and Carin watch some movies and relax!
Lorna arrives with food and hospitality February 6th, 2023 Lorna invades Xavier's with... hashbrown casserole and is countered with feels.
Wanting Some Cream February 6th, 2023 Emma, Marie-Ange, and the Mean Girl Rachel meet.
Queen's Gambit February 6th, 2023 Wade plays chess. Betsy spectates.
You Break, We Fix (And I Steal) February 6th, 2023 June's attempt to make off with the goods is foiled, Joan rebuilds the Pham's place Phamtastically, and Ward punches out at the end of the day.
Atlantean Awakening part II February 6th, 2023 Nerissa awakens to find Ariah keeping vigil over her. Ariah calls in Nettie and the three discuss the Atlantean's future with... a snag or two.
Family from another Reality February 6th, 2023 Alura puts her foot in it trying to make a connection with alt reality Kara, Power Girl. Alura never was the one who was good with feelings.
Fire and Water February 6th, 2023 Kitty comes to visit Johnny and they have a swim
Fancy meeting you here. February 6th, 2023 Talia and Charlie have their second run in, in an unexpected place.
Justice League: Moon Mystery February 5th, 2023 The Justice League respond to Astronauts who discover a hidden facility on the Moon. It is a grotesque affair within, and there's a lot of good targets for smashing!
Yippie-Kite-Yayyyy Mother Trucker February 5th, 2023 Kite Man ends up washed up as Osprey chases and Caleb has to deal with the gravest threat of all - 90's celebrity guest stars!
A day in starling City February 5th, 2023 The deal is offered we will see where it goes!
Hostile Flora February 5th, 2023 Susan has trouble with plants. Ivy helps and repays some plant kindness.
Lightweights February 5th, 2023 A sat talk about strengths and weaknesses in the weights room.
Vamps and Scamps February 5th, 2023 Goth, Peppy, Snark, and Debonair talk in the Club.
Ball of Twine February 5th, 2023 Greet and Nat talk about balls of twine and Dark Elves.
Coffee and Koriand'r's February 5th, 2023 A Rich woman is a b*tch with a man from the streets and an orange alien at a coffee club.
The Count of Monte Cristo: Safety Precautions February 5th, 2023 Ted Kord swings by a gathering at the Shaw Studios retreat to speak with Prentis Myers about leasing his bots for safety assurance with the Metropolis based scene shoots.
Vamps Book and Belle February 5th, 2023 Ariah and Lydia have a nice little chat by the fireplace in the Candle Book & Belle
Do speedster's recover from Ice cream headache faster February 4th, 2023 And two friends catch up
Discordants: The Operator February 4th, 2023 The Good Mr. Tannenberg is brought in to consult with the kind people of SHIELD.
Robbie meets Idu February 4th, 2023 What it says on the tin. Robbie Reyes comes over to Phoebe's apartment and meets her 'pet', Idu. Idu is not thrilled to meet Robbie, maybe it's something about the whole Eli situation?
The Lion, the Savior, and the Curio Shoppe February 4th, 2023 Patience and Ariah meet again in an antique shop. The Magdalena talks philosphy with a vampire.
Who is missing now February 4th, 2023 Conner is doing some research and meets Mercy and Marie-Ange
A Wondering Franklin February 3rd, 2023 Cosmo helps Franklin find something that isn't supposed to be there, and return it back from wince it came!
Kainashi Leashed: Null Labs February 3rd, 2023 NULL gets wrecked. Dogs get rescued. Kai is enroute home.

Thanks to: Alopex Donatello Raphael Sundance Sally

For a few units more February 3rd, 2023 So they found the Egg, but whatever was in it... isn't anymore. Thankfully, nobody got a brood in their neck. Less thankfully, they didn't find the breeder. So that's probably a good thing right?


Meeting of the Means February 3rd, 2023 A Dialogue is opened
Let's Do The Time Warp Again February 3rd, 2023 Matt and Daisy go to a Rocky Horror Picture showing, only to have an old hacker friend of Daisy's try to make contact via a kiosk advertisement.
Guardians of the Chillaxin February 2nd, 2023 A little relaxation on the Milano
Your Delivery Has Arrived February 2nd, 2023 T'Challa brings Marie some equipment to continue practicing his instruction, and training continues as student and teacher learn more about one another.
Rapid Brew Coffee Connection February 2nd, 2023 Carin and Irie bump into each other at Not!Starbucks. Then Toni shows up and Irie takes off before a little coffee date is had!
Trouble in Trixietown February 2nd, 2023 Another spell gone wrong as the young sorceress attempts t9 discern more info on a cursed helmet.
Jaded Ancestry February 1st, 2023 A fortuitous meeting of Natasha, Janet, and Colleen in a New York Park may have started a new friendship group.
Har D Hank Har February 1st, 2023 Hank tries to be subtle while undercover, but Harley is there. Guess how it goes.
Savage Land: Sauron, Pt 2: God in the Machine February 1st, 2023 The battle continues! Sauron grows ever more powerful, as the machine core continues to stop the X-Men from using their full strength. Things get psycho-sexual as Tabitha and Emma conjure an army of illusionary angry girlfriends, Rahne feeds herself to a dinosaur, and Rogue powers-up via makeout. In the end, with Queen Leanne's amulet and some donated cosmic knowledge, Rogue deactivates the machine and Ororo shows Sauron what real power looks like. In the aftermath, Phangor gets elected king of the flying lizards, and the X-men depart with Leanne and the Aerians, with the dread Sauron... now as THEIR prisoner.
