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Title Time Description
Appalachian Atrocities: Mine Your Own Business 2024-04-19 23:00:00 Men are disappearing in a small mining town in West Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. SHIELD needs to figure out why and may find out that not all evil comes in the form of the head of a snake.
  • Open to all SHIELD and SHIELD adjacent.
  • Threat Level - Medium.
  • Creep factor - High.
Happy Harbor: Faculty Night Out 2024-04-20 00:00:00 Morrigan's treating staff and faculty to a night out. There will be alcohol available!
Xavier's School: Math Class 2024-04-20 00:30:00 Scott will be teaching mathematics (specifically geometry). Come get your study credits.
A Shocking Situation (AitM Scene 1) 2024-04-20 20:00:00 A number of electricity themed blasters have shown up in the hands of a gang, the Brazen Billion, who are using them to rob banks in the south side of Manhattan. Please join the scene to fight street level crooks who have gotten a boost with some technology they clearly didn't make themselves.

This is the first scene in a Plot, All in the Messaging. It is intended to be a street level plot, run for lower powered characters who are interested in investigating technological devices upsetting the balance of power in the New York Gangs.

Injustice For All: Imma Gonna Make A Monkey Out Of You 2024-04-20 23:30:00 The Justice League and their allies have chased their villainous opposites out of their hidden base in Slaughter Swamp and have tracked them to the dark heart of Africa where they have seeming taking shelter in Gorilla City. Now the League must pursue them and find out what has happened to their tentative ally, Solovar and the super intelligent gorillas he commanded. Waiting for them is Grodd and his allies, though the dangerous gorilla might have a gambit of his own that even his allies in the Injustice League don't expect...

OOC Note: The scene is open to the Justice League and their allies who continue to try and bring the Injustice League to heel.

Up The Walls 2024-04-21 22:00:00 A group of technological thieves have singled out a pilot for a police Unicycle Frank is demonstrating that has glue to allow it to go up and down walls and be highly mobile. Its get stolen.

Danger Level: VERY high. This plot is going to get a lot worse for the heroes before it gets better.

HUNGER: The New Colossus, Part II 2024-04-21 23:30:00 cx.c/
                               chxH U N G E Rc/                                 
                             c#AF005FThe New Colossusc/                              
                      chxPART II:c/ c#D7FFFFWic/c#87AFD7thc/ c#5F87FFCoc/c#005FFFnqc/c#5F87FFuec/c#87AFD7ric/c#D7FFFFngc/ c#AF0000Limbsc/                       

chxSNYOPSIS:c/ As the Starport continues to grapple with alien refugees, tensions come to a head both on the station and around the world. There have been food riots, and alien attempts to violate quarantine. A mysterious attack left one rotunda damaged, and numerous SHIELD agents under arrest. Blame goes back and forth: it was a NATO black op. It was a false flag, by one side or the other. It was part of the HYDRA attack on the UN.

Regardless of the actual blame, rhetoric around the world increasingly draws a hard line: Alien settlement is a no-go, and authority over 'Earth Customs Control' cannot rest with three isolationist super-nations. The Starport alliance will have to make concessions... or what?

chxWHERE:c/ Atlantic Starport

chxWHO:c/ Anyone with ties to the Starport.


chxNOTES:c/ Previous participation not required. The plot may involve conflict with civillian governments & forces, so PCs should be willing to become part of a potential political incident.

The Sinister Shocker 2024-04-22 23:30:00 One of Spider-Man's old nemesis seems to have turned his attention away from the usual robberies that he pursues to unleash those formidable vibrational powers on some of the near tenements in the Lower East Side. He must be stopped, before he brings the building down on a whole lot of innocent people.

OOC Note: Open to anyone that might find themselves in New York's Lower East Side at the right time.

Investigating Mydon Inc 2024-04-23 22:00:00 Alfred has worked with several folks to get more intelligence on those who sabotaged the museum exhibit and who might be trying to recreate Monocaine. This is mostly about investigation. All are welcome but particularly Bat and Super family members.
NY's Bravest Block Party 2024-04-24 22:00:00 Come out and join Rescue 1 and Beacon High School for some funnel cakes, fish ponds, face painting and other carnival fun. The block in front of Rescue House 1 and Beacon High School will be blocked off for the event, as well as a block on either side. It's good old fashioned carnival fun on a miniature scale. All proceeds will go to the families of first responders (FDNY & NYPD) that were killed or injured in the line of duty during the attacks on the UN. Show your support for the Red and the Blue; the often unsung heroes of NY City.
  • Open to all! Scene will run from the time I start it until I fall over dead in bed.
Fair Trial (The Split - Part 3) 2024-04-25 23:00:00 The preliminary hearing for Salvatore Maroni ends in chaos as a judge rumored to be on his payroll extends Maroni an extension and bail before the trial. Angered District Attorney Harvey Dent stands on the steps of the Gotham Courthouse to have an angry press conference, even as Maroni is stalking his way out of the place surrounded by bodyguards and lawyers.

What happens next will change the course of life in Gotham City forever...

Appalachian Atrocities: Look to the Trees. 2024-04-26 23:00:00 This time people are disappearing in the woods in yet another small town in the foothills of the Appalachians in West Virginia.
  • Threat Level - Medium

Creep Factor - High

  • Open to SHIELD, SHIELD adjacent and anyone else those people may drag along.
Mutant Field Trip: Part 2 2024-04-26 23:00:00 The edumacational field trip that Spiral intended has hit an interdimensional series of pot holes. What was to be a friendly abduction and coercion of Xavier's School of Gifted souls went off without a hitch, but enroute the group was beset by abominations hungry for violence and spectacle. The X-folk were able to fend off the demonic wolfpack and escape. The resulting crash landing into an unknown where and when, has stranded them, unless a nearby wasteland saloon can provide solutions fluid and favorable.

In Spiral's turbulent mind, maybe there's something that still can be salvaged before consequences catch up. When life gives you lemons, ditch the dixie cups and reach for the Hard lemonaid.

Field trip upgraded to Road Trip.

Through A Mirror Darkly: The Mutant Liberation Front 2024-04-27 23:30:00 During a concert put on by a noted anti-mutant activist in the American Heartland, a new and violent pro-mutant organization arrives on the scene, sowing chaos and destruction. But just what are the goals of this new faction and their mysterious leader, Stryfe?=The scene is open to anyone likely to involve themselves in a mutant terrorist attack and will kick off the Through A Mirror Darkly plot (+plot 225)
Hong Kong Sanctum Attack 2024-04-30 00:00:00 Kaecilius and his remaining Zealots are aiming to attack the Hong Kong Sanctum to draw out the Masters of the Mystic Arts. But they won't be alone in this!
Honky Tonk Heroes 2024-05-04 17:00:00 An anonymous benefactor is putting together a charity event at The Corral in Yonkers with all proceeds going to small business and families that suffered losses durning the attack on the UN and the distractions meant to keep first responders elsewhere.

It's time for the city's heroes, both big and small, to come out and say cheese for some photographs and autographs. Daytime hours will be a child friendly event - no alcohol served, but once the sun goes down it's time for whiskey, mechanical bull rides, line dancing and doing the two-step. Come dressed in your best cowboy/girl duds! (No ass-less chaps please, looking at you Wade).

  • Everyone is welcome. While I might not be present for the entire day, the scene will remain open until I go to bed. Drop by as you please and just have fun with it.
Appalachian Atrocities: Touch the Sky 2024-05-05 21:00:00 Far up in the Appalachian Mountains near West Virginia, SHIELD has tracked down what's causing people to disappear all over the area. It's time to put an end to it all.
  • Threat Level - Medium to High.
  • Creep Factor - Medium.
  • Open to SHIELD, those adjacent and anyone they might drag along.
YMCAACP Course: Gun Safety 2024-05-12 23:00:00 YMCAACP Alumni, Wade Winston Wilson, has called upon himself to teach anyone that wants to learn about Gun Safety. As an avid user of firearms himself, he feels that there are a lot of individuals that simply do not know how to operate them properly.

This will be a Live Ammunition Course. You are welcome to BYOH (Bring Your Own Heat) or use one of the many guns that will be provided in class. Don't miss out on your opportunity to "shoot" the breeze. Feel free to stick around after for Elderly Skinny Dipping!

Convocation For Tomorrow 2025-01-01 07:00:00 In Genosha, Lorna Dane reigns supreme as Queen.

In the Brotherhood of Mutants, Polaris is just another member in spite of her blood ties.

Acting in neither capacity, hovering somewhere between them, she has decided to call a meeting of the Brotherhood upon Asteroid M-- /all/ of the Brotherhood, the invitation extending through standard and disused channels alike to reach members past and present, aligned or estranged. The content of the invites might vary from person to person, but there are two recurring themes among them:

  • Ensuring by any means that nothing like Genosha ever happens again, and;
  • Some version of the phrase 'Change or Die'