Cat and Bat games round 2 February 1st, 2023 The cat came back... not the very next day. Also, not to the same place. But Kate and Felicia have another chase. No one falls off a building this time, and they find a common bond in thrill-seeking.
Missing Persons. Or just anti-social brothers. February 1st, 2023 Damian comes by stock new armor in the Red Cave and maybe check on Jason. Words are shared. Even friendly ones at that.
Loose Lips Sink Ships February 1st, 2023 Phoebe and Gabby have a frank conversation. Phoebe admits her jealousy over Gabby's leadership, and asks Gabby to not let on that she's been spending additional time with a possibly dangerous ally.
Title Date Scene Summary
Fist full of Dollars March 31st, 2023 Jinx and Harley go to the bank so Jinx can retrieve HIVE documents. Johnny Karaoke turns up with his goons and tries to rob the place. Things go badly when the police mistakenly believe Jinx is responsible for the bank robbery.
The Wrong Kind of Lust March 31st, 2023 Fearing that she'll soon fall victim to her vampire bloodlust, Jubilation Lee travels to Gotham City and seeks out the mysterious X-23 to help her get through it. Jubes doesn't make it in time, but Laura's help keeps the bloodshed to a minimum. After spending a couple nights in one of Laura's safe-houses, the two exchange words about keeping things under control. Jubilation learns a little more about Laura and, as a result, decides that a mall trip is in her future.
Trouble in the Park March 31st, 2023 Jade tries to stop a gang and makes a new ally!
How Was Your Day March 31st, 2023 Alexander comes home after the Battle at the Starport.
The Door to NOWHERE: Oblivion March 31st, 2023 The crew travel through the Nowhere installation, only to find more horrors at the end. To be concluded!
Discordants: Children of Asgard March 31st, 2023 Thor and Loki after the battle of the Starport.
Too Early To Be Spring College Party March 31st, 2023 A block party thrown by the students at Gotham U draws Phoebe, Stephanie and Dick. Where they run in Mary Jane Watson killing time after a courier mission.
Queen In Residence March 31st, 2023 Some of the X-Women chat late night in the kitchen on romance.
Wrong Place Wrong Time March 30th, 2023 Maria King witnesses James Wesley, one of Kingpin's lieutenants, questioning a man, and what happens to him next. Discovered by the men, she tries to keep herself out of hot water.
Ocean's 3 March 30th, 2023 Tommy, Jane, and June are contracted for a heist, so the planning begins.
Flying Tiger without a P-40 March 30th, 2023 Tigra flees a parade of pictures provided by proud paternal unit.
Courtyard Recovery March 30th, 2023 Sif and Brunnhilde train at the Embassy's courtyard where they talk of the war with the dark elves and what it may mean to Asgard. Plans are made.
Engaged and Disengaged March 29th, 2023 Terry has exciting news. Jinx is wallowing in self pity and taking it out on a computer game. Together they fight cri... no, definitely not that.
Supergirls and Ice Cream March 29th, 2023 Kara and Monet have ice cream, and talk about movies.
My Wicked Wicked Life March 29th, 2023 Things look bleak for Blake and he hopes for a win from Gwynn.
Catgirl-A-Strophic March 29th, 2023 Tabitha takes Catseye to the largest ball of twine in the greater New Jersey area with a number of other highly feline specific attractions.
Toy Man Tormentor March 29th, 2023 In which Toyman attacks the local Nerf Superstore and his giant blimp-robot is smashed.. TO NOTHING.
Baked Goods March 29th, 2023 Lorna and Tabby make the special brownies.
Look Up There! March 29th, 2023 Rogue knocks Brick's ship out of the air, with her butt. She then proceeds to try to make it up to him, by making it worse.
The Last Sisters of Krypton March 29th, 2023 Karen decides she needs to talk to Alura and Kara insists she come along - with Divine. The three meet up with Alura in the Sanctuary of Solitude and family bonds begin to mend.
In in a Blink March 29th, 2023 Blink comes to the Mansion for aid. Monet plans to use the Pinkette's powers for a shopping trip around the world.
Ex Umbra: The Eyes of Truth March 28th, 2023 Persephone summons two of her petitioners and invokes an old promise from Stephen Strange. Then she warns Zatanna.
Shadow of the Father March 28th, 2023 Loki and Frigga discuss the state of lacking Odin and Thor.
Ex Umbra: Prologue - The Sorcerer March 28th, 2023 Doctor Strange witnesses an end.
Happy Robbery March 28th, 2023 Thus Crime was Had
So you're wearing a leash, huh March 28th, 2023 Susan begins the initiation process for Alison into the inner workings of the Hellfire Club.
I Can Hear The Bells March 28th, 2023 The boys come to share the good news with Harley, and she immediately starts asking all the right questions... and looking up where she can get firemen by the dozen.
In the Sky with Supergirl March 28th, 2023 Kara and Monet fly together in the embrace in the sun above the clouds, and pledge themselves to their love.
Look! I brought you coffee! March 28th, 2023 Kara goes to catch up with Karen. They talk about many things! Including family, clones, sisterhood and how Karen is absolutely a mom now.
Mind The Gap March 28th, 2023 Attackers try to abduct Lara Croft in the subway. With Colleen Wing, Jessica Jones, and Captain America, the attack is stopped and Lara is safe.
Welcome, please don't enjoy your stay. March 28th, 2023 The newest guests of The Raft are transported to the prison via a bumpy airlift. Their experiences during transport are one of being under very heavy guard with many specialized precautions. They're greeted by the Warden and a portion of the heavily armed security detail assigned to the Super Super Max.
Let's do a National Treasure March 28th, 2023 When a mysterious package arrives for Jinx, everyone immediately assumes Trap. Seems likely, but a fellowship is born and a treasure hunt is begun.
You Can't Hide Your Birthday Forever, Cat March 28th, 2023 It started as a birthday party and ended in a proposal. Nothing ever goes quite as you expect it around here!
Discordants: After the Battle March 28th, 2023 Zatanna and Thor speak after the battle at the Starport.
One Flew Over March 28th, 2023 Rhona finds Wade on the lawn in a tree spying on the mansion. She shoots an arrow at him, and then questions him. He exposes himself (his face, shuddup) and she lightens up on him though, on account of... ya know, his face. Turns out he's just a nerd in a red suit.
The Pop Up Sale! March 27th, 2023 Caleb meets Shazam and Lightspeed and... gets away.
Tuning it up under the hood March 27th, 2023 Nadia, Shuri, Valeria and Caitlin get together in Titan's Tower to solve a safety problem in the Tereshkova.
Spring Thaw March 27th, 2023 A brief lesson in botany soon turns to talk of higher education possibilities, wedding plans, and why someone lowers herself to wear drab flannel. And donkey scritches.
Fire from the Heavens: The Flame of Py'tar March 27th, 2023 The League and the allies meet to discuss the Flame of Py'tar and how they will proceed to deal with Despero once and for all. Plans are formulated, decisions made and pasteries consumed.
A night out letting the fur down. March 27th, 2023 Man or Animal, Manamal? Probably not.
Being Catseye-y March 27th, 2023 Catseye declares Emma is her concierge.
Luck be a Lady (with a big gun) March 27th, 2023 June Connor is hired for a job. Unfortunately, some other criminals want that job. And even more unfortunately, those goons run into Lady Luck herself. And Harley Quinn with the RKO out of nowhere! Bah Gawd, they've been broken in half! Also, set on fire. The criminals totally also get set on fire a bit.
Seriously, 'No Electronic Devices' Is Simple March 27th, 2023 Livewire escapes Metropolis PD custody, and has the minorest of tussles with Kara, who proves sometimes a friendly face and a stunning obliviousness to how one's lunch opinions sound can disarm even the most manic lightning goblin.
Blondes Talking Business March 27th, 2023 Emma and Power Girl talk. About trust. And lack thereof.
Flying Through the Night March 27th, 2023 Kara and M talk quickly over coffee.
Retro March 27th, 2023 Scott and Kitty try out the new retro arcade at Xavier's School.
Downtime and Spring Cleaning March 27th, 2023 Spring Cleaning at the Candle, Booke, and Belle! Evil books found, sans owners.
HYDRA and the Fall of New York March 26th, 2023 HYDRA attacks New York City with giant teleporting super sentinel robots. The heroes are ready and they respond in kind.
When Kara Met the Clone March 26th, 2023 Divine finally meets Power Girl and they talk through things. There is crying. There are girlfriends there to help through the worst of it.
Kaine needs supplies March 26th, 2023 Kaine breaks into Oscorp only to discover Gwen and MJ are already there on tour. When his cellular degeneration gets the better of him, he passes out. Only to find himself helped by the pair.
HYDRA and the Fall of New York (2) March 26th, 2023 HYDRA attacks New York City with giant teleporting super sentinel robots. The heroes are ready and they respond in kind.
Coffee In the Afternoon March 26th, 2023 Cait needs coffee, Bart has fruit, Donna hates time travel, Terry found that there is such a thing as too much glitter, and Raven has a new ringtone.
Discordants: Aftermath at the Embassy March 26th, 2023 Thor returns to the Embassy after the war and has a reunion.
The Assassin and the Cat - Contemplating March 26th, 2023 Selina and Talia plan how to go about rescuing children kidnapped by the Hand.
Or We Could Have Alfred's Cooking March 26th, 2023 Stephanie is in search of a quick meal before studying, and finds Talia and Phoebe in the kitchen, along with adorable pupper.
Young, Just Us! Part 3 March 25th, 2023 A brief trip through space-and-time lands the Outsiders precisely where they're needed, to take down the monstrous Rip Roar!
When The Last Bead Has Fallen March 25th, 2023 The Invisible Woman arrives after the party, but not too late to earn some beads from the Black King himself.
A Particular Expertise March 25th, 2023 Kate recruits mystical help
Only Mostly Dead March 25th, 2023 Gabby catches up with Cain after an absence from faking her death.
Duel of the Flyers March 25th, 2023 Firefly picks a very bad day to not only steal from the Wasp, but garner the attention of Captain Britain atop this. Also, seagulls make for sudden flight obstacles.
Lazy Titan Day March 25th, 2023 Several Titans enjoy a little social time with each other in the Tower.
The Helicopter Heist March 25th, 2023 Yelena steals a helicopter from an airfield. This one survives!
Astra's Final Solution - Peace March 24th, 2023 The Superfriends travel to Revolution Day, an important event in Kryptonian history when the Hegemony was toppled and the future of the planet was decided. It is here they find Astra about to change history for the worst; and also who was really behind it all - a god named Vohc.
Discordants: The Finale Part Deux! March 24th, 2023 The attack on the starport is defeated by Malekith's death, though not without price.
Foxy Cha... err Foxy-Ko. March 24th, 2023 Hawkman meets Saeko and makes apologies for a past life that wasn't heroic.
Why Friday March 24th, 2023 The aftermath of the after party is conversation with concessions and agreements.
Whiskey in the Drawer March 24th, 2023 Cain has a late night drink with Jessica
One for the money March 24th, 2023 It's not a party unless bullets fly and Janet sprinkles (not by choice) some angel... er.. pixie dust in the dustup with bad guys.