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Title Date Scene Summary
To Kiss a Frog January 31st, 2024 Who knew that one kiss would end with three heroes saving the Frogling Kingdom?
Living Monoliths January 31st, 2024 Act 1. Kenesha and Alex work on the dig site in Uxmal.
Scratch my Back... January 31st, 2024 Robin confronts Flatline, FLatline asks him to give her a hand... Robin ends up saving the day.
Neena Pizza! January 31st, 2024 Domino teaches Monet the fine art of picking up pizza and picking on Wade.
Redheads Be Stabbing January 31st, 2024 While exploring Midgard, Mary Jane, Frigga, and Angela opine on the day of couples. And remember periods of anguish and being alone.
Blondes in Business January 31st, 2024 Emma and Karen talk about the need for hobbies.
Redoing the Apartment. January 30th, 2024 Plans are made for a remodeling party
Fledging Out January 30th, 2024 Joshua Foley-Crowe has decided to head to Oxford, to take up on their spring semester. He shares a farewell with his adopted mother, Nettie Crowe.
Jogging Memories January 30th, 2024 Ted and Nettie go jogging and meet a not so scary thug.
Juggernaut v Green Goblin January 30th, 2024 Juggernaut is hired to protect a Roxxon exec that Green Goblin is out to kill in revenge. They face off when Goblin finds them aboard a ship off the African coast.
Dazzlin Danger! January 30th, 2024 Rogue and Dazzler go to the Danger Room for entertainment. It gives them a group of German terrorists taking hostages in a mall!
A Clone Alone January 30th, 2024 Kaine answers a media blitz offering support for those with unique Super Science Problems. It isn't a scam! Sue promises to give his information to one of her genius family members to do the actual, you know, science.
Last Exit and Last Call January 30th, 2024 Drinks and conversation are shared, it's all wisequacks until the duck becomes a raven
After The Gunfight January 29th, 2024 Ducky and Tom meet up after the Punisher situation at the Triskelion.
FEAST or Famine January 29th, 2024 Hammerhead and his goons try to rob a FEAST Shelter of all places. Fortunately he finds a little more then he bargained for waiting...
Central Park Shenanigans January 29th, 2024 A meeting at a restaurant near Central Park ended up with a rather quirky encounter between Natasha Romanova, Nikolas Kamarov, and Kitora Alua, involving the imagery of mecha-Stalins and animate mushrooms.
Where Nobody Knows Your Name January 29th, 2024 Summary
Yancy vs June January 29th, 2024 The Yancy Kids are outmanuevered in petty crime.
Broody Rooftops in Gotham January 29th, 2024 So a bunch of Birds are on a Roof...
Injustice For All: Isn't It Amazo January 28th, 2024 The Justice League and it's allies faces down Professor Ivo's Amazo android as the Injustice League tries to lure the white hats into a trap.
Encounter whilst shopping January 28th, 2024 After buying an elegant dress for Tigra, she and Betsy go to visit Betsy's club.
The Moulin Rogue January 28th, 2024 House hunting, fashion-shows, and a last minute rescue of notSatine from the Phantom of the Moulin Rouge. Guest starring the Peregrine Falcon, for some reason.
A Walk In The Dark January 28th, 2024 Kurt encounters Felicity on the streets of New York and walks her home.
Step On It, Louie! January 28th, 2024 Bank robbers run afoul of a number of heroes as they to flee. Juggernaut makes off with half the loot.
Frozen Faces January 27th, 2024 Kitty takes a try at ice carving and gets Ben to help out.
Bob Buck Rides Again January 27th, 2024 Bobby Lane makes the wrong (or is it right?) turn in NYC. He gets something invaluable for all foster children: stability.
Defend the Weiners! January 27th, 2024 Kara and Damian have an early training session to start to learn to work together and get advice from Vivian.
Recognition from the King January 27th, 2024 The Black King invites one of the rising stars of the Hellfire Club to dinner, and finds out _why_ she is rising...
Cassandra Cain's 'No Stabby' Birthday Party January 27th, 2024 Friends of Cassandra gather at the Starlight Skate rink to give Cassandra Cain a first birthday party now that they actually know what day she was born on.
Upgrading Sunny! January 26th, 2024 Mark grants Sunny the items a Viltrumite needs to be optimized in space, an earpiece and a breathing apparatus. They take them on a field test in the outer atmosphere.
Oft the Unbidden Guest... January 26th, 2024 Olivia shows up abruptly on Queen Lorna's doorstep. Lorna lets her in to meet the family.
Bailey's Got the Blues. January 26th, 2024 Ted and Joan lose a robot and gain a teenager.
High Tea at Wayne Manor January 26th, 2024 High Tea is served, which quickly devolves into shennanigans and socializing as soon as Alfred's back is turned!
Dancing with the Starfires January 26th, 2024 MJ and Starfire go dancing at Sion.
So. Our Son Has Some Ideas... January 26th, 2024 Talia takes a risk. Bruce decides to reward her for it.
Spilling the Tea After the High Tea January 26th, 2024 A walk to the stables turns into a relationship. Weird, right?
What's That Sound January 26th, 2024 John wants his coat back. John bargains to get it.
Meeting the Queen January 26th, 2024 Lorna takes a little time and relaxes on the beach. Kiana arrives on her surf board and meets the monarch, never realizing that's what she is, or that Lorna's security were all around them.
Can you Spot him January 25th, 2024 Cindy and Gwen team up to take on Spot. Who in the end becomes an Oreo.
Punishment for the wicked January 25th, 2024 Moving day for Frank Castle, headed to Rykers island and a group from the PMC Omega attacked the Triskelion. After an initial shock surprise attack, they SHIELD agents organize themselves and push the defenders back. Frank, however, faces off against two masked individuals who leave him wounded, but alive. Whatever happened, it's only the beginning.
America Needs Your Help! January 25th, 2024 America comes across Mark and Sunny in the YA HQ and they discuss get togethers and current/former relationships. America did not date Megatron.
Sometimes you have to relax... January 25th, 2024 Remy is shooting pool and talking to Emma when Alex approaches with an interesting offer.
A Gym Like No Other ... Outside of the franchise January 24th, 2024 Mike shows Caleb around his gym. Caleb shows something else. Annnnd gym day is canceled.
See Yew Soon January 24th, 2024 Mark and Phoebe meet up for their quasi-weekly check in to make sure Mark's in good brain space. He learns some of her background. Banana slugs are exchanged.
Along Came A Wizard January 24th, 2024 YOU SHALL NOT...Tell my parents...
Running the League January 24th, 2024 A quick clash of ninjas is fought off by Batwoman, Batgirl, and the sensational Spider-Miles!
Seeing Green! January 24th, 2024 Gar and Megan share a 'light' lunch and catch up while they wait for the food to arrive!
We're Pirates from the Moon January 23rd, 2024 All the cool kids win the thing.
Grand Openings and New Opprotunities January 23rd, 2024 Art gets visitors to his new shop, and makes an offer to Sunny to fill in as his apprentince! Things get uncomfortable at the end, but noone got hurt. Yay!
Challenge Accepted! January 23rd, 2024 Another meeting between Flatline and Ravager results in no violence, yet again!
Ex Umbra: Odyssey of the Mind Continues January 23rd, 2024 Jemma Simmons reaches the House. But at what cost?
Being Spritely January 23rd, 2024 Emma and Sprite talk of new years and old boredoms.
A Requiem on Paper January 23rd, 2024 Clara's governess tells Ted the truth about Clara, the Conservatory, and her real identity. She also meets Ted's new
Coffee Bean Hymnal January 23rd, 2024 A group meet for coffee and discuss their lives. Nothing interesting here!
Never Forget the Rice! January 23rd, 2024 Remo takes care of the thugs with some unneeded help from Betsy.
Ponderings on the Weather January 23rd, 2024 Ororo and Monet talk about life, emotions, and the start of the year.
Eagles and Lightning January 23rd, 2024 Yaretzi comes to Billy for help and he's working on it!
Wonder Marvel January 23rd, 2024 Diana and Carol catch up on the sandy beaches of Themyscira.
Like We Do In Japan January 22nd, 2024 Noriko returns from the Sentinel factory with a pair of giant robot eyeballs.
Cold Night, Warm Fire January 22nd, 2024 A cold front and snow storm find Dick and Stephanie talking in front of the fire.
Can you help me out January 22nd, 2024 Mercy tries to fix Miles's old car.
One Hell Of a Mission January 22nd, 2024 Arby's never saw it coming
Never Tut a Cat! January 22nd, 2024 All hail...Catseye!
Drink with Me January 21st, 2024 So a witch, a reality traveler, the Winter Soldier, and Damian Wayne walk into a bar...
Carrion My Wayward Son January 21st, 2024 Carrion makes an appearance on the ESU campus but finds that there might be a few more heroes around then he was planning on.
Sewer January 21st, 2024 An impromptu pizza party with Sma'shaw Ihaka, Mary Turner, Caleb Dykstra, Megan Gwynn, and definitely not exciting Phoebe Beacon
Wad Wulson January 21st, 2024 Rogue runs in to Wade outside of Harry's. He gives her some questionable money for her birthday. She ensures he's headed to Arbys again.
Zombie Horde Mode January 21st, 2024 Boom-Boom and Negasonic take on a Zombie Horde Mode sim in the danger room. Good chance to cut loose. Tom Savini would have been proud of the display.
Friends give friends wiener January 21st, 2024 It's not so hard to be social when there's wieners involved.
What's the deal with diners January 21st, 2024 Andi and Maddy figure out the deal with diners.
Squirrel Drug War January 20th, 2024 A bunch of idiot drug gangers got arrested. Squirrels kicked ass.
Better and Crazier January 20th, 2024 The Outsiders and the Shadow interrupt a gang meeting and have to fight three strange cyborgs. Mr. Gila seems to be behind the cybernetics, but wasn't he trafficking with bioengineered animals last year? Well, the Outsiders have the directions to a couple of black market cyberclinics, they can go ask him!
The bigger they are January 20th, 2024 Six Months Ago, The Punisher was in Gotham, following a transaction of weapons from the docks back to New York. His intentions keep things out of the city are thwarted by the arrival of Bluebird who is engaged by the PMC soldiers sent to secure the payload. What follows is a protracted gunfight that leaves Frank Castle knocking on deaths door. The worth of a man is measured by his actions, but oft his intentions are made clear only in reflection.
Fire Burns Paper January 20th, 2024 Clara asked Ted to teach her how to fight. She got more than she bargained for.
A Bird in the Hand January 20th, 2024 Clara and Dinah meet in the abandoned amusement park. Metal and dancing ensues!
JLD Book Club I: Codex Sanguinus January 19th, 2024 The first Book Club meeting takes the Codex Sanguinus from a dance club/auction house. Patience and Daniel Ketch's Spirit of Vengence discuss the qualities of apologies
Study Time for Relationships January 19th, 2024 What starts as a talk on a mutual love of manga and school study assistance becomes a deeper discussion of secret identities, relationships, and what it means to balance the two for Damian and Yaretzi.
Force Response January 19th, 2024 A PMC is sent after Frank in Hell's Kitchen. Nico and Lara are there to help him, but once the attackers are dealt with, Frank goes unconscious from his wounds and is taken in by SHIELD before the police arrive.
P.H.D - Putting Out Feelers January 19th, 2024 A pitch is made. It's not accepted. SAD.
Bad cats and Bad Men January 19th, 2024 Ted and Clara play good cop, bad cop. Guess who's who!
Young Avengers: Lizard League - Cyber Infiltration January 19th, 2024 Vivian infiltrates the Lizard League mainframe ahead of the Young Avengers' assault and sets it up for mayhem.
Phoebe and Robbie have some downtime in 3A. Must be time for a Spanish Lesson! January 18th, 2024 What it says on the tin. Downtime, guitar, Phoebe sings to Robbie, all very sweet.
Mutants and Master Molds - Ghost in the Machine January 18th, 2024 The X-Men find a storehouse filled with Sentinel parts being stolen. While they're there to investigate they face off with the real thing!
A cold evening at Astra Lumina January 18th, 2024 A straightforward trip to a garden exhibit turns out to have a small version of Avengers Assemble. Of course. But, a worker from the Botanical Gardens has a story to tell his friends and family!
Lord of the Monsters - Rise of the Magmanites January 18th, 2024 Magmanites arrive through one of the kaiju fissures in New York on a mission to deliver invites - and are stopped by a diverse group of heroes. What do you wear to a wedding for magma people? Asbestos Undies!
Diana's Date Night: Hello New Friend! January 18th, 2024 Diana has a ice cream date with a young man, and his little sister makes an appearance.
Art School (and Assassins) of the Heart - Chapter 2 January 18th, 2024 Damian just wants a new chapter from a manga. Flatline wants a scene. Truck-Kun wants a new victim. And Stan? He's gross.
X-men Danger Room: Potent Pairings January 18th, 2024 The X-men and students gather in the Danger Room to work on cooperation and power combinations.
Invitation Accepted! January 18th, 2024 Flatline and Ravager meet in a Gotham graveyard. No one dies!
Pivot January 17th, 2024 Moving in Day for Alexander
Fuzzy Logic January 17th, 2024 Terry O'neil finds out that Gar is a dirty sneakerdoodle. Vorpal is also a dog. It all makes sense, I promise!
Big Wheel Keep On Turning January 17th, 2024 The Big Wheel rampages through Manhatten's East Side and comes face to face with several heroes willing to stop him and decent citizens willing to pitch in and help their fellow New Yorkers in the wake of his path of destruction.
Lord of the Monsters - Attacking the Beast January 17th, 2024 A group of members of SHIELD and Superman face off against one of the escaped Kaiju along the Siberian coastline. A brutal struggle ensues where the heroes go all out. But in the end are victorious. Exhausted, but victorious. One beast is taken down. And a whole mess to go.
Paper, Scissors... January 17th, 2024 Flatline's work is interrupted by some nerd with a paper wolf-boar and Irie AKA Kid Flash, Fastest Girl Alive
Outcasts Incasts January 17th, 2024 Talia speaks to Cassandra on something the two share. Life built to be weapons.
!@ January 17th, 2024 Franke Castle and Kaine come to the rescue of a wounded faerie. Sort of.
Yeen a Beach and a Sandy Place January 17th, 2024 A chance encounter on the beach in Brooklyn lead to Sma'shaw and Phoebe becoming closer friends.
Cats Take no Prisoners! January 17th, 2024 Clara meets her governess head on and... neither seems to win.
I Knew It January 17th, 2024 Noriko comes crawling back to Xavier's and her recently old apartment after some time on the streets. Jubilation magically re-establishes couch dominance. Vampires and Sprite don't mix.
Tending to the Menagerie January 17th, 2024 Cassandra comes across Damian tending to Goliath. They have a non-verbal conversation about things and Cassandra helps to get Damian back to what made him who he is and restored a balance.
Pincers, Are There January 16th, 2024 Dancing the night away at Club Sion!
Dream of Kali-formication January 16th, 2024 Johnny Storm comes across Phoebe Wayne at a fancy art show (sale of artifacts). They weirdly become friends.
Meet Up In Mutant Town January 16th, 2024 Apartment hunting in Mutant Town turns into lunch with friends for Kitty, as she meets up with Sam and Isabel, and runs across Remy.
Here, Kitty Kitty January 16th, 2024 Roxie gets a little visit from Victor Creed. Thankfully, Roy comes to the rescue!
Staff Attendance January 16th, 2024 Hellion faces trauma over his powers, and his feelins that his lack of control define them. Psylocke and Douglas try to talk to him. Or talk him down.
A Mugging in El Barrio January 16th, 2024 Damian is nearly mugged, but is saved by Golden Eagle. Awkward conversation is awkward.
Help!: I'm being chased! January 15th, 2024 Roxy Rocket and Flatline cause chaos with the Help! app. Available in the Play Store now.
Scott Has No Clue January 15th, 2024 Remy and Alex tinker with Scott's bike in expectation that Scott will blame Logan - since Logan is always doing things Scott doesn't like.
Things with a (Green) Foot January 15th, 2024 Storm, Gambit, and Monet enjoy the snow with Penance.
Forking-Path: Where Jinx Conquered the World January 15th, 2024 In another set of circumstances, one little change alters the fate of the world forever. Jinx tries to save the world from itself but the cost was too high.
The Terrible Tether Tyrant Tosses Trucks January 15th, 2024 Indestructibelle and Blue Beetle take down Tether Tyrant and meet Prisma and Invincible. The Young Avengers are discussed.