Stirring Up The Cauldron March 24th, 2023 Captain Britain gets Frank Castle out of a situation, whether Frank Castle likes it or not. Future favors are owed.
Trinity Trifecta March 24th, 2023 A small next of vampires unfortunately learn they are not alpha predators and just leave a mess behind.
Progress in Fashion March 23rd, 2023 Brian stops by JVD Fashions to visit Janet after a promise made in London years ago.
Reconnecting Old Ties March 23rd, 2023 Julie visits Valeria to reconnect and gets leads to GIRL and other teams!
Britain's Best meets the Avengers March 23rd, 2023 Captain Britain is introduced to the Avengers!
The Low March 23rd, 2023 Demona is out hunting vampires, Venom is investigating human traffickers, and vampires are dying horribly when the two meet.
Penthouse Meetup March 23rd, 2023 Warren and Kitty catch up, and Warren finds out about an attack near Xavier's by a mysterious creature.
A Belated Birthday March 23rd, 2023 Never mess with a pregnant ladies cake!
Return to the Savage Land, Part II: The Goddess and the Queen March 23rd, 2023 The X-Men defeat Arrash, whos is actually Deathbird trolling them (it's Sharra kinda-backwards, she so funny). The prophecy is fulfilled, at least in part (Deathbird IS a Princess). Tanya, the would-be Brood Queen is in custody. And the... new hive continues to grow in the center of the Savage Land, ready to consume all around it, while ironically under the protection of the uncaring Celestial defense systems.
That Touch of CLass March 22nd, 2023 Joan gets kidnapped. No surprise.
A Very Hellfire Club Mardi Gras March 22nd, 2023 Many beads were earned, and a good time was had by all. And the winner of the dinner with Sebastian neither wants the prize, nor does the prize want him. Maybe next year.
The Boy Who Cried Demon March 22nd, 2023 Agents Tan and Watson take time to question a young suspect on his level, while Agent Pezzini and Witchblade seek to glean what magical information they can. The good cop, understanding cop routine gets Tan and Watson answers.
After A Good Workout March 22nd, 2023 Dazzler and Kitty are both hurting after partying at separate parties the night before. A workout, and hair of the dog are the solutions they separately turn to for dealing with the after effects.
Guess Who's Coming To Lunch March 22nd, 2023 Marie and Julie reconnect after years apart, restablishing a friendship.
Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Cats of War!!! March 22nd, 2023 The Dapper Men run afoul of Joan and are not quite as dapper now.
Attitude Adjustment: Sidekick Edition March 21st, 2023 Harper and Bette hang out and get loaded on Kate's booze. A new friendship solidifies.
Godfellas: Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli March 21st, 2023 Ares gives Daisy and Alexander what intel he has, then immediately makes both of them flee the scene.
I'll Fight Crime. But Not Before I've Had My Coffee. March 21st, 2023 Three souls find solace in the bottom of their coffee cups, and a bit of random Monday Morning chatter.
Oh Yeah We're 'Sneaking'! March 21st, 2023 Clea and Bruce sneak out to look at flowers and try to take a breather.
You Should Have Been More Precise March 21st, 2023 Terry is ambushed by Colette, who has cracked his deepest, darkest secret: it's (almost) his birthday!
Boot Scoot and go March 21st, 2023 Leslie 'Livewire' Willis loses yet another dead end job. But this time she's going on the lam for a good reason! Also, Killington's high school football team needs a new... whatever position Bryant played.
The Warrior March 21st, 2023 Rhona seeks out a wise claw-fu master.
Low key magical meeting March 20th, 2023 Vacuums are sold, an artificer begins her career and a connection is made.
=Of Pranks and Mayhem March 20th, 2023 Jade meets the Jester
Lush Verdance March 20th, 2023 Macguffin acquired! The flower that was needed is achieved, a vampire dusted, and Cass totally got to eat her sushi. Which is important!
Kara's Kryptonian Kall March 19th, 2023 Kara comes seeing help with her cover
Evening Emergency March 19th, 2023 When Robbie Reyes is struck by some Heavenly weapon, he reaches out to Phoebe Beacon for help. Things are touch-and-go, but Phoebe manages to draw the shards of the weapon out of Robbie's body and restore him -- even though the demon inside makes a brief appearance! Robbie will, however, get dino nuggets and tater tots, so this is probably a win...?
The Path of Progress: Blood Dues March 19th, 2023 Having tracked a mutant trafficking ring to a facility on the outskirts of Madripoor, Cable leads a handful of fellow mutants in an assault to try and rescue any remaining victims -- and to try and find out more about who is behind the despicable scheme.
Now Streaming: the Magic Word! March 19th, 2023 Two young but old friends reunite and talk shop.
It's Better than Taco Whiz! March 19th, 2023 Wonder Girl meets Mighty Woman at a less-than-prestigious fan event at a comic store. They discuss the many vagaries of hero hustle culture! No lawsuits are filed.
Why Do You Care March 19th, 2023 Talia and Selina talk of a coming confrontation with the Hand kidnapping children.
Walking The Shark March 19th, 2023 Gwenpool runs into Doreen. They talk business and Jeff and the Squirrels ruin someone's day.
Almost Spring Time March 19th, 2023 Priscilla asks Henry one of the big questions that come up during a relationship!
The Count of Monte Cristo: And Action! Sailing Sailing... March 19th, 2023 All is well as The Count of Monte Cristo cast sets out to film their sea scenes. Megan looks amazing and Mike looks homeless. Caleb sneaks onto the property to sell some merchandise and instead ends up getting swept into the movie casting machine. Is no one safe?!