La vie, c'est Paris... et la morte aussi January 15th, 2024 A day playing tourist mixes joie de vivre with a touch of the morbid and contemplative.
The Wild Hunt January 15th, 2024 o/` Birds do it, bees do it. Why the hell cant we do it. LETS DO IT, LETS DROWN LA-RA o/`
The Path of Progress: Around The Island In Eight Hours January 15th, 2024 Cable and the team manage to obtain their objective and get their hands on someone who should bring them one step closer to finally catching up to John Sublime. They also sink a yacht. So typical mission.
That Hellion of a vehicle January 15th, 2024 is really a Hellfire way to go.
Divided Duty January 14th, 2024 SHIELD Agents caught some traitors, and their contact person. There are clues that they can use to interrogate the traitors, or pursue.
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! January 14th, 2024 The Beetle and Scorpion try a midday hijacking of an NYPD Transport. It does not go to plan.
CEO's and Snarkage January 14th, 2024 Empanadas for everyone!
Looking out for The Man January 14th, 2024 Tony and Pepper find that Justin Hammer has resurfaced, after a fashion, and is throwing his hat into the ring of energy contracts with the federal government. That has to be watched...
Why Fly When You Can Drive January 14th, 2024 Kenesha finds Johnny working on his cars and they talk on what keeps him up and the future, which is promising.
Meet the Storms January 14th, 2024 Johnny introduces Kenesha to Susan. And boy do they hit it off.
Avalon Calling January 14th, 2024 Betsy is feeling the need to go to Avalon. This forces her to face the reality of her relationship, leading to the amicable parting of Betsy and Alexander.
Running for Health January 14th, 2024 Ben, Clara and Ted, whup Hydra and enjoy pancakes!
Snackmobile! January 14th, 2024 The Snackmobile comes to Central Park. Snack and Abraham discuss butchery.
New Year, Old Resolutions January 14th, 2024 Back from Holiday, Helena and Kate catch up and share conversation in the Clocktower.
A night out with the siblings January 13th, 2024 Brother and sister time
Emerald Empathy January 13th, 2024 Olivia meets Bruce after a show and the two go out to dinner at the best Italian place in town!
Not Alone on the Roof, or Anywhere Else January 13th, 2024 Phoebe broods on the roof of Wayne Manor until Damian is dispatched with cocoa and cookies.
Watching after the lost January 13th, 2024 A little interlude during Namor's bout with amnesia, staying with a friend and discussing Agatha Christie.
Pancakes. A Young Avengers Tradition. January 13th, 2024 What starts out as America and Mark grabbing pancakes becomes a group of Young Avengers meeting for pancakes and to discuss the direction they want to go in next. But pancakes. Because they are tradition.
All-Mother About January 13th, 2024 Mary Jane leads Frigga exploring New York, and Caleb helps her explain the majesty of food carts.
Training Roller Day January 13th, 2024 April discovers that coach Harley won't let her flee from her roller derby team responsibilities!
Mystical Mingle - Open Night at the Sanctum January 13th, 2024 Stephen Strange opens the Sanctum for guests for the first time in ages. Mingling was performed and conversations were had, both above and below tables.
Tropical Swim January 13th, 2024 Jason is back on his feet but still healing. He tells Kiana a bit about Gotham and his family.
Fall Out From The Play January 12th, 2024 Doom and Latveria make it known they were not amused by the play but Reed comes up with a cunning way to take control of the situation.
A stroll in central park January 12th, 2024 Possible job lead for Abe. Still sleeping outside though. Dun dun dun.
Father Daughter Dance January 12th, 2024 Ted gets to practice his dance moves.
Monet and Madelyne January 12th, 2024 Madelyne and Monet catchup in Mutant Town.
No Such Thing as Bad Pizza January 12th, 2024 Peter and Roxanne are just regular Earthlings!
And now for my hat trick. January 12th, 2024 Zachary Zatara never makes mistakes with his magic. He simply employs more arcane might than is needed and summons the White Rabbit all the way to Gotham.
When Cats and Kits Cross Paths January 12th, 2024 Felicia meets Kitkat seeking Greer while doing patrol in front of the MET.
A Very Late Dinner January 12th, 2024 Tom and Ducky get late night dinner after seeing each other after ten years. There are some sore subjects brought up, but a light at the end of things!
WWII Veterans Victory Dance and Exhibit January 12th, 2024 Damian Wayne hosts a party for WW2 Veteran Awareness. Bucky, Steve and Diana are the true stars of the show!
Blue Beetle; Business Intern January 12th, 2024 Jaime comes to work as an intern at Frost Enterprises. By 'intern' we mean 'minion'.
What Happens To a Cat That Gets Struck by Water January 12th, 2024 ...the same thing that happens to everything else.
Hello, Paper January 12th, 2024 Clara meets with three of the OG Titans and gets a warm welcome and cookies. Caitlin, Wally and Donna get a demonstration of papercraft in exchange.
DOOM: There has to be a beginning. January 12th, 2024 No DOOM to see here folks.
In the Word-Termath January 12th, 2024 Peter and MJ hypothesize as to how his name got a hyphen, and Peter informs MJ that yes Virginia, encyclopedias are a real thing.
Icecapades! January 12th, 2024 Skating in a park turns to horror as people imagine seeing demons. confusion happens.
Gotta Have the Haber-Dashing Looks January 11th, 2024 Robbie Reyes is brought to a Haberdashery and Men's Wear store to be dressed in the finest fashions. Definitely set up to be a Lady Killer, and now has a stylist.
WWII Veterans Dance - Dancing January 11th, 2024 At the World War II Veterans charity dance, Steve gives Clara the dance she asked for. The young woman perhaps finds some inspiration for her own situation.
So. You're Not A Skrull January 11th, 2024 Kenesha explains to Johnny who and what she is and lays bare some things. A serious conversation becomes more light hearted and moves along... (Caution: Himbo Flirting)
Green With Envy, Blue With... er... Beetle January 11th, 2024 Green Goblin attacks a container ship, only to find himself opposed by the Blue Beetle
Seeking the Sword Pt 2 January 11th, 2024 Going into the firey realm itself, Sonja and Angela seek her stolen blade!
Sekrit Conflix January 11th, 2024 The heroes stop the duplicates from ever being made again. Despite all odds, the heroes manage to get a log of their memories out...which might or might make it to their normal selves.
Seeking the Sword January 11th, 2024 Two redhead warriors go in quest of the stolen sword Xiphos and bargain with a wizard.
Mother-Daughter night: Themyscira Embassy 1 January 11th, 2024 Irie visits the Themysciran Embassy with Caitlin as a continuation of their 'mother-daughter' bonding time.
Accidental Encounters or Kismet January 10th, 2024 Lois and Alex dining alone, knew one another from a past life, said, hello, and then caught up.
Injustice For All: A Shadow Falls January 10th, 2024 The Hall of Justice finds itself invaded by the Heart of Darkness. Whispering shadows try to corrupt both the Leaguers on site, along with their allies and visitors.
Briefing January 10th, 2024 Fury has a quick meeting specifically for introductions. What one reads in files is one thing; in person is something completely different.
Who Bombed the Triskelion January 10th, 2024 A bomb threat goes off with a bang!
Balls Deep in the Corner Pocket January 10th, 2024 Scott acquires a fan in Lois while gifting a long time billiards player a championship.
Imperfect Strangers January 10th, 2024 Clara meets Tomie and Minoke admist a bout of particularly unpleasant New York weather.
Amazon Training: Wally West January 10th, 2024 Wally stops by the Themysciran Embassy to do some training. Kara and Caitlin pick up on his sour disposition, but can't figure out the reason behind it.
Book Night at Lulu's January 10th, 2024 Kenesha and Johnny enjoy a few drinks and a deep discussion on books.
Young Avengers: Recruiting the Best Vision for the Job January 10th, 2024 Invincible and Prisma show up at GIRL to ask Vivian for assistance and suffer base and group envy.
Renewed Acquaintances January 10th, 2024 Robin stops by the Outsiders' Roost to bring Rose into a plan.
Zoot Suit Riot January 10th, 2024 Daisy thinks she's so cool.
Running Into A (Former) Owl January 10th, 2024 Strix and Stephanie run into each other at a campus coffee house. Strix gives Stephanie an idea on how to take her sledding!
Northern Seas January 9th, 2024 Unfinished
This is how Viltrumites Flirt January 9th, 2024 Mark takes Sunny out for a spar. Things get intense.
Help!: Get The Jaws of Life! January 9th, 2024 Two more metahumans manifest. Or is it three?
Parking Patrol January 9th, 2024 Casey has misplaced a time machine. Lara fixes a traffic jam.
Does anyone remember the '88 Olmpyics January 9th, 2024 A promise of training. Montage?
Post-Holiday Cleanup January 9th, 2024 Oliver and Felicity clean up after the holidays and go over some Team Arrow business
Casual Conversation with the Avengers! January 9th, 2024 Poker games always bring up different topics of discussion. This time, PR, what Nick Fury knows and doesn't know, and how good is 4 kings in hand?
Pirates of the Ivory Coast! January 9th, 2024 There are pirates that need a thumpin!
My Squirrelfriend's Back January 9th, 2024 Doreen returns some misplaced squirrels to the Gotham park, where she meets Damian and Essix. Much gushing about how cool squirrels are occured!
A Narrows Run January 8th, 2024 A brief encounter in the Narrows (incomplete)
Ketch-Up. January 8th, 2024 Summary
Winter Getaway 2024 - No Kids or Wendigos January 8th, 2024 Jean and Rogue take planes, trains, and automobiles as they embark on a holiday vacation. They make it as far as Paris, and make a local taxi driver's night.
Words Spoken, Words Forgotten January 8th, 2024 Shazam catches up with Clara to make sure she will not spill the beans on his secret identity.
Let's all go to the Mauler January 8th, 2024 The Maulers raid a Mall to get stuff for their headquarters to rebuild after Omni-Man left them out to dry. They're thwarted by a trio of heroes... and Flatline?
Monsters Smooshing You Is Bad Mkay January 8th, 2024 Members of Xavier's school come together in the infirmary where Julian and Remy independently end up seeking treatment.
So, this Madripoor thing.. January 8th, 2024 Monet gives Domino a new avenue, a sideroad on the small island of Madripoor.
Bad Day at Work January 8th, 2024 Joshua comes home to Sara. There's a discussion of their days, some righteous justice and discussion of Aunt Ruth's ziti.
Does someone smell jambalaya January 8th, 2024 Remy is in the kitchen making jambalaya, and he and Emma have a talk.
Well This Is A Surprise! January 8th, 2024 Ducky runs into Tom and there is that awkward moment of 'oh I know you...' but it passes!
Lord of the Monsters: Monster Island January 8th, 2024 Advanced Idea Mechanics awakens the denizens of Monster Island. A group of SHIELD Agents and members of Xavier's School for the Gifted come to investigate. Alas, the Kaiju of the island are wakened and leave the island. And thus the world shall suffer the wrath of the awakened giants.
Along Came a Spider then a Cat! Or is it Along Came a Cat then a Spider January 8th, 2024 A Cat and Spider run into each other. One certainly has the attention of the other. Could it go both ways? Time will tell.
Taking back the Name January 8th, 2024 Damian returns to the Batcave. Damian returns to his father. Damian returns to his family. Damian returns to Robin.
What Does It Take To Meet The King January 8th, 2024 Lois reaches the final interview with Sebastian Shaw himself. Although she does not know it yet...
Titans Tower Pizza Party! January 8th, 2024 Irie throws a pizza party to have the titans (and their plus ones) meet her boyfriend. All goes well!
Don't I Know You January 7th, 2024 Diana reminds Logan of a history he had forgotten, and hints at helping him uncover even more lost memories.
Shi'ar Consultation January 7th, 2024 Basic Shi'ar tech is shared along with some data. Tony considers a vacation in space.
Molten Fire and Polar Ice January 7th, 2024 Invincible and Indestructibelle race to Alaska to help out a scientific group trapped by a volcano and Mark shows the first signs of trusting in others.
Pretty woman looking for a super suit January 7th, 2024 Reed helps Crystal find a new look
Quantum Entanglements or Dimensonial Timey Wimey January 7th, 2024 Singularity pops in to check on Sally. Things get weird.
New Years Shrine Visitation January 7th, 2024 Damian visits one of the smaller shrines in New York to pay his New Years respects and meets a beautiful mysterious stranger.
Paper Beats Rock January 7th, 2024 Nobody puts Baby in a Corner
Asgardians and Recreation January 7th, 2024 Angela and Mary Jane plan to go slaughter goblins for fun and profit.
In the Woods January 6th, 2024 Up to stuff.
Name this plz January 6th, 2024 From prior player
Winter Library Time January 6th, 2024 Chill out time in the Wayne Library, with snacks
SHIELD - Weaponry of War January 6th, 2024 For months, Hydra has bedeviled SHIELD with alien technology used to enhance aircraft. A group of heroes and SHIELD agents find where it is, smash it, and by destroying everything help fulfill diplomatic obligations.
Fun in the Sun! January 6th, 2024 Sunny, Bunny and Mark take a well deserved break on a beach...even if they have to fly for a while to find one!
The Christmas Catch-Up January 6th, 2024 Robbie and Phoebe catch up on Christmas. Phoebe gets a lovely, heartfelt gift and the first of a three word phrase from Robbie. Robbie... gets socks.
The Song of the Universe January 6th, 2024 Singularity, concerned for Alison's well-being, drops in on her. They share music and dancing and a promise that Alison will get out more often. She better!
She's a Mania(c), Mania(c) at the Store January 6th, 2024 Damian shows up to buy a gift for his sister and may have sussed out someone's secret. Or at least, her tastes in nicknames!
Tracking Down Mr Boom January 6th, 2024 Frank hires Vermillion to look for details on his Fetch and offers to have her coordinate with Detective Chimp.
The King of Atlantis is the Other Guy. January 6th, 2024 Fish people are weird!
Cash delivery, interrupted! January 6th, 2024 An armored car heist is foiled by The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and a surprising companion.
The Doom Preacher Speaks January 6th, 2024 When the Doom Preacher comes to Gotham U Campus, a bit of worrysome behavior breaks loose. Damian Wayne (Robin), Austin Reese (Osprey) handle the inside of the building while Talia Al Ghul, Kelly Praetor (Apex) and Joan Wright handle broken glass and the PReacher Himself, who takes credit for Joan's work!!
A random run in at the comic shop. January 6th, 2024 A gamer is met and plans are made
Raising a Hellion January 6th, 2024 Hellion drops in to talk to Emma about his overloading powers. Emma convinces him to go back to school.
A Universe of Nuts January 6th, 2024 Singularity is enjoying a salty pimp when Doreen and Tippy-Toe show up and the two become friends!
Into the Depths of Hellfire Club January 6th, 2024 Lois makes her first foray into the Hellfire Club, and wrestles with how dedicated she may be.
Spiders Spiders Everywhere January 6th, 2024 Ben cheats again. And once again, both of them win.
HELP!: I think I killed my babysitter January 5th, 2024 Reports of a dead babysitter and the heroes try to help a frightened little boy.
Young Avenger Patrol Meet Up January 5th, 2024 While on patrol, Invinicble and Indestructibelle come across Spider-Man (the cool one) and discuss the events of Omni-Man and a pep talk for future working together.
Training Session: Avengers Version January 5th, 2024 Clint is practicing his marksmanship. Wanda is practicing her hand to hand combat. They decide to mix it up and spar a little!
An Eagle's Tour of East Harlem January 5th, 2024 Yaretzi invites Damian out for pizza to learn more about him, instead, he asks all the questions.
Visiting Olivanders January 5th, 2024 A tour of the Triskeleton and meeting colleagues!
It Came Upon A Midnight Dark January 5th, 2024 Criminals aren't very bright, Part 2.
Bart's experimenting January 5th, 2024 Bart and Clara get to know one another
Alleycats January 5th, 2024 Selina stops by Grant's gym and spars with Wildcat.
Formation at Hell Creek January 5th, 2024 On the tail of whomever threw a brick into the Candle, Booke & Belle shop, Nettie and Kelly employ Lydia, Josh, Audra and Jason Blood to try and find the first link to Kelly Praetor's transformation.