British Black Tie (2018) March 18th, 2023 In this throwback scene, Janet van Dyne meets Brian Braddock for the first time.
A Little R&R March 18th, 2023 Zinda abducts Cain, but not in a bad way!
Frosting the Ego March 18th, 2023 Crystal Frost meets M.
Fun and Games at X-Manor. March 18th, 2023 Friends Catch up
NOWHERE and Back Again March 17th, 2023 NOWHERE strikes again. Luckily Divine has help to save her! What are they after?
Discordants: The Finale! March 17th, 2023 The heroes confront Malekith and start up a butt-whupping!
Discordants: No Going Back March 17th, 2023 The heroes and the Eisenhower battle group put together their heads and come up with a plan on how to deal with the attack on the Starport.
A Tip Of The Hat March 17th, 2023 It is hard to tell who the most courageous Titan may be- but Gar Logan is definitely up there for trusting his life to Billy Kaplan's magic act!
Battle Ramen Royale March 17th, 2023 Besties have noodles and life lessons. NOODLES.
Cold Nights And Comet Skies March 17th, 2023 Dick sets up a telescope for viewing the comet as it passes by Earth.
Free Ain't Free March 17th, 2023 Sasha investigates something. Sassha finds something. Sashsa gtfos from something.
Reign of Terror: Roadtrip to T. O. Morrow March 17th, 2023 Doug and Berto speak to TO Morrow about Sentinels. Hilarity ensues.
Pho Gotham Worries March 16th, 2023 The Furiae go to Gotham to talk some and try some Gotham noodles in a rare break from a mission.
Return to the Savage Land, Part I: the Aerie March 16th, 2023 The X-Men return to the Savage Land, traveling to the Aerie Shalan, home of the bird-people. On the way, they discover a T-Rex feasting on a dead Triceratops (as one often does, in the Savage Land), save that both seem horribly infected... and display Brood-like features. The creature is destryed without mercy, and soon the team enters the spire. They arrive at a lab full of more alien technology, and discover the missing Doctor Tanya Anderssen in a suspension pod, also showing Brood-like features. As they investigate ways to free or help her, a hologram activates to taunt them in the form of the apparent 'false goddess' of the Aerians, before sealing the POWER-DAMPENED room as it fills with what is almost certainly some very, very bad mist!
Mobs and molotovs aftermath March 16th, 2023 In the aftermath of the gang war in Gotham, Harper returns to the Clocktower to clean up and relax. She walks in on Bette having had a similar idea. The gold-star seeking students of Kate Kane's training get some things out into the open. A specific elephant in the room is thrust into the spotlight. Complicated family dynamics, competition, shared goals and drives are touched upon. A team up is the result.
Romantic Movie March 16th, 2023 Raphael confesses his feelings. It goes surprisingly well.
Rainbows In The Park March 15th, 2023 A chance meeting in Battery park leads to Karolina Dean and Julie Power taking a rainbow flight
Roll a d20 to Save vs Demons March 15th, 2023 Many rolls were made in Central Park by Michael Hannigan, Agent Sybil Tan, Red Sonja, and Agent Sara Pezzini with the Witchblade. Several demons were destroyed, but one managed to escape... for now.
A Wayne in Smallville March 15th, 2023 Damian drives out to Smallville to see a friend, there was a traditional teenage boy fridge raid.
Favors Are Free, Aren't They March 15th, 2023 Colleen asks for a loan, and ends up with a job instead.
Vidya Gamez March 15th, 2023 Video games!!!!
Sparkle Goths and Emos March 15th, 2023 M and Negasonic snark in the library.
The Rarest of Things, A Quiet Night at the Tower March 15th, 2023 = Another Robin changes their name, Freddy almost misses curfew, Hank doesn't punch Jinx, Troia mocks Terry's jacket, and Dawn gets wet.
Seasons Turning March 15th, 2023 DRAMATIC TALK BY THE LAKE!
What, another Vampire! March 15th, 2023 Jennifer Kale meets yet another vampire (Amelia).
Spider-Patrol! March 15th, 2023 Stop me if you've heard this one. Four superheroes walk up to a ramen truck...
Two O'Neils and a clownette walk into a room March 15th, 2023 Harley is practicing her coaching methods for roller derby with April and Terry comes in with NEWS. Time for some hardcore training for the roller derby team in the TITANS TOWER.
A Punch. A Knee. Lesson Over. March 14th, 2023 Caleb comes in for a lesson at the Dojo. During a little sparring practice with June, he takes a knee to the chest and leaves in an ambulance. Colleen cleans the blood from the dojo floor.
Rainbows, Claws and Batteries! March 14th, 2023 Klaw tries to steal a vibranium battery! Red Sonja, Tawky Tawny and Julie power manage to delay him long enough to force him to abandon his mission, but can't detain him in the end.
Cat-ried Away March 14th, 2023 Catseye shows Emma how to properly nap.
Clothes Hamper March 14th, 2023 = A philisophical chat ending in a chase.
Just A Little Mugging March 13th, 2023 An outing to play catchup turns into an attempted mugging. The muggers picked the wrong two people to attempt to rob.
Fire from the Heavens: Enter Despero March 13th, 2023 The Justice League and their allies comes face to face with the Third Eye at last and are left reeling as the might of Despero is unleashed upon them in his quest to reclaim the Flame of Py'tar. How long will the the League be able to keep the alien despot from reaching his goals?