There is a ghost dinosaur.

Gotham University Lecture January 5th, 2024 A packed house of attentive students and amazing guests attend a lecture given by Ms. Clara Jennings on the topic of Mongolian epic poetry.
Bats in the Kitchen January 5th, 2024 Talia and Kate catchup at Stately Wayne Manor and gossip about Bruce.
Rooftop Visitations January 4th, 2024 Damian uses a flight with Goliath as an excuse to bring Phoebe to the Titans rooftop to meet people. She's star-struck by Koriand'r.
Stark delivery January 4th, 2024 Pepper drops off a small delivery to the Mansion and meets up with Natasha. The pair have a short chat, then it's on to the rest of the day!
The Black Cat Came Back January 4th, 2024 Felicia comes to Avengers Mansion to rejoin the team! There may not even be fingers crossed behind backs.
Totally social January 4th, 2024 Talking in the main foyer.
James meets Nico January 4th, 2024 Did the Grandmothers think this through?
Everyone gets hungry.. for a fight. January 4th, 2024 Dinner interuptus. Oh well, got to get into a fight at least.
When Squirrels and Birds Collide January 4th, 2024 Squirrels being used in crime by Rat King?? Squirrel Girl and Rook team up to crack the nut and the case!
Judging a Book January 4th, 2024 Clara meets Phoebe at Gotham University and the two get a chance to know each other. It turns out they have a lot in common.
Blue Crush Aftermath January 3rd, 2024 A debriefing where Cecil is wise to phone it in. Mark loses his temper, Billy Kaplan teleports everyone out of danger, and Kate Bishop finds that she's not surprised at all that someone's been watching the heroes every breath they take, every move they make, every grave mistake... Cecil's watching you
The Case of the Bunny Balloon January 3rd, 2024 We all float!
Powers for the Holidays January 3rd, 2024 Holiday catchup
A journey begun January 3rd, 2024 The All Mother decides upon a trip, and MJ offers solicited advice as to where to 'settle' for her sojourn.
Al Ghuls Where Everybody Hates Your Name January 3rd, 2024 Talia takes Damian to the Bar With No Name for Family Night. Flatline is not amused.
Shift Change... On the MOON! January 3rd, 2024 Kate Kate and Carol Danvers cross paths on the Moon! Which isn't that impressive when you're both in the Justice League. But plans are made. Important, imminent plans! Of the social variety!
Magical Batburgers January 3rd, 2024 Damian asks Charlie out for burgers, they discuss mutual likes and make plans to share in those later down the line.
Those abandoned malls.. January 3rd, 2024 Russians cooking Meth?! In an abandoned mall?!?
The Night Before Battle! January 3rd, 2024 Did we hallucinate the Arby's thing? Maybe!
John Wick Film Festival January 3rd, 2024 Rose and Laura settle in for a violent film-fest.
Training in the Tower January 2nd, 2024 Yaretzi visits Damian in the Tower and learns more about how to keep her two identities seperate from each other.
The Way of the Hegemony January 2nd, 2024 The unexpected journey to an unknown planet ends in a battle to free the people from a Hegemony ship and its captain Gn-Ga. Using Singularity to get back home, they now know more about the threat than before.
Sword and Paper January 2nd, 2024 Nettie is brushing up on her longsword skills when Joshua Foley makes his way to deliver holiday presents to his adoptive mom -- including the paperwork to make it official
NYE in NYC January 2nd, 2024 Roy and Roxie ring in the New Year far above Times Square.
Is it the start of something.. January 2nd, 2024 Drugs are off the street, but no closer to answers about art. For Diana at least. For another, information a plenty was had.
Crashing at Dad's Place January 2nd, 2024 After crashing at Ted's place to recover from a spiked drink courtesy of Inez, Clara suffers one of her night terrors, revealing her powers to Ted.
I imagine hanging out with Cable gets you into plenty of mischief. January 2nd, 2024 Laura and Rachel hang out in a Gotham dive bar.
Squirrels Are the Messengers of God January 2nd, 2024 Moe the talking squirrel talks to the Squirrel talker who talks to Frank and tells him that the thign he doesnt remember is really important which give him a migrane and he runs away. Meanwhile his attempts ot investigate the Fetch only increase the suspicion and interst of the Foot Clan.
Meeting (at the) Threshold January 2nd, 2024 Our heroes meet a pair of evil twins. They discover a metahuman trafficking ring! OH NOES!
Birthday Planner meets Birthday Present January 2nd, 2024 Elektra hosts a birthday party for a family friend. Steve Rogers is brought by the son of a Howling Commando who is also acquainted with him.
Post Zombie, Pre 2024 January 1st, 2024 No description
Honky Tonk Intervention January 1st, 2024 Inez, Clara, Ted, and Opal meet at Opal's bar. Inez spikes Clara's drink. Hilarity ensues.
Clobbering Time The Musical January 1st, 2024 Ben Grimm was teaseed by the Yancy Street Game with a fake play and totally feel for it. Much money wa raised for charity.
Year of the Sunny Bunny January 1st, 2024 What started off as a quiet NYE party for Bunny, Mark and Sunny turns into an impromptu therapy session with Bucky instead. Happy 2024?
More than a Spot of Tea January 1st, 2024 Olivia stops by Xavier's school and has a great conversation with Rogue and Kitora. She even sneakily does the dishes to help out!
New Years Daze January 1st, 2024 In the most improbably of ways, Charta is aided by Grenademan in retrieving a priceless, stolen book from some thieves.
Countdown to 2024 January 1st, 2024 The ball drops for 2024 New Year. Do people get their kisses?
After Bar Recovery January 1st, 2024 After an unexpected outing at a honky tonk bar, Ted takes a tipsy Clara to his gym for some coffee and advice. After teaching her how to lindy, she is allowed to crash in a spare room. She also gets an autograph for her governess. And is kind of adopted! She always wanted a dad.
Post New Year's Eve January 1st, 2024 Lois and Clark and New Years...
Damian in the Village of Reeds January 1st, 2024 Damian is invited to Phoebe's birthplace. There is a long discussion about her, magic, its cost, and what will happen if she's killed. Then they go flying on a dragon bat in the middle of the desert.
No One Mourns the Wicked January 1st, 2024 The New Year's Eve performance of Wicked welcomes Queen Lorna Dane of Genosha! Olivia and her niece get their best New Years ever when they share dinner with the queen in a surprise treat.
Ring in the New Year Clobberin Style January 1st, 2024 The heroes manage to fight the bad guys and stop the zombies but someone grabs the payand collects the combat energy released
Title Date Scene Summary
Triggers and Sniggers February 29th, 2024 Spiral sets a spicy ambush for X23, offering forth a briefcase of trigger scent as bait. But when Laura reaches the roof, it turns out it's more of an audition. Spiral and her surviving Reavers depart via her portal but offer the prospective of teaming up later a possibility.
Sneaking out! February 28th, 2024 Patty Sloan sneaks out to explore where she is. She meets Roberto Da Costa and The Professor. She gets invited to go to school there!
Small Catchup, Now With More Hammer February 28th, 2024 Thor comes to see Steve's apartment when he returns to Earth.
Momma I'm comin' home February 28th, 2024 Kara brings Damian to meet Alura, they discuss dating... and fighting a great enemy. It was super successful.
Widow and Other Hawkeye February 28th, 2024 Kate drops by Avengers Mansion to talk to Clint, and gets Natasha instead.
After the Demons February 28th, 2024 After fighting demons at the Themysciran embassy, Misfit recovers consciousness in Donna Troy's office, and scores some Themysciran swag.
An Evening to Remember February 27th, 2024 Jubilee to the Rescue when Patty freaks out.
=Seems Like Old Times... with a Difference! February 27th, 2024 Ted meets Blue again for the first time!
Are You My Mummy February 27th, 2024 There is something strange a foot in the Temple of Hibis. Cameo by Moon Knight.
The Open Door: Maybe we should talk February 27th, 2024 Information's shared, the heroes learn a little more than they knew before, but of the utmost importance, Kib's wasn't really running away.
Charity Luau at Indoor Water Park February 27th, 2024 A charity luau is held at an indoor water park. A heavy mutant attendance shows up.
Let's Do Lunch February 26th, 2024 Mystique tracks down Joshua and makes him an offer - well he could refuse, but she knew he wouldn't.
=Tea and Lycanthropy February 26th, 2024 Billy and Belinda play catch up!
SHIELDs and Being Shafted February 26th, 2024 Natasha and Clint talk about the raid on Wanda's room.
Signups February 26th, 2024 Talia helps Cassandra sign up for University. Why? hard to tell, but maybe Cass is lonely.
Business over Bodies February 26th, 2024 Emma goes to Sherwood Florists to buy flowers for a funeral.
To The Candle! February 25th, 2024 Surprise gathering at the Candle
In the Wrong Hands - Intro February 25th, 2024 In the 70's Alfred and Kenesha meet up for a joint assignment to keep alien tech out of the wrong hands
I'm Gonna Give It Back...probably... February 25th, 2024 Beating up bullies and pushing around Rent-a-cops, all in a day's work for Peter and Patty.
The Open Door: The Demon Ank'galah February 25th, 2024 A demon presence is found at an Apartment in the Flatiron District, NYC -- and is far worse than any of the previous locations. A demoness is confronted!
When Brooklyn is preferable February 25th, 2024 Getting Wanda away from the Mansion, even for a little while, is a good thing. She agrees to stay with him at his place for a little bit, until she's ready.
Taking Belinda for Walkies February 25th, 2024 While out on a walk with Belinda, they discover Blue following them. And after a sharing of stories, a meeting with Nettie is set up.
Will The Real Peter Please Step Forward February 25th, 2024 Kitty runs across Peter Parker, and decides to play a bit of a prank on him.
Hints and Innuendos February 25th, 2024 A wise old uncle once said... more than he should have and a little heart to heart leads to a promise to try.
Think I Left My Coat... February 25th, 2024 Joshua returns to Josie's to retrieve his coat and gets a surprise about Blue. Further investigation will be required.
HUNGER: The Sky Is Falling February 25th, 2024 Rogue finds an alien pod in the woods. Together with Jean and Scott, she takes it back to the X-Base in time for it to open a reveal a feathery passenger.
Make a Wish, Blow out a Candle February 25th, 2024 After the events of Make-A-Wish, Joshua is taken home by Sara and there's a lot to be said on their relationship.
Heroes Assemble 4th Anniversary: The Watchers February 24th, 2024 For the four year anniversary of Heroes Assemble Mush, Uatu the Watcher again hosts some of his colleagues to share what he has witnessed over the last two years of events on a small blue planet called Earth.
Purpose Bereft of Hope February 24th, 2024 Clara shows up at Ted Kord's home, looking for work. She gets the help she needs and makes fast friends with some of the robots!
This Place has Vodka February 24th, 2024 Nat and Cole meet at the Swordfish
The Farseer's Eye February 24th, 2024 Frigga heals Thor's injury.
Between A Rock and A Hard Place February 24th, 2024 Sara goes to have a talk with Luca about the events of the Josie's charity night party.
Bad Moon Rising February 24th, 2024 Luca, Blue, Frank and Nettie save thousands of lives by breaking the curse of the lich.
AVENGERS: Hold onto the Dark February 24th, 2024 After hitting SHIELD, the magical burglary crew takes on Avenger's Mansion. They bring a Genie to a Hulk Fight, Tony blows up a spellcaster's brain in a jar, and the Avengers discover Wanda may have been keeping some dangerous things in her sock drawer. Good news: most of the badguys caught. Bad news: Chthon's agent lose in the world? Also Clea wishes for a boyfriend.
HUNGER: Dealing in the Dirt February 24th, 2024 Quake, Batgirl, and Daredevil find themselves drawn to what seems like a routine arms deal between criminals and turns out to be something far stranger.
More than Sight February 24th, 2024 Thor is restless, and Frigga seeks out the source of her son's pain.
Singhing a Bad Tune February 24th, 2024 The Shadow faces the Brotherhood of Singh to free kidnapped children. But she's going to need help..
Last Call February 24th, 2024 Cloudy with a chance of rain, perfect weather for dinner and a mystery.
Back from the Dead - Medbay February 23rd, 2024 Conner confronts Phoebe, who appears to be grabbing her things from the Medlab and moving out of the Roost
HUNGER: The Banished February 23rd, 2024 An alien convoy of immigrants in need of asylum arrive at the Atlantic Starport. Much fire is suppressed, and Ant-Man ends up looking like a Ghostbuster covered in Marshmallow.
The Seas be Dangerous... February 23rd, 2024 Seahorses vanquished, Angela and Namor will meet up to take care of AIM next...
What Happens After. February 23rd, 2024 Sara talks Joshua down from the darkness that was his childhood
Learning But Good February 23rd, 2024 Through a mutual, Helena meets River, a young woman who's looking to be a little more accomplished in her life. The two bond over coffee.
Here Comes the Son February 23rd, 2024 Josh arrives to talk with his adopted mom about returning from the UK, and the difficulties with extended family. Sara and Josh have a spat. Torney is not going to die, but is high as a kite.
Paper Chase February 23rd, 2024 No foreseeable outcome.
Windows for Josie's! February 23rd, 2024 Josie's will have all new windows and then some. There might even be toilet paper in the bathroom on the regular now.
Back to the Earth February 22nd, 2024 Phoebe comes back to the land of the living
Frittering After the Party February 22nd, 2024 Catseye gives Emma a late birthday present.
A Nightmare Begins February 22nd, 2024 Phoebe is still processing her own death, elects to stay with Jason Todd (set Saturday after Back to the Earth).
Not Even Any Aliens This Time February 22nd, 2024 Kitty drops by Luke's bar, assuring no aliens have gotten him since the last time she checked on Luke Cage.
The Call to Violence February 21st, 2024 Robbie has to contend with his darker side when a mysterious call comes through, and Phoebe stops responding.
Lights Out In The Bronx February 21st, 2024 The heroes save the Bronx.
It's My Party February 21st, 2024 The town turns out for Emma Frost's birthday bash (of whatever year it is).
The Queen In Blue - Down the Rabbit Hole February 21st, 2024 Thing sends Jane Roe a black unstable molecule suit in exchange for some information on some lovecraftian bad guys.
Saif and Sounds of Horror February 21st, 2024 TRIGGER WARNINGS: Violence, stabbing, threat of injury to genitals, language, horror, boba tea

Damian calls in Ravager and Flatline to assist in an interrogation. Saif Hassan isn't killed -- in keeping with the principles of The Batman -- but they don't have to save him from what lurks in Slaughter Swamp.

M & M February 21st, 2024 Monet, Mystique and the not-M-named Logan meet briefly!
Your place or mine February 20th, 2024 Luca and Olivia just wanna have fun, but the deep end is too tempting.
  • Scene takes place right after 'So, About that Drink?
Mom's Blueberry Pancakes February 20th, 2024 Clint comes into the kitchen to find Steve making a batch of his mother's blueberry pancakes. Extra are made for Wanda so Clint doesn't get toad.
Notes from the Dark February 20th, 2024 Tim Drake and Essix explore Phoebe's study at the Curio
HHCC Community Night: The MET February 20th, 2024 Happy Harbor Community College has its first official outing!
Cupp in Trouble February 20th, 2024 TRIGGER WARNING: This scene gets DARK -- Violence, Blood, Broken Bones, Suggested Suicide

Osprey (Austin Reese) and Red Robin (Tim Drake) give Phillip Cupp a long overdue visit.

They find all the evidence they need -- illegal acts, the strange focus on Phoebe and his involvement with her imprisonment and murder.

And so many worse things. Gutless, spineless Phillip Cupp is given choices.

So, About That Drink February 20th, 2024 A song, a fight and some romance. Sparks fly between the most unlikely pair.
So About That... February 19th, 2024 It was something.
The Open Door: Wormfood (Gotham) February 19th, 2024 Slugs appear at the Gotham ritual site in Summerset. A mix of police and characters show up to see what's happening. Pets are acquired, as is a strange young witch.
What do you want to be when you grow up February 19th, 2024 Essix visits Damian while he's training Potato to fetch and they have a heart to goopling talk about her future.
Karaoke Or Death February 19th, 2024 Bachlorette parties are deadly!
Luck Be A Lizard Tonight February 19th, 2024 The Lizard menaces Atlantic City but is corraled thanks to some effective teamwork.
A Quiet Valentine February 19th, 2024 Romantic talk about Cats and cats over dinner ensues.
Heist, Uninterrupted February 19th, 2024 Kiden Nixon slips into a museum that's been breached 'accidentally' by the Juggernaut. Slipping through in No Time, Kiden's able to retrieve something that will get her paid when she delivers it to her short-term partner.
Mayday in February February 19th, 2024 While pursuing Bi-Plane, Mark and Sunny meet Kitora Alua, who helps them save a plane in distress. Pizza and information is shared!
Restless Son February 19th, 2024 Frigga encounters Loki making a 'mess' in the palace library.
If You Teach A Yeen To Skate... February 19th, 2024 Sma'shaw joins Harley's roller derby team after meeting the yeens Bud and Lou! And a mysterious shudder befalls her future opponents as he's brought aboard as the armorer for rocket skates, and maybe more!
Ziti and Confessions February 19th, 2024 Joshua and Sara come home from the shooting at Josie's Bar and have a heart to heart that leads to confessions that had finally come to fruition.
Binding With Briars February 18th, 2024 This is why Donna and Rae can't have nice things. Even when Mania and Misfit try to help.
On Finding and Writing Books February 18th, 2024 Billy, Corben, Donna, Lara, and Michael help Clara retrieve the second in a series of magical books related to paper mastery. Only the book (and the woman retreiving it) had to have their stories a bit more fleshed-out before this could be done.
Barefoot in the Hall February 18th, 2024 Megan comes to visit Mike. Along the way, she meets Olivia, who has locked herself out of her own apartment. Liv escorts Megan to Mike's place and the two have a heart to heart while the performer retreats to deal with her key issue.
Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin' February 18th, 2024 Saturday night fun is turns sour for some of the FDNY off shift for the night. Friends old and new help save the day when bangers decide to bring their turf war to Josie's Bar.
Been A While February 18th, 2024 A brief moment, ships passing in the night - but, at least, to the same harbor this time.
Unlocking The Crystal February 17th, 2024 Tim and Alfred explore a kryptonian gift.
Dockyard Dogs Fight February 17th, 2024 The Dockyard Dogs against a Metahuman gang errupts into violence -- and it costs The Bats one of their number.
HUNGER: Emissaries February 17th, 2024 Diana, Donna, and Jean bring news of the Green Lantern Massacre to the Guardians of the Universe on Oa.
Stroll, Interrupted February 17th, 2024 The Juggernaut is out for a stroll. Attitudes flare up, a grenade blows up in an armored car, a police officer briefly becomes part of the NYC timeline, and the Juggernaut escapes. Heroes are left to do what heroes do best.
The Calm Before February 17th, 2024 Robbie responds to a text from Phoebe
What's Red and Blue down by the Cemetary February 17th, 2024 Blue and
I Believe You Have Something That Belongs To Me February 17th, 2024 Flatline meets the Assassin, the daughter of the Demon's Head's child and they have a short conversation.
Welcome to Jonah's February 17th, 2024 Lara and Mercy get to know one another at Jonah's restaurant.
Meeting the Family in Kentucky February 16th, 2024 Scene wrapped cause of change of player
Off to a Rocky Start February 16th, 2024 Yellow pass day turns out better than green pass day for Caleb. Mike opens up a little about what happened in Hell's Kitchen
Injustice For All: Rogues On The Rampage February 16th, 2024 The Justice League and their allies respond to a threat at a nearby nuclear power plant by the Rogues of the Injustice League
Birthday and Valentines All At Once February 16th, 2024 Valentine's Day and Stephanie's birthday get combined in a celebration at the lake house.
Greetings in Ink and Paper February 16th, 2024 Clara comes to invite Corben on an adventure! Surprisingly, he agrees. The two share the secrets of their powers and will definitely meet again.
Tower Time-out February 16th, 2024 Kori and Damian hang out, check on each other and share some donuts!
The Open Door February 16th, 2024 The hellgate in Chelsea gets addressed by SHIELD and friends.
Bad Dog, No Biscuit February 15th, 2024 Canine-friendly. Really.
Witches and Weirdos February 15th, 2024 When Johnny Blaze and Lydia Dietrich start talking writing books, their biggest fan is pouring whiskey and promising to carry them in her shop. Nettie and Lydia talk relationships.
A Very Tony Valentine February 15th, 2024 Pepper comes home to a surprise - Tony in the kitchen. Turns out he can cook. And that he actually can share his feelings with her.
Ernesto and the Cajun February 15th, 2024 Remy makes his first trip to the Salem Center Baskin Robbins, where he meets the ice cream artiste, Ernesto!
Twice around the park, James! February 15th, 2024 A snowy carriage ride around Central Park for Valentine's Day. Perfect!
Seeking Superman February 15th, 2024 Kenesha reaches out to Superman for that first meeting, taking the initial steps of mutual friendship.
Accuracy, Inflection, and Volume February 15th, 2024 Olivia turns potential bad luck into a remarkable meeting with one of her favorite heroes. She and Clint have a brief chat and plans are laid for a show and some good pizza in the future. Liv only badly embarrasses herself along the way!
Poker Night February 14th, 2024 Group had a great poker game until Ben got called away.
Valentine's Exchange February 14th, 2024 Mark and Bunny get an early jump on Valentine's Day exchanges.
How Many Horror Movies can one Cram into a Day February 14th, 2024 Xander visits Phoebe in the Curio. Phoebe offers to work with Xander because she's a nice person who wants to help. Xander loves Potato. Potato loves everyone.
Building Necessary Niece Credentials February 14th, 2024 Does it count as family bonding when it's just a made-up family?
Old Time Are Not Forgotten February 14th, 2024 Billy and Irie get to know each other. Surprises galore.
Birthdays and Cupcakes and Doggos with Tailwags February 14th, 2024 Phoebe has decorated the Morning Room for Steph's birthday, complete with a cupcake-cake, purple and gold streamers, party hats, waffles in the shape of hearts and bacon roses. Tim shows up to save everything from being destroyed by a falling ladder.
Hellfire Club Mardi Gras 2024 February 14th, 2024 The Hellfire Club Mardi Gras goes off without a hitch once again, and a good time was had by all.
Paper Cuts and Glue February 14th, 2024 Caitlin tends to Clara after the Danger Room incident. Wally joins in and everyone (even Caitlin!) agree to get out of the tower and have some fun.
The Best Cat(woman) Ever February 14th, 2024 Mania and Catwoman cross paths. Mania..fangirls a bit. Catwoman handles it like a pro.
i defteri irioki epochi February 13th, 2024 Queen Antiope of Themyscira returns from the dead inexplicably. She journeys back home to find her niece Diana can fly and thousands of new Amazons live on the island, including one called Troia and another called Aikaterine. The Lasso of Hestia confirms she is who she believes she is. The Queen has returned.
Return of the Living Creed February 13th, 2024 The Sabertoothed-Dee came out of the sea... he caught all the others but he cannot catch m--
SCIENCE, Magic and Cereal February 13th, 2024 Donna, Nadia, and Irie all happen to meet in the main room of the tower, where the intersection of magic and SCIENCE! is discussed.
You Never KNow February 13th, 2024 a brief moment of meeting a fiery redheaded clone!
Come and Knock on my Door February 13th, 2024 Lara and Alex have a chat outside their respective apartments.
Homeward Bound February 13th, 2024 Kiana takes Jason back to Gotham. A street gang jump them as he's taking her to a safe house.
Bad Mix in the Cauldron February 12th, 2024 When a large, gasoline spewing Metahuman starts to cause issues in Burnley, the Outsiders are there to lend a hand.
The Fairy Returns February 12th, 2024 Glamour pops in to thank Phoebe for the fantastic job at healing by gifting her a bag of fairy dust. Phoebe literally does not have the words to express her dismay.
Pancakes with Belinda! February 12th, 2024 Belinda finds the kitchen of the Young Avengers HQ and serves up pancakes to Bunny and Mark. And Sunny finds out that while she was at cheerleader practice, she's become the Queen of a planet. What new rules will she implement for travel visas for Baby Dinos?
A Hat-itude Problem! February 12th, 2024 Barbara deploys all the tech and Tim gets punched in the face.
On the Road again February 12th, 2024 Mercy and Sprite arrive at their destination to hunt.
Monuments and the merit of technology. February 12th, 2024 Viv and Caleb talk about art, science, and the value of monuments.
She Is Not A Crook February 11th, 2024 Cain Marko offers an opportunity to earn some cash. Kiden accepts.
Who owns the Cosmos February 11th, 2024 Plans form for the Cosmos, beginning with the merger of magic and science.
Finding the Lost February 11th, 2024 Caleb has a mob contract on him, and is visited by the assassin.
What's Wrong With Great-Grandpa February 11th, 2024 Pietro learns that Micola's family is filled with Werewolves.
JLD Book Club III: The Widow's Wailing February 11th, 2024 In a barrow in Scotland, Belinda Gutierrez, Richard Stadler, Zatanna Zatara and Daniel Ketch -- with Frank Noble (GRENADE MAN!) - save the widows, enter the barrow, take the book THe Widow's Wail, and escape with their hearing intact.
The Open Door: Cracking Open February 11th, 2024 Demons bubble out of the house in Chelsea, NYC ... and several heroes are there to stop them.
Ex Umbra: The Bridge February 10th, 2024 Blackagar commits acts of ruin for good.
HUNGER: The Blackest Night February 10th, 2024 A delegation from the Justice League and their affiliates discover the scene of a Green Lantern massacre in the Crab Nebula. Who is responsible? And what will they tell the Green Lantern Corps?
The Universa in Our Hands February 10th, 2024 Invincible and Indstructibelle face off against Universa! Sunny might be a queen now. At least a Princess.
Knock Knock, It's the Future February 10th, 2024 The Reverse Flash makes it to 2024 via way of TVA tempad, but Wally and Lucky from the future are hot on his trail.
=Squirrel Girl and Lightning Very, Very... Cute. February 10th, 2024 Demons! Lightning! Squirrrrrrels! What happens after one of those cute Squirrel Girl covers!
The Siege of Dunkeld February 10th, 2024 An invasion of Dark Robotic Astral Zombies (intent on) eating the peasents who live in Glasgow is fenced of by Kitkat and Clint Barton!
The Open Door: The Slugbat February 10th, 2024 Corben shares his demon 'pet' with Atrice.
Doing The Unthinkable February 9th, 2024 Noriko learns that Jubilee has done the unthinkable: accepted a job at the school.
The Blackbriar Rescue February 9th, 2024 A mission to rescue a tank crew in 1944 runs astray, and we don't mean Bucky trying to flirt with Nettie.
I heard you like dangerous things... February 9th, 2024 Daimon and Qira meet and come to a business arrangement!
Gershwin's School of Witchcraft and Acoustics February 9th, 2024 Olivia meets Dinah after a performance and gives her a chance to share the stage for a song. Dinah leaves a strong impression and Olivia shares her contact information, hoping to sing together again sometime.
One of the (Good) Guys... kinda February 9th, 2024 Red Hood's return to Gotham City takes him to the Narrows, where Riptide (River Banks) has adopted a couple blocks as her own 'turf' to protect. The two have a brief conversation at the rooftop afterwards.
The Dragon of St. George (pt 1) February 9th, 2024 Patience Alperen reports to the New York Diocese and is introduced to Caitlin Fairchild. Their first objective: retrieve the Sword of St. George!
Tranquil Teas February 9th, 2024 Brief meeting in the park between Belinda and Saeko. Tales told of the stars!
Dockyards and Black Dogs February 9th, 2024 Xander Prescott finds a doggedly determined magical enemy, and is bailed when an old aquaintence lends a hand.
Robin Hotline February 9th, 2024 Flatline seeks out the closest thing to a heroic friend to... dump something that needs a hero on his lap.
7 of S.W.O.R.D.s, 5 of W.A.N.D.s February 9th, 2024 SHIELD agents and allies respond to a breach of the Triskelion's Secure Storage area, and discover it infiltrated by magical means. Various items are targeted for removal through magical portals, though most, if not all are secured (the TP is all safe). Richard and Nat get to play with big guns, Lara wields something that was probably once in a tomb, and a little Raven flies to Baltimore. In the aftermath, some of those captured are revealed as former WAND agents or consultants.
Take your Vitamin February 8th, 2024 Damian examines the 'vitamin packs' Gotham U's psych department has been experimenting with in student trials, and had begun to send out to prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and continued to use on their student population. He finds that Phoebe is quite touchy on some subjects. Bruce gets to witness the interactions souring between the adoptive siblings.
Uh oh February 8th, 2024 Wade W. Wilson comes to the Themysciran Embassy to hug the Justice League.
Living Monolith p3 February 7th, 2024 The conclusion of the first chapter in the Living Monolith saga. The duo go their separate ways to handle the situation in their own way.
Finding Faerie First Aid February 7th, 2024 Phoebe heals a fairy!
Traffic Infringement Notice Patrol February 7th, 2024 What do you do when the police impound your time machine? Why, you go to Nelson & Murdock of course!
The Man of Steel meets the Woman of Titanium February 7th, 2024 Minoke crossed paths with Clark Kent, a seemingly ordinary reporter, outside of the Daily Planet, and just got to know each other.
Flights of Fancy February 7th, 2024 Damian introduces Kara to one of his best friends. They hit it off famously.
AKA The Shady Men's Club February 7th, 2024 A 'is my husband cheating on me' case takes a turn for the weird. Danny and Jess find a rich guy cult club and the police seem to be protecting the killer.
The Open Door: New Friends February 7th, 2024 Corben, wearing a cursed bracelet from a demonic ritual, finds he has a 'friend' following him that thinks he is a warlock.
The Suit makes the Cat February 7th, 2024 Harley invites Gar over for a surprise involving suits and tryouts and photos and .... Run, Gar. RUN!
I hate alarm clocks February 7th, 2024 The alarm clock doesn't go off and both Gwen and Ben need to rush for their respective responsibilities. The culprit for the alarm clock is never found.
Shining A Light February 7th, 2024 A protest of the ESU campus is interrupted by a golden armored menace who is more involved with the source of the protest then might initially be assumed.
How to properly smash a party February 6th, 2024 Cain gets hired by Elektra for a job in LA that has need of his particular set of skills. The vault doesn't survive. Nor does Stankos's daughter supposed engagement.
The Eye of Arkach February 6th, 2024 Daimon Hellstrom and Phoebe Beacon stumble upon one another on an investigation -- turns out they both have an 'Eye' for trouble.
Do You Sell By The Slice February 6th, 2024 Kenesha and White Rabbit meet, pizza is had, and a thesis makes an appearance!
Somewhere That's Warm... February 6th, 2024 April plans a getaway with Harley.
The Waking Is The Hardest Part February 6th, 2024 Hank stops to check on Kitty, waking her from a dream about the digital simulation they were trapped in
An Eye for the Supernatural February 6th, 2024 Phoebe and Daimon share some drinks and falafel and fries. Well. Mostly Daimon Hellstrom makes Phoebe drink a scotch and picks up the bill.
Sewell's Office February 6th, 2024 Osprey, Damian Wayne, and Talia al Ghul investigate Shaw Sewell, a doctoral student and part of the vitamin project at GOtham U -- and in charge of the group of college students that all had traces of Fear toxin in their system -- including Phoebe Beacon. They find Shaw is in possession of knowledge he shouldn't have about Phoebe's past -- but Phillip Cupp does.
Mutants and Morbidity February 6th, 2024 Emma, Warren, and Cypher wax philosophical about Sinister, the nature of monsters, and humanity assisted by strong alcohol and a mutual sense of cynicism.
Something for Sara February 6th, 2024 Tony takes care of Sara's clothing problems.
Pizza Thing February 6th, 2024 Rogue and Ben Grimm have a bite of pizza, and talk about Flat Earth theory.
Asgardian Testing February 6th, 2024 Thor gets weighed, measured and is not found wanting.
When you move furniture, call your superstrong solar powered friend. February 5th, 2024 Scene wrapped cause of change of player
Running Into Janet February 5th, 2024 Janet and Kitty bump into each other at Stark Tower.
Not Ominous At ALL February 5th, 2024 A talk. But it goes alright.
Pretty Fly for a Bun-ny! February 5th, 2024 A Flying Lesson and bared honesty.
HHCC - Opening Day February 5th, 2024 Happy Harbor Community College officially opens!
The Open Door: The Obsidian Crow (NYC) February 5th, 2024 Various heroes respond to a house of demonic influence, and find mysteries within ... and on the lawn.
Drizzle Down February 5th, 2024 Red Robin and Balm encounter some steampunk lightning throwers, and Talia al Ghul fights a shadow that bleeds.
Next Level Budo February 5th, 2024 Superwoman turns to allies the Amazons for ideas on how to fight the Hegemony. Diana Prince delivers.
It's Pronounced Mol-AY. February 5th, 2024 Carol and Kate have a heartfelt talk about Amazons and superheroing. And Asian/Mexican fusion dishes.
Beetles Reunion for the First Time February 5th, 2024 Ted and Jaime Finally meet!
Happenstance February 4th, 2024 Phoebe and Sma'shaw hang out near her old digs, talk life. Sma'shaw gets ear scritches, Phoebe talks about how her hair turned pink.
What's a Place Like This Doing in a Person Like You February 4th, 2024 An evening of bored takes a serious turn after a text is received. Kiden meets Cain Marko!
This Warehouse Was Left Intentionally Vacant February 4th, 2024 Batwoman and Huntress track down an illegal shipment of weapons and have a bit more action than expected.
Does This Place Come With Its Own Zipcode February 4th, 2024 Roy takes Roxanne to visit Starling City and a tour of the Queen Mansion.
The Fearsome N-1 February 4th, 2024 Shots fired, the Fearsome Five are back and this time they have coordination and genius level leadership. Psimon and Gizmo make off with a powerful mind powers amplifier. The Five just made it to the major leagues.
The Path of Progress: Sublime Strikes Back February 4th, 2024 X-Force's Madripoor safehouse comes under attack by mercenary forces sent by John Sublime.
The Open Door: The Obsidian Bat (Gotham) February 3rd, 2024 The bats of Gotham examine a strange murder... and ritual house. What is this strange statue?
What Are We Watching February 3rd, 2024 Alexander has a squatter in his apartment. Who stole his PS3
Where in the World was Belinda Gutierrez February 3rd, 2024 Richard Stadler is given the choice between Truth and Lies, and joins the Justice League Dark thus becoming the single most responsible human being in the Candle, Booke and Belle.
Daemonites Doing Danger February 3rd, 2024 A quick strike by SHIELD on a small Daemonite cell has the team get in over their head but they manage to pull off a win.
The Queen In Blue - Praesodynium Blue February 3rd, 2024 Flatline kills the right people at the right time and learns about yet another attempt to end the world, this time of a lovecraftian variety. She also gets some neat goggles.
Clash and Slash February 3rd, 2024 A bit of training and conversation takes place at the Themysciran Arts Center. It is a Sunny day.
What can I do to you, I mean for you. February 2nd, 2024 Spiral invites Tigra into her Body Shop after some attackers try and get the better of the Avenger. Within Spiral's sanctum, spells are woven upon her guest. What starts as a game of mirror-mirror becomes more literal. The results are Tigra gaining some extra limbs to experiment with, courtesy of magic. That the changes were so well received speaks of a deeper mystery that demands more experimentation.
Happy Preparations February 2nd, 2024 Ideas for the next sorcerers' night.
You'll Never Believe The Size Of The One I Caught February 2nd, 2024 Kiana arrives at the ship sunk by Green Goblin, and rescues the crew, the Roxxon executive, and saves Juggernaut from a long walk along the sea bottom back to land.
Pizza and movies, and stolen FBI files February 2nd, 2024 A few Outsiders gather to talk about rogue cyborgs and movies
Along Came A Wizard: Bill's Folly February 2nd, 2024 This D&D succubus sucks...and not in the fun way!
Sledding On Gotham's Suicide Hill February 2nd, 2024 Damian, Talia, Austin, Cassandra and Stephanie go sledding on Suicide Hill in Chelsea.
Mutants and Master Molds: Getting Gyrich February 2nd, 2024 The X-Men go to sneak up on Henry Gyrich to see what he knows about recent Sentinel Shenanigans. They find he knows nothing of interest. There is mental trauma from poking about in his head while he was indisposed. And dinner goes In and Out.
When The Waves Turn The Minutes To Hours February 2nd, 2024 Kiana arrives at a shipwreck to save the crew of a fishing ship. Namor observes the unexpected action from a distance.
I bring you to the best places! February 1st, 2024 Harley pretends to be in dire trouble to get her friend Pamela to leave home for once. They capture Tombstone and Harley makes Ivy a proposal she can't refuse.
Wolfsbane Blooms February 1st, 2024 Things are about to get super weird at the Maximoff Estate!
Another New Face ... in Ted's Pool. February 1st, 2024 Ted and Joan meet Clara, and confuse her.
Members Only at Grant's Gym February 1st, 2024 Selina gives Ted a workout!
Living Monolith p2 February 1st, 2024 Kenesha offers Alex an extension on his contract and they discuss their recent past relationships.
A stich in time... February 1st, 2024 Peter saves Roxanne!
JLD Book Club II: Frostbound Manuscript February 1st, 2024 Zatanna Zatara, Nettie Crowe, Marie-Ange Colbert, Lydia Dietrich and Belinda Gutierrez recover the Frostbound Manuscript. Nettie is almost eaten by a squid
I'm Not Sleepy, Promise! February 1st, 2024 Jon and Megan have a brief Facetime before bed, the next date is set.
A Truly Dangerous Room February 1st, 2024 Caitlin and Wally have to save Clara from a danger room session far above her capabilities.
The Fallout of our Non-Existent Capes! February 1st, 2024 Miles and Barbara get hot dogs. Miles gets flustered, Barbara gives him connections.
Title Date Scene Summary
Ex Umbra: Prism Through Time March 31st, 2024 Blackagar takes a moment to recover.
Late Night Sight-Seeing March 31st, 2024 Osprey and Mania play cat and mouse, and then decide to go get chocolate instead of a fight.
So We Have A Problem March 31st, 2024 Lucius Fox has ideas for a better armor weave for the Bat Family, but he informs Stephanie Brown that it will require gathering materials... in the Savage Lands.
The Rooks Meet March 31st, 2024 The two Rooks of the Hellfire Club banter.
Another Archer In The House March 31st, 2024 Kate Bishop and Cap run into each other at Avengers Mansion, while Thor returns from smiting demon slugs and needs decontamination.
As the Hellicarriers Come Home March 31st, 2024 Some SHIELD Agents watch the Hellicarrier land and talk about how the agency accepts all types.
Bouncing Bullets March 31st, 2024 A talk of the Savage world and a testing of the new suits for the batfamily.
Drinking with an Angel March 31st, 2024 An angel and a man out of time meet, it seems they have some things in common.
Public Hellhouse March 31st, 2024 Lara and Wilson Fisk meet at the Hellfire Club. Free drinks are offered, and a bit of casual conversation is shared.
Injustice For All: The Assault On The Legion Of Doom March 30th, 2024 The Justice League and their allies finally track down the Injustice League's base. But their dogged foes might still have some tricks up their sleeves...
Assassins and Bars March 30th, 2024 Mary Jane and Angela catchup at the Swordfish.
Bullets Apparently Cause Engine Problems March 30th, 2024 Stephanie returns with a Batcycle shot up with armor piercing rounds. Dick analyzes them and they figure out how to handle the situation.
Empire Diner For Dinner March 30th, 2024 After a performance by a Wakandan singer visiting the US, various members of the Avengers along with a helpful Mary Bromfield meet up at Empire Diner for dinner. Joshua Foley and Jane Roe introduce themselves.
Friday Night Chaos March 30th, 2024 Quentin throws a Kegger and becomes absolutely infamous with the student body when Wonder Woman and Mistress Zatara show up.
My Kinda Town March 30th, 2024 Apparently fanboying stops The Juggernaut!
Ninjas from the Rooftops March 30th, 2024 Lucius and Talia talk about mecha-ninjas.
A slice of science and pepperoni March 29th, 2024 Shuri learns about pizza
Hey Sport March 29th, 2024 Various Xers gather round the basketball court
Quick snacks and Quick Chats. March 29th, 2024 Viv makes some treats for the Titans. The Titans then get into a chat about AI rights, goings on in space, and a philosophical discussion on how everyone experiences sensations in a different way.
Two Kheran Meet...again March 29th, 2024 A cafeteria reunion, talking about parents, the war, and the future.
A Collector's Folly March 29th, 2024 Qira and Daniel go to retrieve a cursed item at the same time. A ghost dog objects said retrival.
Paths Crossed March 29th, 2024 Batgirl meets the Shadow in a dark and rainy alleyway!
The Couple that Fights Together... March 29th, 2024 Mark and Sunny go on patrol, come across the Mauler Twins and put a stop to them.
A Spare for a Spare March 29th, 2024 Another is added to the project to build a new type of car, that will drive itself and never be harmed. Lucious meets with Mercy.
Dent for DA (The Split - Part Two)r March 28th, 2024 Harvey Dent shakes hands, makes a speech and survives an assassination attempt. Only he's the one who ends up with blood on his hands.
Returning Home from SPACE March 28th, 2024 After the encounter with the Hegemony station, Monet and Minoke talked about various things, had a bit of self-reflection, and got to know each other.
Exiled into luxury March 28th, 2024 Talia Ghoul and Lucius Fox talked, a story is told and a point might have been made or lost in it.
Hellfire and Whiskey March 28th, 2024 =Selina invites Damian to the Hellfire Club for drinks
When in Gotham see the sights March 28th, 2024 A job offer given out in the darkest of places.
Hell Seared Steaks March 28th, 2024 A great dinner day for two powerful ladies.
Returning To Genosha March 28th, 2024 Cain shows up in Genosha to repay a debt from when he and the exec he was bodyguarding were rescued at sea.
A Visit to the Keystone State March 27th, 2024 Patty and Remy visit Patty's Moms. Patty gets her things. Remy gets Spaghetti.
Tennis Everyone March 27th, 2024 The Spring Tennis Tournament at Xaviers School is interrupted by a notorious prank gang amongst the student body! Hijinx ensue!
A Nerd and his Bot Go into a Bar... March 27th, 2024 Blue talks to Blue
Satanic Lore and Satanic Chores March 27th, 2024 Daimon and Qira go over the scutwork of being an initiate in Hellstrom family Satan-magic.
Why does it rain March 27th, 2024 A meeting between Lucius fox and Daniel Ketch in a graveyard. One there to see an old friend, the other waking up in mausoleum. A nice talk between the two, with the love of motorcycles being one of the connections.
An unwelcome idea. March 27th, 2024 Are bomb mutations real, can they be remotely triggered?
Coffee, Friends, and Old Bosses March 26th, 2024 Roberto, Doug and Kitty gather for coffee, and run into Wilson Fisk. An offer of contract work is made to Kitty and Doug. Roberto stares at the stars.
Stealing Second March 26th, 2024 What happens to idiots that try to sell stolen Vibranium?