Raiding the Hive March 13th, 2023 Jinx leads the Titans to a New York HIVE operation but when they get there, things aren't as they expect them to be.
Duty to Secure Stuff March 13th, 2023 Rogue is doing her duty in the security center, Logan comes in and relieves her of that duty. Nap time!
All of the above March 13th, 2023 Alison and Tabitha have a heart to heart over a plate full of carbs.
Snow Day Astoria March 13th, 2023 It's a cold day in march, and in a park, Molly Hayes meets people!
The Odd Job March 13th, 2023 Gabby and Bellona run into Victor Creed who was hired by some old enemies to assasinate Gabby. Some talking ensues, and a plan is formed to get them off her back for awhile. A messy plan.
The Moon over Miami March 13th, 2023 Kate and Kendra catch up in the JL Moon Base
Try Not To Hit The Ground March 13th, 2023 SHIELD tests a method for shooting troops onto the battlefield by railgun. Test Subjects Jessica Drew and Ariah Olivie declare 'it needs some work'.
To Pull from Thin Air March 13th, 2023 Thanks to Tim Drake's idea, Phoebe Beacon attempts to ask the spirit of Gotham City for a new callsign. Austin Reese is in attendance.

In the most Gotham-friendly result, Phoebe's smacked in the face with trash, which results in a new callsign for the Batling.


The Dreaded Beneath the Pond March 12th, 2023 Row-ho, row-ho, row with weapons loosed,

The incidental crewmen did in the devil goose Row-ho, row-ho, before the smell sinks in

Tommy Shepherd exploded the demon cobra chicken!

Operation WATCHFUL: R.O.U.S. March 12th, 2023 SHIELD arranges for Rhino's release as one of the conspirators in the Ryker's Island breakout, hoping to track him to his bosses. Instead they find a test site for the alien bioweapon - that is subsequently triggered and released. Several agents are exposed, and while the government scrambles to quarrantine the location and they rush their agents back for treatment, the site is... actually blown up from orbit.
Stop Me If You've Heard This One: A Bat, A Cat, and a Bird Meet on a Gotham Rooftop March 12th, 2023 The Black Cat crashes a little Kane Family training session in Gotham. Friendly introductions are made and a daring, if spicy escape is had!
In for a Spar, Out for a Night March 12th, 2023 At the Triskelion, Richard and Mary Jane talk on fighting and spar.
Lighting the Phoebe Signal March 12th, 2023 What starts as a sparring match with a prize of cookies turns into something much deeper when the elder Bat himself comes to talk to Phoebe and Talia.
Maintenance keeps the big problems away. March 12th, 2023 Of God and Machines
Devil's Food Is Chocolate March 12th, 2023 Phoebe gives brownies to some BPRD peoples. Also: There's a hug in there, somewhere.
Bart stopping by to use the kitchen March 12th, 2023 Treats are made and maybe friends as well.
Meeting with the Marie March 12th, 2023 Emma talks with Marie-Ange on a variety of topics. Love, directness, fate, and change.
Astra's Final Solution - Project P718 March 11th, 2023 The Superfriends travel back farther in to Krypton's past than they intended and find themselves locked in to a fixed point in time, the birth moment of Brainiac. They calibrate their time travel instruments and move on and totally didn't stop a nuclear apocalypse at all. Ssssh.
Young, Just Us! Part 2 March 11th, 2023 The Outsiders go camping, take some pics at the giant sequoias, and go on a hike in the forest. Then something weird happens. To Be Continued!
Boardwalk and Talk March 11th, 2023 In which luck is discussed and the Condiment King wisely backs away.
The roaring twenty-somethings March 11th, 2023 Sue and Alison share a drink and talk the potential of selling people.... I mean auctioning them... wait no, it's not what it sounds like.
Discordants: The Grand Forge March 11th, 2023 Thor and the Ravagers reach the World Forge and Stormbreaker is brought to life.
You Can't Save Them All March 11th, 2023 Lara returns from overseas to find Steve despondent over a fight where there were some innocents he wasn't able to save.
Movie Night: COCAINE BEAR EDITION March 11th, 2023 Rahne and Gabby catch up. Talk shop, and watch Cocaine Bear in all it's gorey comedic glory.
Day of Destiny! Or: Recruiting Time! March 11th, 2023 Wade begins gathering his army, only to be foiled by the likes of the X-Men!
Color Coded Combat March 11th, 2023 A splinter group of Purple Dragons pick some new colors and then get clobbered by a combined Splinter Clan and Mutanimals force.
Happy Birthday Eabha Aine March 10th, 2023 Eabha Aine's birthday is a complete success! Evan is the recipient of the O'Leary family birthday traditions... also known as A NEW CAR!
Got a Bridge to sell you... March 10th, 2023 Robbie and Phoebe take a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, and have an in-depth conversation. Phoebe uses a very carefully practiced phrase on Robbie. There's some crying, probably. It's cold.
N.O.W.H.E.R.E. Like Home March 10th, 2023 In the aftermath of the attack, Cindy and Divine are cute. There are feelings.
A Whole Lot of Something March 10th, 2023 Invincible, Batgirl and the Bodacious Brick all battle with Killer Croc in a Gotham City jewelry heist!
It's Not Too Cold For The Crocoile Mile March 10th, 2023 Who says February's too cold for the Crocodile Mile? Tabitha, Noriko, and Jubilation set it up in the back yard and have some summertime fun. Jubilation accidentally turns into a bat for the first time but the experience knocks her on her butt -- literally. And Noriko's butt. And Tabby's butt. It's a Crocodile Mile Pile.
This is a thing. March 10th, 2023 Sif and Alexander catch up about the current events.