The same thing that happens to everything else!

Cards with Cajuns March 25th, 2024 Members of Xavier's school get together in the Rec Room
Congratulations, it's a Girl! March 25th, 2024 Ted meets Morgan. An Ally!
In Pursuit of Culinary Perfection March 25th, 2024 The elusive gourmet sandwich food truck is tracked down and soon descended upon by hungry hungry people. Mike and Juggy catch up, Steve does his best pizza delivery man impression, and Cindy watches in awe.
Cassandra The Artiste March 25th, 2024 Stephanie and Harper find Cassandra after hours in the art studio at the Gotham University.
Hide The Eggs March 25th, 2024 Micola has a sudden question for Pietro!
Kitaens in the Kitchen March 25th, 2024 Priscilla, Thor, and Mary Jane bond over video games and fabulous hair. FABULOUS.
The Sweetest Thing March 25th, 2024 The young couple shares in the joy of their closeness.
Twin Coyotes March 24th, 2024 Blue shows up at Mercy's garage to talk shop.
The Patron of the Hegemony March 24th, 2024 The mystery of how the Hegemony has such technological superiority is revealed. They are cheating. Their emperor is none other than Vohc, the Kryptonian god of Building. This battle just got a whole lot harder.
Fact-Finding Catgirls March 24th, 2024 Catgirl Data Acquired. Investigations towards Avengering commenced.
HUNGER: I Believe We Have Your Duck March 24th, 2024 The X-Men visit the strange museum of the Collector and arrange a ceasefire ... in exchange for a favor that will take them to places even stranger still.
Curious Revelations March 24th, 2024 M'gann tells J'onn about her and Jon dating.
Please Don't Make It Green... Or Animated! March 24th, 2024 Kiden visits Reed's lab to get scanned and sized for her new super suit!
The Path Of Progress: The Fall Of John Sublime Pt. 2 March 23rd, 2024 Cable and the team continue their assault on John Sublime's island fortress, seeking to finally corner their nemesis.
Widows and Voodoo March 23rd, 2024 Natasha and Priscilla talk at the Swordfish, and much of the conversation is unheard.
It's Another Birthday! March 23rd, 2024 Cake is had! Also, best birthday present ever! And Kiden gets to share it with friends, which makes everything better!
Skating, Pizza, Dancing! March 23rd, 2024 Skating was done, Pizza was consumed, dancing occured!
HUNGER: Non-Baryonic Shuffle March 22nd, 2024 The Defenders travel to the Negative Zone in search of the people providing anti-matter weapons to criminals! In the process, they destroy a moon. Take that, Justice League.
Something Old, Something Blue March 22nd, 2024 Patience and Blue meet at the Candle and take the opportunity to get to know each other better as teammates.
HUNGER: Power Behind Power March 22nd, 2024 Diana and Hal discuss the strange 'Light of Creation' that the Guardians seem intent on keeping secret. Diana is given homework.
=I'm not Showing Off! You're Showing Off! March 21st, 2024 Billy gave Clara a book and will never get rid of her.
Bros! March 21st, 2024 Freddy and Billy Reconnect
Old Acquaintance March 21st, 2024 Ted plays doctor, then house with Blue.
A Professional Opinion March 20th, 2024 Isra invites Wray to dinner and to show him some weird metal...that turns out to be his.
Gliding High March 20th, 2024 Patty makes an important decision about her future and gets a little training in.
Laundry Day! March 20th, 2024 Invincible(?) battles a neferious villain. With pillows.
Bat and the Widow with the Silver Spoon March 20th, 2024 Natasha and Batwoman talk about Gotham, vigilanty lifestyles, and hope.
Geophysics Research Moments with Interruptions March 20th, 2024 Words of warning about going outside and classes she should be studying for between other adventures.
Marys at the Met March 19th, 2024 Mary Jane and Mary Batson talk at the opera.
Rumblin Up March 19th, 2024 April comes home, and pitches the idea of finding a new place to live in the city! While Harley pitches a Amazonian armor set to April...
Aftermath of the Exhibit March 18th, 2024 Kenesha, Talia and Alfred discuss important data points and the likilihood of solving the problem.
Quest for fire March 18th, 2024 Looking for some kindling for the fire at camp, Wanda and Clint find some kindling of their own.
Hanging out by the Lake March 18th, 2024 Stones are skipped, Patty meets Betsy. Gets advice from Monet and gets soaked courtesy of Catseye.
Girls' Night In March 18th, 2024 Clara comes over to spend time at Ted's place. She is lucky to meet Blue there and they share a meal, some movies, and become family along the way.
Assassin's Ball March 17th, 2024 The Assassin's Ball in the Aegean Sea, mingling and making friends, and shrimps consumed by the Yeen-load.
The Path Of Progress: The Fall Of John Sublime March 17th, 2024 Cable and the team begin their infiltration of John Sublime's island lair, seeking to put an end to him at last.
HUNGER: Hell From The Outside March 17th, 2024 Babs and Darcy visit Sue and Reed to discuss strange alien weaponry from off-planet showing up on the streets only to discover it may be from even further afield ...
Spring is springing March 17th, 2024 In the gardens of Asgard.
Placeholder here March 17th, 2024 Emma visits Marie-Ange to catch up on their lives.
The Worst Bank Robbery In History March 17th, 2024 Patty defeats a bunch of bank robbers with a little help
Late Night Fires March 16th, 2024 Isra returns to the faire and finds Wray deep in his thoughts.
The Analysis of Coffee and Doughnuts March 16th, 2024 Doughnuts are eaten. Coffee is consumed
Art, Culture and Being Green March 16th, 2024 Kyle and M'Gann keep their conversation going...and going...and going.
Unintended Consequences-A cultural display March 16th, 2024 The Exhibit is a success; except for exposing the fact that an alien flower is alive and well and ready to create chaos.
Busking Beginnings March 16th, 2024 In which, AJ met MJ and Patty, and their attempt at getting coffee was interrupted.
X-Duck vs The Spanker March 16th, 2024 Howard the Duck has some bad hombres after him. The X-Men show up in force to save their feathered friend.
An Encounter at the Last Stop March 16th, 2024 Caleb and Alfred meet and bond in battle.
Mutants and Master Molds - Quentins and Questions March 15th, 2024 Quentin and Douglas interrogate a captured Sentinel drone. And get a nasty grasp of how the Sentinels are seeking to improve themselves. And adapt.
Cookies, catch ups and future plans. March 15th, 2024 Kara stops by to hang out with Viv. They talk about possible double date plans and Kara helpfully eats the remaining cookie dough.
A Faire First Meeting March 15th, 2024 Isra returns to the US after years spent abroad. She surprises her brother and meets Wray as well.
Zebra Stripes March 14th, 2024 That coffee is bone-rattling.
A Little Homecoming March 14th, 2024 Phoebe returns to the Wayne Manor. Damian is there to both give her grief, update her, and of course, welcome his sister home.
A Quick Swim on a Warm Day March 14th, 2024 Caleb, His sister, and Monet meet Lorena after a nice swim in the ocean.
Visiting For The Day March 14th, 2024 In town for the day, Stephanie calls up Gwen Stacy, and the two do the Parachute Jump at Coney Island.
A Cruz through Steel City March 13th, 2024 Content Warning: Violence, injury, drive-by piercing and latex-bound delivery

Osprey (Austin Reese), Red Arrow (Emiko Queen) and Red Hood (Jason Todd) visit Pittsburgh in hunting for Cruz.

A Casual Campus Date! March 13th, 2024 Jon and Megan share lunch on the quad and make plans for a date!
Can Anyone See the Air March 13th, 2024 Patty Sloan meets Ororo Munroe. Plans are made for a fun night!
Cafes and Casablanca and Ice Cream, Oh My! March 13th, 2024 The date goes better than either of them expected!
Half an Ounce of Impure... March 13th, 2024 Khanitiel follows Sonja into danger, seeking to protect her. In the end, this potential ward proved more than a match for the dark things that were hiding in the shadows.
Black and Green Technology March 13th, 2024 Monitor Duty between two leaguers turns into a fun conversaton.
Injustice For All: The Assault On Belle Reve March 12th, 2024 The Justice League and their allies confront the Injustice League to try and prevent a mass breakout at Belle Reve.
Meeting for a bite to eat. March 12th, 2024 Plans to help Patty with her future are made.
I'm Not the Girl! You're the Girl! March 12th, 2024 Ted and Blue learn more about themselves.
Socializing at the Mansion - Bug Edition March 12th, 2024 The
Avengers Winter Camping Trip March 12th, 2024 The Avengers do some winter camping. After a day of snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing, they gather around the campfire that night.
The Three Mice That See March 12th, 2024 The Three Mice that see conspire with how to rig the third round of the game in Frank's Favor.
The Computers Make It Easier March 12th, 2024 Logan catches up with Kitty while she's messing her car's engine at the school.
Robin and the Rabbit March 12th, 2024 Robin drops in on White Rabbit in the middle of a robbery and prevents her from getting away and ends up suffering a bad pun attack.
Hooked, line and sinker. March 12th, 2024 A baby adventurer is born. What sea creature? Aliens and Nazi's, that's where it's at! Lara Croft may have created a monster, or at the very least? A mini-me.
Riot: Sunday Drivers March 11th, 2024 Osprey, Robin, and Orphan face off against the Grumpy Guard Shack Grannies, jousting pensioneers, and PsyOp -- and the assassin that tried to take Xavier Rollins from the Bats!
Blue, Red and Copper March 11th, 2024 Bobby and Red catch up a little bit. Compared to their first meeting, the shoes may be on the other foot.
The Biggest T in Midgard March 11th, 2024 Thor comes to Titans Tower for a long-promised tour. Unfortunately Gar is streaming at the time, Donna challenges the Thunderer to video games, and everyone forgets all about the tour. Raven was, of course, appalled.
Metal Mayhem, Literally March 11th, 2024 Rock and Trolls collide into chaotic mayhem at the appropriately named, Metal Mayhem bar. But the day is saved by a few of the Xer crew, a fallen angel, a vampire and a slacker potion slinger. Only in NY.
In The Wrong hands - Through the Gauntlet March 10th, 2024 Alfred and KEnesha keep alien tech out of AIMS hands. Alfred gets a promotion (in the past)
Lord of the Monsters - Malevolent Surprise March 10th, 2024 Two Martians face off against a giant leviathan and must make a hard choice on how to handle something with a beast that cannot be redirected and poses an eternal danger to humans.
Negasonic Teenage Breakfast March 10th, 2024 Ellie and TJ meet in the kitchen. Secret arts of breakfast were discussed.
Fathers and Daughters March 10th, 2024 Clara talk and Ted talk. No science involved.
A Common Root March 10th, 2024 Old Atlantean shares his observation of the common threads of his culture winding through the ages into the epic cultures of the modern day. Also goes back home through a toilet cubicle.
A Coyote Tale March 10th, 2024 A jerk makes Ted see red, but then the jerk sees Blue!
So This Is the X-men's Base March 10th, 2024 Kitty gives new student Patty a tour of the X-men base. Warren joins in for the Blackbird hangar bay.
Stolen Goods March 10th, 2024 Selina brings some stolen goods by the Clocktower. The girls order take-out.
Sifting Through the Rubble. March 10th, 2024 Could be that a man calling himself Grenademan isn't as much of a total nujob as Luca thought. At least now he has a small lead to follow to put an end to the arsons.
The Maroni Raid (The Split - Part I) March 9th, 2024 A moonlight raid on Sal Maroni's casino ship ends up with four dead cops, a pile of bloodied gangsters, Sal Maroni in cuffs and his oldest son disfigured. All under the orchestration of Harvey Dent
Meanwhile, back at the Cat lair... March 9th, 2024 Catwoman runs into Mania again, in New York this time. They go for take-out.
Central Park In Spring March 9th, 2024 A nice March day brings people out to enjoy the sun in Central Park.
The Broken, The Beaten, and the Damned March 9th, 2024 Batgirl calls for aid, in breaking up a weapons trafficking deal in the depths of a forgotten New York subway station. Green Goblin makes an appearance, and makes off with a mysterious piece of technology, while the heroes mostly save the day, save for a few bumps and bruises. McDonalds for everyone!
Special Delivery: Birthday Edition March 9th, 2024 Joan has had such a busy week that she forgot an important date. Fortunately for her. Ted Kord remembers...
Wandering Hert March 9th, 2024 Impulse finds Phoebe hiding out on a rooftop. The two share snacks and news. Bart reminds Phoebe he will always be ready to help her.
Such Pretty Lights March 8th, 2024 While staring at the lights of Coney Island, Kiana runs into River on the beach below the boardwalk.
HUNGER: Pirates! The Trojan Horse March 8th, 2024 The Trojan Horse is boarded by space pirates, who are unfortunate to find that it contains Greeks. And Kryptonians, Akiar, Assassins, Space Knights and Green Lanterns. It's a bad day to be a pirate -- though as it turns out, these pirates are not a part of the eyepatch brigade after all.
The Open Door: Vigil March 8th, 2024 Atrice meets with Lucifer about the hellgates.
The Breach March 8th, 2024 Zemo and Mary finish their dance, but the part is just getting started.
Bowlin for Bunnies. March 8th, 2024 Bunny and Mark go out on a real date. They actually do things other than talk about work.
Supers like sweets too March 8th, 2024 Sunny bakes things for her partners when they get home and Mark and Sunny cuddle while talking about their Bunny and her family!
Jar of Bones March 7th, 2024 The surprising appearance of a formant viral colony in an artist's home leads to its peaceable liberation. But from whence did it come? And will more appear?
One Time At Danger Room March 7th, 2024 Remy messes around with the Danger Room's program and things get weird. This marks the first appearance of Wonkula, a Danger Room construct version of Dracula who dresses like and speaks like Willy Wonka.
Bar Room Blits March 7th, 2024 Mercy and Sprite get into a bar fight and pick up a stray werewolf for a bit.
AKA A Bit Of Gut Shot March 7th, 2024 When Luke pops over to Alias Investigations for a surprise visit, so does a goon from the Glistening Sun Whatever. A few shotgun shots later and Jess needs to order another new window.
Riches and Spots March 7th, 2024 Emma Frost talks to Neena about hiring her for a job.
Mutants and Master Molds - The Alien Acquisition March 7th, 2024 The X-Men respond to a Sentinel raid at a STAR Labs facility. They manage to mostly drive off the Sentinel infiltrators.. But they can't guarantee that their robotic enemies haven't gotten away with something bad. Very, very bad.
Xavier Rollin: Interrogation March 7th, 2024 Red Robin, Red Hood, Osprey and Essix play Monitor, Worse Cop, Bad Cop, Goo(p/d) cop with Xavier Rollins -- a person of interest in Phoebe Beacon's death -- getting more information on Cupp's schemes in Gotham, and Who Is Coming.


Snack time, meal time, or time time at the Mansion March 7th, 2024 Bacon and eggs having been consumed, Nat and Tigra go on their separate ways.
You Gotta Get that Vinyl March 6th, 2024 Carol Danvers and Harper Row find they have a lot in common and go to discover just how similar their tastes are in the depths of their new favorite record store.
A Maximoff Day March 6th, 2024 Wanda and Pietro catch up on explosions around the Manor, Family, and Father.
A not so windy day March 6th, 2024 Patty is practicing her powers when Jubilee checks in to see how she's doing.
Mxyzptlk At Joe's March 6th, 2024 A fifth dimensional imp comes to Joe's Diner and there is much denunciation of pronunciation. How /do/ you spell or say his name!?
How Many Times Can You Fall for a Mimic March 6th, 2024 Charlie comes over to watch anime with Damian. They do a little of that.
When Opportunity Knocks March 6th, 2024 Colette O'Connail swings by a show at the JVD Flagship store and catches Janet van Dyne's eye. A fast friendship forms?
Building a Foundation March 6th, 2024 Daimon prepares Qira for her initiation into the Hellstrom family's brand of magic. Pray for her!
Warranted Business March 6th, 2024 Ted sees first hand some of Blue's business and she unexpectedly exposes her vulnerable side.
A Much Needed Homecoming March 6th, 2024 M'gann and J'onn have a nice reunion and make plans for more regular visits!
Really March 5th, 2024 No more castle issues.
The Soft Times March 5th, 2024 Phoebe wakes up on Jason Todd's bedroom floor -- after presenting as a safety hazard for Jason upon waking. The two discuss the Lazarus Pit, and what happens when recovery can't be complete. Jason, as usual does not sugar coat or make false promises.
Person of Interest: Xavier Rollins March 5th, 2024 Xavier Rollin escapes a pizza delivery, only to get his car destroyed and have three bats and a goop fight an assassin for his head!
The Coyote Can Dance Too! March 5th, 2024 The first date goes well!
A Few Bars of Whatever It Takes March 5th, 2024 Luca comes back after a long, long night to find Liv waiting. Plans for Tampa are made and Liv tells Luca about the Gershwin shooting.
Not Coyote Ugly March 5th, 2024 Twofer
Laundry Gripes March 5th, 2024 Alex helps Patty realize she's in the right place for her power anxieties.
Calignostic: Check In March 5th, 2024 Phoebe once got Witchblade drunk. For that favor he's gonna fight EVERYONE.

Josh more understandingly empathizes with Phoebe's entire life change and is the most mature one in the scene.

Pezzini Delivery Service... Steak and Baked Potatoes March 5th, 2024 Sara brings steaks to Luca and Joshua after an event in Bushwick wears them both out, and shares with those who remain afterwards.
Visit at the Big Tall Clock March 5th, 2024 Barbara and Scott Lang meet up. They make some very unexpected plans.
A Simple Day In Bushwick March 4th, 2024 It's a simple day in Bushwick even with the drug deal that went South.
Introduction to Mutant Town March 4th, 2024 Sally introduces Sma'shaw to Mutant Town.
Aliens Among Us March 4th, 2024 Agent Erickson returns to SHIELD after dealing with cadets.
Ted's Blue Period March 3rd, 2024 Ted takes Blue out for coffee, and she steals fries!
Meeting Daddy Ted. March 3rd, 2024 Corben meets Clara's 'father' and survives the encounter and Blue finds herself burdened with a new responsibility.
I Believe I Can Fly... I Believe I Can Touch the Sky... March 3rd, 2024 Kitora met Patty, who had recently come to Xavier's, and using gravity powers helps her learn how to fy by taking some weight off.
Athletics and Angelas March 3rd, 2024 Mary Jane and Angela have a spar.
Fairchild-West Family Reunion March 3rd, 2024 Wally calls for a family meeting. It goes quite well! Caitlin and Wally prove to be better parents than they think, Irie is their semi-spoiled princess, and it's confirmed that the three of them really put 'all you can eat' to the ultimate test.
Making peace or pieces March 3rd, 2024 Another run in with an old rival ends on a surprisingly peaceful nite..
Iaru-Weyet: Damian and Tim March 2nd, 2024 Damian and Tim make a trip to Iaru-Weyat, the village of Phoebe's birth.

What they find complicates Phoebe's situation, after a 'Concerned Relative' directs them to the church