But look at all the nerd stuff March 10th, 2023 Molly comes over for sandwiches with Cindy and they talk about morality and their relationship. There are feelings.
Sort Of Like The Lone Ranger March 10th, 2023 Johnny Storm and Kitty take horses out to search for whatever slaughtered some deer near Xavier's School.
Boy Meets Bird March 10th, 2023 Jon returns to the Tower. Kian is there to greet him.
Billy Off the Street March 9th, 2023 The Viltrumite meets the Veles and they hit it off.
Godfellas: The Entellening March 9th, 2023 Alex tells Diana and Kora about Ares stuff
The Great Switcheroo Part Deux March 9th, 2023 Clea weaves a spell to pull all of the displaced minds back to the dream realm and then push them back to their correct bodies before the Hulk exacts his revenge.
An Undersea Tour March 9th, 2023 Atlantis, Starport, Wards.
The Hunter becomes the Hunted March 9th, 2023 Gwen investigates Peter's disappearance from her life and gets more than she bargained for.
The Road from NOWHERE March 9th, 2023 A ghost from Divine's past catches up with her. Luckily The Girlfriend Squad was there to help.
Tell me what troubles you March 8th, 2023 Alexander tells Daisy about what's going on with Ares and how it might impact SHIELD.
Marie-Ange's 21st Birthday Bash! March 8th, 2023 Marie's friends and 'family' gather together to celebrate the seer turning 21!
Men Who Love Kitties March 8th, 2023 The lady meets the tiger.
The Lion and the Bluebird March 7th, 2023 Harper's patrol in the Narrows goes awry when she's set upon by a pack of vampire... hunters. She finds herself outnumbered and outgunned, and even her would-be guardian angel Ariah finds herself quite hard-pressed.
That thin gray line. March 7th, 2023 Jayna spots a team of Foot Ninjas cleaning up the streets of Mutant Town.
Fire from the Heavens: Emissaries of The Third Eye March 7th, 2023 To no one's surprise the Kalanorian's latest attempt to reclaim the 'Flame' for their religious despot, the 'Third Eye' meets fierce opposition from the Justice League and assembled protectors of Metropolis. And while the alien armada might prove to be little match for Earth's greatest protectors they are a mere herald for the threat to come...
I Liked The Red And Blue Costume March 7th, 2023 Kaine is swinging through Hell's Kitchen and encounters Daredevil watching out over the area. Kaine's troubled thoughts about use of violence against bad guys leads to a conversation.
Mr. Green! Mr. Green! March 7th, 2023 Thomas calls Mike for help with an unruly demon. What Thomas forgot is who Mike is piloting at the moment. The demon is behaving now.
Those aren't dogs, they're squirrels March 7th, 2023 On set of
A Disturbing Snowy Scene March 7th, 2023 Rogue, Hank and Kitty find a bloody patch in the snow where a pair of deer were killed by something, little sign of their bodies left. Worried about the neighbors, they make plans to have some students help with chores at the neighboring farms to keep an eye out.
Extreme Problems call for Extreme Measures March 6th, 2023 The hunter becomes the hunted becomes the guy buried under a burning warehouse. Kate's definitely doing fine. Just fine.
A Meeting in the Cards March 6th, 2023 Just like that, Tarot makes friends with another cat!
The Waves and the Magic March 6th, 2023 Zatanna is looking for some fresh air and Namor fortifies the Starport in light of Svartalfheim attacks.
Hail Hydra! -NOT! March 6th, 2023 Pretzels are had and shop is talked.
The Prince Who Didn't Want to be King March 6th, 2023 Loki visits Xavier's and talks with Emma about magically body switched people, and makes a gift to Roberto of a horde of vacuum cleaners which may or may not be set to American power standards.
Im-prismed! March 6th, 2023 A delivery goes awry when Bunny has to step in to stop a run-away car! Luckily, EMMA FROST is aware the teen is trying to hide her identity -- she fuzzes the memories of those around them.

What will come the next time the two meet?

Between the panels March 6th, 2023 Vivian Vision, in her cosplay costume, meets one of the heroes doing a panel at Youkaicon. And gets some autographed merch from Squirrel Girl!
One Spring Day! March 6th, 2023 Clea runs into Agent Tom again and gets to learn a little more about the outside world.
Shooting Them Dead March 6th, 2023 A shootout goes between two expert marskmen and a magical maven and her cybernetic assassin boyfriend
Blonde and Blue All Over March 6th, 2023 Sue and Emma talk about aging.
Gang Wars of Gotham March 5th, 2023 Several members of the Bat Family and the Birds arrive on scene to aid the Gotham police department in putting an end to the fighting between the Jade Tigers and Steel Cobras. After much butt kicking, and a few explosions, Nightwing goes home with an stowaway in his pouch.
An Anime Convention March 5th, 2023 A pretty standard anime convention. Certainly nothing weird happened.
Taco... Saturday March 5th, 2023 Kitty makes edible food will wonders never cease.
Never Let Raven Pick the Movie March 5th, 2023 For her contribution to Titans Movie Night, Raven chooses The Room. The mystery of why is left unsolved.
Carrot Hair and Redhead March 5th, 2023 Mary Jane and Koriand'r talk for a bit
A Hulking Tea Party March 5th, 2023 When THE HULK comes to the Candle, Booke and Belle, Nettie has to serve tea in a proper container. Mike-in-Hulk has a conversation, and once brought down to size the two discuss the perils of magical pants. Nettie does *not* want control of the whole Justice League, and Mike and Nettie toast to friendship
Stakeout March 5th, 2023 Cyclops stakes out in the cold a group of anti-mutant thugs. A local homeless shares a heating exhaust vent while he watches.