Uni for Cassi March 2nd, 2024 Cassandra signs up for art class. Sort of. Close enough for Gotham U.
Brighton Beach Bounty March 2nd, 2024 There is still a little left in the bottle, but the chance encounter ended without a drop spilled.
Special Delivery - A Bit of Home March 2nd, 2024 Minoke brings Olivia a very special gift and becomes an honorary Green Witch of Oz along the way!
Bad News From Far Away March 2nd, 2024 Diana and Hal discuss the recent revelations around the alien refugee crisis and even more disconcerting news from the depths of space.
A cure for growling stomachs March 2nd, 2024 Patty meets Julio, Words are exchanged. Potential friendships are formed.
All a matter of mind March 2nd, 2024 Jinx encourages Kían to practice mental protection from Psimon's new psychic prowess.  Garfield eats a burrito.
Howard the X-Duck March 2nd, 2024 the X-Men have a sit down chat with a friendly feathered fowl from a far flung world of Ducks, and Duck related things.
How to Get Slashed by Colleen Wing March 2nd, 2024 Danny finally tells Colleen he is back. He asks her out on a maybe date. The dance of clueless and mule-headed starts right where they left it.
Some Fresh Air March 2nd, 2024 The new college student finds Noriko hitting some balls at the baseball diamond. They have a quick chat and come up with some new ideas for the slip n' slide.
Zoom Zoom in the Zoo March 1st, 2024 Bart and Megan hang out
It's a Splash March 1st, 2024 When the 'Tick Tacs' threaten a school outing at the GOtham Aquarium, Robin and Riptide form an unlikely duo to take care of business.
Meeting People March 1st, 2024 Patty meets Kitty, Jubilee, Monet and Noriko, also gets a picture taken by Scott.
Rooftop ruminations March 1st, 2024 Viv and Emiko chat about art history and assassination techniques on the roof of Titans Tower. Also cooking comes up.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun March 1st, 2024 Daddy Ted returns! Clara and Ted reconcile and set off to return home for the weekend.
Uninvited Coyote Invasion March 1st, 2024 Diana and mercy have a late night visit for tea and gossip!
As Long as You're Mine March 1st, 2024 Luca comes by just in time to see Liv work with a new Fiyero! Luca demonstrates how to properly portray passion.
Botanicals March 1st, 2024 Phoebe is caught in the Wayne Botanical Gardens drawing by Talia, Caleb, and Josh. Josh provides her with some help for her immune system, Caleb finds out his friend has been hiding her powers, and Talia keeps a watchful eye over the younger folks.
Sister At Sea March 1st, 2024 Jaime's sister Marisol is on a sailboat that is swamped. Kiana senses the teens floating in the water and moves to help, meeting Jaime on the beach after.
Title Date Scene Summary
Appalachian Atrocities: Camping at Blackstone. April 18th, 2024 Bucky tells Steve his story of Blackwoods Hollow and gets him up to speed on current events in the town.
A spot of tea and conversation April 18th, 2024 Talia Zatanna and Patience meet at the Candle. They reflect on the departure of Nettie and share a bit of conversation.
Clang Clang Clang goes the Toilet April 17th, 2024 Messes were made, water was spilled, mopped up, and a toilet was fixed.
=Cool Intentions April 17th, 2024 Billy meets Emma to discuss one of her children.
The Library Aftermath April 17th, 2024 The Zealots attempts one of the rituals from the book of Cagliostro...but it doesn't end well for any of them.
Lunar Colony April 17th, 2024 The first public gathering upon the Lunar Colony of Earth's first base upon the surface of the Moon! Drinks are had, speeches are made, and Lobo suggests a topless bar be added to the construction plans!
When The Mirror Looks Back April 17th, 2024 Betsy encounters Kwannon, but after some tension finds a kindred spirit.
The roost. April 17th, 2024 In the end, dominance is asserted. No shot is fired, so what becomes of the bomb and the fuse? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting cutscene conclusion!
Unexpected Electricity April 17th, 2024 Tim is having a moment to himself and M'gann appears with just what was needed to cheer him up. They greeted each other single and left dating.
A meeting about a meeting. April 17th, 2024 Two powerful businesswomen have a chat. A meeting is planned.
Drinks between friends April 16th, 2024 Oro and Logan get together for drinks and talk about their woes.
You're In Big Trouble Mister April 16th, 2024 Jubilee's minding her own business. Remy's minding his own business. They start minding their own business together as she confronts the Cajun about the prank he pulled on her in the Danger Room.
Luck of the Irish Spring April 16th, 2024 Deadpool and Domino discuss getting the band back together. What does that mean for the rest of the world? Uh Oh. Uh Oh is what it means!
The More They Hurt Us, The Harder We Strike Back April 16th, 2024 A sleepless night and a bottle of vodka on Asteroid M leaves Polaris and Mystique contemplating whether or not the road to tomorrow must be paved in blood.
There is more to good Indian food than Shawarma April 16th, 2024 Some of the Birds of Prey ladies meet up for dinner together to catch up on everyone's lives. Meanwhile they notice two men that seemed to shake down the owner. More information will be needed!
A Quiet Evening In April 16th, 2024 Tessa and Shaw have dinner and discuss their plans for relaxation before a hectic week.
They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway April 15th, 2024 Mania and Venom reconnect while encountering someone else good at attracting attention when she wants it: Selene.
Jacket of Swagger April 15th, 2024 Carol returns Rogue's jacket, and shares in a bit of banter with the Southern Belle, before pool is played and root beers drank.
Happy Harbor: Bump In The Night April 15th, 2024 There's something weird happening in the cemetery...lets go poke it!
Turn on Your Heartlight April 15th, 2024 Pepper wakes up in the hospital and Tony gives her some surprising news.
For the Cause April 15th, 2024 Fabian and Kwannon scope out targets for allies and for exploitation.
Dueling Powers April 15th, 2024 Domino and Frank clash probability alteration fields; Domino wins but no one is hurt or killed and Domino gets something more valueable so is technically stopped
Welcome Home, Isra! April 14th, 2024 Isra's welcome home party takes a medieval turn.
A Friend Of A Friend April 14th, 2024 Mrs. Diaz brings tamales by for Vanessa. Robbie tracks her down at Vanessa's apartment, and fixes the abomination that are her water pipes.
Ice Cream Break April 14th, 2024 Eve lets Mark know she's back in town - they catch up over ice cream, and Mark introduces Eve to the other Viltrumite on the planet, that also happens to be his girlfriend.
Appalachian Atrocities: Call to Arms April 14th, 2024 Much to Bucky's surprise, everyone was quick to offer him help with the situation at Blackstone Hollow. Plans were made to recon the situation.
Smoking in all sorts of ways April 14th, 2024 Burning drone! Bishop gets help from Mary Jane Watson, Mercy, Koriand'r!
On the Wire April 14th, 2024 Caleb and Lucius talk about the newest tech for the GPD, it's for the GPD right.
Blasters set to destory April 14th, 2024 A city is burning, it is open season on the mutants. Good thing it's in the danger room!
DEATH BY DESIGN: A Rotten Riot April 14th, 2024 Batgirl, Robin, and the Red Hood answer Batman's summons to stop a riot at Blackgate ... and find a clue to something much deeper and more sinister.
A Little Bat Told Me April 14th, 2024 Jessica comes by Luke's and he gives her the warning from Batgirl.
A Nice Chianti April 14th, 2024 Tessa and Kingpin have the beginnings of a quickly interrupted dinner.
There's Always Problems April 14th, 2024 Doug Ramsey, Eve Wilkins, and Robbie Reyes manage to stop a rampaging mutant who was dosed with MGH. They make an agreement to keep in touch.
Back 2 School April 14th, 2024 Paperwork sucks, but the new school is ready to meet AJ.
1917-An Invisible Mad Legion April 13th, 2024 250 lives are ruined by a madman's experimet. Three heroes and a time traveler stop it from being much worse.
The Path Of Progress: The Fall Of John Sublime Pt. 3 April 13th, 2024 Cable and X-Force finally confront John Sublime.
We Change, Or We Die April 13th, 2024 The Blob brings Lorna to a farm in Middle Of Nowhere, Delaware to experience a piece of his past, so Lorna can seek his wisdom and aid in preparing for the future.
Plans within plans April 13th, 2024 A mission is given to Maya, to find the Cain Marko.
A meeting of mutants April 13th, 2024 AJ met a surprise guest, while waiting to meet Patty and Bishop.
AIM'less Alien Threat April 13th, 2024 Warpath arrives to rescue a mutant from AIM, while Angela arrives with SHIELD agents to combat AIM. A monster is fought. A promise for a 'Hunt' made
Playing in the Park. April 13th, 2024 Buck's out playing with Lili in the park. He runs across some faces he should know but doesn't quite. At the end of the day, Essix gets into his pants.
Sweet Revenge 2: Colonel's Factory April 12th, 2024 Colonel Gumm is defeated by members of the Bat Family
A Spring Fling April 12th, 2024 Janet throws a costume party. It ... goes well?
HH Game Night: April 2024 April 12th, 2024 Game night goes off without...no, that's a pretty big hitch!
Rooftop Patroling April 12th, 2024 Blue Marvel meets Bluebird on patrol. She's bratty.
Al Ghuls at Rest April 12th, 2024 Talia and Damian talk. And showcase paranoia and distrust. And Talia shows fears of phantasms.
Rogue's Poetry Class April 11th, 2024 A poetry class held at Xaviers School.
Heartbreak Hotel April 11th, 2024 Billy is saved by Divine intervention.
Symbiotes That Lurk in the Night April 11th, 2024 Tessa takes a walk and meets Mania. Dinner ends up on offer.
Horrors of Hyborea April 11th, 2024 Mary Jane and Lara Croft talk about twisted memories from Hyborea, and the reflections of the persona inside of her.
Mutant Field Trip April 10th, 2024 The Field trip does not go according to the script. The abducting and coaxing of attendees does, but everything after that hits a few potholes on the way to the mysterious destination intended to wow and amaze. Interdimensional uh-ohs catch wind of the transdimensional trip, after dodging some pesky authorities. Always trying to stay ahead of the consequences for a wild and fun future is risky. Through some valiant defense, the creatures are held off while the ripcord on the engine is pulled and the Bus comes in for a sandy landing in strange place. What sort off solutions can be found to get home, and whether the nearby saloon has something worth lingering in, are to be revealed.
Hydra vs SHIELD: Counterstrike April 10th, 2024 Hydra attacked the United Nations and made many people suffer. Now it's payback, and SHIELD is putting the blast back in them. Time to remind the serpent that SHIELD has bite and claws and vengeance.
Not the Amazonian He Expected April 10th, 2024 Scott Lang goes to talk to an amazon and ends up speaking to a Goddess from his past.
Pizza and platitudes. April 10th, 2024 Helmet attempts to court the Asgardian, to eventually turn her into a field of grass.
Bat Cookies April 9th, 2024 Many cookies are made, many secrets are shared
A Run Around the Lake April 9th, 2024 Jay gets a new manager. Patty gets some workout advice.
Hot Dog Break! April 9th, 2024 Sunny and Mark stop for hot dogs and get visited by Cain - who seems to know who they are, even if they don't know the same. But hey! Free meals! Woo!
Up in Smoke April 9th, 2024 First responders and other heroes show up to put out a fire amid a firefight. When the smoke clears, nothing is as it appears to be.
One for the money! April 9th, 2024 Sharon and Bishop meet to talk the future class that is always tomorrow and never today.
UN Aftermath.. of DOOM! April 9th, 2024 Doom and Zora provide reports of their activities within and without the UN, plans for the future are made.
One Two Three Four, let's cause a little more. April 9th, 2024 A simple snatch and grab is turns into a knock out city when MJ crashed the party. Flashdrive gets home, but a copy of it is made.
A Stilted Interview April 8th, 2024 Jennifer Walters has a surprisingly touching interview with her one (1) paralegal prospect after a disastrous encounter with one (1) Stilt-Man. Ruth doesn't know MUCH about the law, but that's okay -- the power of prophecy has led her to the one lawyer in the universe who hires based on feels.
Paging Mutant Foley To The Medical Center, Code Blue April 8th, 2024 Josh is invited to Avengers mansion to heal Pepper, who took shrapnel from a grenade at the attack at the UN. After he healed her to a much better condition, he was offered a chance to join the team.
Just a Head's Up April 8th, 2024 Barbara swings by Luke's to warn him that the Russians are keen on some revenge; Luke is non-plussed.
We Are Shazamily! April 8th, 2024 All or None is put to another test.
Buzz off Drone April 8th, 2024 Shooting Drones, than a heart to heart. Bishop runs off due to the feels.
Proof that Tony Stark has a heart. April 8th, 2024 And now so does Pepper. Things should get interesting.
Total Solar Eclipse Birthday! April 8th, 2024 Isra takes Wray to see the total eclipse on his birthday!
Skipping stones always sink April 8th, 2024 Skipping stones, till he is interrupted by a Julio. Whom reminds Bishop of a younger verison of himself.
Revelations of Intruige April 7th, 2024 Talia, Kenesha and Alfred confirm that someone has deliberately messed with the exhibit even if identity and motivation are unclear.
Just Another Day At Work April 7th, 2024 A New Challenger Appears! Black Adam places a quarter on the arcade cabinet and enters the fray to test his combo skills against Cain!
Point that end at that way! April 7th, 2024 Bishop teaches blasters to Jay Marie and Patty. Talks of the dark future! Everyone wins a gift card to get food!
Seeking Tradition April 7th, 2024 Sofia visits Diana in the Themysciran Embassy. Wine is shared and an offer is made.
Missed Your Birthday April 7th, 2024 Having forgotten April's birthday, Vanessa makes up for it with pizza and beer.
Sunday Evening in the Arcade April 7th, 2024 Julio and Jay hang at the arcade and chat
Happy Harbor Science Fair: 2024 April 7th, 2024 The 2024 Science Fair happens...with the usual disasters!
A book, a Cigar, and a Lake April 7th, 2024 Norkia and Bishop talk about world munching and what it might do to a stomach.
Hydra vs UN: Inside the UN April 7th, 2024 Hydra invades the United Nations and forces good and unlikely unite to repel the attempt.
There's a Sandwich at the End of this Scene April 7th, 2024 As foretold by the prophecy, a sandwich appeared.
Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Burger April 7th, 2024 Selina asks Talia for help with a curiosity
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's homemade banana bread April 7th, 2024 Kara visits Carol in the wake of a breakup. Friendship, family, and delicious banana bread shall heal all emotional wounds.
What's this wire do April 7th, 2024 Bumbling fools run into the Blood Spider. A new path is picked. But the touch of the underworld, never leaves a life. Vengeance is sworn.
Catching up with the Kryptonian April 6th, 2024 Emma talks with Divine, and discuss the paths that the Kryptonian clone might take forwards.
Hydra vs UN: Outside attack April 6th, 2024 Hydra launches a mechanized assault on the UN during a meeting of world leaders. Numerous heroes including Superman, Thor, Iron Man and others arrive to halt the attack.
Hydra vs UN: A Train Goes North April 6th, 2024 Hydra sends passenger trains out of control, racing towards imminent collisions. Various heroes respond to save the passengers. Only, at the end, to hear of a Hydra attack underway at the United Nations.
HUNGER: Fetch Quest April 6th, 2024 The X-Men visit the First World in orbit around one of the Universe's oldest stars and uncover a mysterious terror even the eldest beings dare not speak of.
When a Plan Comes Together... April 6th, 2024 Doom and Victorious go over the latest plans, Zora is given her new orders!
Storming through the Park April 6th, 2024 Shazam makes a new friend who is Divine.
HUNGER Sidequest: SHIELD Rotunda Rumble April 5th, 2024 Chaos at the Starport as SHIELD agents rush to stop... SHIELD agents from sabotaging the station and stealing some of its formidable technology. In the chaos, the rogue agents use the same strange magic-tech from previous incusrions against the Triskelion and Avengers mansion, bypassing the Starport's wards by smuggling in short range portal devices. Amazon security responds, a gun battle is fought int the rotunda, ultimately brought to a close as Diana Prince makes it back from her previous Justice League mission to (mostly) save the day. Now, nearly all of the SHIELD presence at the port find themselves detained while the Amazons decide who they can trust.
A Smashin' Business Proposal April 5th, 2024 Many faces are seen, punches are thrown and a violent but potentially lucrative business opportunity begins.
Butterflies and Firebirds April 5th, 2024 Betsy and Rachel share the moment, memories, and much more.
The Blonde and the Divine April 5th, 2024 After some time away wandering the world, Divine returns to New York and talks with Emma about wanting to try and learn how to be an ordinary person.
Hydra vs UN: Zoo Animals Loosed April 4th, 2024 Hydra operatives release large and dangerous animals from their pens in the Central Park Zoo, drawing heroes and first responders just before Hydra assaults the UN.
Alien Bug Girls and Body Slams April 4th, 2024 Mary Jane and Voodoo have a spar and talk about life at the Triskelion.
Shake-Shake-Shake April 4th, 2024 Havok was ambushed by Stonewall, Super Saber, and Avalanche. Richter stepped in and helped balance out the fight. The villains were routed. Bystanders were hurt. None killed. Isolated property damage in midtown Brooklyn. The Beastie Boys would be annoyed.
Hydra vs UN: Underground Breakdown April 3rd, 2024 Hydra bombs detonate along the Holland Tunnel, and a group of heroes from different walks of life have to team up to stabilize it and evacuate the people there, and improvise to prevent a collapse.
Hellfool Club Annual Egg Hunt April 3rd, 2024 Lara Croft Choc Raider finds the Golden Egg. Her prize? She will have to wait and see...
Two Minds Connect April 3rd, 2024 Burgers rejected, cryptic armor and a mission. How will this effect Ted and Lucius in the end.
Midday Milkshakes April 3rd, 2024 Tandy and Ty come to an understanding about leaving.
Rolling Thunder April 3rd, 2024 Shazam makes a new friend -Arisia!
Dinner and Taxes April 2nd, 2024 The Black King and his Herald discuss important things while flirting. Taxes, the Club's public profits, and a bit of commentary on who the winner of the Egg hunt might be.
Hydra vs UN: The Chameleon Gambit April 2nd, 2024 The Chameleon and a small horde of seeming mercs attempt to kidnap a UN Security Coordinator, but run into unexpected resistance...
Like an (Alien) Fish Out of Water April 2nd, 2024 Arisia arrives on Earth, learns a few lessons, and makes at least one new friend!
The Tower, Inverted April 2nd, 2024 The entity is no more, but something unknown was gained. What will be its legacy?
Birds of... actually a couple feathers April 2nd, 2024 Demon cultists have a bad time, but Dinah and Rachel get to chitchat.
Garage and Stuff April 2nd, 2024 Rogue and Bishop share a few words after a school outdoors club meeting in the garage!
Brothers catching up. April 2nd, 2024 The boys talk girls
I'm Not Allowed to Say It's Mandatory April 2nd, 2024 Several Xavier's people gather for a little meet-and-greet in the Radical Arcade!
The Ocean Can Be A Lovely Place April 1st, 2024 Burnout encounters a girl swimming with the dolphins far out at sea. He takes Kiana back to shore and gives her her first real taste of New York.
Happy Birthday, Tom! April 1st, 2024 Ducky takes Tom out for his birthday!
Hamming It Up: Crossover Chaos! April 1st, 2024 In which your intrepid scene runner, the sporktactular Spider-Ham teams up with Power Girl for a one off cameo with The Tick!
HUNGER: The New Colossus, Part I April 1st, 2024 Donna has a very stressful day at work, as the alien refugee situation strains logistics and patience alike. SHIELD has internal conspiracy bullshit for the 37th time. And remember: don't feed your dog chocolate, or your Karidian processed cheese product.
Finding Trouble in the Most Likely Places April 1st, 2024 Osprey and Beast Boy investigate an abandoned place and find it's not so abandoned after all.
Good bad, I'm the one with the gun April 1st, 2024 A mob is hunting for a teenanger, runs into a easter bunny hunter and a mistress of the mind. It does not work out well for them.
The Force of Attraction - A Bishop Returns Home April 1st, 2024 Harry Leland makes his return, and Tessa and Sebastian offer a warm welcome.
Who Has the Olive Branch April 1st, 2024 A simple item retrieval goes awry, ending up in forgiveness and a joyful reunion between Johnny and Kenesha!
Thunderbolt and Lightning April 1st, 2024 Filling the emptiness with cheese steak!
Nothing Is Free April 1st, 2024 Calling the Juggernaut to Genosha to discuss the details of his continued retainer on behalf of the Brotherhood leads to words of wisdom from Cain Marko.
The Roof of Destiny April 1st, 2024 The chicks all bailed, leaving Doug and Julio to was philosophical about plant sex.
The Cat and the Dragons April 1st, 2024 Catwoman run into 'Huntress' during a fight and both end up doing a double-take. More questions are left than answers.
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