A Talk With Grandfather March 5th, 2023 Pietro gets some one on one time with his Grandfather-In-Law and starts to learn a bit more about who the Lykaios family is all about.
Mixing Up Trouble March 5th, 2023 Kate makes sure Charlie is okay after a bank robbery incident and then Charlie provides a sounding board for Kate's schemes involving a mutant killer.
Discordants: The Reprisal March 4th, 2023 The USS Eisenhower battle group comes under attack and several ships are damaged, some heavily. But the heroes save the day.
X-Folks: The Purest Pack... of dumbasses. March 4th, 2023 Part II: The Purest Pack tried to increase their beef with Logan and Harry's Hideaway. By targeting Tabitha and some girls from Xavier's School. The X-Men and two Kryptionian ladies made sure the actual prey were the bikers. Part III coming soon!
Young, Just Us! Interlude: Chowderheads March 4th, 2023 The Outsiders hit up Pier 39 for food and shopping! Gabby vows to hug a sea lion! Tim rents a boat! The staff at Boudin's wonders how these sassy children can eat so much bread! Sourdough animals are ordered and filled with soup before being summarily devoured off-screen.
Grandson of the Demon March 4th, 2023 Damian and Talia talk together.
Of Fangs and Far-Flung 'Family' March 4th, 2023 Old blood from the old(ish) world reunite after nearly a century. Ariah and Amelia briefly speak of their shared past and make plans for the future.
Studying In The Study March 3rd, 2023 Tigra reveals to Cap that she's not actually Tigra, but is instead a body-swapped June Connor.
Spiders Make Housecalls March 3rd, 2023 Cindy and Divine have a night in.
The Price of Business: Phone Call Aftermath March 3rd, 2023 Alexander gets a phone call from his father and Evil Women (tm) are eavesdropping thus leading to lots of questions.
A New Fantastic Adventure March 3rd, 2023 Sue and Reed devise a scheme to get some quality time with the Fantastic Four Family.
Fixing a New Problem March 3rd, 2023 Having enchantments that push her weapons, even when she does enchant them to be tougher, Tynan seeks the aid of Cecily Winters in making her weapons tough enough to survive.
Hellfire and Water March 2nd, 2023 At the Hellfire Club, the King of Atlantis meets a lost subject.
Surf, Wind, Skyfire March 2nd, 2023 Friends catch up!
The Price of Doing Business March 2nd, 2023 Organized Crime rears its ugly head.
A nice trip to the park! March 2nd, 2023 Things go wrong, and a poor bird has to pay the price!
Introductions are in order! March 2nd, 2023 Raph introduces April to Mona. TCRI, Krang and the origins of Mutagenic Ooze are discussed as well as Oscorp's potential dealings with it, and April introduces Mona to Chinese food!
Quiet Day March 2nd, 2023 Beer and Pizza Breakfast of Champions.
meanwhile at the Hide Out March 2nd, 2023 Deal is Struck
Raid on Arkham March 2nd, 2023 Cheetah and the payday gang escape Arkham
Late Night Bat-Mite Meals March 2nd, 2023 Tim drags Lonnie and Phoebe out in the middle of the night on a Quest. Several Bat-mite meals later, they still don't find a Robin toy. I mean action figure.
The Rules Say What March 1st, 2023 Molly and Divine play a game, have ice cream and talk about FEELINGS.
You Can't Be Too Sore to Drink March 1st, 2023 Kate calls in the Birds to keep her entertained so she doesn't try working out with her laundry list of recent injuries. Friendships are renewed, intel is shared. Kate enlists Helena to help train Bette. Dinah's going to have to teach Helena to care for her plants.
Cat's in the Bathroom with the Silver Spoon March 1st, 2023 In a night which starts with Catseye taking over her bathroom and leveling it, Emma then has to deal with the ever sneaky Norilee (Or Nubes as she calls herself) totally being a completely normal Jubilee as Tabitha finishes up the evening with margaritas!
Alleys and Nessas March 1st, 2023 Nessa and Talia chat about carrying giant swords and diners in a Gotham alleyway.
A Stolen Moment March 1st, 2023 Marie updates Mary on the recent goings-on about one another, more knowledge is shared between the girls, and an invite to a booze-filled 21st is made!
An assassin, a cat and a mage walk into a sanctum March 1st, 2023 Strange offers some insight to what happened with June's body swap with Tigra. A trip to the Avengers is scheduled.
A Night of Stuff March 1st, 2023 Batgirl finds the Juggernaut roaming the streets of Gotham City. She tells him to behave!
Title Date Scene Summary
Ashes In His Mouth April 2nd, 2023 Mike feels a grump. Jess wants to help. He makes it difficult, surprising nobody.
Drinking With The Devil April 1st, 2023 People gather at Josie's for a Saturday of drinking, eating, and the Final Four. Pool is played. Pockets are picked.
Happy Harbor: Spring Science Fair 23' April 1st, 2023 The Happy Harbor Science Fair is here...and yes, per usual there was CHAOS.
Addio Devastatori April 1st, 2023 Thor and the Ravagers part ways. The pirates get a ship and a reward down the line for their altruism.
The Return April 1st, 2023 Bart and the cats are happy to see Emiko
Blinking Around the World April 1st, 2023 The X-Women take Clarice out shopping. In Paris.
SHIELD Snack Run April 1st, 2023 Two SHIELD Agents talk on the aftermath of the repulse of the Svartelf attack on the Spaceport.
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